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Hi there,

Where do I find the po-file? I cant seem to figure out where it is, I cant believe editing the files is the only solution :)


Hi there,

The plugin itself doesn’t have a .po file, rather the plugin uses Woocommerce itself to handle the translations. You can add the translations in Woocommerce’s .po file and the plugin will use the translations from there.

Give me a try and let me know

this plugin works with the new version of woocommece?

Hi there,

First, apologies for the late reply. Yes the plugin is compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce. However if you have any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll try and fix the issue for you


What is the current change log ?

It seems the plugin was updated on June 19, 2017.


The change log on your product home page is showing October 20, 2014


Please update the change log on the product home page

Hi there,

Apologies for the late reply. Yes the change log is out of date. In fact the whole product page is out of date. I’ve just added the latest changes into the change log. The plugin is being re-written at the moment so we’ll be overhauling the product page soon. Thanks for being it to my attention.

The documentation links for the plugin go to “suspended account” . Does not create confidence in the quality.

Hi there,

Apologies, we’re actually in the middle of moving servers. I’ve re-enabled that server for the time being so you should be able to see the documentation now.

Let me know is you have any other questions.


Would this work with WooCommerce subscriptions? We have set up a subscription product where the user can selects 2 months, they pay half of the price initially and the remainding balance one month later. But we ned to ship the product after the first initial payment.

After one month a WooCommerce order is automatically created for the second payment and we some how need to show that the product has already been shipped and that this second order is just for taking payment.

Would this be possible and I hope the above makes sense!!

Many Thanks

Hi there,

Technically yes it would work but setting the product as shipped in the send order will easyJet be a manual process or you will need to add code to set the product as shipped when the second order is created.

Hope that helps