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Pre-purchase question, does the animation only play once at the initial website load or does it play every time you visit a specific page? I’ve used other preloader’s but they all keep playing when you visit a specific page (which gets kind of annoying).

Was wondering if this plugin has the ability to play the preloader animation only once at the initial load.


Thank you for your interest in our plugin.

Yes, the animation can be set to only play once during a visitor session. Please see our documentation for the “Once Per Session” setting:

Global Settings:

When displaying different preloaders on different pages:

Hope this can help. Thanks.

Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team

Hello, Is there a <?php … ?> code to place this directly in a custom bootstrap template page?

Hi Larry,

Thanks for contacting us.

Sorry but it’s not possible to use PHP code to insert this plugin into any file. Please see below:

1. If it’s a custom page template for WordPress, when you set the loader to display on a page that uses that custom page template, the loader will display on that page.

2. If it’s a page outside of your WordPress site, then the loader can’t be displayed on it because it’s not a WordPress page.


Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team

Pre-purchase question. Is it possible to activate the loader on the homepage, and then activate it on posts – if possible via shortcode (I’m using elementor and anywhere elementor on my site) Thanks!


If your homepage is a static page (on your WordPress site admin panel > Settings > Reading > Your homepage displays > A static page), then you can choose to display the loader on all posts (in LoftLoader settings panel > Display On > choose “Selected Post Types” > then choose “Posts”), and add a shortcode of the loader to your homepage.

You might like to check our online documentation for more details:

LoftLoader Display On Options:

How to display different loaders on different pages:

Hope this can help. Thanks for your interest in our plugin.

Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team

Hi All, Does this work on wp menu external links


Thanks for contacting us. Please see below:

1. No, this plugin only works on internal links on a WordPress website. No matter the links are in the menu or in page content.

2. If you mean the smooth page transition feature (the loading screen’s background shows again when clicking on a link), sorry but the feature is only for creating a smooth transition effect when loading another internal page on the same website.

(You might like to read more about Smooth Page Transition in our online documentation.)

Thank you very much.

Hi, love the plugin, I’m having an issue, I tested it on my old site and it worked perfectly, I’m now using it on my new site, or want to:

I’ve set it to only work on this page. The theme I am using is Listify, and in order to create a cool looking page I have used smart slider 3 to add some content to this page, in fact the page is made up of sliders. The sliders work perfectly if I deactivate your plugin.

When I activate your plugin the entire page is a complete mess. I read in your comments someone else had this issue also.

The page will be set as the home page so its important this works without any errors.

Thank you for your time,



This is what the page should look like :)


Thanks for contacting us. We have tested Smart Slider 3 on our testing site, but the slider is working properly when LoftLoader is activated on that page.

Could you please provide the information listed below so we can look into this for you?

1. Please create a temporary admin account for us and let us log into your site. Because every user might have a different site environment, that would be the best method to find out the exact cause of the problem.

2. We also need your FTP login details so we can modify code if needed.

Please send details via email to .

Thank you very much.

Best regards, The Loft.Ocean Team

I have a problem with site. First i see part of site, than loader starts – same when going threw the site, always some part of site appear before loader start works.


Thanks for contacting us.

Please check our FAQ section“My page content appears before the preloader”.

If the problem can’t be fixed by following the instruction described in the FAQ, please create a temporary admin account for us and let us log into your site to look into it for you. Please send login credentials via email to .


Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team


I wanted to check that this plugin works with multisite networks. I have my network setup with subdirectories ( Would your plugin have to be set up manually for each subsite or can I universally control its functionality network-wide?

Hi there,

The plugin is compatible with multisite networks. However, because the plugin settings panel is based on WordPress customizer, users will need to set up the preloader manually for each subsite.

Thanks for your interest in our plugin.

Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team

Great Plugin! Is there a way to have multiple loaders that can be assigned to specific pages or is it limited to one loader?

Thank you! Yes, you can assign different loaders to different pages. Please check our online documentation for more details:

Hi. So, apparently there is a conflict with my theme. Can I get a refund and you pull the license? I Literally just bought it.


Thanks for purchasing and contacting. Could you provide more information about your problem, please?

  1. Please send us your site URL so we can take a look at it.
  2. Please describe the problem in detail.
  3. Please also send us some screenshots of the problem you see.
  4. Is there any notices or error messages?
  5. Please also include any other information that you find useful.

