WHMCS Pricing Sliders and Comparison Tables - WHMpress Addon

WHMCS Pricing Sliders and Comparison Tables - WHMpress Addon

Hosting industry is in a transition from classic shared hosting to cloud hosting. More and more hosting businesses are offering or reseller cloud services. Clouds are elastic and are better sold using pricing sliders instead of pricing tables.

This WHMpress addon brings you WHMCS Pricing Sliders & comparison tables both pre-filled with data from WHMCS without any additional coding or hassle.

Cloud Sliders for WHMCS are the need of every hosting provider offering VPS or Cloud Servers.


  • Once you build a slider and use it. There is no need to change WHMCS slider order templates or in WP shortcode. Simply select options from plugin admin area and everything will be auto updated.
  • There is no need to change the short-code over and over again to change the slider. Just adjust values from WHMpress interface.
  • Option to add remove plans/servers directly from builder
  • Option to feature a plan in pricing slider or comparison table
  • Adjust how pricing should show different elements like
    • no. of decimals etc.
    • Multicurrency support
    • Billing cycle and duration control
  • No of features points to show
  • Lot of slider templates to choose from.

Coming up even more surprising features in version 3.0. Any thing you would ever need from WHMCS

Change Log

v.1.5 - 11th, September 2016
- Improved - code refactored
- New - 3 New Pricing table templates to be used as groups.
- New - 10 New comparison table designs,
- New - Divide long comparison tables into sections.
- New - Show symbols instead of Yes/No

v.1.5 - 13th July, 2016
- Improved - modifications in admin panel
- Fixed - Bug in selecting featured plan
- Fixed - Defaults no respond to selected options

v.1.2 - 29th March, 2016
- Improved - modifications in admin panel
- Added - New Comparision table templates
- Fixed - Typo in shortcode name.

v.1.1 - 2nd March, 2016
New - 2 new slider templates added.
New - Add fields to sequence products in slider.
Fixed - Several bugs fixed.

v.1.0 - 19th Feb, 2016
First Release.