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Hi team, Im upset with the plugin support… I have some questions/problems with your plugin and I wrote on support web a month ago (aprox.) and I didnt get an answer after writting several times… I try here searching more lucky…

1. I use Caledarize It with the community events addon and I have a question…

I know that users can add calendars, organization and places but… is it possible that the users can select just their own calendar, organizations and places?

I don want that User1 publish a event on User2’s places for example.

Im going to try to explain to me the best possible

If a user (User1) created a location taxonomy (Location1) and other user (User2) create other location taxonomy (Location2) I want that User1 just con select Location1 and User2 just can select Location2.

I understood that it is possible with the “Taxonomy by User Role” but my doubt is if this works automatically (with some configuration) or I must to select on the wordpress backend each user with their taxonomy.

The last option its not the best with Community Event plugin an a lot of user publishing their own events….

2. Can I use just ine image for the events? When you publish a event you must upload 3 images (featured event image, detail box image and up page image)

Is it possible to upload one image and use it automaticly for the three predetermintaed images?

No option to upload just one image that works as Featured Image and Event Top Image simultaneously?

3. I cant add new calendar or venue on community frontend plugin.

I can see the “plus” button but its on grey color and I cant click on it.

4. After I publish a event on Comunnity Event addon I redirect to a blank page with just a “Continue” button…

Where can I edit this confirmation page?

5. When I go to my profile to edit or delete events I cant see events on next event tab or past event tab

Where are my published and past events?

Please let me know your ticket no. Some of these questions are not generic, but clearly specific for your website. I’m sorry if your questions have not been answered in a timely manner.

Please support! I wrote several times to the support page, but I did not get answer for a long time… It would be very urgent!!!

I absolutely understand, but if you answer only if I write here too (after waiting for another 5 days), then I can not go with my work :(

I understand, but no matter what we do we can’t access your website due to your firewall settings. Our IP is getting blocked all the time. We have even tried to use a VPN to connect from Hungary and we also get blocked. Please understand we do everything we can to help you, but you make it pretty impossible for us as we can’t access your wp-admin.

Ok, good news we finally manage to get access to your wp-admin. We will review asap and get back to you with an update.

Hi there,

I have a question before buying the plugin. Can admins add/invite users to private events? Can admins add attendees to event without having them rsvp? Thanks

We do not have time to make such customization, but we can refer to you a partner who can do this for you. You can go to the actual event details page for the event and add the people manually, but not in the wp-admin.

I see. Who is your partner? Can I have their contact info? I might need some other features added. Thank you so much!

You are welcome to contact these guys. If you have any other questions please let us know.


jnavaizq Purchased

I cant writte a response from my first message… sorry… My tickets no. (I wrote 17h ago)

Question 1.- #10011 Question 2.- #10202 Question 3.- No ticket number Question 4.- Solved by myself Question 5.- No ticket number

I forgot this ticket with no answer too.- #9924


jnavaizq Purchased

The problema was I login with a wrong envato user

Please notice that the Member Profile add-on update was released. You need to go to Calendarize it! > Downloads and update. We will review your other tickets shortly.

Pre-sale question: I’ve been experimenting with your back-end demo for a while and it looks great, but there’s one question I have that I was unable to answer by looking around:

Is it possible to add custom meta data fields (at least one) to the venue records and then display these custom fields on the front end of the calendar with the default venue fields?

If I’d need an add-on to do this, can you tell me which add-on?

We have a free add-on called Custom Buttons which allow you to insert custom buttons in the layout boxes. Besides that, you just use the Custom Fields tab https://calendarize.it/changelog/ – and if you create your own custom Taxonomies with the Capabilities and Taxonomies add-on (paid) the meta fields will also be available.

Thank you for considering Calendarize it!

That sounds perfect. I’m going to give it a try but I just thought of something that could be an issue. Not sure if you’d know the answer to this but I currently have another calendar plugin installed that has already created a custom post type called event. I’m going to deactivate that plugin prior to installing Calendarize it, but I don’t know if those records will still be in my database. If they are, do you know if the pre-existence of an event custom post type will interfere with Calendarize it? If so, would I need to somehow clean out all those old records prior to installation?

Thank you for moving forward and purchasing Calendarize it! If you have another calendar plugin that uses the same Custom Post Type “Events” there will be a conflict. However, if you deactivate the other plugin I pretty sure the posts will remain in your database. You can try and submit a ticket to our Help Center and we can have a look at it. You definitely need to enter all the Calendarize it! specific fields.

Hello, I have Version installed. When I try to update the plugin to version 4.5.8 the server times out and locks me out of my admin page. If I delete the old plugin and do a clean install will I lose the existing calendar data? If so do you have another suggestion?

That is strange. No, the settings are stored in the database. Please notice that version 4.5.8 will be uploaded to Codecanyon tomorrow morning. And will be available within 24-48 hours for download after that.