Discussion on Calendarize it! for WordPress

Discussion on Calendarize it! for WordPress

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Are users able to subscribe to a calendar or category with their mobile or desktop calendars with this plugin?

We provide ical feed for all individual events or specific calendars. If a user adds this to their calendar of choice they can “subscribe” to updates. That is the only way it is possible.

Hi, I just installed your calendar. I’m getting 404 when i click on the calendar pop up for deatils about the event, venu or organiser. Also is there a way to change text colour in the calendar pop up box. Thank you

I think you figured this out. I see you posted a message through our Live Chat

If you need any further help please use

Hello, comes this Plugin with an Event submit form? And are all function on the front end translatable?

To allow users to create events without entering wp-admin, you need the premium add-on Community Events.

Our plugin follows the WordPress codex for internationalization, meaning you can translate the plugin into the content.

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Is the plugin ready for WP 6?

Yes it is.

If you have any problems contact us through

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Hello there and congrats for your wonderful plugin. I already have a lot of custom post types in my wordpress with custom fields the start and end date. Is it possible to automatically show them in your calendar by setting the already added start – end date? and how is it possible that every time we add a new custom post type to appear in the calendar (using the start – end date we already have)?

I mean how I can set the start and end date of the events in the calendar by using our custom date fields that are already set for the start and end date?

In the “free” plugins there is ‘start’ => $post->post_date, ‘end’ => $post->post_date, Will it work if i change it to our custom fields?

Normally when you use a Custom Post Type as an Event you will need to manually add it to the calendar on the date you want it to show up in the calendar. However, the little plugin takes the publish date of the event – and shows the custom post type on that date. We do not support custom start and end dates for custom post types – that will require additional programming.

You could try and change it if you know what you are doing. We do not provide programming help – however if you need any further help please contact us through and we will be happy to help.


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Plugin doesn’t come with any instructions and support are unresponsive.I asked for general instructions for but have not received a response. can you please provide these instructions asap?

Please notice that we provide live support on Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. And should we not be online we will reply by email as soon as possible. If you run into any challenges with the plugin contact us via


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Is this Plugin still compatible with Wordpress? For some reason having error installing plugin in Wordpress.

Calendarize it! is compatible with WordPress 5.9.3 and with PHP 7.4+ (also PHP 8). Please notice that WordPress officially does not recommend PHP 8 (but PHP 7.4+)


We’re interested in using your plugin for our 3 day event. Our current event schedule looks like this:, which we draw using a table. Would love to use your plugin to manage our event schedule more dynamically.

We have a few requirements: 1. As customers purchase tickets for a specific day, we need for that days schedule to be grouped together. I have them grouped in the table using a rowspan but visually they should be connected. Is this possible? 2. Some schedule entries need to have no end time. Our example shows entries in both versions mixed as needed. Is this possible? 3. Do you have an example or screenshots that provide a similar layout?

Thank you!

Sorry didn’t get back sooner. You can also contact us using our Live Chat on

I took a look at the link you sent and it doesn’t look like the page loads properly.

I’m not sure what you mean with you need the day’s schedule to be grouped together. I can’t see that from your link.

Can you try and explain this and I will be happy to help.

Ok, so this is one event over two days with event schedule? We are not able to handle an event schedule in the calendar. However, you can add any content you want inside the event. Meaning you can add the schedule for the day in the event details.

If you have any questions just go to and click on the blue button “Click to get help now!” :)

Bug: when clicking on View version 4.9.994 detail in WP 5.9.2 plugin dashboard; the popup info screen notes that the plugin cannot be found. The plugin is installed and is in use. so there is something not right.

That page does NOT exist. All links you give us will not work because the support areas are not actually there. Fact.

The support link in: Does not exist anymore! Zenddesk does knot know you. I ave gien you all the screenshots and proof you need. This link does not go to any support page anymore: This link does not go to any support page anymore:

Or do you wish us to somehow – please tell – create a WP inlog on your main website? Because your “log in ” butotn on your main website at: goes to Your replies, still after 5 daysof communication is the same: ” Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you. “

1. You are not helping at all. 2. You might consider a different approach? 3. check your stuff.

We do no longer use Zendesk for our support. We use our Live Chat on

I’m sorry you have trouble accessing If you can’t access you can also send an email to

Pre-sale question:

Can I create a simple 12 month calendar with some legends? Just like this:

If answer is “yes” then, Can you show me a demo?


We have Month View, Week View, Day View and List View and then we have some additional views like Event Year View and Accordion Upcoming Events, and Upcoming Events Widget.

We have a Bootstrap conflict on our demo site we are just resolving. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Year View can create 2×6, 3×4, 4×3 and 6×2 view…

Why Calendarize IT still does not work with PHP 8.1?

OK we will need wp-admin access. Please contact us at

can we chat in the support page?

It is now possible to update the Event Countdown add-on. Please try again.

If we are not available on the live chat at you just leave your name and email and our reply will go directly to your email from the live chat system if you are not available.

Hi! Every time I update to version 4.9.992, I get the nag notice “You have version 4.9.992.100152 installed. Update to 4.9.992.” Caches have been emptied.

Can you please try and go to wp-admin/plugins.php (meaning do not click on the update notice). If this still doesn’t work then please contact us using and we will be happy to assist you.

Hi, I have the same problem. Service not available.(2) cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired.

