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Hello Pre-purchase question

1- I can put the preloader or I want in a specific page, not on the whole site?

2 – Can I customize the loading time? (Long, or shorter)


1. Yes, you can choose to display the loader on specific pages.

2. Yes, you can set the minimal load time (0 to 10 seconds) to prevent the preloader from disappearing too fast.

You may like to check the online PDF documentation for more details: (Chapter 2.3.1 Display On Options & Chapter 2.8.1 Minimum Load Time)

Thanks for your interest in LoftLoader Pro. :)

Thank you I will look. I forgot a question. - Can I add a custom text, in addition to the image and loading bar?

Hello – cool plugin :-)

Is there a way to put this only on products?


Thanks for purchasing!

Sorry but currently LoftLoader doesn’t have this feature. We will add it in the next update. Thank you very much. :)

hey there, nice plugin btw :)

I just bought it but somehow i am not able ti change the “minimum load time”, i selected my own Logo as a preloader. It is too fast for me so when selecting the little round button to change the time, nothing moves or changes.

Thanks in advance :)


Thanks very much for purchasing and contacting. :)

We just checked our demo site and testing site again and it’s working on our sites. Could you please create a temporary testing account for us, and let us log into your site and look into this issue?

Please send details via email to

Thanks a lot!

Hi LoftOcean,

I have a quick question in regards on one of the loader animation items. I really like the “Water Filling” option, but would like to use my own shape (Triangle) instead of the circle.

Is there a way to do that? If possible can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for the awesome plugin.

Hi jaraujo,

Thanks very much for using LoftLoader Pro. The “Water Filling” animation is the most complex one among all of the loader animations. We have experimented for a while but the result is not perfect. Please see below:

1. The water filling animation consisted of 5 parts. We have adjusted the position, size, moving speed, curve, and more for each part to make the animation.

2. We can’t change the circle shape to a triangle shape without changing the current HTML structure.

3. So it is too complicated to make the same animation in a triangle shape container.

4. And because it needs cusomization work, you need to change the code files, then when you update the plugin in the future, all those customization will be overwritten and lost.

Sorry it’s not possible to make it into a triangle shape, thanks very much for your understanding. And thanks for the interesting idea! :)


OZLIGHT Purchased

I really love this plugin, i’m using it on my homepage: However… I can’t get the ‘Smooth Page Transition’ feature to work. Can you help? I’d really like the animation to happen on page exits too. Cheers Dave

Hi Dave,

Thank you a lot for the 5 star rating! :)

We have checked your site, and there is a JS error message – please see this screenshot.

The JS error might be caused by some cache plugins using on your site: JS error often happens when a cache plugin is trying to minify JS files. Please try to deactivate the cache plugins on your site, clear browser/site cache and check again.

If the “Smooth Page Transition” feature is still not working, please send these information to us (email: so we can look into the issue for you:

1. Please create a temporary admin account for us and let us log into your site.

2. If we can also have your FTP account that would be helpful.

Thanks very much!

Best Regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team


OZLIGHT Purchased

Amazing same day support. Thank You!

You are welcome. And thank you for your patience and assistance. :)

Hi, I just purchased this plugin, which works great for now. Now, I have a slight issue, or rather conflict, with the crisp chat plugin. The chat plugin has a z-index that’s too big (or loftloader one that’s too small), so the chat appears before the page has finished to load. Can you fix this? It shouldn’t be too hard as it’s just adding a bigger z-index


Thanks for purchasing. Actually LoftLoader has a very large z-index which is 999999. We have checked the plugin “Crisp Chat” and found the z-index of it is 1000000 – just a little bit larger than LoftLoader z-index.

Because LoftLoader is using minified version of CSS, we suggest add custom CSS using WordPress Customizer. Please copy and paste the CSS code below into your site Customizer (Customizer > Additional CSS):

div#loftloader-wrapper {z-index: 1000001;}

Or you can change the z-index value to a larger one, for example, 9999999.

If you can’t find the “Additional CSS” section in your Customizer, maybe your WordPress version is lower than 4.7 (it is a new feature of WordPress Customizer since WordPress v4.7), or the theme you are using doesn’t support the feature. We don’t know which theme you are using, but many themes support “custom CSS” feature, you might need to check your theme’s “Theme Options” panel as well (if there is the panel). Or you may like to check some custom CSS plugins.


