Book an appointment online PRO

Book an appointment online PRO

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Book an appointment online PRO for Wordpress – plugin for online doctor, hairdresser, stylist and other appointments. A perfect choice for medical centers, beauty salons, hair shops, car services.
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Provide services remotely with video conference feature.

Your employees can provide services remotely directly from a phone or computer via video conference with built-in live chat. Video conferencing works in the format employee-client (2 users in room)

6 months of work are included in the price. This feature is available only to users with active support. Get Extend support to 12 months and save up to $22 ($49 – 6 months, $65.5 – 12 months)

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Main features

  • Quick start
  • Booking appointment “step by step”
  • Automatic time booking management. Users can book an appointment only on the available time. This will help you avoid double booking
  • Pretty modern design
  • Responsive
  • Branch offices
  • SMS reminder
  • Paypal, stripe checkout payment method
  • Coupon discounts
  • 3 different schedules (Custom schedule, regular working hours, shift work (e.g 2:2, 3:1 ratio etc)
  • Type “popup form”
  • Unlimited number of employees/services
  • Choosing the required fields to complete
  • Personal area. Users can view & edit their bookings online
  • 12 (AM/PM) or 24 hours time format
  • RTL ready
  • Custom form fields (and recaptcha)
  • Auto updates
  • NEW!!! Video conferencing

Plugin frontend features

  • Choice of services
  • Choice of available date and time
  • Choice of form of appointment
  • Email notification
  • Choose when SMS remind about booking
  • Choose Payment method
  • Employee profile page Demo
  • Coupon discounts
  • Register a customer

Plugin backend features

  • Appointment calendar in your site’s console
  • Creating an employee: possibility to
    • specify a name;
    • job position;
    • upload photo;
    • add working hours and list of services;
    • add break times
    • add days off (vacation)
    • check appointments of an employee
    • assign page to WP user with the ability to edit profile
    • SMS, Email notifications and Google Calendar Sync by employee
  • Creating services: possibility to specify duration, price, custom text
  • Service categories
  • Viewing the appointment: checking all entries in list format or via calendar
  • Add/edit clients from admin
  • Trigger email marketing and notifications
  • appointment statuses with Email and SMS notifications
  • PUSH notifications (Firebase account and SSL required. List of support browser:
  • Appointment filter
  • Export appointments to CSV


  • WPML
  • Twilio
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • SMSC (Russia)
  • Firebase (PUSH notifications)
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Woocommerce (with it you can integrate your favourite payment method – Mercado Pago, WorldPay, Yandex etc.)
  • NEW!!! Yandex Kassa payment method


Demo: See demo

Admin Demo: See Admin demo
Login: demo
Pass: demo


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  • deutsche Sprache (maschine)
  • Français (machine)
  • English
  • Español (machine)
  • Italiano (machine)
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian

Marketing features

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Book an appointment “step by step”

Book an appointment online PRO - 9

Easy user area for logged in users

Book an appointment online PRO - 10

Email trigger marketing with beauty default HTML templates

You can change default template via visual editor TinyMCE

Book an appointment online PRO - 11

Appointemnt statuses

Book an appointment online PRO - 12


  • WordPress 4.8+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • WPML


2.4.0 19/05/20

ADDED Appointment ID on apppointment page
FIXED Some CSS styles
FIXED Added condition to 'book_oz_after_listUslug' hook
FIXED Payment method label on detail appointment page
FIXED Custom fields (checkbox value) in email templates
IMPROVED now Woocommerce status will change the status of the appointment
IMPROVED Removed Employee role from Who can manage calendar option (it was confusing)
IMPROVED Show Stripe settings error text if any
IMPROVED consider appointment status in additional booking check 

2.3.9 14/05/20

ADDED Yandex Kassa payment method
FIXED Email templates (conference url, payment method labels)
FIXED many minor bugs (undefined variables, index, admin options, post_per_page for listUslug function)
IMPORVED CSS styles neumorphism theme
UPDATED Translations

2.3.8 11/05/20

ADDED Register me - now field can be required
ADDED Option - Allow book an appointment only for registered users
FIXED on some mobile devices there were problems with the delete (backspace) button
FIXED timezone function for video conferencing
IMPROVED Some CSS styles (recaptcha neumorph theme)

