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how to title’s link disable? ex) title test

I don’t want link of title.


Please spend some time and look at the Options Panel or the Help ;)

Go to Options > General Settings http://cloud.righthere.com/1G1X1Q293p42


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How do members write(front end) a schedule in monthly calendar(https://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin)?

If you want your users to be able to submit events to your Calendar without entering wp-admin you can use the Community Events for Calendarize it! add-on.

If you want to charge your visitors for submitting events to your calendar you can use the Payment Options WooCommerce for Calendarize it!.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello. Can i use this plugin to show airbnb rooms, search for availability and book them? Also for payment methods can i use woocomerce payment methods? Or i have only paypal and stripe available?

We have some customers that are using the plugin to show availability for rental apartments, but we do not yet have a booking/reservation add-on for the Calendar.

In regards to events and tickets we use WooCommerce so you can use any payment gateway you want. If you want to charge visitors for submitting events to your calendar we also use WooCommerce.


I posted two tickets on your support and still waiting for answer (priority is urgent).

Tickets ID are #11808 and #11839.

Could you tell me when you’ll be able to answer, because it is REALLY urgent.

Thanks anyhow for your help and all your assistance.

@buyers : this plugin and its add-ons are really amazing for event management ;)

Sorry for the delay. I will get someone to follow up and get back to you with an answer.

Can I recenter the map to the United State instead of France? Also when I click on the map on the PC viewing through Google Chrome, the page will not let me navigate anymore even after clicking outside the map, when I use the arrow keys of the page up/down keys. Any idea why this is? Thanks

Ohh, sorry I was confused. Normally the map would use GeoLocation, but if you do not allow Google Maps to get your location it shows center Europe. You can also set a fixed Latitude and Longitude for where you want to load the map. Does that make sense?

Yes it does. Any idea on the scrolling issue? I have seen this on another script before also but I have seen them also work with scrolling when clicking outside the map area, so I am not sure why it does this on your script, but as stated it happens on others also.

If you look at this example https://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/events-map-view-geolocation-argument/ we have added the Latitude and Longitude of of a specific place in the shortcode. If the Latitude and Longitude is not added to either the Options > Event Map View tab or the shortcode and the Geo Location is enabled the map will center over your location based on your IP address (if you allow Google Map to get this).


Hope this makes more sense.

Pre-sale question – I want all my events to be sorted by categories and I want to assign a color to each category so that the color is automatically assigned to the event when it displays on the calendar. Is this possible with your calendar or any of the add-ons? I didn’t see anything, but maybe I am missing something. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it! You can set the color for each event when you create the event. And you can set a default color all new events by using the Backend Options add-on. Or you can use the Event Color by Taxonomy and choose a color for each term in a Taxonomy. Calendarize it! uses three Taxonomies by default: Calendars, Venues, and Organizers. You can also do this for any custom taxonomy you might have created. Hope this answered your question.


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Hello, I would appreciate a answer to ticket #11888, posted 12 days ago. My issue related to saving daylight in France is very problematic. Please !

Please notice that issues concerning daylight savings are quite tricky. As we understand from your ticket your events are showing correctly at the moment, but when you change back time October 28 (Europe/France) your events are off one hour. We are looking into what causes this, but please notice that we also have other tickets. We will release an update with a fix for this issue you are experiencing as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Thanks for you answer. Events are showing correctly until October 28 (3 am). After that, they are one hour earlier. And after March 25, they are showing correctly. I can understand it’s a tricky issue (you already released an update about that in march 2018….). I appreciate your answer (better than a long silence). I hope you will find a fix for that.

We will find a fix for this. We just need to be careful that we do not break anything else related to other features. Sorry, for the delay.

Hello! Any news on a release date for your ticket manager (allowing community to sell their own tickets and spliting revenue using stripe connect?) thanks a lot and bravo again for this amazing plugin!

