Ultimate Recipe App Template

Ultimate Recipe App Template

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A feature rich Android recipe app template for food lovers, chefs and cooking experts. This Food Recipe app template makes it easier than ever to create and manage your own recipes through the easy to use powerful admin page.

The template, created in Android Studio, enables you to create your own Recipe App with favorite recipes, categories, Deep link sharing, search, Admob Ads, Push Notifications, RTL Support, In-App purchase, Shopping list and much more.

The customisation of the app and setting up of the Admin Page is all explained in 2 separate video tutorials and online documentation. View the Documentation and Video Tutorials Here.

Try the Demo Android App .apk

Check out the Admin Page Demo (Username: admin, Password: pass).

iOS Version Available Here


  1. Works offline and online – The app caches recipes locally, so if the user visited something, he would be able to visit it again without internet.
  2. Suggest Recipes – Users can suggest recipes through the Android App. The admin can accept/delete the suggested recipe from the Admin Page.
  3. Share Shopping Cart – Users can share their shopping cart. Example to send it to someone to do the shopping
  4. Grid view or card view – Recipes can be displayed in a grid or card format.
  5. Includes interstitial and Banner Google Play Services Ads – Make money from Ads easily.
  6. All Graphics included – All graphics are also in .ai (illustrator) format
  7. 2 Video Tutorials Included – 2 video tutorial are included online for a quick start.
  8. Share on Facebook and others – Lets user choose where he wishes to share his his recipe
  9. Deep link sharing – When a third party user clicks a link shared from the recipe app, it will take him directly to the shared recipe.
  10. Rate Feature – The app asks the user to rate the app after 5 clicks to make it easier for users to give you a good rating.
  11. Very easy to customize – Most of the code you need to customise is eighter in Strings.xml and
  12. In-App Purchase – The user can upgrade to premium to remove ads. To use this feature an extended license is required.
  13. Categories – Recipes are divided in categories
  14. HTML supported – The recipe directions support html, images and youtube videos.
  15. Google Analytics – The template has google analytics to track the user behaviour.
  16. Info Page – An extra page to put news, information, about, or anything you wish.
  17. Search – User can search recipes easily.
  18. Admin Page – A powerful admin page to manage, edit, create recipes, categories…
  19. Admin Page Dashboard – View how many people viewed, favorited or shared your recipes.
  20. Side Navigation Menu – Easy navigation through the side drawer
  21. Shopping List – User can add ingredients to a shopping list. He can also add custom ingredients by pressing the ’+’.
  22. Push Notifications – Includes firebase push notifications. Send them directly from the admin page.
  23. Settings Page – Allows user to turn off Push notifications
  24. RTL support – Right to left layout is supported.
  25. Variable Servings – User can change the number servings through the app.
  26. Multiple Images – You can upload multiple images for each recipe. The user can then scroll between them.
  27. Mini Web App – Designed to to boost your viral factor, by allowing people who don’t have the app see the recipes on social media.
  28. Nutritional Info – This can be disabled/enabled for each recipe. The app will calculate the daily values automatically
  29. Recipe Details – Prep. time, cook time & difficulty to give an overview of the recipe


Version 1.0

  1. Initial Release

Version 2.0

  1. Added a feature to enable user to submit a recipe from the App. The admin then can accept it or delete it from Admin Page.
  2. Optional Grid View option for recipe list. Switchable from
  3. Feature to Share Shopping Cart.
  4. Grid View shows how much a recipe has been viewed and favorited.
  5. Added Cache to the app. This will enable the app to work offline, using the local data.
  6. Fixed bug that prevented the app from loading more than a certain recipes.
  7. Fixed the database collation to accept utf-8 characters.

Version 3.0

  1. Bug Fix – Not uploading utf8 text in suggest recipe. Problems with arabic text.
  2. Bug Fix – Recipe name is hidden when one column text is long. Fixed with staggered list.
  3. Changed recipe order to Ascending order. Last Recipe uploaded will now display first.
  4. Bug Fix – When a recipe was removed from favorites, all favorites were being removed.
  5. Bug Fix – If no ad unit id was being added an error would be given.
  6. Option to Send push notification to users when a recipe is saved.
  7. The shopping cart is divided with Recipe Subheaders.
  8. The shopping cart icon is replaced by a checked icon when an ingredient is added to shopping cart
  9. Option to add Multiple images to each recipe. Now the user can scroll left/right on the image to see the next/previous image.

