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Different uses of WordPress calendars

When WordPress made its debut back in 2003, it was a fork of a pre-existing piece of software. It was founded as a blogging platform, for which it was known for a long time. But times change, software grows and matures, and the economies around applications like this extend it way beyond its original purpose.
Today, WordPress is a massively successful content management system. Powering at least 27% of the web, the CMS even markets itself as the software we can use to create "a website, blog, or app." That’s quite a big change from being just a blogging platform.

When you see how deeply the feature set of WordPress reaches beyond an original blog (and into websites and applications), you’ll begin to start thinking more creatively about how you may use the software to meet the needs of your web-based projects. An example? Let’s talk about WordPress calendars. These plugins offer a variety of functionality, such as:

  • Turning the content management system into an all-in-one event management solution to a property booking application,
  • Converting WordPress into your hotel booking platform,
  • Extending the core application to help book private tours for whatever facility or area you may manage,
  • Allowing you to set up a booking system for your conference, workshop, concert or whatever event you are organising,
  • Associating your company’s event management with its Facebook page,
  • and much, much more.

You can achieve almost any scenario through the combination of the foundation and WordPress calendars. And with the wide array of extensions we have available, it’s all the more possible for you to launch, market, sell, and grow—all using a piece of self-hosted software. From running your agency to scheduling your employees or booking your events—there’s almost no limit to what you can accomplish.
And the best part is—these plugins combined with WordPress make everything very easy:

  • If you have used WordPress before, you know that its interface is designed to make it as easy as possible to work with the content on the site.
  • And if you're someone who's just getting started, you can join the millions of people who are already using it to power their digital projects.
  • Plus, as far as web hosts concerned, WordPress is widely supported and a tried and true solution.
  • Don’t forget that WordPress is free and open source, which means it has generated a vibrant ecosystem full of themes, plugins, and more products (just like the WordPress calendars available in our collection).