Discussion on Fixed TOC - table of contents for WordPress(wp) plugin

Discussion on Fixed TOC - table of contents for WordPress(wp) plugin

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mw8 Purchased

Hello The plugin breaks my web design. Is it possible not to load plugin css/js file ? What can I do ?

How does it break? Could you give more details?

Submit the problem on the support page again, please.

And give a demon page for checking. Thanks.


I hope you are doing well. I recently came across your plugin, and I am interested in using it on my WordPress site, which is using the Jannah theme. Before I go ahead and install it, I just wanted to check if your plugin is compatible with the Jannah theme.

While I have your attention, I also wanted to ask if it is possible to install your plugin on multiple websites. I run several WordPress sites and I think your plugin would be a great addition to all of them.

Could you please let me know if the plugin is compatible with the Jannah theme and if it can be installed on multiple websites? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards, Hicham

Sorry, I haven’t that theme to test. You can request the refund if it isn’t compatible with the theme.

You need to follow the market license policy. Ask the market team for help, please.


All of a sudden there are errors related to ftoc.min.js on all pages

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘headingTop’)

Accordingly, the plugin ceased to work properly, in particular, when clicking on sections in the content no jumps. Example of problematic page:

I tried everything, including debug mode and disabling plugins. What’s going on at all?

When do you expect this plugin to be compatible with Wordpress ver 6.1?

It’s compatible with 6.1. See the demo is running on WP 6.1.1

Thanks for confirming! Then, why isn’t it marked as compatible with WP 6.1 on plugin page?

Because the market hasn’t provided that version option.

When I use fixed toc as a widget, what should I do when I swipe down the article and it overwrites the rest of the widget?

You can uncheck the ‘Fixed the Widget’ option, because the sidebar is fixed by itself.

Where is this option, please? I can’t find it. Can you tell me?Thanks

You need to install the Classic Widgets plugin: if you are running the latest WordPress. Then you will find options on the Fixed TOC Widget.

tôi đã dừng TOC Fixed trên elementor pro và gặp lỗi khi kéo widget vào Mẫu của mình, có ai gặp lỗi giống tôi không?

Hello, please convert your JS to Vanilla JavaScript, people can use your plugin without loading jQuery to improve Pagespeed Score. Thank you!

Hi, I have a fixed header on my website. I am trying to adjust it but the “Scroll Offset” and “Fixed Headers” options are not working. Can you help me or fix it? Thanks…

Ok. Plugin is currently active only on this page:

Try #immune_headers

Yes, it works correctly. Thank you

Does the plugin work correctly with gutenberg?

Sorry, not provide a block yet. It provides a meta box to set options.

Hello. How to close the plugin content from indexation? Thanks

Change the list style type on Customizer/Fixed TOC plugin/Contents List. Is it what you mean?

Thanks for reply. I mean Google indexing (and other Search systems). It is necessary that the content does not indexing due to the large number of keywords in it. P.S. The plugin is bomb.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with that. But the TOC is created with a real and standard HTML code.

Hi dear, is this plugin compatible with Arabic language?

Plugin is not working as expected. Sent message to support team

Please help ASAP

Using Fixed TOC in an article edited with elementor will cause the warning widget in elementor to not be displayed correctly. Closing the Fixed TOC will display it normally. How to deal with it?

Submit your question here , please. That will verify if you are available for support. And give me a demo page for checking.


dgold75 Purchased

Hi, thx for great plugin. Is there any way to show TOC on desktop opened from the very beginning? Now it looks like it is closed at first and opens after loading page (content below TOC is moved down) which causes bad CLS. Thx David


Is it possible to only show this plugin on specific posts? I’d like to keep using the plugin I already use, but for some of my long-form posts I think I need a sticky ToC, so I’m wondering if I can show it only on the posts I want.

I already tried that before I made my comment.

When I uncheck it in the settings and I got to a post, there is no option to manage the Sticky TOC – see here ->


Also make sure you have checked the needed post types.

You’re right. I was using it incorrectly, sorry. I had to disable it in the plugin settings to manually enable for each post. It’s working as intended now.


Hi! Could you test your plugin with ACF plugin? Because in my case all content is showing with the help of ACF plugin only.

Its so hard to test this function???

sorry, it doesn’t support.

I bought it long time ago and I’m trying to install it now but installation fails every time.

But it doesn’t work well. It breaks the page and takes me to the bottom of the page out of nowhere and doesn’t let me scroll back top. It’s broken here:

I’m using wp rocket, does that have something to do with it?

Request your support from .

And give me a page link for checking, please.

At the start of the top and when I scroll down the TOC disappears. What do I have to do to keep the TOC still showing?

The TOC will disappears as scrolling to the bottom of the post content by default.

Try copy the code below to the functions.php file in the child-theme, if you want to keep it showing.

add_filter( 'fixedtoc_disappear_point', function() {
    return 'document-bottom';
} );

jebri Purchased

hi dear, please help me how to make the plugin compatible the writing direction of the Arabic language (from right to left) As the picture shows below

thanks dear :)

I have replied your email sent from Support. Give me a real demo page for checking via email, not here, please.


jebri Purchased

Thank you dear for your quick response to my question I have sent the requested information via email


jebri Purchased

hi dear, is this plugin compatible with arabic language?


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