Version 3.1

  1. Bug Fix – The shopping cart deletes items in undo when closed.
  2. Utf-8 languages (arabic..) are now supported in app search.
  3. Utf-8 languages (arabic..) are now supported in category names.
  4. Bug Fix – UI Issues with add recipe modal when adding an image/video.
  5. Bug Fix – The app was not opening the right recipe when searching.
  6. Bug Fix – Problem when refreshing categories.
  7. Bug Fix – The included .sql file had corrupted categories.

Version 4

  1. Mini Web App. This will make sharing of recipes better.
  2. Added Recipe Preparation Time.
  3. Added Recipe Cooking Time.
  4. Added Recipe Difficulty View.
  5. Added Nutritional Information. This can be enabled/disabled per recipe.
  6. Each Recipe can now have its own default serving number.
  7. When a user suggests a recipe, the app will redirect to home once the recipe is submitted.
  8. User can suggest nutritional info, preparation time, cooking time and difficulty.
  9. Added support for fractions or decimals in ingredients. Select from
  10. Info page now supports UTF-8.
  11. More support for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  12. Bug Fix – Solved ingredients scrolling issue.
  13. Bug Fix – Premium Billing crash issue resolved.
  14. Bug Fix – Go Premium Button only show when PUBLIC_KEY is filled [Extended License].
  15. Bug Fix – App was crashing when recipe opened in landscape mode.
  16. Bug Fix – Search issue..
  17. Bug Fix – Ingredients will only be added once when taped more than once.
  18. Bug Fix – If image is left empty, the loading image will show instead of nothing.

Version 4.1

  1. Bug Fix – prep time and cook time where not being shown. The app was scrolling down
  2. Bug Fix – Mini Web App now shows decimal values for ingredients
  3. Bug Fix – NullPointerException –
  4. Bug Fix – IllegalStateException –
  5. Bug Fix – NullPointerException –
  6. Bug Fix – NullPointerException –

Version 5

  1. API updated to Api 27
  2. Adding of Privacy policy & Terms both in-app and on web app.
  3. Removed Google Analytics (to remove Advertising id as per Google Policy) – Use firebase analytics instead.
  4. UI Improvements – Changed ui from teal to white along with major ui changes.
  5. Bug Fix – Admin page was loading all recipes at once hanging the server.
  6. Bug Fix – Increased Ingredients & directions column size in database
  7. Added an empty list icon
  8. Added Category list to Home page

Version 5.1 – 3rd Nov 2018

  1. Migrated to AndroidX and API updated to Api 28
  2. Bug Fix – Submit recipe had an ‘extra’ sample ingredient. This is now removed
  3. Moved jcenter() and google() in build.gradle to be compatable with latest Android Studio version
  4. Firebase notifications should now support Android Oreo+

Version 5.2 – 9th Aug 2019

  1. Bug Fix – Star icon was being hidden because the view scrolls down. View is now fully scrolled up on open.
  2. Bug Fix – Added padding below ingredients to make sure all tabs are visible
  3. Bug Fix – updated launcher icon name in manifest
  4. Bug Fix – Youtube stopped onPause & started onResume
  5. Bug Fix – Upload recipe error fixed
  6. Bug Fix – solved issue when no ingredients are set
  7. Bug Fix – All recipes were being loaded on server for nothing in the Admin page.
  8. Bug Fix – Solved crash issue on old devices. App was crashing because of vector image support
  9. Enabled usesClearTextTraffic in the manifest be default. Ideally you should use https and disable this.
  10. removed link on logo in web app
  11. updated Android Dependancies
  12. Firebase instance service removed (deprecated by firebase)
  13. Updated Fat Free framework to 3.6
  14. Added support to PHP7.3.8

Version 5.3 – 21th April 2020

  1. Bug Fix – Directions were clipping in some cases. Fixed by updating
  2. Bug Fix – Better Ingredient Fractions . 3/4 instead of 333/444
  3. New Feature – Added GDPR Personalised Ads Consent & setting to enable/disable personalised ads
  4. Updated dependencies
  5. Bug Fix – removed an xml line that was causing an error on export to apk
  6. Bug Fix – Empty ingredients were added when adding ingredients in the admin page.

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