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I would just like to say that this is a great project for anyone wanting to learn parse, its nice and clean and easy to edit

That being said I am having one problem that I hope you can help me with

The code below looks like it should work but sadly it does not

Can you let me know what I’m doing wrong?

What I’m trying to do is show a user all the rooms another user has set up, this code should look at the class “Rooms” then look at the “userPointer” and return all the rooms that equal that userPointer

Any advice is very much appreciated

let query = PFQuery(className: "Rooms") query.whereKey("userPointer", equalTo: "GqaHUrlpHg")
Just for testing I added the website userPointer in manually equalTo: "GqaHUrlpHg") If I can get it to work manually It would be easy to set it up as a variable

I would need to see your code and database, sorry, i can’t help you with such poor info, because the Rooms class already has a userPointer column, so where have you added such userPointer? You cannot get a user pointer with a String like “GqaHUrlpHg”, that’s a String, while a userPointer it’s an instance of PFUser(), you keep getting confused between a user objectID (a String) and a user pointer (PFUser() type).

We’re sorry but we don’t have so much available time to deal with this customization, so please contact us by our profile’s contact form and explain us in details what your app should do, where you want to show user’s Rooms, besides the Home screen that already does that, maybe send us a mockup which will help us understand how your app should work, and we may guide you through it in a short time and the both of us will save time and effort on this issue ;) Thanks!

A slight bug in the code allows people to create rooms with no titles. This is actually very annoying and makes the user interface look bad, as there should be a dialog that pops up on the users end, and asks them to enter a title for the room. Please Fix!!!

Sure, because notifications are for users who own a room where other users send an audio message, it’s like a chat, you don’t get push notifications for your own sent messages :)

Ok makes sense….thanks for your help

you’re welcome!