Discussion on UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Discussion on UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

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The Demo Clip for Shop is missing from Video Tutorial.

Do you mind sharing ?


Hi Peaceonearth,

There isn’t a video tutorial for the Shop submenu, but all the details are here: How to recreate the UberMenu 3 Shop submenu

Again, you must Submit a Ticket in order to receive support. Support is not provided via item comments. Thank you.


My Support has expired.

I have minor issue if you could be kind enough to advise ? :grin:

Is it possible to set a padding btwn the Top Menu Bar & the Sub Menu panel, so the Sub Menu Panel appears directly below the Top Menu Bar ?

As you can see it is overlapping the Top Menu Bar.

Is should render in the same horizontal level ( blue arrow) as shown on the screenshot below:

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Peaceonearth,

The issue appears to be your varying content heights, as the top of the submenu will always touch the bottom of the parent item. Please Submit a Ticket with a link to your site if you need assistance – all support is provided via the support center, not item comments – thanks!


Pat007 Purchased

Hi there! I am much intrested with your menu plugin. Could I use it on a Divi Website to show WooCommerce Categories, sub-categories and products images ? Thanks.

You’re welcome! :)


Pat007 Purchased

Hi and thank you for your help. I bought the plugin and had a few questions, so I used the link for support but never got any answer. Any help ?

My apologies, Patrick! I’ve looked into this and somehow the ticket was submitted but never delivered to our support system (due to an SMTP server error), so we never saw it. I’ve sorted that out now and will get back to you shortly. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!

Hello This is a presale question because i am interested to buy your plugin. I have live website, eshop more specific and i am using Porto Theme. As i see Porto Theme is not at your list with the compatibles themes. What exactly does this mean? Should i have any compatibility or functional issues?

Hi Christos,

The themes listed are just those that we have a special set of integration instructions for; not being on that list doesn’t necessarily mean anything either way. In general, please see this FAQ: Will UberMenu work with my theme?

If you run into any trouble, just Submit a Ticket and we can help you out. If you have any further pre-purchase questions, please submit them here: and we’ll be happy to discuss :) Thanks!


Just a quick question ;) Is the “ubermenu_get_menu_instance_by_theme_location” function the preferred method for checking if a specific menu_location is using ubermenu?

I’m just looking for a conditional to check if a specific menu location is using uber menu or not.


- AJ

Hi AJ,

I think that’s likely your best option, though please bear in mind that is not designed as a public function. Please shoot us a ticket here: if you have any further questions and we’ll be happy to help – thanks!

Hello guys.. I have a prebuy question. Can I achive this menu here with your plugin (check it from desktop please)? I mean to have horizontal menu but when I click on an element to open vertically like a sidebar

Hi ymavrak,

No, sorry, there isn’t any off-canvas panel submenu functionality out of the box.

If you have any further pre-purchase questions, please submit them here: and we’ll be happy to discuss – thanks! :)

Hello could you tell me if this works with the foxiz theme and perfmatters plugin?

Hi degamega,

Unfortunately we don’t have any specific information on either of those products. In general, please see this FAQ: Will UberMenu work with my theme?. Based on the theme demo I’m seeing for Foxiz, they’re using Elementor to control the header, in which case you’ll want to see our Elementor integration guide for simple integration. UberMenu is compatible with performance plugins in general – we haven’t seen any conflicts with Perfmatters specifically.

If you have any further pre-purchase questions please submit them here: and we’ll be happy to discuss :)

I’m very interested in using this plugin, but I am unsure if it can conflict with my theme. Out of curiosity, here is my website: Does this plugin align with my theme?

Hi vlanderondigital,

It’ll depend a bit on how the theme works – I think you may be using a Gutenberg-based header builder here, in which case you can remove the theme menu block and replace it with the UberMenu Gutenberg / WordPress Block Editor block – otherwise, in general, please see: Will UberMenu work with my theme?

Hope that helps – if you have any further pre-purchase questions, please submit them here: and we’ll be happy to discuss :)

Hi, is there a setting / option to cache google fonts locally (gdpr compliance)...? Thanks!

Hi multidomains,

What you can do is use a font plugin that loads the font you want locally, then just set the Font Family setting (rather than loading the font remotely) in the UberMenu settings.

