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Great plugin, I hope it could work in the woocommerce product page like following:

Tick multiple products at once >> select regenerate thumbnails from bulk actions dropdown >> auto regenerate ALL photos thumbnails that associated with the selected products

Hello again, sorry, such a feature is not available :( But you can tick the product images in the Media library and click regenerate. Best regards, Matthew :)

I clicked the Analyze images button in the Thumbnails page, the timer started but nothing response after 20 minutes. I have ~3000 images. Any idea whats wrong? is there any log file? My server running on a VPS with PHP 7.0.

Hello there! Can you please send me a demo login to your site so I can have a look at that? support@matthias-web.com Also, you can check the PHP error log. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi Matthias,

Some time ago I contacted you to report high CPU usage in my server when regenerating thumbnails with your plugin. After some optimisation work, I reinstalled the plugin and unfortunately the problem persists…. Is there a way to configure a delay between images when regenerating in bulk?

Hallo! Was verursacht denn das Problem genau? Die geringe Verzögerung zwischen Regenerieren oder die Anzahl an Regenerations / Request? Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

Hello Matthias, It is hard to say, the CPU usage metrics given at server side are averaged. Therefore it could be a high request rate, requests per second… Any idea on how can we solve this issue?

Ich werde demnächst eine Option hinzufügen, die Verzögerung zwischen den einzelnen Regenerationen einzustellen. Beste Grüße, Matthias :)

We use Imagify to compress images, could you explain the advantage of this plugin. As far as I see in forum people are reporting higher CPU usage, not less

Hello there! This is not a problem of the plugin, I think it is the CPU of the individual customer. But I have planned to add an option to set the delay between each generation. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hello Matthias, I want to buy this plugin for eCommerce products thumbnail resizes, I’m using Woo zone Woo Commerce Amazon Affiliates puling by AA-Team, this plugin use products images straight from Amazon’s CDN, Can I able to resize my products images by this plugin, Thanks

Hello there! Sorry, this plugin is only for thumbnail regeneration process. :( Best regards, Matthew :-)

For some reason my woocommerce import – imported 2 images for every product. Can I use this plugin to delete any unattached images and any images that are not being used without regenerating first?

Hi there! For this purpose you must use a plugin to delete unused images. The Real Thumbnail Generator is only for thumbnails. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hallo Matthias,

vielen Dank für Deine tollen Plugins!!!

Wenn ich im Datei hinzufügen Popup ein Bild anklicke, dann bekomme ich ja rechts die Seide mit den Bildinfos, den Einfüge-Optionen, etc. Und eben durch Dein Plugin die Infos über die unterschiedlichen Bildgrößen mir dem Regenerieren-Button oben drüber.

Wenn ich nun das Bild wieder deaktiviere und ein anders Bild auswähle, dann bekomme ich zwei unterschiedliche Auflistung der Bildgrößen, etc.. Wahrscheinlich ist eine von dem vorher selektieren Bild und eine von dem aktuellen.

Wiederhole ich das Deaktivieren des Bilder / Auswahl eines neuen Bildes, dann bekomme ich immer mehr der Auflistungen.

Ich finde das sehr irritierend, denn eigentlich sollte doch nur eine Liste – und zwar die des aktuell ausgewählten Bildes dargestellt werden.

Ein Feature oder ein Bug?

Beste Grüße Thomas

Hallo! Das sieht nach einem Bug aus und konnte das Problem auch nachstellen. Ich werde mich umgehend um einen Bugfix kümmern. Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

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Rolf Purchased

Hi Matthias

How can I register new image-formats I need to have regenerated by your plugin? (The new image-dimensions are suggested by GMatrix and Google Speedtest after testing my website)

Hi there! Unfortonely this is not possible at the moment because the plugin uses the default WordPress image checker: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/wp_attachment_is_image/. Perhaps there is an filter where you can add an extension. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Im having an issue installing your plugin.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Im running Wordpress 4.9.2

Thanks Kevan

Hi there! Please unzip the file and you will find an installable real-thumbnail-generator.zip file. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi Mattias, Sorry one more question. Is there a way to delete unused filesizes/thumbnails when bulk selecting images in the real media library admin? I selected “delete unused sizes” in the bulk regenerate window, but there is no option to save this setting. I found that I can delete unused image sizes individually in the real media libary, but I don’t see this option for bulk selecting when, for example, I’m fine-tuning a specific folder of images. Thanks, Mark

Hi there! Unfortunely there is no option to use the delete option for a single item / single folder. I can put this to the wish-list if you want. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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One pre-sale question, when will you release the next update for this plugin?

Hi there! This plugin is compatible with the latest version WP 4.9.x. There is currently no update needed. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Thank you

My client has already supplied their 500+ images in numerous folders on their local machine in readiness for upload to their media library (which already uses WP Real Media Library and Physical Custom Upload Dir for Real Media Library). They/I want to upload this folder and have all the folders and sub-folders replicated on upload as per what’s on local. Is this WordPress Real Thumbnail Generator what I require in order to do this?

Hi there! Unfortunely there is no such a functionality to import files from server, you have to use a plugin like “Add from Server”. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi Matthew, thanks for your response. Just to clarify, we’re not looking to upload from another server, but just from my local computer. My client has provided all the images within a folder and sub-folder structure which they’d like replicated within their Real Media Library, with physical folders retained as per what they’ve created. Is this possible with this plugin?