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Great! I like the idea with the custom upload structure. But I would prefer a complete different structure: a folder named after the file name and all thumbnails placed inside that folder. Any chance?

Hallo! Ja, das ist komplett frei konfigurierbar über die Image size Konfiguration. Dort können Sie mit Platzhaltern Ihren Unterordner und Dateinamen speichern: Unterordner: filename Dateiname: size-identifier . extension Beste Grüße, Matthias :)

Thanks. It seems I have to give it a try :-)

Schöne Grüße aus Oberbayern, Roland

Danke! :)

I don’t know how I would live without Real Media Library, it’s one of my MUST HAVE plugins that I recommend to all my webdeveloper friends. Please always keep it up to date with new versions of Wordpress..

And now you released another product with innovative features like custom thumbnail folder structure that sets it apart from all other thumbnail generators

... amazing. I slammed the purchase button as soon as I saw who the author was as I know what I will get is a professionally, well coded and designed product that gets supported from a proven great developer who cares about his products and keeps adding improvements and features.

edit: just noticed another plugin from Matthias Real Category Management. Purchased as well.

Hello there! Thank you!! Yes, I do my best to keep the plugins up to date, and I like to hear from happy buyers. :) If you want and you like the other plugins you can leave this text as review. :) Best regards, Matthew

Nice work gud luck

Thanks ! :)

Will this have any problem with hundreds of thousands of images and will it resize for all product images in woocommerce?

Hello there! The regeneration process itself works with all of your images and yes, also the woocommerce images in the media library. If you change the schema, it will not automatically apply to the old images, only new images will get the new schema. But on regeneration process you can force the new schema to old files. Best regards, Matthew :)

Thanks for the quick reply. The problem we have is that we have tried a few themes and now have approximately 10 image sizes for over 75,000 products. Most of the resized images are not being used and just taking up space on he server. Will this resizer delete all unused images when resizing?

Since your last theme switch have you already regenerated the thumbnails again? If no, the old ones will be detected and can be deleted. :)

Excellent Work! :-)

Thanks. :)

Love this product but disappointed that it doesn’t work with square cropped images. I have a custom image size set to 160×160 in true cropped mode but this plugin only resizes an image to 160xPROPORTIONAL_HEIGHT and doesn’t hard crop it. Can this issue be resolved please? It’s default wordpress behaviour to have specific crop sizes so not sure why this wouldn’t work with it?

Yes, this seems to be a bug. I will start to debug and fix that… :)

Bug is fixed. I will upload the new version asap.

Thank you! Now this plugin is officially kick-ass!


maciic Purchased

I am very happy with the plugin but it is not deleting unused images. I have tried the bulk removal and also individually.

When I click on a single image and then click (Delete Unused sizes 3.8MB) it spins but then nothing happens and the unused images are still shown.

The “bug” is fixed. This is not a bug because the thumbnail file never existed. How have you created the custom size “__forceDelete”? Best regards, Matthew :)


maciic Purchased

No. It must be some other plugin. Thanks for having a look.

I see you manage a lot of images, have a look at this plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-real-media-library-media-categories-folders/13155134 from me, it allows to organize your media library into folders. :-)

Hi MatthiasWeb , the plugin looks cool! Is there an option/button for “regenerate thumbnail” on the “Edit Post” page ? Regards

Hello there! Yes, the regenerate button is also in the edit post page when selecting an image. Best regards, Matthew :)

It’s buggy. It does always regenerate all thumbnail sizes, not just the selected ones.

That’s because of this code in general.js:

forceNewCheckbox = jQuery('input[type="checkbox"]')
forceNew = forceNewCheckbox.is(" :checked"),

You can fix it by inserting .first()>

forceNewCheckbox = jQuery('input[type="checkbox"]').first()

And keep in mind to also update the minified JS code in realthumbnailgenerator.min.js.

Hi Matthew, I know what ”.first()” does, but I think that’s exactly what you want to do there. You want to check the value of the “If there is an old schema for an…” checkbox only.

Your code does ignore the “only this thumbnails” setting if “forceNew” is set:

// Only allow "only this thumbnails" when they are given and we do not use a new schema
if (count($this->onlyThisSizes) > 0 && !$this->isForceNew) {

So whenever I check any of the thumbnail checkboxes, the setting is ignored and all of them are regenerated. So that feature is essentially not working.

Sorry… you are right! Thank you for that bug report and the associated solution! I will fix that for the next version update. Schöne Grüße, ein gutes neues Jahr und noch einen schönen Tag! :)

Perfect! Ebenfalls :)


tujek Purchased

Very nice script :). I found one problem There is a conflict with the plug Ajax Search Pro. Where the activated form is not decided directories.

