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Is the plugin available allow user have there own managerwidget, which they can handle there job and meeting, personal…Like the way we do on our phone catalander

We do not have a notification system for events. Meaning when you enter meetings or events you don’t get notified.

So is it mean, your ad-on have personal use to remember what they need to do, whithout link to event publish right?

I’m sorry, but I have a little bit difficulties understanding what it is your want. We do NOT have a notification system in our calendar.

Hi There, I’m most interested in event-only-visible-to-specific-user-roles feature, but it doesn’t work on your demo; i see the event on the 4th whether i’m logged in or not, same if I try to create a test event. Can you confirm that this feature works?

Also, with the WooCommerce add on, will it handle a custom registration form where we obtain additional information like checkboxes for meal preferences or open-ended questions like what school did you attend?


Check out this video where we have disabled the File Cache (Experimental) http://cloud.righthere.com/0l0d1Q2p3R0Y

Oh perfect!! Thank you for tracking the issue down. I’ll make sure we don’t use the cache for our calendar. Thanks again for your help!

You can use the cache for Calendarize it!, but at the same time you need to enable the Cache by User option.


I have a couple of tickets open that didnt get solved yet and some of them didnt even get answered since a while. Please reply.

About 7721, just in case anyone else cant see markers: On retina screens/4k screens a png version of the image with filename…@2x in the path is loaded – which is not there by default. Upload your marker images two times, second time with the above behind the file name and it works fine.

I’ve passed on this information to our lead developer. When I look at the Events Map View in my MacBook Pro it loads the @2x version without any problems.


I guess this happens when you add your own custom marker and you only add the normal version.

Calendarize it! has two versions of the default markers http://calendarize.it/wp-content/uploads/calendarize-it/calendarize-it-gmap-view/css/markers/pomegranate_marker_32@2x.png http://calendarize.it/wp-content/uploads/calendarize-it/calendarize-it-gmap-view/css/markers/pomegranate_marker_32.png

Yeah, I found out about this myself after a while – as I wrote in the ticket. Its fine now, would just be good to know for others, so you might place a hint besides the custom markers box in the admin panel that its necessary to UL two versions.

My other requests (speed/performance on mobile and layout for user submitted events) are more urgent than this one…

Couple of pre-sale questions for you:

1) I don’t see a demo view on your sample page of a graphics-only calendar. Is it possible to present a monthly view with nothing but thumbnail images?

2) Can I configure the dimensions of the graphics for an event? Do the graphics have to be square, or are there other specific limits on the images?

3) Is there a demo version of the plugin to try before you buy?

Thanks, Dan

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it!

1) We have the Month View image, which can be added to events http://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/month-view-image/

2) You can use any size you want. However, the Event Top Image is normally an image which is wider than high, but you can use a square image if you want. Calendarize it! uses 4 different images.

3) We do not have a free version. You can demo the plugin on Calendarize.it and you can log in and test the main plugin and add-ons.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks – tried to register to be able to test the plugin but it’s not taking registrations. Did I miss something?

On our demo site, we list credentials http://cloud.righthere.com/2I39020U1g42


npoizot Purchased

I use Calendarize since 7/8 months. I like this plugin and add-on, but i have a great issue with the Upcoming event widget in accordion mode. I lost completely this functionality 14 days ago. I opening a ticket on the support #7643… No answer from the team. it’s an issue, not a light problem. Could you seriously answer to your support ticket.

Please notice that the sudden problem with saving settings in your Upcoming Events Widget is caused by a conflict with another plugin you installed.

Our lead developer is currently looking at your ticket.

Hi, I opened a support ticket #7714 one week ago… no answer…

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you check the articles in the knowledge base you will find your answer! Please make it a habit to check the knowledge base and Help before you post your questions.

We have reviewed your site and added detailed comments to your ticket. You basically missed configuring the time settings one place and enabling the dynamic Event Details Box.

Thank you for supporting our plugins.


crispin Purchased

Hi, for some reason i can’t edit and update the Venue details once entered – the Update button doesn’t work – why would this be happening?

We will need to review your site to determine what is wrong. If you disable, ALL other plugins do you still experience the issue?

If this fixes it – you can activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem occurring again. This way we can identify the cause of the problem and debug your site. 

We will need wp-admin access. And in some cases, we need FTP access. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center.

Hi Still doesn´t work the social auto publish We can´t publish on facebook our events, neither twitter

I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you earlier. The Social Auto Publish works in our demo site. We will need to review your site in order to determine what is wrong.


I created an event that appears in the calendar, but I don’t know why didn’t appeared in map.

I have an ticket in support to try solve this problem. Thank you so much for your attention, Richard. Zendesk ID 7762.

We are looking at your ticket. The reason why the events were not showing in the Map View is because you chosen to only show UPCOMING Events. I changed this and it now shows.

We added some comments to your ticket so you know exactly where to look and how to add the Latitude and Longitude to the Venues.

We are currently trying to fix some of the CSS conflicts with your theme.

Thank you Richard. Problems solved!

Glad we could help you! Thank you for supporting our plugins.


