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Hi, i am interested in buying the plugin, yet had a few concerns, the main feature which interests me is the automatic iframe option, now suppose i had two pdf urls on the same post, one being a custom field for an attached pdf file, and second a pdf url in the post content, would i be able to exclude the custom field pdf from the automatic iframe option and only display automatic iframe for the pdf url in the post content? would appreciate a response since I was very much looking forward to using this plugin.

Hi, It replaces all the pdf urls, no matter how its inserted in the backend. Although it ignores pdf links that uses third party domain.

So, if you want some url to be excluded, you can use a different domain for hosting the pdf or you can use some kind of url shortener to link to the pdf file.


I understand thankyou, would be great if such a feature might be included in a future release, to have more control over which type of content has auto iframe. facing some issues with account at the moment and can not make a payment via visa :/ hopefully will be resolved soon, Thankyou again!

Hope you’ll get that resolved soon.


After updating PDF viewer, all of my PDFs are no longer displaying. Instead I receive an error message Missing PDF File.

PDF.js v1.4.20 (build: b15f335) Message: Missing PDF “”.

Hi costiandriescu, Please create a support ticket on our helpdesk with exact url where I can reproduce the issue.



Is it possible to protect pdf, that is only show it via viewer and avoid users can download it. I see some months ago you was asked for it but no news.

Hi, It’s not securely protected but with the current version its hard to find and download the pdf because the url is not visible.


How can I get a iframe code that will work on another website other then the wordpress site I have the viewer installed on? Bracken Cherry

Hi brackencherry, PDF Viewer for WordPress requires viewers origin and file origin to be exact same.

That means if you use https in main url, the file url also needs to start with https. So, If you need https, use https while generating the url as well.


Thank You Sooooooo Much… It worked… Bracken Cherry

You’re Welcome :)

Hi Filipeg, I am not sure why you’re getting that error. Its probably due to an anti virus software you have which is reporting incorrectly or your device is affected with some kind of malware.

The downloadable files are safe and there’s no issue like the error.



I want to purchase this plugin but before purchasing it please let me know if the plugin provides the following features -

1) Embedding a pdf document in wordpress page, pdf document is uploaded in the wordpress site 2) User should not be able to download, print or copy the pdf 3) The pdf texts should be clearly readable

Thanks, Rupak

Hi, These options will hide Print and download buttons on toolbar.


Hello, is their any money back option for the plugin in case it does not satisfy what i need.


Hi, There’s money back option only if a specified feature doesn’t work and our support can’t provide a solution to that.

Otherwise, there’s no money back option.


Hi, i just buyed the plugin for a new website, it is installed and activated to Wordpress, but i do not remember where I must introduce the licence code. :) Please help!

Hi costiandriescu, You do not need to put license code anywhere. You’ll only need the purchase code while creating support tickets on our HelpDesk (

Thank You

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Hi, I have problem with update the plug-in. I sent a new ticket but nobody reply yet.

I cannot use the new version since I fix this issue. Thanks

Hi, Thanks for the follow up. I’ll check your ticket and reply asap.

how do I remove the Toggle sidebar ? You do not answered my ticket here

Hi, Your ticket is answered. Please check it there. Sorry, it took longer.


Please Help it not work with wordpress 4.7 Thanks

Hi, There’s no problem with WordPress 4.7 . PDF Viewer for WordPress works properly with this version of WordPress.

So, You are having some kind of different issues. Please create a support ticket on our helpdesk ( with details of issues you’re having.


Hello: It will be great if this plugin (or if you develop another) can display the pages dinamically, then the page would be take less time to open (it will not download all the file before to display the first sheet).

Emailed you a pre sale question

Replied. Thanks

Hello Support, Why i need to zoom out the PDF so that i can view it in the post/page ?

I had modified the width and height for 2 different pdfs , and i had tested that in 2 different WP installations, with no luck. What’s missing ?


Hi, Please create a support ticket with details of the issue. Include links/screenshots where necessary.


Thank You