Hello there! Can you please explain with more details because I do not exactly unterstand. Regards, Matthew :)


tujek Purchased

Of course. The problem concerns the conflict with the plug: Ajax Search Pro When activated plug is not – does not create a directory with thumbnails

Can you please send a demo login to this site to the email sags@matthias-web.de? And there is a basic authenticiation for the given domain. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi Matthias

I’ve recently bought RML and I’m interested in this plug-in. My major question is is there any way to have different sizes for portrait and landscape images? Most of my images are landscape and 624 px wide – but this is too wide for portrait-format images. So I end up creating more files than I need.

Also will this work OK with files that are also stored in Amazon S3 (using WP Offload S3).

Hello there! You can use a plugin like this: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/simple-image-sizes/ to create custom image sizes. For the regenerate with S3 I do not know. I think the physical upload folder for thumbnails will not work there, but you can give it a try how S3 is handling that. But the regenerate will work for you. Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hi Matthias

Thanks for the reply. I’d forgotten that I was using Simple Images already (duh!). And your reply made me think that maybe I could use the max height field. I’ll have to experiment with that.

Yeah, let me know if it works. :-)

Hi Matthias, I am the proud owner of Real Media Library and Real Thumbnail Regenerator licenses and would like to check in to say thanks!

Also, yesterday I had some issues with RTR. I switched themes and I needed to run RTR overnight to attend the ~1900 images in my library. However the process exceeded 150% of my CPU allowance of my hosting server.

Is there a way to throttle down RTR so that I do not get in trouble again?

Thanks a lot!

Hallo! Ok, natürlich sollte das nicht passieren. Wie groß sind denn die Dateien durchschnittlich und wie viele Thumbnails werden dann generiert? Beste Grüße, Matthias :)

Hello, Every time I’ve attempted to analyze images and/or make bulk changes, this error is logged and the process fails. I’ve tested it with non-essential plugins disabled and on both my development platform and live platforms (two different hosts/servers):

[21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/real-thumbnail-generator/inc/attachment/Thumbnail.class.php on line 31 [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP Stack trace: [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP 1. {main}() /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:0 [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP 2. do_action() /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php:91 [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP 3. WP_Hook->do_action() /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php:453 [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP 4. WP_Hook->apply_filters() /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:323 [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP 5. call_user_func_array:{/home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:298}() /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:298 [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP 6. RTG_Ajax->wp_ajax_query_attachments() /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:298 [21-Feb-2017 08:53:07 UTC] PHP 7. RTG_Thumbnail->prepareForJS() /home/vpreatr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/real-thumbnail-generator/inc/general/Ajax.class.php:50

Prior to installing, I was using the ‘reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced’ plugin without incident and only switched due to additional features found in ‘WP Real Thumbnail Generator’. I am able to selectively regenerate thumbnails by way of the media library, although any function in bulk fails. All configuration and folder/file permissions appear correct.

Please advise.


Hello there! Can you please send me a demo login to your site so I can have a look at that? support@matthias-web.com Best regards, Matthew :)


justbrm Purchased

Hello Matthias, I just purchased RGT via codecanyon and tested it up. I really like how it works. One thing I have an issue with current theme that when add new portfolio item, the RGT doesn’t show the option of ‘attachment display setting’ on the insert media pop-up. Is there any way to make the option visible on portfolio page? Thank you in advance for your support.

Hello there! I have read your email but I have not answered yet, sorry for that… As I can see in your screenshots you want to “Add images to gallery” and there the options for attachment display is not available. This is standard wordpress. If you create then a gallery you can define this settings in that view. Best regards, Matthew :)


justbrm Purchased

Thank you for the prompt response. Would you mind to explain a bit easier? where can I find the set up page or how to do ‘to define this setting in that view’ ?

Just have a look at this tutorial on creating galleries: http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-create-an-image-gallery-in-wordpress/ . The view “Attachment display setting” is only available when inserting a single image and not a gallery. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi Matthias, am I right to assume that if I were to upload via ssh or ftp, and replace images, that running the thumbnail generator would do all the replacing of all the other sizes that WP normally generates? I normally use the Media Replace plugin for this, but I can only do that one at a time. Will your plugin allow me to do that in bulk?

Thanks! Grady

Hello there! Yes, the images are not regenerated automatically. You must start the regenerate process in WordPress. Best regards, Matthew :)