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LeeKaD Purchased

Hi, after customization the background color, saved, it didnt affect the ToC… i use latest version of Ftoc, please help me

Which theme? Can you link a screenshot to visualize this issue?


LeeKaD Purchased

Here is video, clean wp install + default newspaper themes clean install + ftoc default settings with fixed widget display.

Left side : Safari latest version Right side : Chrome latest version


Thank you

Got it. Thanks for your feedback. I will figure out what the issue is and fix it at the next version.

Dear, I bought the plugin and did the installation, but it does not recognize the text I already tried to contact the support through the email that is in the documentation of the product, however I did not have answer, I need help for the plugin to work on my site.

I’m waiting

I have received your email and will response soon.

Thank you very much, the problem has been solved and I recommend the plugin for everyone is fantastic, fundamental for those who have a blog with long articles. Congratulations to the plugin producers.

This Plugin does not provide support through their suggested support system: http://www.wphigh.com/?envato_item_id=7264676, I have searched and it does not even have a contact page, the plugin has been installed on my site and after hours of tweaking I still cannot see anything… it simply does not work and there is no sign of product support. Please can someone help me asap?

I have closed the www.wphigh.com. But this plugin will go on and keep updating. I have received your email. I will contact you by email.

Hi, the trigger button fades away after a certain period of time (scrolling), how can I stop that, I want it to be fully visible (without fading) all the time? Thanks

I recommend that keeping the trigger automatically fade. Because users can focus the post content more when they read the article content without using TOC temporarily.

If you really want to stop it, copy and past the code below to the ‘ Customize CSS’ field in the Appearance/Customize/Fixed TOC Plugin/Customize CSS

.ftwp-fade-trigger {
  opacity: 1 !important;
  filter: none;

EDV11 Purchased


The icons are not loading when I enable CDN on WPRocket. I have tried to avoid loading /wp-content/plugins/fixed-toc/frontend/assets/fonts/icons.woff from CDN, but did not result.

What should I force to download from the server so the icons shows correctly?

EDIT: Fixed after leaving /wp-content/plugins/fixed-toc/frontend/assets/css/ftoc.css out of minification

There are five icon-font files to adapt different browsers, woff, woff2, eot, svg, ttf. I’m not familiar the WPRocket. Maybe you should read the document of that plugin. Make sure you know how to set.

Is it possible to have the TOC expanded by default? Currently, it is collapsed and I’m not able to find a setting for it.

You can enable the TOC display on the top of the post content, or display in the sidebar.


6spins Purchased


I don’t want the headings to expand by default as users scroll down in “Accordion” mode. Not even the first heading should expand. How can I disable this? I want them to manually click and expand.

Can you send js file or tell me how to do this?

Thanks, Sachin


6spins Purchased

See that’s what I have done currently. But I want all headings to be collapsed by default. Nothing should expand as the user scrolls done. Only when the user clicks a heading it should expand to show sub headings of that heading only. Then when the user clicks another heading, the previous should collapse and then this one should expand. You see, I want this to be completely manual.

1. Check the “Debug” option.

2. Find the code below in line 909 – 911 in the ftoc.js file:

$e.container.on('ftocAfterTargetIndicated', function (evt, $anchor) {
then delete them.

3. If it works, you should minify the js file to save as another file named ftoc.min.js. Because the frontend page load this file in the normal state.

4. Uncheck the “Debug” option.


6spins Purchased

Thanks a ton, really appreciate it. It worked.


6spins Purchased

One more question, there is a small indicator, a line that comes on the left of the headings as we scroll down in the content and then disappears. How do we make that line stay on the left of the heading without fading out?


6spins Purchased

Hey no worries, I figured this one out. Thanks.


This plugin is automatically determining my headings in wrong way. It will miss some H3 and H2 headings. All the page structuring is made correctly. Any solutions?

Give me the page link if you still don’t figure it out.

I’ve checked on: h1,h2,h3-s

As you can see it is not working correctly. Is it possible to determine the hierarchical structure manually?


Yes, I have known your issue. But I can’t get enough information to figure it out. Contact me through the “support” tab above. Then give me login details of your website. So I can access the admin page to check more.


Is it possible to enable the TOC displaying by default. I’m afraid my visitors may not see the trigger button what will open the TOC.

PS! I don’t want to eliminate the trigger button, so please don’t tell me that I need to use sidebar. I would like to remain the closing solution.



Find the code below, in the fixed-toc/frontend/html/class-element-container.php line 73:
$class .= ' ftwp-minimize';
Change to
class .= ' ftwp-maximize';

nice plugin, a must have for ultra long structured articles. Purchased as an alternative to WP Tocify which requires php7.


I can’t seem to make the TOC appear.

All boxes ticked, enabled in post, as widget.

Page : https://www.turnkeyprofits.org/training-center/level-1/

Widget : http://hpics.li/13a0319

Theme is XTheme with cornerstone page builder.

I have known what you mean. But I can check more only on that demo page. Contact me via the “Support” page. Then give me login details of your website. So I can access the admin page to debug.

Yes. The plugin provide the TOC widget. See http://demo.webvars.com/fixedtoc/demo-2/

No, I don’t mean that. On the right side of the page without widget. AS you see on the link which I sent you.

Hi, may I used this plugin for certain post, not for All post

Yes. you can.

Hi, great plugin I have purchased it. I hope you still update this plugin. This is tehe best plugin for blogger.

Thanx for your great plugin.

Thanks. The plugin will keep updating, following the latest web design trend.

Dear Support

I buy Fixed TOC WordPress Plugin and use with Thesis theme.

My TOC not show.

How can i fix this?

My website: https://isach.net


Give me more details, check the Debug option, and send messages via support menu


JensL Purchased

Hi I bourght the plugin but the positions fron the table of contents are not correct!

So when you click on a sub title the screen is jumping to deep! See here for example https://www.overlandtour.de/naantali/ Also I think there is a problem because the images in the post are not correct loaded. So check it out Cheers Jens


JensL Purchased

OK, I switched on the “Enable Debug mode” but it doesn´t change anything. I´ll send you an email via “support menu”


JensL Purchased

I send you an email an hour before.


JensL Purchased

I send you an email an hour before.

Hello Could you please make the shortcode [toc] work with page/post created by Thrive content builder? I used Custom HTML to add the shortcode but it does not work. Thank you.

I don’t have that plugin, so I can’t test. You can ask the author how to add shortcode.

I have DIsplay in Widget box not checked and no Fixed ToC widget being used but yet the plugin continues to be displayed on my sidebar. Is there anyway to stop this?

Ensure that you haven’t checked the “Display In Widget” option in the global and individual settings.

Give me the demo link and check the “Debug” option if you don’t solve it yet. Contact me via the “support” page.