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using the plugin with the theme enfold does not save the configuration of the plugin. Can you help me


Thanks for purchasing & contacting!

Could you please provide the information listed below so we can look into this issue for you?

1. Please create a temporary admin account for us and let us log into your site. Because every user might have a different site environment, that would be the best method to find out the exact cause of the problem.

2. We also need your FTP login details so we can modify code if needed.

Please send details via email to .

Thank you very much.


Acabei de comprar o plugin para meu site.

O plugin ao ser ativado ele deixa o site sem menu, sem minhas galerias.. ou seja, todo com bugs.

gostaria de receber o extorno do meu pedido e devolver a licença.

Acabei de Enviar.

Thank you!

We have found the cause and fixed the incompatibility issue on your site. And we have replied to your email.

Please just let us know if you have any problems/questions. Thanks.

Obrigado! Já verifiquei e melhorou esse problema. Mas enviei outro email. Pedindo para verificar porque o plugin demora a aparecer no loading. Gostaria que assim que desse um click em um link no site abrisse rapidamente o loading e ele carregasse de forma fluida.

We just purchased LoftLoader Pro for WordPress but are unable to download it. Can you send us a simple link? Our purchase validation code is… 8f5376f7-7102-46ef-b902-051fc4c2aafe – 21 Sep 2017


Thanks for purchasing.

Sorry but we don’t have a direct link for download. Please check your download page: you should see your purchased items.

And here are some useful resources:

1. Please read this article to know how to download a purchased item from CodeCanyon:

2. Please read this article and check if you can find a solution to the download problem:

If you still experience problems, please contact Envato support: They will help you out.

Thank you very much.

Can I set the preloader to only show on my home page and a few other specific pages and not any where else? So it wont display on any product pages, post, etc. Can you use a specific preloader for the home page and different for another page? Also, how does this process work? Do you have to type in the page id’s specifically to add or exclude them? Is it a global option for all pages? Just want to make sure I understand fully.


1. Yes you can set the preloader to only show on your homepage and a few other specific pages.

In “Display” section, you can choose “Handpick” and then select some pages or posts to show the preloader. Or you can choose “Site-wide – Selected Types” to display the preloader on your whole site except the post types (blog posts, products, portfolios and etc) you have selected in the list.

2. Yes you can have a preloader for the homepage and a different one for another page. You can take a look at our online documentation – “sub chapter 2.9.2 – Display different loaders on different pages” for more details.

3. There is global options for the default preloader, and you can change settings and export the preloader’s shortcode and add to another page.

You may like to check our online documentation to know more information about this plugin.

Thank you very much.

hi there, when i load this into my website it breaks the layout on my product pages (woocommerce), the image slider in product page does not work and all the fields for product options are broken


Thanks for purchasing & contacting!

Sorry to hear the problems you’ve encountered while using our plugin. Could you please provide the information listed below so we can look into this issue for you?

1. Please create a temporary admin account for us and let us log into your site. Because every user might have a different site environment, that would be the best method to find out the exact cause of the problem.

2. We also need your FTP login details so we can modify code if needed.

Please send details via email to .

Thank you very much.

I have enabled the any page extension option and generated a shortcode and placed it on 3 pages. I have the display set to once per session. I want to only display the loader when you first visit these 3 pages due to image load time (or clear your browser cache). But this isn’t working. When I refresh the page I still see the loader. Is what I’m wanting to do not possible? Or am I doing it wrong?


Thanks for purchasing and contacting.

Sorry but currently it’s not possible to set “once per session” for Any Page Extension feature. Because “once per session” is one of the global Display options, and when use Any Page Extension on a specific page, it will ignore the Display option.

For example, if a site has a global loader A which displays on “Site-wide” (every page/post of the site). Then we change some settings, including choose “Homepage only” for Display option, and then export the shortcode for this loader B, add it to another page (not the homepage). The loader B will only show on that page, but not on the homepage.

And we think this feature does make sense so we will consider adding it in a future update. Thank you for bringing it up!

