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plugin fails to display on mobile see picture: https://goo.gl/photos/RoHKzuU7sZhqxPnv7 https://goo.gl/photos/cr8qgX8UitvHaHme9 link test (view on mobile): https://muaxegiatot.vn/2016/10/gia-xe-toyota-fortuner.html

please support me

The new version 3.0 will be published at the next week. There are many difference with the old. Can you wait for a few days? Contact me again if you have any issues when you use the new.

because my website is a commercial site should be modified immediately. happy to assist


MilanB Purchased


I just bought your plugin. It works well but the display of the fixed TOC is hiding a part of the content in the articles and it’s really difficult (impossible) to read all the content… On mobiles and tablets the plugin seems not responsive. Is there any way to fix this issue or enable to integrate the fixed TOC at the beginning of the post?

Here is a picture of the issue: https://goo.gl/photos/BsUDNFCaRavcJayt7

Thanks for the answer and support.

Please just wait for a few days. I am working hard to update to version 3.0.0. It will be able to display at the top of the post and add to sidebar. New version will provide better experience.

The new version 3.0 ??? ( Im using another plugin)—> https://muaxegiatot.vn/2016/10/gia-xe-toyota-fortuner.html


ATB1982 Purchased

Hello, works fine but it’s not responsive yet. Please fix this issue, thanks.

Hi, will there be an update to 3.0 soon?

Sorry for leaving a long time. Version 3.0 have updated right now.

Is this plugin still being maintained?

Yes, it is just updated to v3.0

In some of my posts table of content is shown properly but in some I first have to update the post then only TOC is being displayed on the website. What to do? Should I update each post manually coz my site is having 2000+ posts.

In mobile TOC is being shown on every page the problem is just in desktop version.


maxiclo Purchased

Are you going to release a new version? It was in plan a version 3.0 but did’t happen anymore.

Yes, the version 3.0 have just released.

Demo not working. Can you please send a new demo link.

This site can’t be reached

demo.webvars.com’s server DNS address could not be found. Search Google for demo webvars fixed toc ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

It works for me. Maybe you try to clear the browser’s cache, use a different browser, or different computer.

I have asked for changing the domain name servers.It’s stable. Try again?


maxiclo Purchased

Hi I used the ‘Go to item support’ link, but I didn’t find any way to submit a request. I have bought a license ad I would like to understand how to change the color of List Stype Type (the type can be one from:decimal, circle,..., empty square). How to change the color of this elements, both when not selected or when there is an hover color? Thanks

PS: Note that you have a typo in the Content menu: Width Unit: px. Empty means auto calculate the height.

It needs basic knowledge about css. Copy the sample code below to the Customize CSS option in the Customize/Fixed TOC plugin admin page.
#ftwp-container .ftwp-anchor::before {
  color: blue;

#ftwp-container .ftwp-anchor:hover::before {
  color: red;

#ftwp-container .ftwp-anchor.ftwp-active::before {
  color: yellow;

maxiclo Purchased

Thanks a lot! This works. It would be really appreciated if you can add this as options to colors options menu. In addition I would have two more questions: 1. How to change the font of the decimal anchor with similar CSS? 2. I would like to add the CSS selectors of the fixed menu in the related option field. AVADA theme support didn’t understand the question about fixed menu. Neither I do. Could you please help?

1.Do you mean only change the decimal type?
#ftwp-container .ftwp-liststyle-decimal .ftwp-anchor::before {
  color: orange;

2.I guess you know about CSS. Find the fixed menu by developer tools on chrome browser. Send me your website page link if you failed. I will find that for you.

Hi, I cannot instal the plugin in Wordpress. Does it need any special installation? Thanks!

At first extract the downloaded zip file, then upload the fixed-tic.zip to WordPress. Read more in the documentation folder.

Hi include this Plugin a <!- Nextpage -> function for pages?

okay theres a misunderstanding. I would like to show the content in general from all pages into one toc like here (on the right side “Contents”) https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/arcane-mage-pve-dps-guide i think thats not possible, maybe in future?

I will think about it in future. But I’m not sure adding it or not right now.

Is there a way to modify the loading position of the plugin? It almost needs 5 seconds after the page is loaded to show the Toc

It shows after all the images, scripts, links have finished loading.

no way to show it before maybe all links loaded? Im using a lots of tooltips from wowhead

the plugin must calculate page size, heading coordinate, etc until the entire page loaded. Maybe you think about what makes the page load slowly. especially large images, video, external link source, and network.