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Hi buddy i have a big Problem on this site the plugin works with the shortcode [toc] https://www.schlafzimmer.de/sex/verhuetungsschwamm/ but on this site it doesnt work https://www.schlafzimmer.de/sex/prostatamassage-anleitung/

i dont understand pls help me. Thank you very much

Copy the code below and paste into the “Fixed Menu” field in the Settings/Fixed TOC page.


Contact me via the Support page if you don’t solve the problem yet.

Hi, A couple of pre-sale questions:

A) Does this plugin work with Newspaper theme?

B) Is it short-code based implementation? Could we see the documentation of this plugin?

C) The most important question: From SEO perspective, does the TOC navigation visible to Google bots? In other words, when I do ‘view source’, will it show all TOC entries?


A. The plugin also supports the most Newspaper themes. You can ask for support if they aren’t compatible.

B. See http://demo.webvars.com/extra/fixed-toc/documentation The shortcode introduction is in the Tips section.

C. Yes. The TOC has optimized for SEO, including really HTML code and semantic tags. You can find them via viewing page source.

Dear wphigh,

I’ve just installed your plugin on my website, but maybe it is not compatible with my themes, I tried to find out where the problems are but not successful. Can you take a time to see it and give me the pieces of advice to make it work well?

Here is my site: http://abeillei.com/general/augustinus-en-de-vrouw/

Looking forward to hearing a good news from you. Regards,

Is the theme still developing? It seems it hasn’t completely finished.

The post_class() function should be added for an article container. It includes the important API, so it is necessary. And the Fixed TOC plugin also needs it.

By the way, There is a JS error on the page. You should use more HTML5 semantic tags.

Thank you for your support. Yes, that’s right, this site is being developed, the developer forgot to put the post_class on. We have just edited and your plugin is working very good!


Good work with your plugin! It looks great.

I´m in the process of buying it, but I have som quick questions before. Would appriciate if you had the time to answer.

1. How SEO-friendly is this plugin? I’m wiriting a handbook with some 1 200 pages that needs to be 100% SEO-optimized.

2. Is it possible to have the TOC fixed in the left sidebar and to change font, colours, border etc?

3. Can you recommend any theme that is suitable for this plugin? A basic one with a header, sidebar (with your TOC inside) and a footer.

Thank in advance for your reply!

Best regards, Daniel Jonsson

1. It creates really HTML code and semantic HTML5 tags. Search Engine can understand that is contents for the post.

2. Yes.

3. You can download free themes from WordPress. Or buy them from Themeforest. They almost are suitable for the plugin. I have tested lots of themes, and many customers have used it.

Pre-Sale question:

Does your plugin compatible with WPML plugin? I need this feature.

Thank you

Yes, it does.

It can automatically create the corresponding TOC from the translated content.

I mean words near collaps icon (Topic, Contents eg) on your demo page.

Not consider yet. I will completely support the WPML plugin at the next version. Please wait.

I see the widget on the sidebar but the text appears incorreclty. Dou you have any idea where I am wrong? Thanks, https://ibb.co/cTv1aw

Perhaps the other CSS rules affect it. Send me the page link and check the “Debug” option via the support page. So I can test for you.

Can i use it on pages without sidebar?

In the both demo pages there is sidebar, i asked if the page is full width and no side bar, can you show me the same.

There are 3 modes of the plugin: “Display in post”, “Fixed to post”, “In Widget”. The front two modes don’t need sidebars. See http://demo.webvars.com/no-sidebar-for-fixed-toc/


I was wondering if it’s possible to modify the anchor URL to different words?

For example:

h2 id=”ftoc-heading-12” class=”ftwp-heading”>How Do You Measure Performance?

Is it possible to generate an anchor link of something like #how-do-you-measure-performance rather than #ftoc-heading-12? Either custom ID or generate it from the title of the heading?

Great plugin by the way!

Yes. You can check the “Convert Heading Into ID” option.


I have some autogenerated content on my pages that I don’t want in TOC. Is there a way to specify only part of the page gets into the TOC


Disable the TOC in the global settings. Then enable it in the page that you want.

Would it be possible to add an option where the menu is always expanded?

What does it mean? Could you give more details, please?

When you scroll down the page the table of contents becomes smaller (3 dots and 3 lines). Is there any way to make it so that the full table of contents is always showing?

Find the code below, in the fixed-toc/frontend/html/class-element-container.php line 73:

$class .= ' ftwp-minimize';

Change to

class .= ' ftwp-maximize';

I will add this setting in the next version.

Hi guys,

the table of contents is written in < h3 > but I want this in < h2 >. How can I change this! Thanks for help Jens


I am not sure to understand what you mean. The TOC structure relies on the headings structure of the post content.

Table in Content is in German “Inhaltsverzeichnis” so when I check my site http://www.oneproseo.com/seo-site-check/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.overlandtour.de%2Fkazan-tatarstan%2F&kw=kazan you can see after the thitle H1 is coming TOC “Inhaltsverzeichnius” in H3

Access to the fixed-toc/frontend/html/class-element-header-title.php file. Then find the line 18. Change $this->tagname = 'h3'; to $this->tagname = 'h2';

But the style maybe not good. You should edit the CSS. Contact me via the support page if you don’t know edit the CSS.

pre-sale question

Can i add the toc plugin to left, or to the right of the article? (or top of content)

I did not see it at the demo address.

Yes, you can. The plugin gives many options that you can customize the position, color, font, size, list style type, etc.

Hello, presale question. Is yoour plugin compatible with ACF (Advanced Custom Fields). My single post is composed from several Custom fields where there are the h2/h3 paragraph to add in the table of contents. Thank you

I’m not sure. The plugin only can scan the post content. So it works if the custom fields values can attach to the post content by “the_content” action API. Or not.


I am about to purchase this.

2 questions.

I use Generate Press Theme , and Elementor Page Builder.

Will I be able to use this?



ega79 Purchased

Hi, i’m triyng to set shortcode [toc] but it doesn’t work.

Here for example;


Can you check please?

Try to set a explicit height value on the “Height In Post” option field.


ega79 Purchased


It seems you use a page build plugin to insert the content. which plugin? Give me a login account so I can test deeply.


How can I translate title “click To Maximize The Table Of Contents” which is visible after hover over trigger button? I tryed it using Loco plugin, but without success.

Thank you.

I will test it again and respond you later.

1. Open the file inc/init.php in the plugin folder. 2. Find the code below at line 23:
change to
add_action( 'plugins_loaded', array( $this, 'internationalization' ) );
3. Find the code below at line 60:
load_plugin_textdomain( 'fixedtoc', false, FTOC_ROOTDIR . '/languages/' );
change to
load_plugin_textdomain( 'fixedtoc', false, basename( FTOC_ROOTDIR ) . '/languages/' );

I will fix it in the next version.

Hi, is it compatible with the AMP pages?

At the moment we use the Amp for WP plugin.

Not test yet.