Discussion on SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

Discussion on SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

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Hi I like to purchase this plugin. But after I purchase, how can I use it. Can you give complete tutorial videos from the beginning?

Hey there, start here if you don’t know anything about structured data at all:

Greetings F


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When will you be pushing the latest update here? 2.30.3.

Hey there, and thanks for your mail. I hope you’re doing well today.

Just tested it and can confirm: It’s already uploaded (since Nov. 7) ;)

Greetings F


NoWadmin2 Purchased

Confirmed! Thank you!

Most of seo plugins have schema supported. Do I still need this plugin?

Hey there, and thanks for your mail. I hope you’re doing well today.

It depends on what you want to achieve ;)

Cheers F

I mean, is there any conflict if I use your plugin on top of the seo plugins that already schema support?

Hey there, well, it varies. I have clients who run SNIP alongside Yoast SEO and others who disable Structured Data Generation to create their own.

It is often the case that the possibilities of SEO plugins are not enough. And that’s where SNIP comes into play. And that’s exactly where it should be used. If you are happy with the structured data of the SEO plugins anyway, you don’t necessarily need to get another plugin.

Cheers F

Is it possible to set meta description has H2 tags contains?

Sorry, I don’t understand this question. Maybe you can write a little more what you want to achieve.

Do I need to buy this for each site or I can use for multisite? Do I need to buy this for each subdomain ?

Please read this.

Which schema is best for New website? I currently using AIOSEO and hope your plugin with support it.

Sorry, I don’t understand this question. What is AIOSEO?

Very interesting plugin looking at screenshot, I was finding video how to use “How to” Schema but not luck. I like to use for website. Could you share me video if it’s already there? Is setup is complex? Is any way I can setup how to schema for specific categories only? Can I setup schema for all post (bulk schema updates) in one click or need to open each post and do it ? thank

Hey there, and thanks for your comment.
Could you share me video if it’s already there? Is setup is complex?
There is currently no video for that, sorry.
Is any way I can setup how to schema for specific categories only?
Can I setup schema for all post (bulk schema updates) in one click or need to open each post and do it ?
It depends how you fetch your data.


I am trying to add ACF fields to the global Schema template for events and something like [event_start_date] with the proper ISO formating is not appearing, none of the custom acf fields appear, please help

I got it to work using Post_Meta_terms – Thanks

Sorry for my late response. Great that you’ve got it to work yourself!

Just purchased a copy of your software. When are you uploading the latest version 2.30.2 version here?

Done! Should be available in a few hours time.

Hello there, Does it support multisite? I couldn’t even activate it on each site separately.

Thanks for the reply. I installed the free version of the plugin on my multisite and then was deactivated. Error message: PHP files were not found. So, does the free version work on multisite?

Yes, should work. That’s a strange error message. Did you network-wide activate it?

Yea I activated it networkwide the tried to activate it on one site but the files had gone. I will reinstall it and activate it on one site to check if it works.

Hi I have a pre-sale question. I use Rank1 SEO and it already has scheme, does installing this plugin will cause issues with Rank1. do we have to stop using rank 1 or how does it work? looking forward to hear back thanks

Unfortunately, I don’t know Rank1 very well. If there are conflicts, I would recommend to disable schema creation through this plugin, because with SNIP you have almost full control over every aspect of structured data.

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask again.

Greetings Flo

It seems that the pugin doesnt see correctly which decimal notation to use in currency. We have a european shop but all your structure data showing a point as decimal seperator instead a comma. Our WC setting is correct setup

Invalid floating comma in property ‘value’ (in ‘offers.shippingDetails.shippingRate’)

Hey there, as you can see on Googles reference, prices need to use point instead of commas as a separator.


I may be wrong, BUT It appears this plug-ins functionality is tied into the domain of the owner, so when there are connectivity issues, the plugin ceases to function. While the plugin is superb, this reliance on a third party over which you have Zero control, is not something sustainable. The site has been offline for 24 hours and so the plugin functionality is not working.

Sorry for that. It shouldn’t happen.

Hello, I just bought your plugin. can you please tell me wich schema I should choose to make a how to steps like this:



If you can show me the documentation to acheive this it would be nice.

Thank you

Sorry that it was not clear in the first place.

I guess you have multiple posts where you want to integrate the HowTo-schema. So the first thing to do is to choose where you want to use the Global Snippet. This can be done while editing it (in the position metabox).

After that, visit a page or post and click the “Edit global snippets” button. This will open up a popup window where you choose the Global Snippet on the left. On the right side you enter the content of the HowTo schema fields.

Hope that helps

Yes, Everything work well. I was in the right way but your message helped me a lot. thank you very much Florian

You’re welcome! Let me know if you have any further questions.


I have a pre-sale question. A client of mine wants Google to add those little yellow stars below his search result. Some competitors have it and he wants it as well.

I know I can add the script manually to his site but knowing him he wants more things in a while. So to start off I think a plugin would be an easier solution (I hope). Can I add those star ratings with your plugin?

The ratings are for a local business that only has Google ratings/reviews. I forgot to add that :-).

Hey there, star ratings for local businesses are no longer supported by Google. You can check the search gallery to see what schemas currently support star rating.

Hope that helps ;) Greetings Florian

Hey! Is it possible to use the rating Shema on product category pages? Thank you

Hey. In most cases it makes no sense and it also depends on your overall configuration (where the ratings come from, etc.).

Greetings F

The reason for the rating on product category pages is that we have good listing on google with this pages and we would like to show how customers are rating this kind of product category

Well… a product category page lists multiple products. I would recommend using the ItemList Schema, which then links to each individual product listed there. You might have the opportunity to include a carousel in the search results page (showing multiple products with their own ratings). See search gallery for an example:

I don’t see any other way, since the only schemas that show stars in the search results are product, recipe and review, which doesn’t fit on a category page.

Hope that helps.

Hi! This @context string is unknown to the parser and we do not support remote JSON-LD context fetching. Please use a known @context value (e.g. “”) or define a local context. I ran into this problem

Hey there, I guess you’ve activated the option “Add creator property” from the settings page of the plugin. Try to deactivate if you’re no longer debugging.

Greetings F

I sent you an email, please cancel the license to authorize the existing domain name and change it to other domain names.


Hey there, sorry for the late response. Your mail landed in my spam folder.

You should now be able to use the purchase code on another domain. Note that you can disconnect a purchase code from a domain by simple deactivating the plugin.

Cheers Flo

Does this support the BioChem/ChemicalSubstance markup?

Hey there. All Schemas from are supported.

Awesome. I just ordered, installed, set up a global entity. Is it possible to simply duplicate a global SNIP? Reason being is that there are a LOT of options selected to apply, and to go through this cumbersome dropdown to reselect the same items to apply a second and third global property is going to be…well…I’d rather not if possible. Thank you!

Here there. Just export and then import it again.

does this plugin support “ItemList structured data” ?

Yes. ALL schemas from are supported! :)