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It’s a brand new original app so there are no live versions on the AppStore yet. Cheers!

ok are u developing Android version too?

no, we’re only iOS developers at the present.

The app looks tempting but how do one test the functionality of the template you are asking us to buy?

Also any instruction on how to setup the backend?

Also can one limit length of recorded audio?

Hi, we can’t deliver ipa’s of our apps, you may refer to screenshots and video preview.
Instructions on how to setup the backend are into the User Guide included in the package, anyway all you have to do is to create an app in Parse, grab its keys and paste them into the Configs.swift file of the XCode project.
You can edit the length of the recording sesssion, although there’s a 10-second limit already set in the app. Again, the User Guide explains how to customize it.

is swift something i need to add to xcode or its built in already ?

or else is it a different platform ?

Hi, Swift is the new programming language by Apple, you just have to have XCode 6.4 to open this template’s project on your Mac and edit it, XCode will automatically read it. Cheers!

fvimagination your amazing i will purchase it

ahah, thanks for your nice feedback, we appreciate it!
well, then don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page ;)

:) sure

I need a hybrid chat, which you can edit the intel XDK. Only the screen where appears the messages, images and videos, in order to integrate to a my system.

Hi, we are only Ios developers so we can’t help you with that, we’re sorry.

Hi, Nice app, I would like to purchase it, can you please let me know if there will be privacy for the created group chat? Also can the user search for the group? any friends system available?

Hi, no private chats or groups, it’s a public audio chat app.
Right now it doesn’t have a search bar but we may add it on a next update.
No friends system.

hello, found some problems that need fix, in a room with multiple audio if user plays audio 1 and half way user click on audio 2 the issue is that audio one stops playing an audio 2 starts to play, the issue is that if user clicks on audio 1 again it will not play unless user leaves the room and enter again.

problem 2 is that when recording an audio and playing it it will not play on loud speaker of iPhone, only if user force closes app and reopens will it play on loud speaker but when recording a new audio it will only play ear speaker so user must hold to ear to be able to hear it.

please fix or tell me how to fix it… thanks

Yes I confirmed with another iphone 6, when holding to record and playing it is not on loud speaker, user has to exit the room and re-enter then when played its on loud speaker but try to record and back to no load speaker

Ok, for that issue, just change the code from let session to print(“Error”) } with these lines:
let session = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance()
    do { try session.setCategory(AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord)
         try session.overrideOutputAudioPort(AVAudioSessionPortOverride.Speaker)
         recorder = try AVAudioRecorder(URL: filePath!, settings: recordSettings as! [String : AnyObject])
    } catch _ {  print("Error") }

You can find it into prepareRecorder() method in Record.swift file.

Hi again, we’ve launched an update that has a search bar and prevents messages from getting messed up by multiple playing, you now can play a message at a time, when it stops playing you can listen to another one.
This update should be available in 2 days in the Downloads page.

Hi, as always, love your work. Can you please add push notification to BuzzIt? Via parse already in place, it shouldn’t be very complicated, right? The user will get a push notification if somebody buzzed in his room and/or if there is new buzz in a room where the user has buzzed before. Looking forward to an update for this. Many thanks.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We’re currently pretty busy with urgent jobs to get done so don’t have time to work on that, we’ll check it out when we’ll be free and see if there’s a workaround for it. Cheers!

Is there a possibility to get Text Chat instead of Audio Chat?

Hi, no sorry, it’s only an Audio Chat template.
If you need a text chat app you can check out WazzUp in our Portfolio.

Hi! I’d like to purchase this immediately, has it been updated to include push notifications through cloud kit? I’ll be purchasing asap so please get back to me!

Hi, no push notifications, sorry.

So a user simply has to keep opening the app in order to know if someone buzzed them? I’m still willing to purchase but are you guys at least working on push notifications? For an app with a name like “buzz” people are going to want to be “buzzed” when their notified :D

That would be a complex feature on this app, and we would have to use OneSignal, no CloudKit (it doesn’t work properly with Push).
We’re currently super busy with urgent projects to get done so have no time to work on that, hopefully in a month or so.

Hi, I am having issues getting my icons to show in the same size as the icons provided with the code. Whenever I change the icons to the sizes specified in the code like 44pixels by 44pixels the icons always show up bigger than they should and I’m resizing them to exactly what you have them sized as. Each icon set has 3 images all 44×44 88×88 and 132×132 so what do I need to do to have the icons not show so big within the app? My nav bar items are overlapping the nav bar so I would really like to know how to fix this. Thanks for your help!

In order for us to email you, you must first contact us by our profile’s contact form here on codecanyon.

hey guys, I am experiencing the same issues I was before with the app not displaying the username and image on the profile page. Each time I launch the app I have to add the username and image back. Also, if you refresh the chat rooms from the main window it sometimes takes the chat room image from another chat room and places it on other rooms. My app is now live on the app store so I want to be sure my users have a nice experience. Currently, the app keeps you logged in but you have to add the username and image to your profile each time you log back in. When trying to post to a chat room it shows the loading image for a second then it disappears and nothing else happens, it doesn’t present the record button, sometimes it shows a glimpse of the login screen which is really odd. Overall, it’s a great app and I love you guys portfolio but either this is an OS issue on my end or the app is pretty buggy. Does the new update address any of these issues I am having? Thanks for understanding and your help guys.

The new update has Parse SDK hosted on back4app.com, so first of all you’ll have to transfer manually your users and records into your own Parse Dashboard, then it’s faster than CloudKit so your issues should get solved. CloudKit is slow lately, this is why we went back to Parse SDK.

any one can develop the android version i need 2 versions (andorid and ios )

Hi, no sorry, we’re only iOS developers.

can you suggest a android developer or an estimation to make the same app plz

not at the present, we don’t know any good android developer who can make an app like this.

What if i want users to also type message?

users can send only audio measages with this app, you would have to make several edits in the code to attach text messages too, hard to do if you’re not an experienced developer, and we’re currently not available for freelance work, sorry.

We’re going on vacation for the whole month of August 2016.
We are not available for freelance works, nor we can assure to reply to comments/messages promptly.
Happy summer!

do you have an android version? need both

no, hopefully on next year.