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http://i.imgur.com/EVoGHdQ.png my search is pizza but the result include hamburger and other recipe hasn’t no relation with word “pizza”

So, to fix this issue, open HomeFragment.java.

in line 45 add:
String searchText = "";
In line117 replace:
 Recipe.loadRecipes(getActivity(), 0, LIST_INITIAL_LOAD, "", new Recipe.onRecipesDownloadedListener() {
 Recipe.loadRecipes(getActivity(), 0, LIST_INITIAL_LOAD, searchText, new Recipe.onRecipesDownloadedListener() {
In line 132 replace:
  Recipe.loadRecipes(getActivity(), first, LIST_INITIAL_LOAD_MORE_ONSCROLL, "", new Recipe.onRecipesDownloadedListener() {
  Recipe.loadRecipes(getActivity(), first, LIST_INITIAL_LOAD_MORE_ONSCROLL, searchText, new Recipe.onRecipesDownloadedListener() {
and in line 207 add:
  searchText = newText;
such that it looks like this:
                public boolean onQueryTextChange(String newText) {
                    searchText = newText;
                    Recipe.loadRecipes(getActivity(), 0, 100, newText, new Recipe.onRecipesDownloadedListener() {
                        public void onRecipesDownloaded(List<Recipe> recipes) {
                    return false;

If you think this is too much changes, feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you the updated file.


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thank you very much ,

no problem :) sorry for taking longer than usual to reply

Hi, I got a problem.

1.In Recipe App page, the text in item displayes

{faw-eye} 5 {faw-star} 0

It doesn’t display the icon heart & eye.

2.In Recipe detail, it doesn’t display icon favorite

Could you help me fix?

Hi, I kept thinking about your problem. I think I found the problem. If the package name in the build.gradle is not replaced it will cause this same effect.

Take a look at the doc: http://www.neurondigital.com/demos/recipeapp_doc/doc/ Make sure you performed Changing Package name (step4).

Nope, I sent you my file build.gradle. I have changed its before. I sure

I took a look at the apk file. It is not working for me as well. The problem is as I said before due to the mismatch in package ids. In build.gradle you have: com.awesomedroid.app, when your package id is: com.awesomedroid.cookbook_recipe

So change the applicationId to “com.awesomedroid.cookbook_recipe” and it should work.

Regards, Melvin

Hi !!

I bought the extended license and installed the server as described. After changing the SERVER_URL it keeps crashing after I open the app… logcat gives me error on RecipeAdapter.onBindViewHolder(RecipeAdapter.java:95)

Thanks for looking into this.

Cheers, Hugo

You had some images on the admin page that could not be resolved. I replaced them all with a burger image for now. Can you try the app again to see if the error persists. If it does, can you send me the full (red) error, please

Thanks for fixing this – it works like a charm :)

Have a great weekend.

Cheers, Hugo

Glad it worked :)

Have you considered adding a website scraper to allow users to import recipes from various websites?

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. However, I’m afraid this is not a feature which I can add.

Few Bugs to report: Search is broken Swipe between Ingredients and Directions only works randomly When Swiping to delete an item, there is no way to dismiss the undo and it stays for far too long. WYSIWYG editor is different on the android app and php site

For planning several meals and creating a shopping list it is easier to see total ingredients needed in one place rather than having ingredients separate. Having it grouped by recipe is nice to see what is needed for specific meals though. Maybe creating a select function that would allow it to be grouped by either. Thanks!

I will try to add the classic list back to the template then and make it optional :)

Thanks for pointing this out


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can you add to it onesignal push notification ?

Hi, the template has firebase push notifications. They can be sent through firebase or through the admin page.


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yes i see but i want onesignal … can you do it for me ?

Thanks for your request, however due to my limited time, I’m afraid I can’t currently perform this customisation myself.

Is there an easy way to automatically approve submitted recipes as well as adding a the ability to edit current recipes in the app? Thanks!

Hi, In ApiController.php line 63 you can add:
        $recipe = new Recipes($this->db);

This will make the approve automatic.

It would be a bit complex to add the features to edit the recipes in app.


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Hi .. how I can solve this problem please ? http://imgh.us/Screenshot_2017-04-16-00-08-41.png

in Suggest Recipe I had the same >>


Ahmad4a Purchased

the problem was solved :D

Glad you solved it :) The problem was due to the renaming of the package name in gradle file


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ı have login problem on my server side. i send e-mail with my login details. So please check the e-mail and reply me as soon as possible.

Hi, Just saw your email. Sending you a reply.


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I have two comments regarding the app:

1- It seems there is a bug related with the shopping cart. When the user click the cart icon it is changed to checked icon and it’s added to the shopping cart successfully, however when I click again and again it keeps adding it to the shopping cart as long as I click. So when I click again in the checked icon it should changed to the cart icon and remove the item from the shopping cart instead of adding it again. So please fix this issue.

2- How to change the direction of the app to be RTL?


1) will take a note of this and fix it in the next update.

2) The app is RTL by default depending on the locale. To test it you can go to your phone settings and force RTL.