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Hello, can you kindly attend to ticket ID #8957 posted in your support forum. Thanks.

I’ve asked our lead developer to follow up. Make sure the FTP access works.

Presale: How much are the Add Ons? I couldn’t find any prices for Premium Add Ons or are they all included?

Thank you

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it! We have over 30 add-ons and at this point 21 of them are free. Check out the demo site Calendarize.it . If you look in the ADD-ONS menu you can see the prices.

The premium add on: http://calendarize.it/add-ons/external-event-sources/

If we want to combine events from multiple sites using “Calendarize it” onto one calendar will this work? Do them have to have all the same premium add ons for the events to display the same?

I just wanted to check before advising any partners to purchase. Thanks.

You need Calendarize it! and External Event Sources in the destination site. You only need Calendarize it! in the source site. Hope this makes sense.

Guys pls #8913

Please notice that you are asking us to MOVE your events from one site to another within a WordPress Multisite. We do not have a tool that does this and our developers have to must create such tool first and then test it. I’m sorry its taking longer than you expected.

Alberto the wizard did it. Thanks from the heart. I just need some more settings to show new events . And it’s over. Thank you

Ok.. sorry! Let me follow up with him.

Hi, we have a client that uses your CalendarizeIt Plugin (bought on their account) and want to import their company calendar (wordpress) to their iphone. She’s tried the ical feed but says everytime it creates duplicates. I’m unable to find out on your site how the ical feed works and if its possible to set it up in a way where its syncs events created on the company calendar side to her iphone and if not would she have to do frequent imports of the feed to update her iphone calendar? Also are there settings that would get rid of duplicates?

Looking forward to your answer and thank you in advance!

Thanks for the quick reply! That makes sense to me, I’ll pass that info onto the client. If they need more help they’ll create a ticket with you. Cheers

I’ve done some testing. Taken the ical feed from our demo site and added it to my Calendar on my MacBook Pro. As I use iCloud it then automatically syncs with my calendar on my iPhone. I do not get the events duplicated. If your client needs help submit a ticket and we will be happy to do some testing with the feed.

Thanks for the test and confirmation, I’ve passed it onto the client, if they do need more help they’ll be contacting your ticket system. Cheers

Can hidden days be on a per calendar basis? In other words can 1 calendar have Sundays hidden, but another have Saturdays hidden?

Thank you for buying the plugin. When you use the default shortcode [calendarizeit] the calendar uses the default settings from the Options > Calendarize Shortcode tab.

If you go to the demo site Calendarize.it and look at the VIEW EXAMPLES menu you will see how you can add attributes to the shortcode. This makes the calendar very flexible. You can insert multiple calendars with different views.

You are looking for this http://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/calendar-hidden-days/ or this http://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/calendar-with-hidden-weeks/

Let me know if you have any other questions.


ideahost Purchased

For a particular country, I have to use Payflow (Paypal merchant enabled) for credit cards. This is a special PayPal account. I need to know if this will work automatically in the Community Events add-on I purchased. When Admin selects PayPal as the payment type, will Payflow then allow credit cards to process through Payflow if we have signed up for Payflow at PayPal. I hope you understand what I am asking. Only alternative would be if we can request Woocommerce integration such that community submitting event allows for us to use Authorize.net or other merchant gateway. Because we cannot use Stripe or PayPal standard. Must be Payflow Link or Payflow Pro or Authorize.net type of merchant gateway. Please advise if a premium PayPal option will work automatically. Thank you very much.

I’ve talked to our lead developer and our PayPal integration does NOT support PayFlow. This is something relatively new. This will require custom programming.


ideahost Purchased

Do you offer such customization, and if so, how do I get a quote? Thank you :)

We are currently completely booked, but I suggest you submit a ticket at our Help Center and I will talk to our lead developer. Maybe we can squeeze it in and send you a quote for this. If now we can refer you to a partner that we work with.

We have installed the calendarizeit plugin but it does not work, the support contact does not recognize the mail. We have not received the activation license and we do not know where it is reachable.

Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry you are experiencing issues. Please notice that your license key (Item Purchase Code) is downloaded where you downloaded the plugin on Codecanyon. We do not send the license key by email. Click on the download button and you will see a drop down.


I’m not sure what you mean with the support doesn’t recognize your email. If you click on the Support tab on Codecanyon you get to this \\

You can click on the Go to Item Support and that will redirect you to https://righthere.zendesk.com where you can submit your questions.

You can also check out the knowledge base that contains multiple articles about Calendarize it! and our other plugins.

On our demo site Calendarize.it we also show examples on how you can use Calendarize it!.

We will be happy to help you with any issues you might run into.

Ok, the real “license number” is “Item purchase code”, we used it right away but it did not work, probably not yet active. But the plugin still does not work. We have Ronneby theme with integrated Visual Composer. At the preview of the post we receive error 404 of the page.

Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will take a look. I’m sorry, but this does sound like a user issue. We will be happy to assist you.

Export/import from one Calendarize to another? We look to buy several licences, for cathering services websites. All website will share some of the events. We need to be able to show the events from one to all, and be able to modify on each one. Can you do that? Do you have an idea? Best regards,

Thank you for considering Calendarize it! for your project. Calendarize it! is the most flexible and feature-rich calendar solution. We have over 30 add-ons and 21 of them are free for users with a valid license.

