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zlato Purchased

hi guys pls ticket #9841

We released an update to the Event Grid View which fixed the issue on your website. Thank you for supporting our plugins.


zlato Purchased

thx guys ;)

You are welcome. Thank you for supporting our plugins.


sps176 Purchased

Plase help with this ticket #9859

Thank you for contacting us through our Help Center. Next time remember to provide wp-admin access and your license key. This makes it much faster. We tried to take a look at your website, but we can’t even find the page where you inserted the shortcode :)


ideahost Purchased

Help, on front end, getting this error when trying to upload a second image to event: ajaxurl is not defined

Thank you. I will pass on this to our developers.

And just to confirm the problem occurred in Community Events when trying upload images?


ideahost Purchased

Yes, that is correct. Thanks, RightHere. :)


  • Is it possible to scan tickets with your app in iphone and android? Iphone Ok, but android ? It’s possible with link verif check only, without app ? Ticket Check-In without admin acces. just link web
  • Is it possible to know who to scan the tickets? in fact I would like to know who has to scan ticket X? in back office ?
  • Is it possible to have a demo access with woocommerce, to see if your module is compatible with my expectations?


Yes, you can scan tickets using the IOS app and the Android App and you can check-in tickets manually by using the link in wp-admin. There is no link outside wp-admin where the plugin is installed.

You can authorize individual handsets to scan tickets and you can set what they can do.

Use the demo login credentials to calendarize.it

Username: DemoUser Password: TryMeNow

Thanks for the return. I need to communicate the application to several people (iOs + Android), but I do not find it on Android, do you have a delay of upload on Android google play?

thank you

If you submit a ticket at our Help Center I can send you the Android version. We are just in the process of doing screenshots and get it uploaded to Google Play.


blario777 Purchased

Dear RightHere Help Center,

It has been 13 days since your last response to my inquiry.

Again, I am running out of time to make a purchase decision to satisfy the event management needs of my website.

Since I do not have a purchase code yet, I am unable to submit a ticket.

Please let me know as soon as possible what the verdict is of your lead developer regarding the “Links with Event Attributes” add-on. If it can solve my initial question to auto-fill the Calendarize It! Front-End Event Submission form based on the booking details a customer made through PinPoint Booking Pro.

Thank you again for our time and consideration.

Best Regards,


I’m terribly sorry, that we didn’t get back on this issue. Anyone can submit a ticket at our Help Center and we recommend this in order to better be able to track issues and questions.

I’ve sent your question to our lead developer.


blario777 Purchased

Thank you for your help.

I look forward to your lead developer’s clarification.

I will follow up with the developer this morning. Do you remember your ticket no?

Hello. Is it possible to add a gallery to an event? The event ended and the report about him added manually.

We do currently not have a gallery for events, but this is a feature we are looking to add.

Hi. I’m using the Timetable addon. Two questions: where can I find CSS options and is there a way to display only? THanks.

We have yet to add the Timetable to our CSS Editor. I will follow up with our developers on this. What do you mean with “is there a way to display only”?

You might want to submit a ticket at our Help Center. This way we can better follow up and track this.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I meant “Is there a way to display DAY only”

There is no attribute to only display ONE day.


osee Purchased

Please expedite the help with Ticket #9855.

We will look at your ticket shortly.

We have added comments to your ticket. It turned out it was your theme and we just needed to add a bit of custom CSS and reset your caching plugin so that the new CSS is loaded. Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Hi. I’m using calanderize.it and timetable items seem to be disappearing from the list as soon as they start. E.g. for today, an item that runs from 4-7 pm disappeared at 4pm. Thanks

I believe you have also submitted a ticket about this right? We will review your ticket.


mitchcan Purchased

In the Upcoming Events widget and shortcode, there is the ability to set to see only the first of a series of multiple upcoming events—eg: premiere=”2”

How do I use this same functionality in the ‘rhc_grid’ shortcode?

As it is, the basic gridview shows all events, and if one event has multiple showings or days within the set timeframe, that event overwhelms the remainder of the one time events.