Can you please contact us through and provide wp-admin access and FTP access.


Keyed in license key but error shows “Service not available.(2) cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired”

The SSL on our site is valid (not expired). Could you try and contact us through and provide wp-admin access to your site. Also provide us with the item purchase code (license key), please. Then we can review and find out what goes on.

Hello RightHere, presale questions:

1. Do you have any documentation / guide for transfering posts / calendar entries from “The Events Calendar” (by Modern Tribe) ?

2. Does plugin work well with jetpack publicize? example: add_post_type_support( ‘cpt_events’, ‘publicize’ );

Thank you in advance.

We have an Importer for Calendarize it! which allows you to import events using CSV files. However, we do not have a guide on importing events from The Events Calendar.

Calendarize it! supports any custom post type. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for clearing this up. I have 3 last questions about the importer: Can the importer add events to a specific language (WPML)? Can the importer add featured image from a csv entry? Could not find the importer on the demo website, is it a seperate plugin?

If you look in ADD ONS menu on – it is a free add-on.

You can not assign a language in the CSV file. That would require us to add support for this (custom programming). But a good idea.

Does this program have the functionality to pull in google calendar events from multiple google calendars?

Calendarize it! has around 30 add-ons and 20 of them are free for customers with a valid license. Our External Event Sources is a premium add-on and you need it to show events from Google Calendar, Microsoft Office365, other ical sources + other websites using Calendarize it!

Check it out here

If you want to buy it you do so from the website where you installed Calendarize it! (Download section).

Hello, I wrote in your support area 6 days ago, but I don’t receive any answer. Is there anyone in the support team?

I’m sorry! Did you submit a ticket at We are in the process of moving to our support at if you can please provide a ticket no. or link to your conversation I will follow up.


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me again.

I don’t get it. Everything I’m trying to accomplish is not working, as in your Examples.

I copied your Shortcode into my theme to display all PAST Events:

[calendarizeit defaultview=”rhc_event” eventlistpastdays=”14” eventlistreverse=”0” right_trim_date=”1” preload=”0” feed=”0” eventliststack=”0” header_left=”” header_center=”” header_right=”month,agendaWeek,agendaDay,rhc_event”]

First it shows me all the past events – that’s good – PLUS 6 Events from the Future! Why is that? It is not practical to change everyday the “pastdays” option. I just need the past events…

Greetings M


a2c Purchased

Thanks again for your answer – I wrote above what we need.

I’m asking you kindly to confirm what you want to do. All your initial comments say is that you have tested a shortcode which looks like it shows past events from the last 14 days.

When I copy and paste your exact shortcode it shows nothing on our site. However, when I change the way the quotation marks are written it does show events.

You can see what I mean here

I added the shortcode on this page and it shows events from September 21, 2021, to October 6, 2021 (today). And nothing else.

I have no clue what happens on your site but we will need access to your wp-admin to review further. You can contact us through and provide wp-admin credentials and I can get one of our developers to review when they are available.

There is also this option for showing past and future events as a list.

a2c Purchased


we have another question. We want to display all upcoming “Events” in a List – showing only the Event Name and the Date. Very simple Display Options.

NAME OF THE EVENT Date and time

We already managed this. But we need only the Events, which are listed under the Calendar “Events”.

In your Description, there are a few options for the shortcodes. For example: terms, post_type, organizer and calendar. In your Examples you use taxonomy=”calendar”.

If we use taxonomy=”events” – all are shown (from all Calendars) – If we use calendar=”events” – nothing will be displayed.

So this is our Shortcode: [rhc_upcoming_events template=”widget_upcoming_events.php” number=”10” date_format=”dd. MMM” time_format=”HH:mm” taxonomy=”events”]

This shows all Events from all Calendars. We just need the Events from the Events Calendar.

Thanks for your help!

Greetings M

This shortcode will not work

[rhc_upcoming_events template=”widget_upcoming_events.php” number=”10” date_format=”dd. MMM” time_format=”HH:mm” taxonomy=”events”]

Unless you have a “taxonomy” called “events”

The three default Taxonomies are Calendar, Venue and Organizer.

Normally you would add the following to your shortcode

taxonomy=”calendar” terms=”slug”

Does that make sense?


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thanks for your answer. I still have trouble to manage this situation. Your Shortcode did not work. It displayed nothing…

We have two different types of events. Some that take place on a certain day, and others that take place over a longer period of time.

What we need: A list showing all events – also the current (today) events. Even those that have already started but are still up to date (over a longer period of time).

A list that only shows the upcoming daily events – in addition the current (today) events too..

A list that only shows all past events – not the current (today) events.

We need these 3 lists.

Could you please help me create these shortcodes?

Thanks in advance M.

Sorry you are having trouble getting the events to show. For showing today’s events we have this option

If you want to filter specific events from a Taxonomy you need to add

taxonomy=”calendar” terms=”slug”

You can filter on any of the taxonomies: Calendar, Venue or Organizer or any custom you created. And you must use the slug in the terms attribute.

In this page you can see the Upcoming Events shortcode + attributes that you can use.

This will allow you to create a list upcoming events and also include events already started based on the horizon attribute.

Please notice that all attributes can’t be used on all shortcode.

I can’t provide you with the exact shortcode you need but you need to look at these pages. If you run into trouble please reach out to us through – thank you for your patience.


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