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Hello sir, i have bought your plugin and VC addon. I have installed and activated, but nothing works. This is an example page: I have put the pdf in any way: with the VC add on and without, linked with text, image etc….) Any idea? Thanks Cristian Corti
Thanks! I’ve write you throught the form on codecanyon. I’ve not the password of ThemeNcode helpdesk. Can you send me?

Sure, I’ve sent the login details to your email.

Thank You


Hi, Can i access to the menu elements with jquery?

I want to use this framework

hasta el momento no me dan solución con el plugin.. no funciona de la misma manera que lo muestran en su pagina demo, si no me ayudan y logran lo mismo me siento estafado por esta compra

Hi, how can I avoid to much “blue” on mobile, keep the editor smaller, less high? See screenshot: Nicest would be that the editor would adapt to the size of the PDF on PC and as well mobile, can that be dome somehow?

Hi, Thanks for your comment.

There’s no such feature to adapt size yet. We’re analyzing for something like this, so some kind of settings may be added in a future version to adapt on various screens.

Thanks again

Well, that would be nice if you could manage that as with certain small PDF’s it is really a lot of “blue” and I want several editors on one page and that just looks bad :(

i have using this plugin once i update the plugin its suddenly not working for chrome users only for other browsers its working but for chrome users its not working

After Wordpress version update, this stpped working

Hi, Please try deactivating and reactivating the plugin once from your wp-admin. If it doesn’t solve issue, You need to create a support ticket on our helpdesk (

Thank You

Hello, this plug-in seems to no longer work with Chrome or Firefox, only consistently working on IE. Can you post a fix? Thanks.

Hi helmrict, There’s no compatibility issue with chrome or firefox, it works fine. If you’re having issue for some reason, please create a support ticket on our helpdesk ( including the url to reproduce the issue.

Thank You

Hello i left ticjet on support, i need answer

Hi, Its replied there.

Thank You

Impossible to access your website from link here or the links you send in your Help Desk emails. Ticket Number 542292. Google reads:’s server IP address could not be found.

So, five days later and still your website is down. I reupped my Support and now it is useless to me. Rather unfair for those of us whom have owned the product for several years, now.

Hi, Really sorry for the situation, We’ve had serious issues with server which is almost under control now. We’ll check your ticket as soon as possible.

Thank You

Would like to report that my Ticket was handled. So, I think it is fair to say that everyone has technology problems and the important thing here is that ThemeNcode handled their issues and I am happy with their addressing of it and my ticket!

Installed the recent update and now the plugin no longer works. Support expired and now I have nothing. Buyer Beware!

Hi David, Please go ahead and create a support ticket on our helpdesk including some more details about the issue. information may include 1. what are you getting on the frontend? 2. a url to reproduce the issue 3. How did you update the plugin? using ftp or from wp-admin?

Thank you


shesan19 Purchased

I just purchased this plugin and the moment i tried to insert via link and I publish it i get to see error “Enter the password to open this PDF file” what is the problem


sporkhc Purchased

Helpdesk is broken. As others noted 7.1 seems really screwed up. Only loads about half the time, full of JS errors. Buyer Beware! Past buyers, make sure you backup before uploading the new version!

Hi, Sorry about the helpdesk issue. Please send email to if you need any kinda assistance.

By the way, There are no errors with the latest version, You may see some kind of broken layout for browser caching.

Please email us if you need any kind of assistance.

Thank You

Hello, if I use this plugin will google search able to read the content of my non-image PDF files?


wete12 Purchased

hello how do I protect my pdf links because the PDF viewer removes the download option but when I access the link I have a vision of the content even though this is the daughter page of a protected page in woocomerce only copies the link and you already have access to the content


Version 7.2 is not working well in Chrome. Downgraded to version 7.1 again :-(

Hi, Please send an email to with exact issues you were having with version 7.2, so we can check what’s happening. Most probably its something related to cache.

Thank You