Hope that helps – if you have any further questions, please be sure to Submit a Ticket – all support is provided via the support center, not item comments – thanks!

Hi, windows defender prevents me from downloading the file, as it reports malicious code in the file. Report the presence of Trojan:Win32/Spursint.F!cl Is it possible to get a clean version? Otherwise I would like a refund. Thank you

Hi bitrecall,

I’m not sure what is going on for you there, but there is certainly no malicious code or trojan anywhere in the plugin zip that we distribute – sounds like some sort of weird false positive perhaps. And we’ve never had anyone report an issue with anything being flagged by antivirus software before. Please go ahead and Submit a Ticket to get in touch with support and we’ll make sure you get sorted out.

Thanks and have a great weekend! :)

Hello, potential bug or I misunderstood something :-)

In Main UberMenu Configuration > Image

Image height is not working as it should.

Image Width = ’’

Image Height = ‘150’

Result = default size applies

Image width = ‘150’

Image height = ‘350’

Result = Aspect ratio is maintained

The aspect ratio must be constrained by width + height, or the width alone, or the height alone right ?

Best Regards

Hi NexusFred,

The displayed height of the image will always scale to the width it is currently displayed at in order to maintain the aspect ratio. Setting the height just sets the attribute on the img tag. The image will scale based on its own width and the width of its container.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please be sure to Submit a Ticket – all support is provided via the support center, not item comments – thanks!

” order to maintain the aspect ratio” that’s the problem here.

Setting both, width + height, should override aspect ratio. Set only height or width should keep aspect ratio with priority to set value..

This is the logical way to work. If so you can force all images to be a square. As it works today, it’s not possible without a CSS override.

Yes, the plugin will maintain the natural aspect ratio of the image that it is displaying. This is explained explicitly in the description of the Image Height setting, so there should be no confusion there. Maintaining the aspect ratio (not distorting the image) is the expected behavior for an image, especially in a responsive layout where the displayed size of the image may vary based on the viewport dimensions.

If you want to display a square image, there is no CSS required – all you have to do is set up/select an Image Size that has equal dimensions and uses a crop, which will automatically generate a square version of your image when uploaded. Then you can display the image as a square with no distortion.

It would be very unusual to want to distort an image by adjusting its aspect ratio, and there should be no need to if you have proper image sizes set up as explained above. But in that unusual scenario, it can be achieved with CSS like you mentioned.

Again, if you have any further questions, you must Submit a Ticket rather than replying here. Support is only provided through the support center, not item comments. Thank you

Pre-Sale Question: Is there any discount for this plugin?

Hi akhilmohanbits,

No, there is no discount available at this time.

If you have any further pre-purchase questions, please submit them here: – thanks!

Hello sevenspark,

You’ve mentioned automatic item generation. Is it possible to automatically add new Woocommerce categories to the respective menus? For example when we add a new subcategory for ‘Apple’.

Hi nkoerner93,

You can use the Dynamic Terms feature to essentially configure a query that will display the matching terms (including WooCommerce Product Categories). If your new term matches the query, it’ll be displayed in the menu when added to the taxonomy.

Hope that helps – if you have any further pre-purchase questions, please submit them here: and we’ll be happy to discuss further – thanks! :)

Good morning, Do you have a backend file translated into French or does someone who translated it want to share it? Thank you in advance ;-)

thank you for the answer Are there any templates to download to customize them? best regard ;-)

There are no pre-built menu templates, if that’s what you’re asking, as that is not how the WP menu system works unfortunately. Again, if you have any questions, you must Submit a Ticket. All support is provided via the support center, not item comments. Or, if this is regarding purchasing a new license, you can submit a pre-purchase question here: . And you can find all the documentation in the Knowledgebase:

Have a great weekend

OK, understood thank you for your reply ;-)

Hello, we are seeing an issue with WordPress ver. 6.1.1, is this something you are aware of?

Hi there,

We have not encountered any issues nor had any reported with the current version of UberMenu (3.8.1). If you’re up to date and encountering an issue, please Submit a Ticket and we can help you out – all support is provided via the support center, not item comments – thanks!


I’ve sent you guys a support ticket more than a week ago. Didn’t received a respons yet! Can you please check!