Please send those details to us via email: .

Thank you very much.

Hello Small suggestion, which would be great!

I’d like to slow down, the loading time of the page, and the scrolling time of the cursor (currently max 10 seconds) it would be nice to allow us to lengthen, all this up to 50 seconds

Is it possible ? Thank you


Thanks for contacting us. However, we don’t think it’s a good idea – 50 seconds is too long for page load time.

Loading time is a major contributing factor to page abandonment. The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load.

According to surveys done by Akamai and, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds.

You might like to read some articles about this topic:

Thank you very much.


I understand,

But it’s for a specific need.

It should still offer this option. After free, users to put 10 seconee, or 20 seconds or 50 seconds.

The goal, would it be proposed anyway?

Is it possible ?

It is very important for me

Thank you


We understand it is an important feature for you. However, please note that there are some differences between “feature requests” and “item customization”.

1. “Feature Requests” vs “Item Customzation”

What kind of request is related to item customization?

  • Modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page.

  • It will help you tailor the item to your specific requirements.

Feature Requests:

A user has a new feature request and we will add it, only if:

  • It’s a useful and important feature for many users and our potential target users, and our team also sees it as a must-have feature. We will add it in a recent update.

  • It could be a useful feature for some users. We will consider adding it in a future update. But will not take action until enough customers ask for the same feature.

A user has a new feature request but we will not add it, because:

  • It’s a customization related request. 

  • It’s a feature request that is against our product philosophy.

According to Envato/CodeCanyon support policy, item customization is not included in item support. Please read CodeCanyon Support Policy for more information.

As the author of Envato Market we have to comply with Envato’s support policy. It is sustainable both for authors and the marketplace.

And you might like to read Examples of Support Requests written by Envato Team.

2. Sorry but we will not add this feature into our plugin because:

  1. Until now, LoftLoader has more than 5000 users (Lite version and Pro version), but we haven’t received the same or a similar feature request from other users. So we can only treat your request as an item customisation request.
  2. This plugin is designed to keep visitors entertained while server operations finish processing, not to force visitors to wait longer before they can access content. It’s also a feature request that is against our product philosophy.
  3. Too long loading time will cause some animation effects to not be smooth, for example, the progress bar.

3. What we can do for you:

However, we understand that this is important to you. After discussing with team members, we decided to provide limited help for you this time. The only thing we can do for you is to guide you in modifying the code. It’s easy, you just need to change one value. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. You will need to login into your site via FTP. If you don’t know how to do it, please search on Google, or contact your hosting provider.
  2. Then please get into the folder of LoftLoader Pro on your site, and find the php file you will need to modify: “customize-more.php”. The path should be: (your site root)/wp-content/plugins/loftloader-pro/inc/configs Please see this screenshot as reference.
  3. Please edit the php file in a text editor.
  4. Please find the paragraph of “Controls for More section”, then change value of the ’data-max. The default value is ’10’, you can change it to ’50’ for 50 seconds. Please see this screenshot as reference.
  5. Save the modified php file.

Please note:

  1. Every time you update the plugin, you will need to modify the code again because any code customisation will be lost after updating the plugin.
  2. We will not be able to help to solve any problems caused by this code customization.
  3. As we have mentioned, too long loading time will cause some animation effects to not be smooth. Please use it carefully.


Thank you very much.

Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team


damongh Purchased

One of the most important features for me was a static responsive logo in the centre of the screen. Somehow when I bought the plugin the responsiveness does not work any more (compared to the free version). Can someone please help?


Thanks for purchasing and contacting. Please see below:

1. Actually there is no “static image” option in the free version. There are 7 loading animation effects in the free version, 2 of them support custom image: Drawing Frame & Custom Image Loading. :)

2. In the free version, the custom image has a maximum width which is 90% of the screen width. In the pro version, the custom image also has a maximum width but it’s 100% of the screen width. We made the change because we got a few requests from users of the pro version – some users would love to add a fullwidth image in the loading screen.

3. We will add an option in the next update so users can control the maximum width of the custom image. Thank you for bringing this up.

For now, you can try to add simple custom CSS to your site to change the custom image’s width limitation. Please copy and paste the following CSS code to your site, via Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. You might like to see this screenshot as reference.

#loftloader-wrapper .loader-inner #loader {
    max-width: 90%;


Best regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team