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I want to create a calendar to sell tickets for one event which last two months. Customers can pick the date from the calendar and then pick a time from different time slots on that day. Like this one on showclix:


Can Calendarize it help me achieve that?

Thank you!

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it! You would need to create all the events and then create the tickets for each event. We have the Event Tickets WooCommerce , which lets you create tickets for your events. You can use any payment gateway that is compatible with WooCommerce.

I wanna find out if your plugin can perform the following with WooCommerce.
  • Create a personalised reminder calendar, such as “my-account >> reminder”, which each customer can add on reminder dates (time not required) for special occasions (recurring and one-time), e.g., anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc.
  • Customers will automatically receive an email notification in at least 1 week before each reminder date. The email will be sent to that customer who has set those dates.

Please advise. Thank you.

Your suggestion isn’t what I was hoping for. Thank you anyway.

No I understand we do NOT have notifications for events.

No worries.

About Event Tickets WooCommerce plugin. It is not booking plugin? Appointments, events, classes need various data for booking, not only a ticket. Is there any booking plugin? Even paid one?

Yes, we do plan on adding a booking/reservation add-on to the collection. However, we can’t cover every possible scenario.

In my opinion, you should give up a few plugins and focus on the most popular ones. Some of them were not updated for many months. Booking plugin would be one of the most popular and profitable plugins. Even we need 8 licenses this year.

Please notice that you do not need to update plugins every month. We make sure that our plugins work on the latest released WordPress and we continue to add new features when they are requested by multiple users. Our goal is not to continue to add more features to all plugins. We are aware of that a booking add-on would be a great feature to add to Calendarize it! And it is on our list of important features to add.


beavachk Purchased

Hi, since some of us don’t want/plan to use the supported page builder, is there plans to add support for other page builders?

By default we let you customize the information in the Event Details Box, Venue Details Box, and Tooltip using the built-in layout builder. We have added support for WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) with 34+ elements.

You can use any other builder on the market, but then you will need to insert the shortcodes with attributes. We have multiple articles in the knowledge base about how to customize Calendarize it!

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


sidjay Purchased

Hello, I would like to have a different default event color by calendar so I have downloaded the Events Color by taxonomy add-on. But I don’t understand how it works. Few questions :

1/ I set a color for each calendar (text and background color) but it is always the default color for new event that appears in the month view or the tooltip (color for new event in Options / Backend Options). What I have missed ?

2/ A event can have two calendars (or several Organizer, venues.. !) so what happens in that case ? How does it work ? Which color will be choosen at the end ?

Thanks for your help !


sidjay Purchased

Hello, I’m really satisfied with your great plugin, good design and good features. New question today : the ical feed works fine with the Mac calendar but it’s a mess on google agenda : the time zone is not correct and no update.

The time zone in my general settings in google agenda is ok for me (UTC +1) but Google Agenda “import” (via URL) the ical feed at UTC +0 (I can see that in his options and I can’t change it). But there is no logic : some events from a specific calendar taxonomie of my website seem to have the good time, others are one hour too late, some don’t appear at all and some appear while they shouldn’t…

I tried to import several times, and clear browser cache, wait few days, nothing change. My Time zone in Wordpress is ok. The option “Disable iCal UTC” is on NO (otherwise Mac calendar shows wrong time). Any idea of what causes that kind of issue ? Thanks !

Submit a ticket at our Help Center and provide wp-admin access. Please provide detailed information and we will get one of our developers to review this.


sidjay Purchased

ok, thanks !

Hi, I have 3 questions about calendarize it : 1) On the montly calendar view, is it possible to display for along with the event title, the number of attendees, and the number of seats remaining ? I have the same question for the upcoming events widget

2) Can i display not only 1 calendar showing 1 month, but let’s say 3 calendars showing a 3 months period of time ?

3) For someone who has registered to an event, does he have the ability to cancel his own registration ? (for instance through a cancellation link within the email confirmation he gets)

Thank you, best regards, Cyrille

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it!

1) No not without custom programming. 2) You can create as many calendars you want. And show different events. However, if you remove months (hide them) this apply to all calendars. Check out the VIEW EXAMPLES menu on https://calendarize.it 3) Please notice that we have an RSVP Events add-on and you can change your RSVP status.

thanks for your answer, allright


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Ticket #10792 has been open since Jan 20, would appreciate an update.

We are releasing an update for RSVP Events, Ratings and Reviews and Member Profile later today, which fixes the last issue with the Social Connection. Next step is to look into the issue with the CSS Editor and Member Profile. I’m sorry this has taken a while.


ichpen Purchased

I don’t know what the update was supposed to fix but my FB social connection is appending dummydomain email values to my valid FB email address… New ticket for you… #11075

Hello, I am currently maintaining a website for a client and It is multilingual, I keep adding the translation but every update is erasing it.. what is a good solution to keep the translation in there without deleting my translated file everytime?

I assume you are referring to the /language folder with the .po and .mo files right? I would keep a local backup. Unless you are using a translation plugin like our Easy Translation Manager, but that would be for maintaining a multilingual website.


metaphase Purchased

Why am I getting zero support through the Zendesk support system? Ticket 10894

Please notice that we replied to the ticket the same day that you submitted it January 29, 2017 and on January 31, 2017 we asked you to provide wp-admin login credentials. Then the following Monday you provided wp-admin credentials. I know it is Thursday and you have waited since Monday. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but our developers have been busy with other tickets. I will make sure that someone follows up on your ticket today. Sorry for the delay!

We have reviewed your ticket again and we have added your themes meta fields to the Options > Troubleshooting > Theme integration field and now your event template shows without sidebar and without comment. If you have any additional questions please add them to the ticket.

Hi, I have the necessity to assign a calendar for each user or, if it’s really impossible, to create a page to show ONLY user’s events.

I would also able user to create and remove events from frontend.

Will I need to buy additional plugins?

How can I achieve this?


You will need our Community Events add-on to allow users to create events in the frontend as well as edit them in the frontend. The add-on is a premium add-on ($25). We have 30+ add-ons and 21 of them are currently free.

And to enable only to view user’s events and the “add event” form in the backend (without frontend support)?

In any case, if I buy your plugin, can you help me to set up it?

I don’t understand what you mean by this

And to enable only to view user’s events and the “add event” form in the backend (without frontend support)?
You can easily create personal calendars for all users. The logged in user will only be able to view his/her own events https://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/calendar-for-current-logged-in-user/

hi there, a pre-sales question … with this plugin is not possible to have an event with booking hours … i mean … we have an event where people can book a trainer … every 30 minutes …


You can do a lot with Calendarize it!, but we do currently not have a booking or reservation add-on. You can do ticket sales for events, but that was not what you asked for ;)