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for Code Quality

Although you could further optimize the download pdf speed in the future, this is the fastest, most compatible and reliable PDF viewer I have ever tested.

for Design Quality

We love this for displaying our PDF documents. Especially love that we can lock the document so that it can be viewed while we prevent it from being downloaded. Great plugin!

for Customer Support

I wish the plugin's documentation was a bit more informative and the GUI a bit more intuitive, but the support is absolutely superlative.

for Bugs

I've had to go in and fix obvious bugs myself. Each update breaks as much as it fixes. Support system is broken.

for Customer Support

Great plugin, great support – the helpdesk team helped me within hours to resolve a serious issue due to an incompatibility with an outdated plugin – after deleting the culprit the PDF Viewer works flawlessly.

for Customer Support

Super quick support! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.

for Customer Support

very good plugin. i used this for restaurant menu card. people can see now the menu without download a whole pdf. the most people have problems there...need an pdf app etc.

with this plugin our customer will have now more customers ;)
also thanks for the great support. i just descriobe the problem and gave the login and support has solved the problem for me in a few hours. great...

for Flexibility

good, but if we use shortcut it can still be downloaded by browser


Author response

Hi crosswalkjr,
Thanks for your rating. Just fyi, We've not mentioned anywhere that the plugin can be used to prevent downloading of pdf file. Its perfect for files that are public.

Its always recommended to keep your review in the features that plugin comes with. You shouldn't review about something that's not included within the product.

We'll be grateful if you rethink about this matter.

Thanks again.