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Discussion on Lighthouse

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Hi there, Just wanted to check a couple of things. I took on board your suggestion not to double up on features, so I’ve turned off lazy load images, minified css, and minified javascript in my theme settings, and have set Lighthouse to Advanced. What about LiteSpeed—anything I should disable in it that you know of? Thanks, Chris PS. Still get a crap score in the Live Google Lighthouse Test (but the pages feel fairly snappy).

Did you check all options one by one and see which one actually helps? Some might conflict with your theme and some might improve the speed drastically.


Lorseen Purchased

Hi itsnt work with my website , php version is 8.1 and give my “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.”

I have released a fixed version – 3.8.3 – and there should now be any issues now. You should also make sure you are using the latest version of the Machic theme.


Lorseen Purchased

hi where is the new version? 3.8.3

Updated versions of your purchased plugins are in your Downloads section.

Ionnec Purchased

Hi! Since I purchased it I’ve been testing it and still can’t figure out if this plugin is helping my site or not.

You can enable SpeedFactor and start tracking your metrics, and then enable your desired Lighthouse options and see if something changes.

Ionnec Purchased

Hi! A few questions before buying: 1. Is the plugin GDPR compliant? 2.Does it work with WP-Optimize cache plugin?

Ionnec Purchased


Enabling some of the Lighthouse’s options, will cut your JS/CSS resources in half, if not more. If you test it with GTMetrix, for example, before and after enabling those options, you’ll see the difference.

Also, adding whatever external scripts you are using (Bunny Fonts, Google Fonts, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and so on) to the Speed Settings tab → Custom Resource Hints (DNS Prefetch) field, you will see a faster connection speed and a better TTFB.

Ionnec Purchased

Hi! We would test after installing and enabling the options.

pilly74 Purchased

Greetings can I ask you for a refund installed the plugin the message to install Git updater appeared once FATAL ERROR is activated, all plugin folders deleted

Greetings! This is not possible, and it doesn’t sound like a Lighthouse error. How did all your plugins get deleted?


pilly74 Purchased

pas votre plugin mais git updater qui me semble avoir compris que vous l’utilisiez pour mettre à jour votre plugin. erreur fatale juste activée et tous les dossiers de tous les plugins supprimés

Hello. I have a presale question. There seems no lazy load image feature, or is there? Kind regards

No, lazy loading is native in all modern browsers.

Also, WordPress automatically adds a loading="lazy" parameter to all images.

Also, adding a lazy-loading JavaScript library would defeat the purpose of the plugin, as optimization is all about decreasing the number of JS/CSS resources.

Got it! Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I think i will give it a try and purchase your plugin, Have a good day!

Have a good day yourself!


faciam Purchased

Installed Lighthouse and the next day found that the CPU on the hosting has increased. Disabled the plugin: the next day the CPU load is down.

Is there any way you can pinpoint the issue? As in, enable options one by one until you find the issue? Also, I don’t know your hosting specifications.

gaby56 Purchased

Hello, thank you for the great initiative to develop a lighthouse plugin for WP.

I have purchased the plugin but somehow I can’t find a page where I can send my support ticket.

I have a question if can visualize the Speed Metrics per page? no worries if not I am an expert WP developer and I have the technical capability to extend the plugin to reach my needs.

Hi, you are welcome!

You can not visualize speed metrics per page, it’s per domain only, as that is where issues occur. If your domain and homepage are fast enough, everything will be fast.

gaby56 Purchased

not really, I target the 100s on every page, but no worries I can handle modifying your plugin.

I am an expert WP Developer certified by many community members of WP, on technical perspective I can read & customize different code style.

If you would like I can share the improvements after having something presentable

Sure, why not, I’d like to see your implementation.

Pre Purchase Info: This plugin is compatible with w3 total cache? Thanks

Yes, it is. Just make sure you don’t enable minification on both plugins. Pick one of them.

Hi. Will it help on buddyboss platform? Using litespeed enterprise already. What can safely enable to be sure everything still works ?

I think you might have other problems, bigger than my Lighthouse plugin :)

:D yes I do. I also don’t feel like testing every single feature of my site whether it’s working or not after enabling features of your plugin. But no other way to do it, ehh

This is supposed to be a developer plugin, and you should know what you are doing.

That being said, there are 2 presets in the plugin, basic and advanced. Try the basic one first and see how it goes.

Will this plugin work well with Page Builders like Elementor? And is there a way I can get a trial version?

This plugin will work with Elementor, but it won’t help much, as Elementor is really bad when it comes to optimization.

There is no trial version feature on CodeCanyon.

Hi Butterflymedia, Thank you for the kind share – I have shared this link last week on a SAAS LTD group and there was some good feedback. When will 3.6 update be released on Codecanyon? I am interested in benchmarking against ‘WP Rocket’ and ‘ToolKit For Elementor’ If you ever decide to offer LTD please let me know. Thank you, - Kevin

Hi Kevin, version 3.6 has already been released.

Also, note that WP Rocket and Lighthouse don’t have the exact same functions. A benchmark might be interesting, though.


Is it safe to use both your plugin and wp-rocket at the same time?

Yes, just make sure not to enable the same options on both of them. You can use Lighthouse to measure your website pagespeed and also track the Core Web Vitals.

Its my pleasurer that I can test your plugin just for free
Would you please tell me what is the different between this plugin and Litespeed or WP-Rocket or w3total cache?
And please tell me when you release the first version ?

See the options inside Lighthouse. My plugin doesn’t have caching, like WP Rocket or W3TC.

Lighthouse minifies the HTML, removes lots of useless/bloated/unneeded WordPress features and also tracks and stores your website’s pagespeed.

The first version was released a long time ago, a few years at least.

Much appreciated Cheers :)

Hi I am wanting to purchase this plugin but I am worried it might break my site. Does it really help optimize your site to make it load faster.

Yes, it does.

Does it work with wp rocket I did read a comment about that

It does, yes, but there’s no point in having 2 performance plugins installed.

is it php 8 compatible?

Yes, latest version of PHP 8 and latest version of WordPress.

Hi, I use lighthouseas and as you mentioned I set up htaccess – recommend using the rules here –
  • Question: do I need a cashe plug in like WP Super Cache or is with the above setting such plug in unnecessary ?
  • Problem: I can’t access to edit post, I get a blank screen, when the lighthouse is off than I can edit the post. Do you have a solution for this ?

Thanks, Dejan

Hey Dejan,

Regarding the white screen, it might be one of the settings, try to disable them and only enable the recommended ones or try to enable them one by one and see which one causes the issue.

Regarding the caching plugin, this is optional. .htaccess might give you better performance, but a plugin like WP Super Cache will cache the pages as HTML giving you less server load. I use WP Super Cache along the .htaccess rules and I am happy.

I don’t recommend using plugins to concatenate/minify your scripts, such as Autoptimize.

Is your plugin compatible with wp-rocket? And will your plugin help improve site performance along with wp-rocket?

They do similar things, so some options might trigger the same behaviour. There are no known conflicts, but I would advise using either one or the other, definitely not both.

Will this be updated anytime soon? I feel like this plugin would need to be updated all the time for it to stay up to date with all the crap GTMetrix has changed (and Google). Is this 100% ready for prime time?

An update is coming tomorrow, and it needs to stay up to date with WordPress and the block editor, not Google and GTmetrix.

The update will clarify some of the linked SpeedFactor details and it will integrate some Gutenberg options.


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