Fixed TOC Plugin - table of contents for WordPress

Fixed TOC Plugin - table of contents for WordPress

Fixed TOC is a powerful Wordpress plugin. It can scans headings through the post content automatically and create the table of contents, Fixed in the page display. Users can faster find the content what they want.



Smart Show TOC

smart show TOC

Fixed In Sidebar

fixed in sidebar

Create Your Favorite Style Freely

create favorite style freely

Scroll Smoothly

scroll smoothly heading-link indicator

Collapse/Expand Sub List

collapse/expand sub list

high quality code

Customize Live Preview

customize live preview

Use Friendly On Mobile

use friendly on mobile

Main Features

  • Creating table of contents automatically from post content.
  • Support post, page and any other public post types.
  • Fully responsive. Adapt on any device size.
  • Display on top of post content.
  • Fixing to page.
  • Support adding widget to fixing in sidebar.
  • Scrolling smoothly to heading target.
  • Indicating current visiting heading dynamically.
  • Enable collapse/expand sub list.
  • Customize freely position, size, font, color, etc.
  • Support Customizer live preview.
  • Determining which headings to show in TOC.
  • Showing a short hint when scrolling to the heading target.
  • Create your favorite style freely.
  • Set individual option for every page.
  • Lots of animated effects for selecting.
  • Translate ready.


= v3.0.1 = ( 23 April, 17 )
1.Fixed bugs on mobile and tablet. 

= v3.0.0 = ( 12 April, 17 )
I rewrite the whole code in oreder to expand the plugin's functions in the future. There are some main new features to added here:

1. Support display at the top of post.
2. Support widget in sidebar.
3. Enable collapse/expand sub list.
3. Hint when scrolling to the heading target.
4. Add border and different shapes to trigger buton and contents.
5. Improved some performance and fixed some bugs.

= v2.0.5 = ( 6 June, 16 )
1. Fixed a bug: Customizer options do not work.

= v2.0.4 = ( 27 May, 16 )
1. Improved: general_h_tags => a:2:{i:0;s:2:"h1";i:1;s:2:"h2";} change to general_h_tags => [h2, h3] at the Custom Parameters form.
2. Added a new feature: Display TOC when __ or more headings are present.

= v2.0.3 = ( 14 May, 16 )
1. fix a bug: Skip empty headings if heading titles is empty string.

= v2.0.2 = ( 21 July, 15 )
1. Fix some bugs.
2. Custom heading title id and short title.

= v2.0.1 = ( 29 May, 15 )
1. Fix some bugs.
2. Enqueue mini CSS and JS files, loading faster.
= v2.0.0 = ( 20 May, 15 )
1. Real-time settings plugin appearance.
2. Add Exclude specify headings fuction.
3. Add some optional button icons and list style types.
4. Overflow of the contents can scroll.
5. Automatically convert The heading to HTML id attribute.
6. Add awesome toggle expand/collapse effects and hover link effects.
7. Optimized code. More CSS instead of JS.
8. Fix some bugs.

= v1.0.3 = ( 26 April, 14 )
1. Fix: Touch icon don't expand/collapse sometimes when using the moblile devices.
= v1.0.2 = ( 01 April, 14 )
1. Fix TOC title show/hide issue when window resize.
2. Fix contents current link background color at left position.
3. Fix Click contents link to scroll position is not correct sometimes in IE and Firefox.
4. Fix Chinese translation.
5. Fix Non-English WordPress support.
6. Remove html5 type form field in the post meta box.
7. Dequeue FontAwesome, load "menu" font icon in the frontend only. Reduce page load resources.

= v1.0.1 = ( 27 March, 14 )
Add "Enable Fixed TOC" setting. "Disable TOC" change to "Enable TOC" on the post meta box.