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We are currently using the loader in the “only on Home page” mode. However, we would like to know if it’s possible to only show the loader once per visitor session; preventing them from having to watch it again if they navigate away from the home page and then come back to the home page. Thank you.

Hi, no problem, this feature is already on our to do list for the next update. Thanks.

Awesome! We’re looking forward to it. Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, just want to let you know that we have updated LoftLoader Pro and the “display once per session” feature is available now. Thanks.

I’m missing the logo opacity fade up loader that’s available in the free version?

Nvm, I’m just stupid.

Hi, so glad it sorted out. And thanks very much for your review! :)

Loader does not work on all pages (se projects e.g.). View here


Thanks for purchasing!

When you choose to show your loader for “All Pages”, that means the loader won’t show for posts, and the projects actually are posts of the portfolio custom post type, so the loader won’t show on each project (as they are posts).

If you’d like to show the loader for your projects, you need to select “Sitewide” for “Display On” setting.


BTW, we can add a new feature for this in the next update, to let users choose to show the loader for picked custom post type, like projects, testimonials, etc. Thanks.

Thank you for the update, and especially for the requested feature which was just released (smooth animation).

One more feature which can be added with ease is the ability to choose a background image instead of gradient colors, and in which we will be able to choose to repeat it or not (for pattern especially…)

Thank you for your suggestion! No problem, we will add it in the next update. Cheers.


Moxymore Purchased

Thank you for the requested feature which was added 5 days only after I have asked for it.

I’ll rate your plugin during the week, 5 stars btw : Active development, user friendly, effective plugin and honest price.


Thank you very much for the kind words! :)

Hi, is there a way not to load any Google fonts through the plugin? I checked the font dropdown and didn’t see a “None or default” option.

We’re trying to optimize the website load time and there are Google fonts called from multiple plugins and LoftLoader is one of them.

And is there a way not load all plugin related css and js inline but through individual .css and .js files?


1. Google Fonts – We can add an option into the font dropdown list so the text in the loading screen can inherit the default font using by the site.

2. Inline CSS & JS – No problem, we will add an option so you can choose to save styles into an individual .css file. And we will do some changes to remove inline JS.

We will include these changes in the next update. Thanks.

Best Regards,

The Loft.Ocean Team

Just purchased it. What an amazing experience. Very intuitive, and so elegant ! Thanks a lot

Thank you for you kind words and your great review! :)

I see that there’s the option to only show on the home page and the option for it to only show once per option. I’d like to be able to combine those 2 options.

Thank you for your detailed and clear explanation. It is very helpful. No problem, we will make a quick update to add this option soon. Thanks.

Thank you so much for the update!!

No worries. :)

When using a gif the preloader seems to lag a bit too much. Any way to fix this?:


We have checked your site, and the problem is not about the custom image format – it’s because your site is a little bit heavy, too much JavaScript is working during page loading and consuming too much CPU and memory, so it affects the loading performance.

We have created the same preloader as yours on our demo site, and it is smooth, please check it here:


Love this plug-in. One feature request for a future update would be the ability to assign different loaders or custom messages depending on the page. It would be nice to have one loader with a custom message for the home page then just a basic loader for all the other pages.


Thanks for purchasing!

And, this feature is available since version 1.0.6 (released on February 24th, 2017). If you didn’t find this option in the settings panel (Advanced section > Enable “Any Page Extension”), we guess you haven’t updated it to the latest version. :)

And you can find details about how to use this feature to add different loading screens to different pages in the documentation – chapter 2.9 Advanced > 2.9.2 Display different loaders on different pages. Yes, on each page you can have different loaders, different messages, and more – just like what we do on our demo site.

Thanks! ;)


Moxymore Purchased

Hi there,

A little bug has been added since you have implemented the smooth transition/end animation. If you click on something like “I agree” in a info box for the EU cookie law, a # will be added in the hyperlink and loftloader will automatically launch its beginning animation… but with the impossibility to display the ending animation because no page reload is operated.

Just try it here : and click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the screen. It seems to happen on Chrome, not on Firefox.

Thank you! We have found the cause. We will fix it and upload an update for it to CodeCanyon soon.

BTW, according to, it may take about 2 days for an update to get reviewed and approved after we upload it. You can deactivate the Smooth Page Transition on your site now, then reactivate it later after get the next update.

Thanks very much.


Moxymore Purchased

Perfect. Thank you for your job ;-)

One more tips in order to get more visibility for your plugin, especially in the codecanyon search tool : try to add the word “transition” and “animation” in your plugin name. Something like “LoftLoader Pro – a Preloader Plugin for WordPress with awesome transitions and animations”.

Thank you for the suggestion, we will try later. :) And we have uploaded the update and it’s in the review queue. Please always feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!