Buzz It | iOS Universal Public Audio Chat App (Swift)

Buzz It | iOS Universal Public Audio Chat App (Swift)

Buzz It | iOS Universal Public Audio Chat App Template (Swift)

Feb 10th 2017
• Added some PFInstallation() code into the 'applicationDidBecomeActive()' function in AppDelegate.swift, in order to reset the app's badge icons to 0 
• Updated the User Guide with a new link for the APN .p12 certificates creation tutorial
Jan 15h 2017
• Added Push notifications for sent messages with Parse Push system: when a user sends a message in a chat room, the owner of such room will get notified with a Push Notification.
So we've edited AppDelegate.swift, Rooms.swift and Chats.swift files with the proper code to handle push notifications
• Updated the User Guide
• Placed the ad banners to the bottom-center of the screen
• Edited the fecthIfneeded() method in the cellForRowAtindexPath() method in Chats.swift, for better performance
• Added a timeAgoSinceDate() extension in Configs.swift and edited the code that gets date of a cell in cellForRowAtindexPath() method (still into Chats.swift file)
• Edited the didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo() delegate in Account.swift, now it automatically saves the avatar image, for better performances
Jan 10h 2017
• Updated to XCode 8.2.x | Updated GoogleMobileAds.framework and its code
• Edited Chats.swift to report messages instantly, not by email anymore, accordingly to the Apple EULA terms.

IMPORTANT: If this is an update for you, you must first add a new column of type 'Boolean' in the ChatRooms class in your Parse Dashboard, name it exactly as "isReported" and set all the empty fields of that column as 'False'. 
Then you can compare your Chats.swift file with the updated one and make changes, run the app and test the report feature.
Oct 29th 2016
• Updated to XCode 8.1
• Added Privacy Camera row in Info.plist
Sep 18th 2016
• Updated to Xcode 8
• We had to embed all the views that are in ScrollViews into a UIView called 'contView' in Storyboard, so the app will keep all layouts ok due to a bug of Xcode 8 on Autoresizing mask. 
You'll find this line of code into viewDidLoad() methods in the .swift files that have a ScrollView:
    contView.frame.size.width = view.frame.size.width
NOTE: Due to the bug on Xcode 8, every time you'll reopen your Xcode project, you will have to select those 'contView' UIViews and set their width to 320 by using the Size inspector panel on the right size
Mar 24th 2016
• Went back to Parse SDK hosted on back{4}app | removed CloudKit
Mar 24th 2016
• Updated to XCode 7.3
Feb 14th 2016
•Updated with CloudKit backend, removed Parse
Oct 27 2015 
• Added a Search Bar to search for Rooms.
• Fixed issue for playback on Speakers.
• Now you can listen to a message at a time, that prevents messages from getting messed up in case of multiple touches
Sep. 19 2015 
• Updated to iOS 9, Xcode 7, updated Parse and GoogleMobileAds frameworks to their latest versions

Buzz It is a Universal App Template for who wants to provide a mobile audio chat service where users can post audio messages in public rooms or easily create their own rooms.

BuzzIt is written in Swift language, easy to customize, native XCode project, Parse SDK hosted on, Universal.

Need an html template to promote and showcase your own version of this app?

  • XCode 8.x project – Swift – 64bit
  • Universal – Storyboard – iOS 8/9/10+
  • AdMob banners
  • Works with Parse SDK hosted on
  • Push Notifications for sent messages (the room’s owner will get a notification on every new message that has been sent in his/her room)
  • Easily create your own Rooms and browse the existing ones
  • Quickly login, sign up, no email required, just username and password
  • Record your 10-sec message, replay and post it with just a tap
  • Settings screen implemented, where you can share the app and rate it on the App Store
  • Report inappropriate messages feature
  • Terms Of Use html page
  • PDF User Guide included
  • PSD graphics included
  • Easy to customize, well commented code

Have fun with Buzz It and don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page if you like it!

Important Disclaimer: We’e recently found out that some developers have bought our app templates, reskinned them just a bit and put them on sale on other source code markets similar to CodeCanyon, saying that they developed and own such source codes.
That is a serious copyright infringement, developers who buy our templates are allowed to reskin and sell them as apps on the AppStore (accordingly to the License type they’ve purchased a template for), but are not allowed to put our original source codes for sale on source code markets, including CodeCanyon. We will report developers who made copyright infringements to the competent authorities. Thanks.