Okay great. I’d love to see that as an option in a future update. So are there any options or work arounds to achieve what I am wanting to do?

Sorry but unfortunately there is no workaround for this for the moment. The working system will be different from “once per session” Display option we have now. Thanks.

is it possible to make different loader for each page have different loader


Yes it is. Please check our documentation to know more details: (Chapter 2.9 Advanced – 2.9.2 Display different loaders on different pages).


I have an SSL on my site. For some reason this plugin loads an external style sheet over http (I found it in the source code) and breaks the security lock in the URL bar (goes from green lock to yellow exclamation mark). I tried selecting the option to load the styles in a <style> tag in the header and got the same result.


Could you please leave your site URL so we can take a look at it? Or you can send it to us via email to .


I sent an email.

Hello! I purchased your product over 6 months ago and I LOVE it! I get a LOT of compliments on my website because of you guys (see it at work at

So, quick question. Upon first visiting my site, there is a split second of the page loading that shows up before LoftLoader pops up. This just started happening after the most recent update.

Is there something in the update that’s made your preloader a postloader, so to speak?

Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your kind feedback! Please see below:

1. As your support just expired (5 days ago), after a discussion within the team, we decided to provide support for you this time. If you need our help later, please consider renewing item support.

2. We checked your site and found the cause:

We imporved the code since LoftLoader v1.1.2 so LoftLoader won’t show by default, the code will first check if the site has enabled JavaScript or not. If yes, then display LoftLoader. That will prevent LoftLoader displaying forever when a browser disables JavaScript. We put LoftLoader’s JavaScript in the header of a page to make sure it can be executed as soon as possible.

But, because there is some cache/performance optimization plugin on your site, it moves all JavaScript to the footer of the page, LoftLoader won’t show until its script has been excuted.

3. How to fix:

We don’t know which cache/performance optimization plugin you are using on your site, but many of this kind of plugins have the “exclude” feature which allows to skip some code/files from being aggregated and minimized. We suggest check your plugins and exclude LoftLoader so LoftLoader can be excuted in the early stage while the page is loading.

Thank you very much.


DSman12 Purchased

Hello! I am using version 1.1.2 of LoftLoader. How do update it to 1.1.3 without deleting the plugin and starting new? The auto update isn’t initiated. Thanks


Thanks for purchasing and contacting. Please see below:

1. You can delete the plugin and install version 1.1.3, the settings will not be lost.

2. Have you installed Envato Market plugin? It can install WordPress themes and plugins purchased from ThemeForest & CodeCanyon by connecting with the Envato Market API using a secure OAuth personal token. Once your themes & plugins are installed WordPress will periodically check for updates, so keeping your items up to date is as simple as a few clicks.

3. By the way, we are about to upload an update (v1.1.4). Maybe you’d like to wait for a bit and then update directly to the latest version.



I would like to get this but want to check whether the following is possible or not?

  • Can the page split/transition be diagonal instead of being vertical or horizontal?
  • Can the preloader accurately determine the actual loading time and then sync the logo animation along the with the percentage loaded properly without there being a disconnect?



Thanks for your interest in our plugin.

1. Sorry but the split ending animation can’t be diagonal.

2. We provide 18 types of loading animations. 6 of them support custom images (so you can upload and use your logo). And when choose “Custom Image Loading” animation, it will allow you to set the animation to “Loop Once”. You may like to check the following 2 examples:

And the following is quoted from our documentation about the loading animation’s Looping feature:

“Looping – All loading animations are looping forever by default. Some support Loop Once. When you select an animation supporting Loop Once, this option will show. If choose Loop Once, the animation will play along with the loading progress, and end when preloading is completed.”

Cheers, The Loft.Ocean Team


I have the free version and I noticed it does not work with Woocommerce. The basic wordpress loader still shows on Woo pages such as adding and removing cart items. Does the paid version work here or is this going to be added as it is an important aspect for my sites and clients

Hi Brian,

Thanks for contacting.

