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Hi I imported a Table of 2500 columns and as soon as it goes over 2000 the whole page disappears? Please assist. I’ve imported it using 3 excel files, which I append to the first.

Hi there,

If you purchased the plugin please feel free to open a support ticket in our support portal:

Please note that you would need a valid purchase code for that.


Pre sale question – Can a chart pull data from multiple tables? or can a table periodically pull data from 2 tables into 1 combined table and then this combined table is used as a source for a chart? Possible?

Hi there, as I see you already purchased the product – thank you very much!

It is possible to create a MySQL query that pulls the data from 2 tables and shows it as a single table. Then this table can be used to render a chart – I suppose that would solve your request.


Using the plugin.It is just awesome. The documentation is very well written. Do you have any info on pulling data from 2 tables into 1 in the documentation?

Hi again, sorry for the delay, and thank you for the kind words!

No, unfortunately not, but you can Google for SQL query tutorials, it’s fairly easy (look for writing a query with JOINs).


I saw your demos importing excel and google however modifications on Google take too long to show up on the WP site. What do you suggest for one that needs content to be updated automatically as the source data changes

Your demo on excel does not explain whether modifications to the original file will automatically reflect on WP tables, my idea is to have these excel files on Office 365 in the cloud, once the content is modified to see it automatically reflected on the WP site. Is this possible or do we have to import an excel file each time there’s a modification?

I tested it with Google it works, however, one has to refresh the web page where the table is located. Why don’t you release a version including an optional feature so that tables refresh automatically per a given time choice of the author, for example per minute, daily, etc

Hi there, thank you for your purchase, and sorry for such a delay.

For Excel (due to the Excel reading library that is used) unfortunately the file has to be uploaded directly to the site.

For Google Spreadsheets – there’s a slight delay of ~5 minutes before the changes get reflected in the site.

There’s an auto-refresh feature, but it is available only for MySQL-based tables. We have in plans to add it to other table types as well.



aero07 Purchased

if i buy now can you send me the version 2 beta too i will start the project tomorrow i do not to try update job ex. :)


aero07 Purchased

Again me :) and pre sale question my site will have 12 users and there will be one table one the coloumn will be users name or id

just one of user (admin) will have rights to enter data to table and the others just see table

is there a chance to assign a user to a row so that when the other users logged in they will just see the rows that are allowed

i wish i can explain my situation :) best regards

Hi there, thank you for your purchase, and sorry for such a delay,

As for the first question: if you didn’t do so already please apply at our helpdesk and we will send you the beta:

As for second question: you could use one editable table for the admin, where rows are referring to users by ID, and for users create a table based on a MySQL query with CURRENT_USER_ID placeholder:

Thank you!


firman18 Purchased

hi, i have try your plugin and try to use default sorting for a column, but it’s not work. default sorting always based on the first column.

can you fix this?

Hi there, thank you for your purchase, and sorry for such a delay,

Please (if you didn’t do so already) open a support ticket in our helpdesk:

Our support managers will be glad to help.

Thank you!

1) When creating a table from PHP (which queries an API), is it possible to cache the table so the API doesn’t get queried with every page load?

2) When creating a table from CSV, does the table automatically update when the CSV changes?

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for such a delayed reply,

1) Unfortunately not directly in the plugin. I would recommend writing a custom PHP script that queries the API and caches the data – maybe the best in a MySQL table that you will query from wpDataTables.

2) If you are using the ‘Add from data source’ option, and not importing CSV to MySQL – yes, it does auto-update, just please note that a) the column structure (headers, count) should always stay the same, b) it’s not an ideal solution for large tables with more than 1000-3000 rows as the page load speed will significantly decrease.

Thanks for the detailed answers.

So for performance reasons instead of going the 1) route it would be better to go with the 2) approach and have a script generate a local CSV file, correct?

Or does a caching plugin such as Fastest Cache cache the table?

can i put the shortcode of Chart at widget or element at visual composer or king composer in Front of Website?

Hi there, thank you for your purchase, and sorry for the delayed reply,

Yes, of course – you can use the shortcode wherever the shortcodes are supported.

How can I change y axis values? I know how to change name but not the values

Hi there, thank you for your purchase, and sorry for the delayed reply,

Yes, it is possible, please (if you didn’t do so already) open a ticket on our helpdesk – – our managers will be glad to help.

Thank you!


CEMBTW Purchased

FYI, your CSS is referencing non-existent images left over from DataTables like “wp-content/plugins/wpdatatables/assets/css/../images/forward_disabled.png” etc.

Also, the one feature suggestion I would have is a loading spinner (like on your Ajax page load) for when the regular, all-at-once loading hasn’t finished.

Great plugin!

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and for the kind words!

Thanks for the tips – as for the first one we took care of that in the 2.0 version. Will add the second to our ideas database.


Hello there!

Pre-purchase questions:

Is it possible to have a range slider? Not input fields

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry, and sorry for the delayed reply,

Unfortunately it’s not a built-in feature of our plugin. It can be implemented as a custom solution though.



iiasj Purchased

I’m trying to generate a table from wp posts. i choose the post properties, i choose “next”, it shows the posts in a table. but after i choose “create wpdatatable” it gets stuck with the two arrows circle..

Hi there, thank you for your purchase,

Please (if you didn’t do so already) open a support ticket in our support system: – and provide a temp access to your WP admin. Our managers will be glad to help!

Is it possible to display the table data only after a search is complete? not as you type. I’m trying to check if this product can be used to display exam results. But show the results only after you enter the roll number. And not display data in advance

Hi there, thank you for your purchase,

Unfortunately for the moment it’s not a built-in feature of the plugin, but we plan to implement it as an addon soon.


Does your plugin operate on a relational database model? Or is it mainly a spreadsheet plugin?

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry,

If you are referring to displaying the data, the current (1.7.2) version works with relational databases pretty well, you just need to use a query that returns data that you need (with INNER or LEFT/RIGHT JOINs from all the used tables). If you’re referring to editing the tables – we added this to version 2.0 which is currently in Beta testing phase. See e.g. this tutorial on how this will work:

Thank you!

Hi, pre-sale questions: 1- can a column/field contain shortcodes? 2- i saw the ‘duplicate’ function on a screenshot of the admin. Is there a possibility to add a dumplicate function in the table per row? (users would be able to duplicate an order with the data from that row) 3- the excel/csv works in both ways (import and export possible?) 4- i read about a new version coming up. When would this be happening? We would of course like to start with the new version immediately… (is there documentation available already?) Thanks a lot!

Presales Questions: Hello…looking to create a business analytics site. Wondering if there is a particular theme that you would recommend that works or has been really well tested with your plugin? Or is there a list of themes available? Also, do you have any show cases to see the plugin working? tks