I would suggest that you get the External Event Sources add-on. You can show events from Facebook, Google Calendar, Meetup.com and from other websites using Calendarize.it. This means you can have one SOURCE site with all events and instead of having to enter all events on all sites you can use the External Event Sources add-on. Calendarize it! is needed for all sites and the External Event Sources add-on (only on the source site do you not need External Event Sources). Hope this makes sense.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Repenter Purchased

Hi, any news for Fixing width and height of images in upcoming widget?

Our lead developer has been looking at this and he says this is related to your theme. He tells me he would like to look at your specific site. Can you give me your ticket no? We submitted this to the system for review but without reference to your specific site.

Thank you. I sent this to him and he is looking at it now.

Hi. i have my top 3 calendar plugin with including yours im gonna buy one of them. Questions: 1. Is there any example that some one is using this pluging as “Today in History”. I mean can i add rich text as an list? 2. If there are some event today, lets say its “Memorial Day for XXXXX”. Can i list on this activity page “See also related posts”? 3. Is any example with buzzy themes?


Thank you for looking at Calendarize it! I’m a bit confused what you are referring to “adding rich text as an list”. Look at our demo site Calendarize.it and the VIEW EXAMPLES and Add-ons menu and you will get a very good idea of what is possible with this plugin. Calendarize it! is the most flexible and feature-rich calendar solution available for WordPress, but of course there will be special custom requests that we might not support. We continuously improve our plugin and add new features.


ideahost Purchased

I notice that 11 months ago someone mentioned this issue, which I also have: In the frontend page to edit or delete Events i have this error after deleting a Event:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …..../header.php:6) in …...../wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1174

What was the fix? Please advise so I can implement right away. I can modify functions, php, etc. and your answer will help others as well. thank you, love this calendar functionality :)

Thank you for providing the FTP access, but please notice that you provided the FTP access 6PM yesterday. Our developers will look at this asap.


ideahost Purchased

Thank you for the fix – much appreciated! Great support, as always!

You are welcome! Thank you for supporting our plugins.


beavachk Purchased

Hi, when can it be expected that community events addon allow for external sources be submitted?

That is a good idea. We have never had any customers requesting that before! I will add this to our wish-list and discuss with our developers.


beavachk Purchased

Sweet, it would be great if it happens sooner than later. Thx

I can’t complete my buying transaction for the “External Event Sources”. It seems that my Brazilian credit card doesn’t work for this. Can you help me? What another ways for buying or paying for the add-ons?

If you submit a ticket at our Help Center we can help you out. Sorry for the inconvenience

Please respond to the support ticket I submitted 5 days ago. You asked that we use the support system but it does not work when I am waiting almost a week for support on an issue that I needed assistance with 5 days ago…

I’m sorry for the wait, but we have 3275 comments on the Dashboard here on Codecanyon under Calendarize it! and we have 10,000+ tickets in our Help Center. Remember that we do not provide support during the weekend. You didn’t provide us with your ticket no. That would be very helpful.

Support Ticket #9377. I need assistance with the external feed for events. Thank You

Thank you we will review your ticket shortly.

Can events have multiple images with thumbnails and popup images?

You can add as many images you want in your content area of the event. And if you use a plugin like Visual Composer you can add gallery etc. However, if you are referring to the tooltip in Month View you can only add one image.


Kevinc4m Purchased

Hi, i use calendarize it to show my Blog Posts. For a better view, i use “Accordion Upcoming Events for Calendarize it! ”. How can i disable the Pop Up/ Tooltip ( example: https://picload.org/view/rwlcigrr/2017-08-17_2102.png.html) in this view? I would like to link direct to the blog post. I have download the Add-On “Backend Options” and i have disable the tooltip, but it works only for the default month calendar, but not for the accardion calendar.

Sorry, but I’m confused there is no tooltip in Accordion Upcoming. You can disable the event title link and the taxonomy links, but you can’t disable the expand feature showing details.


Kevinc4m Purchased

Okay, sorry, i dont know who it calls (tooltip, detail card, pop up.. wahtever). When you click on a event In Accordion view, there comes a dropdown detail card with event details… time begin, time end … This is i want to disable, because i want to linked direct to the post (without detail card). When you say, that cant be disable, is it possible to remove this in functions php or another file?

Thank you for clarifying. I don’t believe that is possible. I can talk to our developers and see if we can add support for this. If you submit a ticket at our Help Center it will be much easier for us to follow up.

Is there any way to edit the accordion so there’s not so much grey space to the right of every event? It takes up so much space on my site but half is just blank grey space.

It sounds like there is a CSS conflict (overwrite) of styles. If you submit a ticket at our Help Center we will be happy to review this.


zlato Purchased

hi guys if we use woocommece events tickect Or we need to re-add events. thx

Not 100% sure what you mean. If you get the Event Tickets WooCommerce add-on you do not need to add the events again. Just enable the addon and then add your tickets to the event. Edit the event and enable the ticket feature. Let me know if you have any questions.

thx ;)