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pobukweb Purchased

Hello, your plugin is incredible and I am interested in buying it. I have a question! I am creating a private campus and I want users to have a page with a table that they can fill with their weight and body measurements during the 16 weeks of their program with us. Each user has to open his own table and have to be able to edit it to enter the data each week. With the plugin would it be possible to do this ?? Thanks.

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry and for the kind words!

I think it is feasible, you can check the functionality where users can see and edit only their own data with front-end editing:


Rhydems Purchased

Hello. How can I get a refund? It isn´t what I expected, it does not resolve my problem. TIA


Please find Envato’s refund policy with rules when refunds can be issued and instructions over here:


Hi, at first I must say this is great plugin. But I have one question. Is it possible to display properly more complicated table header? This is example and header “Popiół Ar [%] max” has subheaders. If not possible do display such headers maybe You could add feature to manual make such expand headers.

Hi, thank you for your inquiry, and for the kind words,

Unforuntately currently no cell merging (in headers as well) is supported. It is partially possible with some customization only for now.


Hi, Nice features Plugin. Pre-sale Question : can it connect to contactform7 or any input form like super form, etc ?


Best Regards,


Hi there, thank you for your inquiry,

It is possible to show data from basically any plugin if it stores data in MySQL and you can prepare a query to return it the way you need. However currently there is no ‘native’ integration. We are working on several addons that will provide native integration with most popular form builder plugins, but they aren’t yet released.



Can you just guide me whether it is able to have both numeric(with thousand separator) and text in the same column

Waiting for your quick reply

Thank You

Hi there, thank you for your inquiry,

Each column should have either text or numeric type. However in the text column there is no restriction to display also a number, just that the sorting and filtering will be performed by text rules.


Just ignore this comment. I can’t delete it :)

Hello, Pre Sales question,

I want to create a mini tournament with several modalities (soccer, swimming, etc) like the olympics. Can your plugin achieve that?

I going after something like this:

The site is in Portuguese, basically the idea is to have a range of days, the ability to chose between male and female athletes as well as genrs/Modalities (ex: swimming, running, etc)

Hi, can your plugin show data from Custom Post type by an easy way? I have no knowledge with MySQL :(