WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables

WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables

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WordPress Pricing Tables, Slider, and Comparison (PTSC) is all-in-one Plugin for displaying your product pricing and features. Give a better presentation of your products using

  • Pricing Tables
  • Pricing Sliders
  • Comparison Tables
using a single plugin.

Over 50 pricing tables designs to choose from, filled with data from your WHMCS. Just Insert and Use.

It is different with PTSC

PTSC is different from other WP Pricing Table Plugins where you build the pricing tables by adding rows to each table one a time

With PTSC you just enter your product descriptions in plain text, and then the plugin will intelligently process it to make pricing tables, pricing slider or comparison tables all from the single set of data.

There are just 3 steps.

1. Define table data/ Product: Simply enter your products description in plain text
2. Group Products: Select multiple products to make groups
3. Use ShortCodes: Groups display as Pricing tables, Pricing Slider or Comparison Table.


Save Time
PTSC will use the same data to generate output Pricing Tables for WordPress, Pricing Slider for WordPress & Comparison Tables for WordPress. You do not need to enter data rows for each manually and separately.

Smarty Template Support (Make your own templates)
PTSC offer template based pricing tables. Do not limit your imagination with predefined designs, you can do 100% customization, not only colors and CSS but even complete HTML can be changed using template support.

Toggle Price
Toggle price for multiple durations, so the user can switch the prices for example between monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, 2 year or 3 years. So you get Pricing Toggle for WordPress as a feature, no need for an additional plugin.

Auto calculate discount
Show users how much he will save while going for any of the longer duration.

Fully Responsive
PTSC offers WP Responsive Pricing Tables, Responsive Comparison Tables & Fully Responsive Pricing Sliders for WP.

FontAwesome Support
Change YES/NO values with font awesome icons of your choice. This feature is especially useful in comparison tables for WordPress.

Multilingual Support/ WPML Translation Ready
Included translations for French, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, German and Ukrainian.

Feature Table Support
You can highlight a product in Pricing Table and Comparison Table.

Video tutorials/ Well documented
PTSC is documented in detail along with a video quick start guide.

Premium Support
Get your questions answered by friendly support from an Envato Elite author.

100% Compatible
Our plugin will work with any WordPress theme that is built on WP standards. We double check the compatibility with all famous themes like Avada, Be theme, ThemeX, Jupiter etc.

WordPress Pricing Table specific features

WordPress Pricing Tables

PTSC is a Wordpress responsive table plugin of choice if you have a lot of pricing tables to generate.

WordPress Comparison Table specific features

WordPress Pricing Tables

PTSC is a super powerful tool for adding long comparison tables to your WP site. Making long comparison tables in WordPress can be a time-consuming task as feature comparison tables may contain 100s of rows. – Generate WP comparison tables with unlimited rows and columns – Make groups of rows for easy understanding for long price comparison tables These features make PTSC the best WordPress comparison table plugin. Price Comparison and feature comparison both are covered.

WordPress Pricing Slider specific features

WordPress Pricing Tables

The slider changes between a group of products. i.e. you have VPS-1 to VPS-6, and you make a group of products to make a slider. Then the customer will slide between VPS-1 to VPS-6, and their features, prices will change accordingly. – PTSC offers pricing slider for WordPress with 10 slider templates that are entirely different from each other.

If you want to display your product features & Pricing as Pricing Tables, Pricing Sliders or need to show the comparison of products, then you will find this plugin extremely useful.