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1. I made some setting changes but it’s not working on the frontend.

Please clear your site and browser cache and check again.

2. My page content appears before the preloader.

If your site is using a cache/performance optimization plugin, it might move all JavaScript on your site into the footer of your page. But the JavaScript of LoftLoader needs to be put in the < head > of a page so it can be executed as soon as possible. Many cache/performance optimization plugins have the “exclude” feature which allows to skip some code/files from being aggregated and minimized. To solve this kind of problem, please exclude files (JS and CSS) of LoftLoader.

Please always clear your site cache and browser cache after making changes, then refresh page and check again.

3. Is there still another preloader plugin/script on your site?

If there is another preloader plugin/script being used on your site, it might caused some weird problems. Please check your site and remove it, then clear your site and browser cache and check again.

Please note: If both LoftLoader Lite (the free version) and LoftLoader Pro are activated on your website, please deactivate the free version of LoftLoader.

4. It seems that the preloader is not loading immediately – I saw a blank page before the preloader showed up.

When you visit your website or refresh a page, if you see your page is blank before the preloader displays, it means that the browser has not received any data of that page from your server.

Server response time measures how long it takes to load the necessary HTML to begin rendering the page from your server. As a part of HTML of your page, LoftLoader will only show when the necessary HTML is loaded from your server.

Therefore, if this happens on your website, you will need to improve the server response time.

Please test your site via Google PageSpeed Insights.

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