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Hi there,

Just having an issue. I am logged in as Admin with full access – I would like to create a second account that has similar but not all access. I need to duplicate the Admin access but remove a few things, I can’t seem to do this? I look on the Hide Admin Menu page and new user does not show up?


Is this compatible with php 7? When will you update this plugin with an option to hide appearance (customize) item that appears when browsing front-end in WP admin header menu?

Yes, the plugin works nicely with PHP 7. Actually as a developer, I recommend updating the PHP to version 7 as it has better performance :).

Regarding the Customizer item on the frontend, I’m working on it. Please wait for the next version.

Hi Rilwis,

I have a presages question. As the SuperAdmin, I have three menu locations and would like to completely hide 2 of them so administrators do not see, nor can they access them. I.e. Slide out menu and footer menu would be hidden so they cannot make changes. When the admin goes to “appearance-> Menus’ all they would see is the one (primary) menu.

Would this be handled by your plugin?

Regards, Shane

Hi Shane,

Unfortunately, this is not supported by my plugin. My plugin only hides admin menu on the left of the screen, not the menu locations under Appearance > Menus.

Best regards



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<Great Plugin! Just a recommendation. I would change the note “No checkbox means the menu is not accessible for corresponding role”. To something along the lines of “If you do not see the checkbox for a specific role, it means that role by default does not have access to that menu.”

I (as a few I have seen in the comments) thought that meant, if the box is not checked it means it’s not accessible to that role. Therefore I checked off ALL the boxes for admin and locked my self out.

I deleted the options in PHPMyAdmin as suggested but that could have easily been avoided.

Same thing happend to me just now ONE YEAR LATER ! Come on, how hard can it be to formulate it,so that can’t be misunderstood.

How abou this:

Checking a checkbox disables the access to the menu item for the corresponding role. If you’re the Administrator, don’t check any checkboxes unless you really want to lock yourself out of that menu item. If no checkbox is available it means the corresponding role cannot access the menu item by default (and you can’t enable it with this plugin either)

Thanks for your suggestion, I will update the plugin now :)


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Thanks, that will help others.

Hey… just as a suggestion. Can you add the feature of create/duplicate a role as well? Usually i have to do that with other plugin to create the role of “Customer” and then give the menu that i want with your plugin. If i can do that just with your plugin would be awesome :D

Hi, that’s really great. However, working with user role is totally a different job and I think letting other plugins like Members or User Role Editor do would much better. It also provide more advanced options :)

How di I hide items on the admin bar?

Please just go to Hide Admin Menu > Admin Bars to hide items. For more info, please check the docs here:


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Is it safe to upgrade to WP 4.7? How about the customizer menu item?

Yes, the plugin works well for WP 4.7. I’m still working on the Customizer cause it shows differently for each user role.


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According to Query Monitor your plugin calls a deprecated function (PHP notice) “get_currentuserinfo is deprecated since version 4.5.0 use wp_get_current_user() instead”

Location: “wp-includes/functions.php:3828” Call stack: get_currentuserinfo() wp-content/plugins/hide-admin-menu/inc/admin-menu.php:236 HAM_Admin_Menu->do_hide() wp-content/plugins/hide-admin-menu/inc/admin-menu.php:221 HAM_Admin_Menu->hide() wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php:298 do_action(‘admin_menu’) wp-admin/includes/menu.php:149”

So I don’t really understand if it is your plugin either WP core? Thanks for checking!

We are using PHP7 – WP 4.7.2 – Hide Admin Menu 2.1.6

Thanks for letting me know. Although the function is deprecated since WP 4.5, it’s still working and falls back to the newer version. I will update the code to make it compatible.

Just checked the plugin again and it’s already fixed. Please update the plugin to have that bug disappeared.


tsjemo Purchased

OK I can confirm that it has been solved with the latest version of the plugin: I was confused by the changelog of the plugin page (up to 2.1.5 while I already had 2.1.6 but there is 2.1.8 in the mean time :-) ). Thanks!!

hello rilwis is your plugin compatible with hide my wp ? regards and stay high….

Hi, I haven’t tested with that plugin yet. It’s a premium one though.