Thank for showing interest in this new add-on. We are doing great progress both in frontend and backend. However, there is still a lot to do.

This is a preview of the Vendor (Organizer) dashboard where you can track sales and access settings. http://cloud.righthere.com/2h46411z0k3e http://cloud.righthere.com/400i3e3c0l1k

Thank you for supporting our plugins.

Hello, thank you for this glimpse into such awesomeness! Do you have an idea of the timeframe for the release? Next months? This year? Next year? :))) Can’t wait!

We are talking months. It includes a major overhaul of Community Events and a new Community Tickets.

I cannot say enough good things about the support for this plugin. They are quick to respond to any questions or issues, and go above and beyond for their customers. I’ve had way less responsive customer service for WAY more expensive plugins.

I am super hesitant to buy anything through Code Canyon because you just never know if the developers are reliable or not, but would not hesitate for a second to recommend this plugin for anyone who is looking for an events calendar with the option of selling tickets.

Thank you for your feedback we really appreciate it. We are happy that we were able to help you in a timely manner. Thank you for supporting our plugins.

Pre-sale question – I can import my Google Calendar events into this calendar? Will they update automatically?

We have an add-on called External Event Sources which allows you to show events from Google Calendar and other sources. Yes, it will update the events from your Google Calendar source.

Pre-Sale question: Oddly enough I can not find a plug-in that will support a closing date for events. For example a weekend event set to start on Friday and end on Monday… the event needs to stay active on the calendar view until the event ends. Most I am finding remove the event from view at the start date. Does your plug-in support this feature?

We have just done some additional testing and it turned out it was some wrong settings. This is from our developers

If horizon = hour: it will show events that starts after the hour and time. Meaning that if the current time is 3:00 pm, it brings events occurring at 3:00 pm and forward.

If horizon = day: it will show events that starts the same date and forward. So if today its the 18th, it shows events from the 15th all day. Even if the hour of the event has passed.

If horizon = end: it will show events until they end.

Thank you for the info. Are these attributes passed using Visual Composer as well or would there be a need to add using shortcode?

Yes the value is available when using WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer).

Hi, i’m looking for an user calendar, each user can add from their page profile modify their personal calendar, and visitors can see the users calendar without add/modify power. Is it possible with your plugin? does exist shortcodes for the for the user panels so that i could insert the frontend and backend inside my pages?

Thank you for looking at Calendarize it! That was a lot of questions. Yes, you can create personal calendars for each user on your website. With the free add-on Author Filtering, you can then provide a drop-down menu, which allows specific user roles to then filter by the user (Author).

We have a premium add-on called Community Events, which makes it possible for you to allow your users to submit events to the calendar without having to enter wp-admin.

If you want you can also charge your users for submitting events to the calendar by using the Payment Options WooCommerce add-on.

We currently have a summer promotion where you get 25% OFF any premium paid add-on if you use the coupon SUMMER2018.

Tnx for fast answer. I don’t need menu where they can choose other user calendar, there will be an external search, but only the calendar of a single user. I’m building a community website with thousand of users, and each one can fill their personal calendar, and all the other can only see that one when they look at their profile. I saw this option https://calendarize.it/wordpress-calendar-plugin/calendars-individual-users/ , can it work with community addon? Is it also possible to convert the calendar in a simple booking version where i can see and save a value on/off (red/green ) of that day without any other description on the day? just a color? Could I have db issue having many users?

The personal calendars work in the way that only the logged in user can see his/her own events. This means you can have one entry point (one page) where all events will be shown, but the user only sees his/her own events. That is why I suggested the Author Filtering, which will allow you to have a Administrator that can filter all users.

However, you can also use the attribute author_name=’username’ and then show a specific users calendar, but then you need to manually insert this attribute with the correct username. I assume that you do not have 1,000 individual pages on your website, but this is a dynamically generated page.


It is possible to not render the time and event title in the Month View, Week View or Day View. This could be used as a simple indicator of availability.