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Hi! I’m interested! Does it work with W3 Total Cache? And do I need to configure it to suit W3 Total Cache?

Thank you. Unfortunately no, the options should be pretty self-explanatory. I need to right a bit of documentation, though, to explain what each option does.

I will do it for the next version, next week.

Okay! I’ll wait for you to come up with documentation and see if i need to tick anymore settings. :) Cheers. Documentation helps in sales when people know what they are buying.

I know, that’s why I added those quick settings buttons. To help users who don’t know what the options are. Because most WordPress admins would know a bit about how the system works and they would want the ability to individually enable/disable options.

But yeah, documentation is coming.

After you buy and istall it, it places the following credential on your website footer!! “166 queries in 0.473 seconds using Lighthouse”

It does not ask you to place Its credentials on Your Site.

I payed this plugin with 12 month support, so I expect high quality/standards!

Thank you if you come back with support.

All updates will keep your current settings. In addition, the default value will be 0 rather than 1.

Thanks for the updated review.

Site speed is much better now with Lighthouse, especially on mobile. Next year after the plugin licence expires, I will buy/extend it for another year.

Thanks a lot for creating Lighthouse.

:) No, thank you.

Hi, this plugin seems great. I am on WP Engine, do you know if there are any issues there or should it work fine on their hosting platform?

Also, I have a ton of plugins that seems to be the main cause of my site being sloooow as hell. My landing page is like 12 seconds :-( it’s awful. Will your plugin strip all the extra code and stuff that loads on every single page instead of just loading where it is needed?


Hi. There is no known conflict with WP Engine, and Lighthouse should help with speed when properly configured. It will not strip ALL of the code, you should work on optimizing your landing page, 12 seconds is unacceptable.

But it will definitely help with pre-optimizing the code for better caching, removing attributes and parameters, trying to move code to the footer and adding browser caching.

Hello. I’m having some trouble with the plugin. Upon activating the plug-in, my slider revolution stops showing on my website. Regardless of the preset that I select, the Lighthouse plug-in takes out the slider revolution. Is there any solution to this? Would appreciate some help! Thanks.

Hi, that’s really weird. Even with no options selected.

Please contact me via https://getbutterfly.com/members/support/.

Really interested in this plugin! have you tested this with Buddypress? I am running a company intranet on buddypress and looking for a performance booster—we use windows IIS

Thank you. I have not tested it with BuddyPress and I am not sure it works with IIS. Contact me via email (see my profile page, lower right) and I can give you more details.

Hi, i would like to test this plugin if it will bring me a benefit, is there a demo?

There is no demo, as you won’t be able to see the benefits in the demo. You need to use it on your own site.

I am having the plugin cause some elements on my webpage to disappear and change positions. Please refer to these two photos. Thanks

http://screencast.com/t/PcsWktWowaZ http://screencast.com/t/VaFi0dAPjTdU

Also, my main menu has vanished on some pages with your plugin activated.

Have you enabled any of the styling options? Such as Normalize or Reset?

How can files (CSS/JS) be excluded from merge and compress?

For the wishlist: An option to export and import all the settings would be great!

They cannot be excluded. All CSS/JS files enqueued using wp_enqueue_script() are added to the merge.

I’ll add the import/export feature to the TODO list.

Thanks for using Lighthouse!

I´ve read to disable the info ”<!- Lighthouse HTML Minify | Minify ratio: 11.2% | From 75711 bytes to 67229 bytes ->” in the html I have to go to Settings -> Lighthouse -> Theme Tweaks and uncheck the “Display load results and plugin attribution link in the footer” option. But I can´t find this option there. Where is it gone?

That option is for something else. It was removed. The HTML comment is required for minification checking. I can add an option to remove it in the next version.

Hi, Will you see page speed results on Google Insights?

If the site is properly configured, yes.

Hi.. Plugin work superb. However I would strongly suggest you to improve UI and explanation for each options we select. Also change colour of options which are safe, unsafe to enable. Looking forward for more update.

Hi, I agree more explanations are needed. Also, the new version in January will bring more UI changes and more speed improvements, based on WordPress 4.7.

Thank you and don’t forget to rate the plugin!

thanks for this new update!

You are welcome!


My domain has HTTP / 2 enabled. However, this warning continues to appear:

Warning: For performance and security reasons, we recommend upgrading your server to HTTP/2

For security I have checked with some pages, for example: https://tools.keycdn.com/http2-test indicating me:

Yeah! www.endemico.es supports HTTP/2.0


Hi Luis. It’s taking a while for CodeCanyon to update. You should get a notification for 2.3.5 today.

Good night.

I already have version 2.3.5 installed

Although I had never mentioned it, I have always had a problem. I have never been able to configure as “Recommended Defaults” since “Slider Revolution” stops working. Since always I have no choice but to configure it as “Optimized Defaults”.

It seems that I have read that some other user has had the same problem. Can you tell me a solution?

I would like to try with “Recommended Defaults” since I suppose it will be better.


Hi Luis. Contact us via our support link at https://getbutterfly.com and we’ll take you through upgrading to “Recommended Defaults” and fixing the Slider Revolution conflict.


silverz Purchased

Nice plugin. However, when I activate the plugin, I have a ‘custom CSS’ section within my theme options page that disappears(the content of this field is still active on the site). What settings in Lighthouse do I have to activate/deactivate to display that ‘custom CSS’ field again?

Hmm, that is very weird. The plugin does not hide any menu items or admin panels. What theme do you use?

Hi! I’m interested! Does it work with WP Rocket?

I don’t see why not. It’s not a caching plugin, so it should work.

Lighthouse Zen mode is active. —This notice is constant when Zen mode is active on every admin page. It is quite frustrating cause I have to close it everytime. Please provide a fix.

Hey, I agree. I will only make it visible on the plugin’s page.

Just had a few questions about this plugin before I purchase it. 1. Will it work with Wp-fastest cache plugin. Not sure if this question was already asked? 2. Will it work with Maxcdn as well? Thanks.

Yes, the plugin will work with both, it only affects local settings, so you can use MaxCDN or Cloudflare and any other caching plugin. I use WP Super Cache and it works flawlessly.

How can I update it ? I’m with 2,3 version and there’s no update available from the dashboard in wordpress. If i upload the plugin with the file that I downloaded from here it tells me that the lighthouse directory is already created.

Remove the old plugin and install the new one.

Hey, One pre-sale question, is it compatible with Flatsome theme?

It is compatible with any theme out there. If you need any help configuring it, I can help you.

Hi, is lighthouse can do… Query Strings Remover Disable Emojis

How mach reduce HTTP requests ? Is have script manager. To allows me to load CSS and JS conditionally depending on the page user visiting ?


Yes, it can do both: remove query strings and disable emojis.

Hi, thanks.

How mach reduce HTTP requests ? Some have script manager. To allows me to load CSS and JS conditionally depending on the page user visiting ?


It depends on your site and on your themes and plugins. It can reduce by 5 requests or 20 requests. The plugin does not allow you to conditionally load JS/CSS depending on page. There are free plugins which allow you to do so, though.