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Generate Direct Link not working, always “A variable mismatch has been detected.” & I’ve filled everything

Hi, Its strange. Its probably happening due to some kind of conflicts or php setting of your server. Its difficult to say the exact reason without looking at the site. If you need us to inspect the issue deeply, please go ahead and create a ticket on our helpdesk (

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Where are you on Gutenberg Integration? Thanks.

Hi, We’ll include gutenberg integration soon.

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Hi do you use analytics with this plugin. I have filled my UA code but there no manual for setting it up. Is there a event created or…?

Hi, The tracking code is placed in all the viewer pages automatically when you put the tracking code in place.

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Hi, I got the Hotjar Wordpress plugin but the code is’nt loaded on the themecode page. Is there a way to activate mij Hotjar account on these pages? This way I can track what the user is watching, scrolling etc. I really need this to get information about my white paper

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Grts Chadli

Please check reply on your support ticket.

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Hi Your given link is not working ! My Question is – 1). I can’t attach direct pdf into WordPress page, We need to go and generate a link then copy into button of plugin. For many files it’s a hard work. If we can select direct a PDF file into WordPress page, It’s little better. SO short code generating is very difficult. 2). The plugin don’t have LightBox system. How visitors can understand without front page seeing. Something like here ( ) 3). I can’t select two or morethan two files in once for short code. Otherwise please provide me my refund. Thank you :)) Be Healthy !!

How do I create shortcodes? It allows me to create a link, to the PDF file. I’m going crazy here looking for a very simple function..”CREATE SHORTCODE” . Easily create the shortcode, connected to the pdf file, then you copy and paste the shortcode on the page, post..And the viewer should appear, with the pdf. That’s the common sense way of doing it. Easy. But for some reason, this plugin, has no shortcode option. It’s not apparent, it’s not there in front of the user..I have no idea how to create a shortcode. Non-intuitive. Just a link.

A link to the pdf file..? Where is the shortcode for the pdf file, to copy and paste and allow the viewer to appear? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hi protonomos, I think you’re using it with latest WordPress. WordPress 5.0 comes with new gutenberg editor. We’re still in process of releasing the integration with gutenberg, But we have integration with classic editor which is just being replaced with gutenberg.

The workaround for easy shortcode creation is: 1. Install and activate Classic Editor plugin on the site 2. Follow the documentation to create shortcodes:

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Hello, Custom Invoice with Automation possible with this plugin?

is it posible to make this viewer the default viewer for my wordpress site? i have a lot pdf’s in my site and i dont like to embed them all. or is it posible to add a class to a pdf link. that the pdf opens in your viewer instead of the default viewer?

PDF. js v1.9.426 (build: 2558a58d) Message: file origin does not match viewer’s

Hello, after updating none of the viewers are working anymore: PDF.js v1.9.426 (build: 2558a58d) Message: file origin does not match viewer’s

presales question can i upload a pdf fill in form so people can fill it up and download ?

Hi, Thank you for asking. Unfortunately fillable forms are not supported.

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Is it possible to have the height be responsive also? On mobile there is a lot of unnecessary space at the bottom of the iframe. I just want a single page of the PDF to be visible with ability to skip to next page but have that view look good on all screen sizes (with the size of the iframe scaling proportionately).

Hi, Sorry, there’s no option for adaptive height.

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