Thank you.


mitchcan Purchased

Hey, I found it on a different page on your site. grid_norepeat=”1” You should add this attribute info to the main grid shortcode page as well.


Did you check out the demo website Calendarize it! and the VIEW EXAMPLES menu.


We describe exactly what you are referring to. I guess this was what you found. I will ask our developers to add this attribute to the Visual Composer element. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


mad_koala Purchased

Hello, thanks for the great plugin. The only calendar plugin that looks awesome and works for me )

I have a very important question. I’m creating a new site and need this plugin and some add-ons. So i entered the licence code and bought these add-ons Currently my site’s on subdomain, that only some people have access to. But than my site is ready, i want to move it to the new domain.

Will my purchased addons work if i change all subdomain name to new domain in sql? Or do i need to deactivate my license in some way and then activate it again?

Thank you for supporting our plugins. Just submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will be happy to assist you.

I need a new calendar plugin for a wax center. Some appointments will be 15minutes while others can be an hour. Is this calendar flexible where it will open up time based on appointment length?

Please notice that Calendarize it! is a very feature-rich and flexible calendar solution for WordPress, but we do NOT have a booking and reservation add-on. We do ticket sales and RSVP for events, but that is not exactly what you are looking for.

Hi, I want to buy this for my WordPress website. My site has a 3 sub-domains with different contents, does 1 purchase serve the 3 sub-domains.

I also want to find out how I can set this up on WordPress. Is it like plugin installation? Sorry am new to this

Thank you

According to the license terms from Codecanyon you will need a license for each website. However, we do allow you to use the license key on two websites (one being a developer and the other the live website). Codecanyon does not offer developer licenses that allow you to install the plugin on multiple websites. Remember that you do get FREE updates for life. There is no need to pay annually to get updates.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for this.

You didn’t answer the other question about installation process of the application.

Not sure what you mean. You can use the plugin on sub-domains, you can only use the license key twice. And according to Codecanyon, you need a license key for EACH website. However, we do allow you to enter the license key on TWO websites. One is a developer and the other a live website. You get free updates for life, but you will need to pay for licenses when you have multiple websites. You also get access 20+ free add-ons with a valid license key.

Hope this makes sense.

Do calendar events work like posts? If yes, will I be able to grab parts of individual events via a WP query (such as featured image, permalink) for a custom PHP feed on my site? I’m wanting to create a slider on the homepage for events. Thank you!

Yes, that makes sense. I will use the PHP dump to determine fields you’ve created so I can make a custom loop for my feed. Do you have any documentation to help expedite that process at all? Thanks again!

I’m sorry we do not as our target audience for the plugin is end consumers and super users. Though I know that some developers created highly customized views. You can submit a ticket at our Help Center and ask some questions and we can direct these to our Lead Developer.

Great, thanks for your responses!

Hello! I was wondering if you had any insight about a possible release date for the Community Events and Ticket Manager you talked to me about 5 months ago… thanks a lot!

We do have our add-on Community Events for Calendarize it! and we are still working on adding the Ticket Manager features. We decided to build these into the Event Tickets WooCommerce add-on. This means there is no need to buy a third add-on.


It’s possible insert a shortcode and integrate code in my pages ? Where add a app Event Tickets WooCommerce for Calendarize it!


I’m sorry for the late reply. Yes if you have Visual Composer you can easily insert the Event Ticket Box anywhere you want in a Page or Post or even Custom Post Type. You simply add the Post ID from the event where you created the tickets.

http://cloud.righthere.com/112C3r391Z10 If you look at this page we have inserted an Event Details Box and Event Ticket Box from different events. http://calendarize.it/event-details-box-specific-event/

Thanks, I do not have a visual composer but another constructor. With a shortcode can I show only the event box tickets in my pages?

Do you have a download date on android for Check in?

If you want the Android version please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will give you a download link. We just need to make screenshots for the Android and then we can submit it to Google Play.

Pre-sales question:

Your demo does not show things that I am interested in: recurring events and VisualComposer.

How can I test that?

Thank you

OK, I found VisualComposer.

But one more question: Do you create a WP user on payment?

I’m not sure what you mean with WP user on payment? Can you try and clarify, please.