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Hello ThemeNcode please answer me about my inquiry of pdf viewer security

1) The pdf can be downloaded by Internet download manger when the viewer render the pdf

2) user can copy the content of the pdf and paste it in any 3rd party app like word

3) pdf url of the pdf viewer can be shared by member who have access to that pdf

4) url from pdf viewer must have session timeout

5) make the cache of the pdf viewer more secure

Hi, PDF Viewer for WordPress currently doesn’t provide security options to make your pdf secure.

We may release an addon for security soon but can’t confirm any timeline.


at least protect it from internet download manger because stilll blocking pdf from rendering check this screenshot

I bought your plugin but I can not use these features: - Enable/Disable social sharing - Enable/Disable Print Option - Enable/Disable Download Option

All the time the download and print button appear. What can I do? Also your ticketing system is not working…

Regards, Cristian

Hi Cristian, Please send an email to with your website url (where I can reproduce the issue).

Thank You

I am getting this error….... PDF.js v1.5.188 (build: 0e2d50f) Message: file origin does not match viewer’s

Hi, PDF Viewer for WordPress requires file origin to be exact same as viewer’s origin.

It means the file url must always starts with the same protocol as the url of viewer. So if your site url starts with http://www. , the file url must also start with http://www.

if your site url starts with https://www. , the file url must also start with https://www.

Same thing for only http:// or https://

Please let me know if you still having issue to understand this.


That was the problem. Cheers

Is it possible to turn the page navigation on as default? I would need it open when the page loads

You mean the navigation part on left side where there are bookmarks and attachments ?

If so, Yes you can turn that navigation on by default.

Plugin dasn`t compatible with All in one Wp Security. If Wp Security enabled, plugin admin page show page error 403

Hi, Probably that plugin is blocking the admin page for some reason. Try changing settings different settings in the security plugin and also create a ticket regarding this on our helpdesk. We’ll check and update you there.

Simply send an email to to create a ticket.


Can you add the option to disable copy/paste somehow in the future versions of this plugin? It’s great that it disables downloading of the file, but half the people viewing it will be able to figure out they can just highlight the content and hit CTRL+C to copy all the text they want into Word or something. Otherwise, it makes your plugin only a partial solution to the bigger problem. Thanks.

Hi, I see inside the iframe not pdf, but the dashboard… how I can resolve the issue ?

screenshot :

Hi, Please try deactivating and reactivating PDF Viewer for WordPress and see if the issue still exists.

Please send email to for support related questions.



Filipeg Purchased

Hi, I have on my WP admin the warning please update PDF viewer, went into my Envato account, downloaded the latest plugin provided by Envato on my account but it’s still version 6.1 and not 6.5 as stated. Please advise. Thank you

Hi, Where is it showing version 6.1 ? Please provide the exact page where you see this as I can’t find any issue on plugin’s latest version.


Hi, I have same problem as Filipeg! Your download version is still 6.1! Upload new version on codecanyon, please. Thanks.

Hi, I know where is problem. Download “Installable WordPress file only” is still version 6.1, but download “All files” is new version 6.5

That’s so strange! l’ll ask envato support regarding this.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Plugin dasnt work with All in one Wp security . Show 404 page in admin. Conflict with htaccessf firewall rules. I want use protect when impossible use this plugin.

Hi, any pdfs on my website does not show after I set SSL. I don’t have any problems with ssl but just pdfs. address :

I use newest plugin

Hi karamelice, We’ve replied to your ticket on our helpdesk regarding this issue. Please check there.

Thank You

after updating WP – the plugin does not work

Hi, There might be some kind of conflicts as there’s no compatibility issue with latest wp. Please go ahead and create a support ticket on our helpdesk with details of the issue, so that we can investigate the issue for you.

Thank You

I need that visitor could search texts inside the PDFs on my site. Is it available?

Hi George, There’s a find option in PDF Viewer for WordPress which allows users to find for any word on the currently open pdf.

If you’re talking about searching inside pdf from default wordpress search widget, that is not possible with it. Although you may search for some advanced search plugins which may have this feature.

Thank You

Thank you for your fast reply. Do you know such kind of plugin to hint me?

Do you know such kind of plugin to hint me?


My template brings Visual Composer and I need to add the possibility for users directly through the website to print some pages and some custom posts in PDF (not all).

Can you please confirm if your plugin works perfectly with Visual Composer and allow users to generate a PDF for a specif page/custom post?

Can it be added as a shortcode to specific pages/custom posts?

It’s really urgent.


Hi, isn’t it possible to show Amazon S3 pdf files? I get an error : Message: file origin does not match viewer’s Thanks in advance

Hi, pdf files from external urls are not supported. That means it won’t work with files from amazon s3

Thank You

Hi, I just installed your plugin and it doesn’t work. I followed this video to create a IFRAME pdf viewer but the pdf is not show at all. This is the page:

Forget it. I got it working.

Hi chefnelone, Great to know that you could resolve the issue yourself.

Thank You

Prebuy question :is the pdf file protected from users downloading or copying? Thank you.


themeix Purchased

Please reply to my support question. I sent you mail today

Hi themeix, Your ticket has been replied. Please check your email.

Thank You


themeix Purchased

I did, I did not get any email from you!


themeix Purchased

Your plugin is not working..


I have left several messages on the support desk, have purchased extended support – and yet haven’t heard back from you in 5 days. Could you please respond?



Hi Chris, Just replied there, Please check our helpdesk. Sorry for the late response.

Thank You

find button is not visible in smartphone ?