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pre-sale question > Hi, is it possible to associate a specific date with a location/place? E.G. I’m building a new website about events and show productions, that have many single replies in different locations. Is it possible to set different days associated to different locations … the same event has date A > location A and date B > location B, and so on. I have already tried your demo and I was not able to set this situation, I guess it is not possible. thank you for your reply. Roberto

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it! I’m a little bit confused. Events are added to the calendar by choosing a Date and Time. I’m not sure how a location (venue) would be associated with dates in the calendar.

Calendarize it! uses three default Taxonomies: Calendar, Venue, and Organizers. You can if you have the Capabilities and Taxonomies add-on create your own taxonomies. On our demo website, we created States and Countries.

You can assign an event to different Venues (locations) and you can set pretty much any repeat pattern you want.


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Hello, this plugin have the ability to show to members the local timezone for the event?


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Ok, i live in Portugal, what local_tz=”1” i should place?


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I placed local_tz=”1” and shows now all published events +1 more hour. So the hour is not showing correct locally.

I’m in New York area and the event shows starting at 10 AM. \\

If I change the time on my computer to Lisbon (Portugal) it shows the event starting at 3 PM (15:00)



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Hello, yesterday I updated ticket #11365

Thank you. We will get our lead developer to get back to you.

Hi, I’m having a problem and can’t seem to find a solution:

Whenever I create an event on the first day of any month and chose it to repeat itself in any way (weekly, daily, yearly) as a recurring event it doesn’t show in the first sunday of any calendar view. I’m using the last version of the plugin and tried this in several domains and servers and nothing. This only happens when repeating an event and only when the calendar view starts on a Sunday 1st. Hope you can help me.

Did you set a end date for the repeat pattern?

Yes, and it doesn’t make any difference whenever I do or I don’t.

Ok. Submit a ticket to our Help Center and provide detailed information. This could be a bug in the rrcur library that we are using to handle recurring and arbitrary repeat events.


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Pre-Sales question… it looks like I can display a very simple list of upcoming events but I have a couple questions.

(1) Can I create a list view which shows only the Title and Date/Location with the Title being an external link? (2) Can I create a list view which shows the Date, Title and Description with the Title being an external link? I’ll never link to any event detail pages… all external links and only title, date and location and/or short description is required.

I’m trying to create something similar to the layouts you can see here: https://cubanarts.xyz/ You’ll see the IN THE NEWS and LOOKING AHEAD area on the right side which I’m trying to duplicate with your plugin.

Thank You!

We used our Taxonomy by User and White Label Branding to restrict access to some features. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I’ve purchased it… thanks.

I’ve set the links to open in a new tab/window but they do not… I used the ‘Backend Options’ as well as the link options made available by the Events Link To Add On.

Can I allow longer descriptions/excerpts with the widget?

You can see the widget on the right hand side of the following page:


Thank You.

Please submit a ticket to our Help Center and we will be happy to assist you and make sure things work as intended.

The widgets use the Excerpt from the custom post type “Events”.

Check the support tab or our knowledge base. It could be due to this http://cloud.righthere.com/0Y3j2r1P3B1Q

If we need to review please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

We have some people asking about printing while using Calendarize it. Is there guides on how to make the printing screen look nicer? Right now it just gives you a list of events.

That is how the Print CSS is made. It gives you a list of events. Month View doesn’t really work when you print it.