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What you should do first before asking your question

To speed along the support request, please follow the guide below:

  1. Make sure your site is running the latest version of WordPress.
  2. Update to the latest versions of your themes and plugins.
  3. Check our Online Documentation and FAQ list first.
  4. Test by following this guide to check if it is a conflict with other plugins or themes.
  5. If you still cannot find a solution, please leave a comment or email us:
  6. When submit your support request, please follow this guide to provide related information.

Submitting a support request

When submit your support request, please include following information as many details as possible:

  • Your website URL
  • Which version of the plugin you are using
  • Detailed description of the issue or the question
  • Screenshots of the problem
  • Any notices or error messages
  • Any other information that you find useful
  • Please provide all the information in English
  • If you contact us via email, please indicate which product your question corresponds to

Support requests are being processed on business days (Monday to Friday) from 10:00 to 18:00 (UTC+10) in the order they were received. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response (it is often much sooner than that).

Check if it is a conflict

Before submitting your question, please test by following the steps:

  1. Deactivate LoftLoader Pro and check again. If the issue still exists, it is not caused by our plugin. You can try to deactivate other plugins one by one, and switch your theme, and find out which plugin or theme is causing your issue.
  2. If the issue no longer occurs after deactivating LoftLoader Pro only, it is caused by our plugin. Please continue and follow the steps below to check if it’s a conflict.

To figure out plugin and theme conflicts, please follow the guide:

  1. Temporarily deactivate all plugins.
  2. Switch your theme to an unaltered default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen. Activate LoftLoader Pro only. Check if the issue happens again. If yes, then the issue is caused by our plugin.
  3. If not, activate another plugin. Check if the issue shows again. If yes, then LoftLoader Pro conflicts with the plugin you just activated. If not, repeat this step until all plugins are active and then continue.
  4. If the issue doesn’t occur again, switch to your preferred theme and check. If the issue occurs, then LoftLoader Pro conflicts with your preferred theme. If not, the issue is resolved.

Please also note:

If you have changed code of WordPress core/plugins/themes using on your site then we do not guarantee that our plugin can work with your custom code properly without any issue. We can only help with compatibility issues with unaltered WordPress core or other plugins/themes.


1. I made some setting changes but it’s not working on the frontend.

Please clear your site and browser cache and check again.

2. My page content appears before the preloader.

If your site is using a cache/performance optimization plugin, it might move all JavaScript on your site into the footer of your page. But the JavaScript of LoftLoader needs to be put in the < head > of a page so it can be executed as soon as possible. Many cache/performance optimization plugins have the “exclude” feature which allows to skip some code/files from being aggregated and minimized. To solve this kind of problem, please exclude files of LoftLoader.

Please always clear your site cache and browser cache after making changes, then refresh page and check again.

3. Is there still another preloader plugin/script on your site?

If there is another preloader plugin/script being used on your site, it might caused some weird problems. Please check your site and remove it, then clear your site and browser cache and check again.

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