2.3.7 08/05/20

ADDED Background for booking form option
ADDED Additional verification time slot busy or not. just before the booking
ADDED Google Calendar event template with booking details
FIXED Minor issues (woocommerce cookie notice, color options for default theme, wp_timezone_string removed function for WP < 5.3)
IMPROVED Some CSS styles
UPDATED translations

2.3.6 01/05/20

FIXED Some styles (Next month button style, ea_my_app small aligment)
FIXED Time format in video conference

2.3.5 24/04/20

ADDED Employee-client video conferencing
ADDED Shortcode payment type in email notifications
FIXED Multiselect button
FIXED Google calendar events adding (services could created in calendar as events)
FIXED Morning Day and Evening lables
FIXED Date format in plugin on frontend and backend
FIXED Paypal option
IMPROVED Who can manage calendar option (also show myself role)
UPDATED WPML configuration (for custom fields) 
UPDATED moment js script to ver 2.24.0

2.3.4. 26/02/20

ADDED New theme - neumorphism
ADDED attributes for custom fields (for make some operation with custom fields css styles)
FIXED Skip step option not worked if one employee in the branch
FIXED Disable Skip step option on the employee page
FIXED Days were not removed from the custom schedule
FIXED the schedule did not work correctly if the employee works before midnight
FIXED date format on the backend
IMPROVED Some CSS styles

2.3.3. 05/02/20

FIXED minor bugs
IMPORVED CSS styles in the admin console
ADDED preloader on plugin loading
ADDED scroll to required empty fields in the booking form

2.3.2 22/01/20

ADDED CSS Сlasses for styling busy time slots
FIXED Process payment if one service
FIXED Minor bugs (woocommerce account page function, count() warning in booking form)

2.3.1 09/01/20

ADDED Show/hide step if one service/employee option 
IMPORVED Now the date format in the booking form is the same as in the Wordpress settings
IMPORVED If client cancel appointment - employee also can get notification
IMPORVED Hide category if no services
FIXED minor bugs ("next step" button, schedule type switcher did not work sometimes, last timeslot was deleted sometimes)

2.3.0 22/12/19

ADDED Custom schedule type for employee
ADDED URL redirect option after successful booking
FIXED Minor bugs (shortcode for services, buffer time, safari autoheight, manage option)

2.2.9 24/11/19

ADDED Register customer option
ADDED German translate
UPDATED translates

2.2.8 07/11/19

ADDED Woocommerce integration
ADDED Remove locally payment method
FIXED Minor bugs and styles

2.2.7 14/10/19

ADDED Coupon discounts
2.2.6 08/08/19
ADDED Google Recaptcha
FIXED pohne placeholder in the booking form
IMPORVED Some styles (rtl mode), shortcode styles (in the console)
2.2.5 18/07/2019
ADDED Appointment filter
ADDED Export appointments to CSV 
2.2.4 14/07/2019
ADDED Employee profile page
ADDED Assign WP user to employee with individual SMS and Email notifications and 2-Sync Google Calendar integration
2.2.3 23/06/2019
FIXED Minor bugs (one service, branches in email, next step button, status select vars on app. page, default value in select custom field)
2.2.2 19/06/2019
UPDATED Some styles
UPDATED Translates (EN,RU,IT)
IMPROVED Plugin work if one employee or service
FIXED Double js enqueue
FIXED When Return 1 in popup mode
FIXED Popup button color
ADDED Lithuanian language
ADDED Branch description
ADDED Branch shortcode in email template
ADDED New time duration in services
2.2.1 02/06/2019
ADDED Stripe payment method
ADDED Individual time slot duration
IMPROVED adding employee schedule
2.2.0 17/05/2019
ADDED Auto updates
FIXED Daysoff if skip an employee
FIXED shortcode attribute for branches
FIXED minor bugs (if no admin on site, some undefined indexes)

2.1.9 02/05/2019

FIXED auto height if one employee
IMPROVED scroll to top on form sent
FIXED php notice if no cats for services
FIXED enqueue scripts if calling oz_template shortcode from template