Ahh, i couldn’t find the proper div. Thank you :)

No worries. :)

Another matter ! Is it possible to have one type of loading on first page load (when someone enters the site) and then another one for the smooth transitions ? This would be really great for the UX !

Thanks :)

Sorry but LoftLoader doesn’t support this feature for now. We will take it into consideration. Thank you for the suggestion!

Thank you! Really hope we get this feature ! :)

Yet another comment, this is a very important issue ! I’m testing my website for accessibility. When javascript is disabled, your plugin breaks the site, because the background is never disappearing.

Could you include no-javascript compatibility for a next update ? (i’m not expecting the plugin to work without javascript, obviously, but just for it not to break the website for those users)

thank you again


It sounds like Modernizr loads too late. We suggest put Modernizr in the head tag. Because in this case we will need Modernizr to download and execute as soon as possible to prevent the situation which is similar to a FOUC (flash of unstyled content).


Yes that’s what I thought. I load it just after the opening head tag though, so that’s a bit weird !


Could you please send your site URL and FTP login details to us so we can look into it for you? Please send via email to

Thanks very much.


I want to know if you can display different loader on each page. for example : if I click on “contact” : I need a rose colour background with a contact logo and if i go to “about us” I need a a blue background color with another logo ! thanks a lot adrien

Hi Adrien,

Yes you can have different loader on each page, just like what we are doing on our demo site – display different loaders on different example pages.

And you may like to check the documentation about this part: sub chapter 2.9.2 Display different loaders on different pages.

Thanks for your interest.


The Loft.Ocean Team


I’ve just purchased and implemented onto my site, I’m struggling to get the smooth transitions to load and also when it loads on the homepage the page flashes up before the loader kicks in, my site is –



Hi Jack,

Seems you have purchased the jQuery version, not the WordPress version. And please see below:

1. To enable “Smooth Page Transition” feature, please add the following code when call .loftloader( ):

smooth_page_transition: true, site_root_url: ‘'

You can find more details about how to set up “Smooth Page Transition” in the documentation (in the download package): sub chapter 2.7 Smooth Page Transition.

2. We have checked your site and found you put “loftloader.min.js” near the bottom of your site pages. Please put it in the head tag (and after “jquery.min.js” file) so LoftLoader can be executed as soon as possible.

Hope this can help. If you need our further help or if you have any other questions please leave comments on the jQuery version’s page. Thanks very much.

Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team

Hi, i have the Folie theme by codeless installed, and i tried the free plugin but it doesn’t seem to work with it. It works but i cannot access the settings to customize anything.


Thanks for contacting us. Please see below:

1. LoftLoader works with all properly coded themes that following core WordPress coding standards.

2. As you are the user of the free version, we can only provide support on forum. Please submit a support ticket here, and please provide more information about the problem, and if we can also have some screenshots that’d be helpful.

Thank you very much.

I currently have the lite version of LoftLoader. If I purchase the full version, do I get to actually have the plugin forever or does it go after after 6 months and then I have to pay another 22 dollars?


Thank you for using LoftLoader.

When purchase the pro version, you will have it forever. The 6 months is just for the item support period. And you can use the plugin and also get future updates for free after the support period has expired.


Anyone else having issues with the plugin failing OWASP testing? I even notice gmail won’t let me email the zip file. Bit odd


Thanks for your comment. Please see below:

1. Gmail blocks .js file attachments since February 13, 2017. So any plugin or theme which contains .js files will be blocked by Gmail. And LoftLoader plugin of course contains .js files. Please check this article from G Suite Updates to know more details.

2. And every update of LoftLoader Pro version was checked and approved by CodeCanyon review team. They have strict standards for security.

3. As we don’t see a “purchased” label showing after your user name, we guess maybe you are a user of the lite version? If yes, please submit a ticket on LoftLoader Lite support forum on if you have any issue while using the lite version of LoftLoader. And maybe you can share some screenshots of the testing report you mentioned (you can post on LoftLoader Lite support forum or send them to us via email: so we can check if we have missed anything.

4. And if you are a user of the lite version, LoftLoader Lite was checked and approved by WordPress review team. They have detailed Plugin Security requirements. And we coded the plugin (Lite and Pro) by following best security practices for WordPress plugins and themes which required by WordPress official review team.

Thanks very much.


The Loft.Ocean Team