Book appointment online PRO

Book appointment online PRO

Book appointment online PRO for Wordpress – plugin for online doctor, hairdresser, stylist and other appointments. A perfect choice for medical centers, beauty salons, hair shops, car services.

Main features

  • Quick start
  • Booking appointment “step by step”
  • Automatic time booking management. Users can book an appointment only on the available time. This will help you avoid double booking
  • Pretty modern design
  • Responsive
  • Branch offices
  • SMS reminder
  • Paypal checkout payment method
  • 2 different schedules (regular working hours/shift work (e.g 2:2, 3:1 ratio etc)
  • Type “popup form”
  • Unlimited number of employees/services
  • Choosing the required fields to complete
  • Personal area. Users can view & edit their bookings online
  • 12 (AM/PM) or 24 hours time format
  • RTL ready
  • Custom form fields

Plugin frontend features

  • Choice of services
  • Choice of available date and time
  • Choice of form of appointment
  • Email notification
  • Choose when SMS remind about booking
  • Choose Payment method

Plugin backend features

  • Appointment calendar in your site’s console
  • Creating an employee: possibility to
    • specify a name;
    • job position;
    • upload photo;
    • add working hours and list of services;
    • add break times (NEW)
    • check appointments of an employee
  • Creating services: possibility to specify duration, price, custom text
  • Viewing the appointment: checking all entries in list format or via calendar
  • Add/edit clients from admin
  • Trigger email marketing and notifications


  • WPML
  • Twilio
  • PayPal


Demo: See demo

Admin Demo: See Admin demo
Login: demo
Pass: demo



  • Français (machine)
  • English
  • Italiano (machine)
  • Russian

Marketing features

Book an appointment “step by step”

Easy user area for logged in users

Email trigger marketing with beauty default HTML templates

You can change default template via visual editor TinyMCE


  • WordPress 4.5.13+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • WPML


2.0.3 11/11/2018
ADDED Buffer time - min time show schedule and min time canceling booking
FIXED Enqueue scripts ordering
FIXED WPML compatibility
FIXED Some minor bugs (time option email notification, echoing staff content, all employees on dashboard, constant/shift switch) 
2.0.2 06/11/2018
ADDED Custom fields to email notification
ADDED Email "from" option
FIXED Enqueue scripts ordering
2.0.1 30/10/2018
ADDED Filter by employees on dashboard calendar
2.0.0 27/10/2018
ADDED Break time for employees
ADDED Max month for calendar display on front
FIXED Some styles
1.19 22/10/2018
ADDED Name of employee in dashboard calendar
1.18 11/10/2018
FIXED when <? tag not working as php tag
1.17 07/10/2018
ADDED French translation
FIXED Translate in Fullcalendar
FIXED AM/PM time format in sms shortcode [book_oz_timebooking] 
1.16 05/10/2018
FIXED Error with booking in RTL mode 
1.15 01/10/2018
FIXED Option - Send Email notification after service end
1.14 30/09/2018
ADDED Custom fields for booking form
ADDED Who can manage calendar option
ADDED Link to edit clients from calendar view
1.13 16/09/2018
ADDED Time slot duration option 
FIXED Title name
FIXED mobile styles
ADDED Italian translate
1.12 28/08/2018
ADDED Multiselect service (if a specialist is first selected)
1.11 12/08/2018
FIXED Return action 'book_oz_add_fields_to_post'
1.10 12/08/2018
ADDED Payment options
ADDED Payment method PayPal
UPDATED Twilio SMS integration method
1.09 04/08/2018
UPDATED Russian translate
ADDED Trigger email marketing
ADDED New Number format for phone
1.08 09/07/2018
ADDED AM/PM time format option
ADDED user area
ADDED email notification to admin about canceled booking by user
FIXED redirect login url
ADDED debug mode
ADDED style in settings
FIXED dayF undefined 
FIXED Dateformat error when update client booking in console
ADDED user area option