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I am getting problem with toc+ on my wordpress website with wordpress version 4.9.1.

I am using newspaper theme. i have putted website on two different servers and strange toc+ is working good on one server but not on other on which we want.

Toc+ is created problem with the text on post pages on which it is used. on post pages toc+ content get bold and another text on posts also getting different colors or html tags.

I have checked it in every manner can you please help me in this issue.

toc+? You should ask the author of that plugin.

Hey there!

Quick pre-purchase question…

Does the plugin offer a way to define which headings will be used to generate the TOC on a per page basis?

I have pages where I only want h2 headings to be used for the TOC and pages where I want to use h2 and h3, or even pages where I want to use h2, h3 and h4.


Yes. Actually, there is an option to set.

Super, thanks! I think I’m gonna try it out this evening. :) Are you going to support / update the plugin over the next few years? (I’m always a bit worried when it comes to purchasing an “old” plugin.)

Yes. The plugin will keep updating.


assagga Purchased

This looks really pro, now my website looks professional without knowing any code lol :) Thanks alot easily worth 20 $ Thanks so much <3

Hi. I have purchased the plugin and after installation, the layout of my site isn’t working like before and the button does not appear. Where or how can I contact support? Maybe you want to have a look at it. Cheers Elias

Just noticed the support contact form. ;)

Hi, developer!

- I have purchased the plugin and after installation,I do not know how to make TOC collapse by default. I want them to manually click and expand. Can you guide me to do that?

- This plugin is really great, is there any way it can work in Archive Intro Text of Genesis child theme? A short code? Please!

Have a nice day!

1)No that option yet. I will add an option to set that in the future version.

2)Can you create a demo site and give me the login account to test?

1) I am very eager to use the plugin for my blog, hopefully while waiting for the new version, everything can be done manually!

2) I emailed you, please check!

Hi guys, I like your plugin and this is very nice. The only thing is the shortcode! Why is the width of the table of content in pixel? The better way is the width in % ! I hope you can change this, because in % its better to intigrate into posts (desktop/mobile). Thanx :-)

It’s a complex situation. It’s hard to say which is better. I will consider your recommendation and improve responsive feature. Thanks.

Hi, quick question, I use Elementor page builder.

When activate the plugin on my page, it pushes some of my content to the side.

Is there a way around this?

Also, is there shortcode to implement the plugin ourselves into page?

Please give me the page link via the support menu.

Hello, please make “Convert Heading Into ID” multilanguage capable. You can inspect wordpress url rewriting, it converts letters such as Ç to C, Ğ to G, Ö to O and so on..

Hello, language folder is empty. How do I translate “contents” string?

It’s hard to convert heading into ID for other languages right now, I’m so sorry.

Using the Loco Translate plugin, https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/

ok I found how to translate “contents” which is displayed at the frontend. It’s done from custimization.

and one more thing. “convert heading into id” works with Turkish language. No problems so far. https://goo.gl/8Ct6Kd


istefan Purchased

Hello, I bought the plugin it’s perfect, but in android devices it’s disappear. Can you help me with this problem? This is my website: http://www.ivokoychev.org/история-на-християнската-доктрина/

I have answered you via the Email. Please check it.


istefan Purchased

Yes! I checked and thank your for your support!

Hello, please decorate the TOC exactly like this https://paratic.com/sosyopat-nedir-kime-denir/ there is a shadow and a small navigation icon.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll consider it. You also can add that style via CSS.

unfortunately I am an end user, my css knowledge is very limited.

Hi i used your plugin for our new template but it dosn’t display, its hidding all the time in the sidebar… I send you an email just a few days ago

oh nice to hear :) thanks for you’re good work! <3

It has now been more than 3 days. You probably do not come to a solution? A little bit of comunication would not be bad :/

Fixed the Problem by myself thx.