Hi MM-Admin,

You submitted your ticket on February 3 at 7:44am ET. We sent you a response 4 hours later at 11:47am ET the same day.

I’ve replied to your new ticket just now as well – please check your spam folder if you’re not seeing the response. Thanks!

Hello within this tool handle 1000+ items with sub sub sub sub subs? I have yet to find anything that will. Thanks so much, it looks great for smaller menus, but I think once we get past a few hundred everything fails. :(

Hi ingenuitor,

UberMenu is built on top of the WordPress menu system, so while UberMenu will not limit your items or submenus, it is still limited by the practical limitations of the WordPress menu system.

UberMenu does have Menu Segment functionality, which allows you to break the menu down into smaller more manageable pieces.

All that said, for most sites a 1000+ item submenu would be bad for both SEO and performance, so you’ll want to make sure those things don’t matter regardless of the menu you’re using.

Hope that helps – if you have any further pre-purchase questions, please submit them here: and we can discuss further.

A direct message has been sent, thank you and best regards :)

Good morning, does this plugin also allow me to insert shopping cart and other woocoomerce widgets?

Hi Sperlari90,

You can add WooCommerce items and a cart to the menu – here is our documentation on WooCommerce, adding a Cart Summary, and Cart Drodown

Hope that helps – if you have any further pre-purchase questions, please submit them here: and we’ll be happy to discuss further – thanks!

Ubermenu is broken in Elementor in the last day or two. Ubermenu in the header breaks the site and takes up the entire screen, no css or js is apparently getting loaded from ubermenu. Please look into this or let me know if you need more info.

The element for Ubermenu even disappeared from the elements selection. The previous post has the same problem, so it’s very likely to be a bug not specific to the user.

UPDATE – It appears that the issue is only on pages where there is two ubermenus on one page. I have one in the header and one near the footer. Any ideas how to correct this? This was working correctly for months before today.

Thank you for the reply and glad to know you’re aware. I found a backup file so I installed v3.7.8 and the issue remains. Most likely something in the database got changed with the last update.

I cleared the cache etc and issue remains. Anything else I can try? is there a “regenerate” link somewhere to get the database updated?

Also, inserting the menu using a shortcode doesn’t work either unfortunately. Ive rolled back Elementor, Elementor Pro and Ubermenu to previous versions, and nothing fixes it.

Hi Brian,

There were no database changes. Other users who have experienced the issue had the shortcode and/or rollback work, so it’s possible you may have something else compounding the issue (possibly just caching). We’d need to see the site to assess it.

At this point it looks like it may be an older PHP version issue and we have a potential fix ready, just waiting on some additional testing and confirmation from those who encountered the issue.

Again, please Submit a Ticket so we can assist you – all support is provided via the support center, not item comments. We can also provide you an updated version to test if you would like once you submit the ticket. Thank you!

PanozK Purchased

Hi there,

The latest update breaks the compatibility with Elementor. After upgrading there is no menu on the website and Elementor hasn’t the UberMenu element in its pallete. I would like to install the previous one but there is no repository to find the version. Can you please help me finding the v3.7.8 April 4, 2022 version of the plugin?

It would be of great help,

Thank you in advance for your time and kind consideration,



PanozK Purchased

Can’t submit an official ticket, my support period has ended. I found the version I needed through a website backup, so there is no need for that anymore.

At your latest version you mention on the changelog that Elementor is deprecated, that means that you officially removed UberMenu from Elementor. Why do you need to recreate it locally?

Glad to hear you had a backup

Your expired support does not prevent you from submitting a ticket.

No, Elementor support is not removed. The Elementor plugin deprecated some old functions in their codebase; the UberMenu code was updated to maintain compatibility by removing the old functions they deprecated and replacing them with new ones.

Again, if you have any further issues or questions, please Submit a Ticket – thanks

PanozK Purchased

You are right, I can submit a ticket and I did, I think I input the wrong license info. I see, strangely enough, the UberMenu – after updating to the latest version – disappeared form the website and the Elementor’s list of elements in their editor. As it doesn’t exist for Elementor at all. Anyway, thank you for the fast support, I submitted a ticket. Have a nice day!


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