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I created a ticket over the weekend, but have not yet received a response regarding blank PDF embedded in iFrame. Your help is appreciated.

Hi, I’m interested in this plugin, but have some pre-sale questions:

1.- I want to use it to show my products after purchase it. So my customers will receive a link to the file(s) they purchased, Can I limit how many prints or downloads can be done with a specific link?

2.- Do you provide any help to link my products on woocommerce with the pdf files?

Hello, i purchase minuts ago and have a problem

PDF.js v1.7.225 (build: 17d135f) Message: file origin does not match viewer’s

Hi again, theres an option to disable copy/paste the text inside the pdf ?

i have a great plugin protect content, and works out of pdf no inside, i really need the visitor cant select the text of the pdf


Hi EvoRod, Please create another support ticket regarding this.

We’ll try to provide a solution.

Thank You


Support Ticket Opened [#277744]

Hello Kindly check I am having error : PDF.js v1.7.225 (build: 17d135f)Message: file origin does not match viewer’s Kindly respond urgently Ticket no is #754358

Hi conflutech, Just replied to the ticket. Please check your email.

Thank You


Talle3 Purchased

Hello, I purchased the PDF viewer plugin today and I am trying to figure out how to Disable/Enable ‘Document Properties’ from the top bar. Is there a way for me to do this?

Also, what is the ‘Current view’ option for? Nothing happens when I hover over this option except that is shows the direct path to the document at the bottom of my screen. I want to remove this fro the bar as well. Is that possible?

Pre-Sales Question: Hi, is there a way to link to the fullscreen mode directly? Thanks

Hi, Yes, The Link shortcode does exactly what you’re looking for.

Thank You

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hi, ​ ​I had a few questions about the pdf viewer before I purchase: ​ ​1) Is it possible to use jump links from one PDF to another? Example: PDF#1 has a link that goes to page 7 of PDF#2. ​2) Is it possible to use it with editable PDF forms so users can fill them out? ​3) If editable forms are possible, is there a way to popup an alert before someone navigates away from the form, so they don’t lose their data? ​ ​Thanks!


MHD1988 Purchased

Hello, I Have this problem PDF.js v1.7.225 (build: 17d135f) Message: Unexpected server response (0) while retrieving PDF Help Please

Hi, This error may happen if you’re using pdf file from another domain or the pdf file is protected.

Please make sure that the file is uploaded under same site.

If you still have issues, please create a support ticket on our helpdesk including the url.

Thank You


MHD1988 Purchased

I tried everything with no solved, sorry I asked for a refund and deleted the plugin. Sorry about that

Hi, We are here to help you resolve any issues, Please go ahead and create a support ticket ( We can issue refund if we fail to get the issue resolved.

Thank You

Hi. I sent you an email.I purchased and downloaded your plugin. I’m getting an error that says “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.” when I’m uploading it. Please help. –

Hi, I’ve already replied to your ticket. Please check there.

By the way, which user account have you used for purchasing the plugin ? I can’t see purchased tag beside your username here.

Thank You


rajkom Purchased

Hello, please check email. Thank You!

Hi, I am interested on this plugin, but I have some questions.

I want this plugin to convert a wordpress page to a pdf, with its images and structure.

Is this possible?


Version 7.0 seems to have some serious issues. Just upgraded from 5.5 and this seems to be a mess. On plugin activation WP warns about error output, on viewing a pdf I get all sorts of JS errors.

Uncaught ReferenceError: fto is not defined at Object.<anonymous> (viewer.js:7696) at webpack_require (viewer.js:35) at viewer.js:81 at viewer.js:84 Notice: Undefined variable: encode_file in /www/wp-content/plugins/pdf-viewer-for-wordpress/web/viewer.php on line 183 ”;

var fto = "

Actually, I found a bug. I remember finding a similar bug in the prior version and reporting it. If a site is running with errors reporting, the empty variable ”$encode_file” will cause an error at line 183 of web/viewer.php. I don’t see where ”$encode_file” is being set, assuming it’s not. I now can at least load PDFs after altering line 183 to this:

var fto = ”<?php if (isset($encode_file)) { echo $encode_file; } ?>”;

(if that doesn’t show, I wrap an “if isset” around the call to echo the variable)

It’s a bad failure mode – with that one variable not being set the web UI ends up being completely unresponsive, can’t even right-click in the viewer.

This is really disappointing – bought this and can still download it of course, but these guys are still using a version of PDF.js (the open source project this plugin uses for pdf display) that is OLD. They are on 1.8.888 and the current version is 1.9.246. The version they are selling lacks a fix for Chrome that disables chunked downloading. Without that fix, you’re stuck with half-loaded PDFs that stall out. It’s very hard to catch, but it’s fixed in the current version and these guys are just collecting $$$ and not updating from upstream regularly. PDF.js is a REALLY active project, it’s imperative to stay up to date.

Also the page counter is totally broken. It shows pages 3 and 4 for 2 page PDF.

Hi sporkhc, We only implement the latest stable version of the script instead of beta or pre-release versions. Only provide beta or pre-release updates if there’s major fix.

As you’re reporting that there is something that has fix in the latest build, we’ll obviously look for it. Thanks for letting us know.

Regarding page counter, Please try with different pdfs as it might be due to your pdf file issue as well.

Thank You

You have exactly copied the viewer from PDF.JS. Mozilla has made it very clear that you should not use an unmodified copy of the viewer.

However, we do ask if you plan to embed the viewer in your own site, that it not just be an unmodified version. Please re-skin it or build upon it.

Checkout PDF.JS Wiki

You have included the same icons, same layout as the original viewer. You must change it ASAP, and inform your customers about it.

Hi, Thanks for pointing out. We’ll check into this asap.

So dissapointed with the plugin, just bought it and it doesn’t work…. i’m getting my own website seen in the iframe and pdf viewer just says Unexpected error ! This is so annoying

Hi, There’s probably some kind of conflict on your website. We’ve received your ticket & processing that. Please continue the conversation there.

Thank You

I’ve been trying to get support for four days. What do I have to do to answer a ticket or an email. After 5 minutes of installing the plugin I have problems.

Hi Claudioif, Your ticket was answered within less than 12 hours. I think you missed the notification somehow.

Please check the ticket by logging in to our helpdesk ( ).

Thank You

I can not check the answer, I do not have a ticket number. I registered, but I did not receive the confirmation email.

I create a user with another email, and I re-create the ticket.

I have a question: does it support 2 pages layout? Like this ?

Hi, Currently there’s no side by side layout.

Thank You

Ok, Any plans on implementing that?