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Hi there, Pre-sale question here. I am looking for a calendar that works with woocommerce and has popups of the event for a particular day on the calendar. Looks like your plugin has both these options. I am looking to use this for a schools lunch program where a lunch item is posted on the calendar and parents are able to purchase and pay for the items they want for the day, week, or month.

My questions are: 1. Is it possible to post the woocommerce item (hotdog for example) on a specific day and when clicked have the description with an “Add To Cart” button that added this product to the woocommerce cart and doesn’t actually take the user to the product page? I can add a link that takes them to the product page if needed.

2. Am I able to have a woocommerce “variable” product which shows the different options available? Example of different variables, 1 – hotdog, 2 – a hotdog with fries, and 3 – a hotdog with drink.

3. Do you offer a refund if the plugin doesn’t work how needed? I have a limited budget and don’t want to buy unusable plugins that will not be used. If no refund is available, is there a way I can test it, say on your sever first, to be sure it’s what I need?

Hope this all makes sense.

Thanks, Johnny

Hello Johnny

Thank you for considering Calendarize it! for your project. Please notice that the WooCommerce integration is done with our Event Tickets WooCommerce add-on.

This means you can add multiple tickets to each event.

You can not use WooCommerce “variable” products. This is a solution for selling tickets and not for selling products. Products (tickets) are not setup in WooCommerce, we simply use WooCommerce to check out.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

The 30 dollar version should be a free version, there is poor customization in this version, found out i have to pay more money for features that should be already in thhis version. This is useless without any custom taxonomy, front end event post and resvp, this means i have to pay another 55 dollars to have those options?