Actually it’s not a problem. LoftLoader will show when the page refreshes. But when we add or remove products on WooCommerce Cart page, WooCommerce uses ajax refresh to update the cart without having to refresh the page. The loader you saw is the WooCommerce ajax loader.

And if you ticked the option “enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” in WooCommerce settings, then when you click “add to cart” button on shop/products archives pages, LoftLoader will not show either (because WooCommerce only refreshes part of page, not the entire page).

You might like to check this article: AJAX refresh for quantity update on cart page. This feature has been included as a part of WooCommerce since May 2016.


Hi, Everything Working Fine for me. I am using Custom Image Loading with Vertical Animation. All ok But I want Vertical Animation starting from UP to Down. Which I didn’t found on your documentation. Please Help me. Thanks


Thanks for purchasing and contacting.

Sorry but currently when choosing the “Custom Image Loading” with “Vertical” the animation will only start from bottom to top. We will add an option for this feature (from top/up to bottom/down) in the next update. Thank you for bringing this up!

Cheers, The Loft.Ocean Team

there will be no adding support to use ” Display different loaders” but on portfolio items? it would be so damn neat to get that.


Currently the “display different loaders” feature is only available for pages. We will consider adding this feature for posts/portfolios in a future update.

Thank you for your suggestion!

This is my site

I have your plugin enabled. I selected the homepage only with once per session option. However, the loftloader is shown when I click on the logo to go to homepage, even thought it already runs once when I first enter the site home url. I have deactivated all plugins, switch themes, and the same thing happens. Do you know what might cause this and how can I prevent it from happening? I only want it to show once per session when I first enter the website. Thanks


Thanks for contacting.

Could you please create a temporary testing account for us, and let us log into your site and look into this issue? Because every user might have a different site environment (using different themes and plugins, and different settings for the same plugin/theme), that would be the best method to find out the exact cause of the problem.

Please send details via email to Thanks.


I sent a request earlier about my site nvelupredesign but I just want to add that the loader runs again when click the back button go back to the home page. I don’t want that to happen either. Thanks


When choosing “Homepage only + Once per session” for “Display” Option, the loader will not run again when click the back button to go back to the homepage.

We will look into this for you when we have the login credentials.


hi there, im setting the image size on my loader to be 2000px but the image will only go a certain size? am i missing something? cheers


Thank you for pointing it out. We have checked the plugin and found out it’s an issue of the loader image width that may only occur in certain special situations.

Could you please try the following to fix the issue:

Please add the following CSS code to your site:

#loftloader-wrapper .loader-inner {
    width: 100%;

Because LoftLoader is using minified version of CSS, we suggest add custom CSS using WordPress Customizer. Please copy and paste the CSS code into your site Customizer (Customizer > Additional CSS). Please see this screenshot as reference.

If you can’t find the ”Additional CSS” section in your Customizer, maybe the theme you are using doesn’t support the feature. We don’t know which theme you are using, but many themes support “custom CSS” feature, you might need to check your theme’s “Theme Options” panel as well (if there is the panel). Or you may like to check some custom CSS plugins.

Thank you very much.

Best regards, The Loft.Ocean Team

Hello Loft Ocean,

Great Plug in!!!! i really love it!

I use an own image as a preloader which i simply fade out. Is it possible to make the fade out slower?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks a lot for your kind words! :)

For your question:

1. Do you mean: you’d like to control the load time duration so the preloader can stay longer before it fades out?

If yes, please go to “More” section of LoftLoader’s settings panel and find the option “Minimum Load Time” and set the minimum value of the preloader’s load time duration.

2. Or, do you mean: you’d like to make the fading out animation of the preloader slower?

If yes, then sorry but LoftLoader doesn’t provide an option to change the animation duration. Because when the loading screen fades out, the loader, progress indicator and custom message fade out first, then the background. We tested and tweaked the animation duration (and animation delay) of each element on the loading screen so that they can work properly together.

Changing the loader’s fading out animation duration only might cause some weird problems, for example, the background already disappears but the loader is still on the screen.


Thank you very much.

Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team