2.1.8 25/04/2019

FIXED minor bugs (Employee schedule is required, Some undefined indexes, Google Calendar error, Branches if skip employee)
IMPROVED Booking form auto height
ADDED shortcode option filter services by category for example [oz_template services="cat=2,3,4"]
2.1.7 10/04/2019
ADDED editing custom fields in appointments
ADDED skip employee - show on not option
ADDED the total cost of selected services by appointment (in booking form)
FIXED several minor bugs (custom fields, email and sms reminders, roles)
IMPROVED calendar on dashboard (styles and calendar view)
IMPROVED tabs in the plugin settings
2.1.6 27/03/2019
ADDED Google Calendar API one way sync
2.1.5 15/03/2019
IMPROVED Manual appointment addition
ADDED Service categories
2.1.4 05/03/2019
UPDATED Translations
2.1.3 17/02/2019
IMPROVED Manual appointment addition
2.1.2 10/02/2019
ADDED PUSH notifications (Firebase integration)
IMPORVED custom fields in email notifications
2.1.1 22/01/2019
ADDED Customize booking form color
IMPORVED some styles
2.1.0 20/01/2019
ADDED Skip step if one choice (service or employee)
IMPROVED Some strings and plugin options (who can manage the calendar option)
2.0.9 25/12/2018
ADDED Appointment statuses
IMPROVED Twilio reminder and some translations strings
2.0.8 04/12/2018
ADDED SMSC service for sms notification (for Russia)
2.0.7 26/11/2018
ADDED From name and email option on canceled booking
ADDED AUD Currency to PayPal
FIXED Plugin Capability
FIXED Admin responsive design
2.0.6 25/11/2018
UPDATED translations
ADDED Español translation (machine)
FIXED string translation on front (str13)
ADDED timezone option and moment timezone script (for developers)
ADDED hide plugin settings for chosen user role
2.0.5 19/11/2018
ADDED days off for employees
ADDED meta_cap to custom post types
ADDED attr to shortcode "branches" (what branches display on page - comma separated)
ADDED custom phone placeholder for 1 country
FIXED some styles and scripts (var scriptPath)
UPDATED  Twilio text option (alphanumeric sending id)
UPDATED Some labels and strings (Add employe fixed, Clients rename to Appointments )
2.0.4 12/11/2018
FIXED Some styles
FIXED Calendar in dashboard WPML compatibility
FIXED Show only available services if there are any appointments ahead
2.0.3 11/11/2018
ADDED Buffer time - min time show schedule and min time canceling booking
FIXED Enqueue scripts ordering
FIXED WPML compatibility
FIXED Some minor bugs (time option email notification, echoing staff content, all employees on dashboard, constant/shift switch) 
2.0.2 06/11/2018
ADDED Custom fields to email notification
ADDED Email "from" option
FIXED Enqueue scripts ordering
2.0.1 30/10/2018
ADDED Filter by employees on dashboard calendar
2.0.0 27/10/2018
ADDED Break time for employees
ADDED Max month for calendar display on front
FIXED Some styles
1.19 22/10/2018
ADDED Name of employee in dashboard calendar
1.18 11/10/2018
FIXED when <? tag not working as php tag
1.17 07/10/2018
ADDED French translation
FIXED Translate in Fullcalendar
FIXED AM/PM time format in sms shortcode [book_oz_timebooking] 
1.16 05/10/2018
FIXED Error with booking in RTL mode 
1.15 01/10/2018
FIXED Option - Send Email notification after service end
1.14 30/09/2018
ADDED Custom fields for booking form
ADDED Who can manage calendar option
ADDED Link to edit clients from calendar view
1.13 16/09/2018
ADDED Time slot duration option 
FIXED Title name
FIXED mobile styles
ADDED Italian translate
1.12 28/08/2018
ADDED Multiselect service (if a specialist is first selected)
1.11 12/08/2018
FIXED Return action 'book_oz_add_fields_to_post'
1.10 12/08/2018
ADDED Payment options
ADDED Payment method PayPal
UPDATED Twilio SMS integration method
1.09 04/08/2018
UPDATED Russian translate
ADDED Trigger email marketing
ADDED New Number format for phone
1.08 09/07/2018
ADDED AM/PM time format option
ADDED user area
ADDED email notification to admin about canceled booking by user
FIXED redirect login url
ADDED debug mode
ADDED style in settings
FIXED dayF undefined 
FIXED Dateformat error when update client booking in console
ADDED user area option