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Hello Matthias,

I have configured thumbnail subfolder, but it doesn’t work. I have tried regenerating thumbnails even uploading new files. When I click Verify button, it looks fine.

Can you help me with that?

Hi there! What version of WP and the plugin are you using? Are you using any other plugin which has effect to the thumbnails? What file types are you trying? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hello Matthew, there was in fact collision with other plugin called “Simple Matted Thumbnails” that I rely on. After disabling it works. Unfortunately I cannot keep it disabled.

Hi again! I have added a task to my backlog so I can check the compatibility with the above plugin. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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I’m using “WP Real Media Library” and “WP Real Thumbnail Generator” with Wordpress 5.0.3 and PHP 7.2 and I noticed a PHP error using the Query Monitor plugin:

Deprecated Function create_function() is deprecated.

MatthiasWeb_AdvertHandler->register() wp-content/plugins/real-thumbnail-generator/real-thumbnail-generator.php:39

MatthiasWeb_AdvertHandler->setDefaults() wp-content/plugins/real-thumbnail-generator/inc/others/AdvertHandler.class.php:448 wp-content/plugins/real-thumbnail-generator/inc/others/AdvertHandler.class.php:184

Have a nice day,

Hi again! Please download v2.0.1 of Real Thumbnail Generator and the problem should be fixed. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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I confirm that the problem is fixed. Congratulations for your quality work and your help! Thank you.

Nice to hear that. If you like the plugin you can perhaps leave a rating here on CodeCanyon. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Feature idea : Compatibility with “Crop-Thumbnails” crop parameters.

Since its version 1.2.0 the plugin “Crop-Thumbnails” save the crop parameters inside the attachement metadata. It would be great to have an option – in “WP Real Thumbnail Generator ” settings – to enable the regeneration of thumbnails with these crop parameters (if “Crop-Thumbnails is actived and if the crop parameters are stored for the attachement). What do you think about it?

Feature idea: Better compatibility with “Dark Mode” (

More and more people use it. And plugin developer adds support.

I just purchased and installed this plugin but it does not seem to be working at all.

In the Media Library, when I bulk select in the grid view, the “Regenerate” button does not display.

When in table view, after selecting various images, the “Regenerate” option does not appear in the drop down.

In the attachment view, the “Regenerate” button is there but it does nothing when clicked.

There is no Media > Thumbnails page available.

I have WP Real Media Library 4.0.6, WP Real Thumbnail Generator 2.0.1, and ShortPixel Image Optimizer 4.12.7 installed. Those are the only plugins that interact with the Media Library.

Hi there! Can you please send a demo login to so I can check that? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hello, In order to buy your plugin I need to know if it is compatible with this plugin: By default, Wordpress is uploading the media files in the structure /uploads/year/month/filename.jpg. In my case, “custom upload directory” plugin is adding an extra subfolder “day” and the structure result is /uploads/year/month/day/filename.jpg For your plugin to work the structure should be: /uploads/year/month/day/thumbnails/size-identifier/filename.jpg Please let me know if your plugin works in this case.

Hi there! Thanks for your interest! I have never tested this plugin before but I think this should not be a problem because Real Thumbnail Generator is relative to the generated original files’ folder. If you want you can test it and if it does not work for you, you can request a refund. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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It works, thanks! It would be useful if you can develop in your plugin the “ day ” subfolder in the structure I mentioned above :) It should help to eliminate other plugin.

Hi again! If you are a fan of physical structure you are perhaps interested in another plugin of mine together with Real Media Library: Best regards, Matthew :-)

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