Repenter Purchased

Hi :) Just wanted to remind you if it was possible, provide these in next update: 1- import and export feature. 2- Option for remove gmap. 3- Fix those seo issues for events. Thanks :)


Repenter Purchased

No, that comment was about “serve scaled images” issues, thanks :)

Got it. I’ve reported it the lead developer and he will add support for it in the Media Settings tab.


Repenter Purchased

Thank you so much <3

I opened a ticket regarding a btc payment and a major speed issue 4 days ago and didnt get a response yet…

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please notice that we do not provide support during the weekend. Please provide us with your ticket no.


Ticket No. 7774 should be resolved now. Sorry for the delay. We will review the other ticket. I’ve asked our lead developer to look at it.


Events are not shown in agendaWeek mode. The events have start hour and finishing one. Only can see all day events. Any idea about it??

Thank you!

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will review. Without reviewing your site, we can’t say why your events don’t show. In the Troubleshooting tab in the Options menu, we provide a wide range of solutions for potential issues. However, I suggest you submit a ticket, so we can review this.


xpress72 Purchased

“Taxonomy filter added to calendar, but disabled in options.” What options I should enable?

I would recommend you to add the attributes to the shortcode instead of the default settings in the Options > Calendarize Shortcode tab.


This is the example shortcode from the page above

[calendarizeit header_left=”prevYear,prev,next,nextYear” header_right=”btn_tax_calendar,btn_tax_country,btn_tax_state,btn_tax_organizer,btn_tax_venue”]

Go to the Options > Calendarize Taxonomies and see if you have disabled the taxonomies.



xpress72 Purchased

I did rollback to previous version of plugin and everything works.

Ok, I would recommend you to submit a ticket at our Help Center and let us review. We release updates very often, and at some point, your version might not be supported.

I have a few issues with the plugin and need assistance urgently please. The same is installed at http://zorbathebuddha.org/events-calendar/ 1. The date row overlaps. 2. I need to reduce the white space above the blue calendar buttons on calendar page and http://zorbathebuddha.org/programs-2/ page. 3. Old events are visible even though they have expired. 4. The title of the program not reflecting when sharing the link on facebook.

It looks like there is a minor conflict with your theme CSS. The weekdays and dates are partially hidden. We can fix this for you if we get access to your wp-admin.

You can reduce the space above the calendar by using the Visual CSS Editor. This is a simple setting that allows you to adjust the space. Make sure you have entered your license key in Options > License and then go to Downloads and download the Visual CSS Editor.

Please notice that Calendarize it! doesn’t expire events or remove them when they have passed. However, there is a setting that allows you to only show UPCOMING events. Are you using this?

The issue with Facebook sharing could be an issue with your theme. We will have to review that if you submit a ticket. As you can see when sharing events from our demo site there is no problem \\

I would like to buy the Calendarize plugin “Capabilities and Taxonomies”, but have no creditcard. Can I pay with paypal? I need this plugin necessarily, I just bought Calendarize because of its taxonomy options!

Thank you for buying the plugin. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will help you.


surge4242 Purchased

Upcoming Events Widget Error – SOLUTION

“Loading Method” pulldown – choose Ajax.

And Enjoy!

Make sure you update both the main plugin and the add-ons.


surge4242 Purchased

Calendar Time – p and a > AM PM ?

Ah! I figured this issue out this can be modified via Calendarize it > options > date/time format > Event time format h:mmTT

Thank you for buying the plugin.

And, yes you are absolutely right. You can configure the date and time in the Date/Time Settings tab.

Hi! I will use it as a teamwork calendar (invisible to not logged in users) and allow my team (user) to add events. But I, as admin, must know, who have add the event (which user). It is possible?

As an Administrator, you can always see who (which user account) that have added the events. If you look in the VIEW EXAMPLE menu on the demo site Calendarize.it.

You can create personal calendars for your users by using the Attribute shown in this example http://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/calendar-for-current-logged-in-user/

If you do not want your users to enter the wp-admin to submit events you can get the Community Events add-on. http://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/submit-events/

how to put the standard search menu on your product page, the one where they can place drop down on month, year, organizer, state, country

Please check your ticket no. 7709. We have asked you to look at this page http://calendarize.it/events-grid-view-with-taxonomy-filter/ where we show you how you use the Taxonomy Filter add-on.

[calendarizeit defaultview=”rhc_grid” feed=”0” header_left=”btn_tax_calendar” header_right=”btn_tax_country,btn_tax_state,btn_tax_organizer,btn_tax_venue” grid_animonscroll=”effect-8” grid_link_target=”_blank” grid_delta=”30”]

[calendarizeit header_left=”prevYear,prev,next,nextYear” header_right=”btn_tax_calendar,btn_tax_country,btn_tax_state,btn_tax_organizer,btn_tax_venue”]

can you get developers to respond to ticket #7709, #7490, #7485, it has been more than a month and no activity. totally useless support, not sure what you are charging for on it.

Exactly, I had to ask same thing because original ticket seems to have been forgotten even after follow-up. It has remained open and stagnant, I was thinking there was a system error that did not allow you to see the ticket anymore, as it turns out you can still see the original ticket, just being ignored.

But I can see you are already responding to the ticket, which I appreciate very much. I have put one of them as resolved already.

Let us know if you have any other questions.