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I uploaded the fresh version to my website and by mistake canceled the automatic setup. How do I get the automatic setup now?

I entered my license key and that did nothing. How do I get the automatic setup?

Also what does updating have to do with the Automatic Setup? I want the program to suck in the templates and setup the pages like it did last time. That has nothing to do with the version.

I’m sorry I misread. The automatic setup is shown when you install the plugin. If you choose NO to use the automatic setup it will not appear again. Then you will need to refer to the Help for setting up the pages used as templates. If you have any questions or can’t figure it out we will be happy to help if you submit a ticket at our Help Center.

2 I downloaded the program and installed it to the site this morning, why is it reading “Calendar plugin update 4.4.1 is available! Please update now”

across the top of every page in my Dashboard since I installed it. I downloaded and installed the program less than 4 hours ago. How do I get the message to go away?

Enter your license key in the Options > License and then you can update the plugin from inside wp-admin. Version 4.4.1 will be available on Codecanyon within 24-72 hours (depending on approval time).

I entered my license key and that did nothing. So how do I update?

If you go to the options tabs you should see the update message in the top, or if you go to plugins. Click update…


I am not receiving any support for my outstanding issues. Can you kindly look into the ticket https://righthere.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/7865 and close the unsolved items. These issues have been pending now since 20 days.

Thank you, Sumit Malhotra

Please notice that you submitted the ticket on February 26 and we replied with a detailed answer the same day. You keep adding new questions to an old ticket. Please add any new questions to a new ticket. I’ve asked a developer to take a look at the issue with the missing event title when sharing to facebook. Please notice that this has been tested on our demo site and developer site and works. I’m told this might be related to your theme. Please make sure the FTP credentials provided works, so we can take a closer look at your theme.

Hi, There is a problem when I am trying to publish and event and then trying to translate it with WPML plugin. Until two weeks ago, it worked very well, but now, when I press the button to translate it, it blocks. How can I do? Is an error? Thank you.

I have no clue. We have not had any other customers reported problems using WPML. You will need to submit a ticket at our Help Center and then we will take a look at it. Please remember to include a description on how we recreate the issues on your site.

You should have a link to where you enter the license key on the error message that says you need to enter it. That should be one of the very first things that happen after install and to leave customers searching for where to put it is not very nice.

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this on to the team. Let us know if you have any other questions.


jewel_bug Purchased

Hi there – I have a pre-sales question. I am wondering if you can turn off the event level info. I have about 200 classes already entered as a custom post type on my site. I now want to add a calendar. But I don’t want to re-enter all of the class data, just show the schedule without the line items being clickable. Is this achievable?

THanks very much.

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it! you can use any custom post type including Posts and Pages as events. And you can also link events to other internal or external URLs.


Batalenkov Purchased

1. Is it possible to choose a place in the hall with the ticket? 2. How can I add the ability to share in https://vk.com

We do not support creating a seat plan with the Event Tickets WooCommerce add-on.


ronandavis Purchased

Hi, I am trying to submit a help request ticket but there seems to be something wrong with the form. The dropdown for “Choose Wordpress Plugin” is missing??

Great.. let me know your ticket no.

Thank you. We will look at your ticket shortly.

At the top of the event calendar it reads: Calendar, arrows, today, The Current Month, month, week, day, event

How do I remove Calendar and Today?

I found where I can rename the bubbles, but not where I can remove the 2 that we don’t need. Thank you.

I would strongly recommend you to look in the English Help for Calendarize it! and check out the demo site Calendarize.it.

This is how you can do it with the shortcode and attributes http://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/different-calendar-views-advanced/ or use the default settings in the Options > Calendarize Shortcode tab http://cloud.righthere.com/0P193z1x1C3p

I started in the help files, but I couldn’t find anything that told me how to remove Calendar and Today? Also there is No Search feature. I would have typed in “How to remove Calendar and Today” if there were a search feature.

This is where a PDF would come in handy. I could ctrl+f and search for “bubbles”. NO WHERE in the so called “help files” does it read Bubble Section so I don’t know exactly where to look.

does anybody knows how to delete or edit an event from the front-end? I am able to add events, not to edit them nor edit them from the front end. thanks

Thanks! that is working fine. Is there a place where you have all your shortcodes with optional parameters so we can consult? on the other hand, A few days ago I responded your request via Help Desk and no answer so far from your side. I am unable to add images to my cclendar, the upload button doesn’t do anything

Check out the VIEW EXAMPLES menu in the demo site Calendarize.it.

If you can’t upload images in your wp-admin to Calendarize it! there is a conflict with another plugin. What is the ticket no?

I’m not sure how many themes have a ‘stunning header’ but it would be great if the top featured image could go in this spot rather than having to have this the same for all events and have the image separate.

You can try and submit a ticket and a request, but normally we do not do custom programming. However, I can get the lead developer to review if you want.

Thank you, however I’ve had no response to the last ticket I responded back to yet. Also on the custom CSS the Heading colours aren’t changing – is there a reason this could be happening?

What is your ticket no?

You might want to check in the CSS Editor menu and make sure the caching is not enabled.

For what I need, the main part would be front end event submission for a fee, which your plugin provides, but here are the issues I see when I tried the demo.

1. On the submit form, the drop lists do not close automatically when the item is selected in the drop list. This causes usability problems on mobile screens since there is almost no space left to tap outside the drop list to close it. The drop list needs to close and insert the selection once the selection is tapped.

2. The time of the event to enter into the post. Since you include a text field for manual entry, this causes the keyboard in mobile screens to pop-up, which interferes with the manual entry and interferes with the drop list that also appears.

In addition the time drop list won’t scroll properly in a mobile screen making it hard to enter PM time. It keeps closing when trying to scroll it.

Also, 24hr time is not a good idea for the general public, since many cannot understand it (believe me, I found that out). So this part of the data entry needs fixing. Better to keep it a manual entry and include AM/PM selection, not 24 hr format. Keep it simple.

3. Uploading Images and WordPress media library screen. – This is a huge one and opens the door to management issues. The visitor submitting the event must not have access to the WordPress media library screen to view and access images uploaded by others. Only their image(s) they upload should be visible, even when they return later to edit it again.

This has to do with potential misuse of images by people who don’t own the images, logos, copyright issues by misuse, harassment, etc. This potential hazard for allowing viewing of all media library entries is huge.

From a management side, these images need to be deleted when the event expires, because over time there will be thousands and thousands of images and there has to be a way to layout the admin area where expired posts/images can be deleted in bulk. Better that an expired post auto-deletes all content, including images connected to that post.

Unless the visitor has an account, images can be saved and reused, but again, the account holder only sees tehir images, no one else’s.- One big reason for this is copyright issues and misuse.