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Firstly thanks for this great menu. I am trying to use it with menu development website but I am having very strange issue with the menu. I used tabs menu and first group opens correctly with images when its hovered but when I go to other groups by mouse the images not showing up (just shows the texts) in the menu. If I scroll down in the website and everything works correctly. Same issue is happening with mobile as well. Could you please check what could be the issue and how to fix it?

you can see the website on

1- Try go to Machinery & Solutions with a mouse and you will see Glass Cutting Machines opens as a default and shows the images with texts. This is ok and correct but 2- When you move the mouse for Glass Sealing Extruders and Robots or any other menu the image will not show up but only the text will show up. 3- But if you just scroll the page a little bit the images will starts show up.

Its very strange…

Thanks for your help

Hi vlime,

Glad you’re enjoying the plugin – looks like you have a third party script, I assume an image lazy loader, preventing the images from loading. You should disable that from acting on the menu.

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Thank you very much. I confirm you that the problem was about lazy loading. I disabled it and its start working perfectly. But I have another issue now. Somehow my menu system changed from horizontal to vertical. Could you please let me know how can I fix it?

Please see the link below.

There is a menu icon which I have to click to open the menu but it was not working like that before. It was working like your demo on

I just want my menu to be in horizontal but it seems I cant find to make that.

I tried to create a new menu since it seems that the current one is broken already but I even a create a menu the system put a icon as a default to open the menu which I dont want it… on

Thank you

You’re welcome, I’m glad it helped.

Again, kindly Submit a Ticket if you need assistance. As I explained before, all support is provided via the support center, not item comments, so you must Submit a Ticket to receive support. Thank you.

Does this plugin show featured products of WooCommerce or WooCommerce categories? Which WooCommerce contents does this plugin support to present especially with Mega Menu?

Hi KristenJJF,

We’ve replied in detail to your pre-purchase ticket. In general, please see our WooCommerce guide: UberMenu WooCommerce Guide

You can reply to the email we sent if you have any further questions. We’re closed for the holiday today but will be back on Monday. Thanks and have a great weekend!


loadcom Purchased

Hello, Bought it yesterday and installed it. Not easy to work with. I have made some adjustments but if i choose another skin nothing changes anymore. I have inactivate and remove the plugin and installed it again and the old settings coming back and i can not change the skin with Ubermenu. How can i resolve this?

Hi loadcom,

We’ve responded to your ticket, you can reply to that email if you have any further questions – thanks!

Question before I buy: would I be able to create a menu like this one, with the images, using Ubermenu?

Hi notimerocker,

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re referring to – the menu I see on that page opens an off-canvas side menu (not a mega menu). UberMenu is for building mega menus, so that’s not something that it will do. But perhaps the site varies depending on locality and you’re seeing something different?

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PrePurchase Enquiry

Hi, I am looking a Vertical left menu exactly like

Important thing here, is that menu makes the main screen go small (responsive) when you open. In most cases menu overlaps the main screen area which we do not want.

Kindly confirm if this is achievable through your product?


Hi Prashant,

No, UberMenu will not create a menu like that. (That menu is not a mega menu)

If you have any further pre-purchase questions, please be sure to submit them here: – thanks!

Hi. I’ve built a menu with 30 items and when I save it seems to save well but 10m goes by and the items get messy. What can I do to prevent this from happening and permanently saving the menu. Best regards

Hi estudio27,

Things won’t just spontaneously change with the menu – sounds like you may be having a cache-related issue. We’ve replied to your ticket, you can respond to that email if you have further questions – thanks!

hello we are interesting to buy plugin before that we have some questions 1. Does with ubermenu account register/login has feature? if yes then how? 2. It is possible to assign woocommerce store menus separate and blogs menus separate ? mean to say ecommerce store menus not show on blog and blog menu not show on woocommerce store. If yes, then how?

Hi imperialhighland,

1. Depends what you want to do. For example, if you just want to link to your login/register page, those are just normal links. If you want to show a form in the submenu, you could do that with the core WordPress widget.

2. If you want to change out individual menu items, you can use the Conditionals Extension. If you want to switch out the entire menu, check out the Conditional Menus plugin

Hope that helps – if you have any further pre-purchase questions, please be sure to submit them here: and we can discuss further – thanks!