Discussion on Calendarize it! for WordPress

Discussion on Calendarize it! for WordPress

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I tried to transfer my website from another host. The old host was php 7.2, WP 6.2 with Calendarize-It working (Version 4.9.995.100647) .

When I install the new host, I have critical error: - php 8 - WP 6.3 - same list of extension (exept one or two) And I have a critical error when I activate Calendarize-It; I can’nt have any specific intel from the log.

How can I solve that?

Calendarize it! is PHP 8.x compatible. We have not tested on PHP8.3. Make sure you have the latest version installed. It could be one of he add-ons that are outdated. If you go to and provide us with login credentials we can have a closer look. Do you have access to the PHP error log?

I have a google calendar here – – that I would like for it to look nicer using a plugin. Is that possible to do a google calendar sync with this plugin?

You need Calendarize it! + our premium add-on External Event Sources. You can see a demo here

I can confirm that now my website is broken because of this error: An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 566 of the file /wp-content/plugins/calendarize-it/includes/class.rhc_post_info_shortcode.php. Error message: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported

I have php 8.2 but is not working with any of php8x, is working just with php 7.4 and bellow… Please launch an update with a fix for php 8X. Thanks.

Our plugin is tested with PHP 8.1 PHP 8.2 is not yet officially supported by WP, but I will ask the dev team to look. You need to make sure you have the latest version installed. It is compatible with PHP 8.1.

When upgrading to the most recent version, I get the following error: An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 566 of the file /wp-content/plugins/calendarize-it/includes/class.rhc_post_info_shortcode.php. Error message: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported

The site is installed on PHP 8.1

Thank you. Will ask our dev team to review. Please noice that you might get a faster answer contacting us through

Is the plugin fully compatible with WP 6.3? Thanks, Bernhard

It should be. We have not seen anything in our demo site causing issues due to upgrading to WP 6.3. If you experience anything please let us know.

Thanks :-)

The upcoming events widget is using the abbreviation for September as SEZ. Can I update this to SEPT instead?

I believe you will need to update the plugin to the latest version.

If you need any further help please contact us through

This is not my first comment asking support since few month, and I will continue to post comments if you do not react. This plugin support seems to be a joke. I already did many tickets on your support “righthere”. Please do your job. you will find numerous messages to you and even replies from you, but nothing change. Yves de La Serre

My last comment was 4 days ago and you had not updated the plugin at that time. If you have done the update now we will be happy to take a closer look at your site and hopefully get this resolved.

yes please, please please please please do support

We are on it. Please notice that we are 7-8 hours behind you. You will have an update later today.

Hi! Is it possible to add search field in the calendar?

We have the Taxonomy Filter add-on (Free) - which adds drop-down filters based on taxonomies.

Events are WordPress Custom Post Types, so if your theme has a search feature which includes custom post types you can search events, but we do not have a search field just for events.

Hi, We are looking for an alternative calendar plugin for a client and this popped up, I notice that support replied here a couple of weeks ago (which is good), but part of our investigation led to your support portal which is currently giving me an error about an unsupported SSL protocol.

Can you confirm that this plugin is still supported and that the above support site will be fixed soon please?

Kind regards


Hello Mark, I’m sorry for not getting back sooner. You can go to and catch us on the live chat Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (EST) and if we are not online we will reply by email (if you leave contact information).

We had an issue with our SSL due to changes in our hosting. Thank you for pointing that out – should be fixed now.

Yes, the plugin is supported and we do indeed support our plugin. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello, I bought your plugin month ago. He was working, and stop working weeks ago. I bought the plugin again to get support, but you do not answer my support request. And your website is no online. How to reach you ? thanks

I’m very sorry. Can you please go to and write us – I will make sure we get back to you.

I just had a quick pre-sales question: In this plugin, are you able to set an event as recurring every year, not on the same date, but like every year on the last Monday of May (example—Memorial Day).

We have one of the most comprehensive Recurring event and repeat event interfaces:

I bought the plugin 5 months ago. As far as I can see it hasn’t been updated in over a year. Today it stopped working. I can’t add new events because there is no such option. Support also doesn’t work.

After reinstalling it started working.

If you need any help please reach out to us on Glad you figured it out!

Elbnetz Purchased

We need an option where a teacher can log in, and he only has the possibility to enter or edit his appointments. Outside then his appointments will be displayed in a special color. Is this possible with your plugin?

With Calendarize it! you can offer personal calendars for every user on your website. And if you do not want them to go through wp-admin to add their events you can get the Community Events add-on ( With this add-on you can allow users to create events from the frontend (they still need to login) and the events will display in their personal calendar. And you can create a public calendar showing all events. Or allow a specific user role e.g. Administrator to view ALL events. I hope this helps.

If you need any further help please visit


fsmeier Purchased

Hey, if i install or update the plugin via i just get the outdated version from 2020. Can you please fix this? – The manual download through envato/codecanyon has the correct version

We are looking into what has gone wrong with our automatic updater. For now please download the latest version from Codecanyon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi there, my client is hosted on WP Engine. In the past few days the Upcoming Class Schedule Widget area has been showing the wrong date for the classes. The dates for the classes are a few days behind. The URL is I tried clearing the WP Engine cache two days ago, that fixed it, but then it went off again, so I cleared it now and it fixed it again. Any idea why this would have started happening now, is there an issue with DLS and this plugin and caching? I’m happy to pay for support renewal, I just wanted to see if it’s a known bug or not before I do pay for more support. Thanks for your time on this.

My client’s site is on PHP v7.4 and running the latest version of WP.

Make sure you have updated the plugin (Calendarize it!) to the latest version. And I would strongly recommend starting upgrading your PHP to 8+ (Many hosting companies are currently depreciating version 7.4). Try this first and then contact us via if you need any further help (make sure you have a valid support subscription).

Where is the documentation? help button in the plugin itself links to a dead zendesk account.

If you look in the support section for Calendarize it! (on Codecanyon) you will see that we provide support via – if we are not only when you contact us please leave your email and name, and we will get back to you via email. If we are online you can get live help.

Besides that you can look at in the VIEW EXAMPLES menu where you will find a lot of examples.


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How can I show a link to see the event and lead to the event details, especially in the upcoming events?

Currently it only links to the title, but we would like to have a text with that name that would also include the following text.

I can’t set the tooltip date to day month year either. It shows month day year, I have changed it in the options but the tooltip still shows it wrong.


dartym Purchased

how to access this support? with which user and password?


dartym Purchased

Ok, thanks! I go to talk with them


cucuza Purchased

Hi there, since today I cannot add dates to new event entries. I select date & time on the details page, but after saving the post there is no date & time selected and so the event doesn’t show up in the calendar. Any idea what might be the issue? I already deactivated all plugins that where added recently, but no results.

Thanks for your help!

That sounds like a conflict with another plugin. Or did you upgrade to PHP 8 and still run an old version of Calendarize it!? Make sure you update Calendarize it! to the latest version available on Codecanyon. You can try and deactivate ALL other plugins and see if the problem is still present. If it goes away then activate one plugin at a time until you see the problem again.

You are welcome to contact us at – we will need wp-admin access and might also need SFTP/FTP if we need to debug your site. However, please try the steps above first.

Is there a way to see live Community Events example online?

I believe we replied to you through our Live Chat. If you have any other questions please use

Hi guys, thank you for your great plugin. Can we ask you, about some issue in the Calendar Year View. Is there a way to default display some other year (eg. 2023). My shortcode for the default view is: defaultview=”rhc_year”. Thank you!

Thank you! You are great!

Glad I could help you. If you have any other questions please contact us through


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