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trg2017 Purchased

Hey, Can anyone help me?

I am getting some problems with the hyperlinks, what is the correct way to embed hyperlinks in some text in the wp datatables?

Hi, thank you for your purchase,

You can find info on the URL columns formatting here:

If you want to insert hyperlinks within the text (not make the whole cell a link) it is possible to do by pasting the link HTML to the cell content.

If you need assistance please feel free to open a support ticket in our support portal:



trg2017 Purchased

Thankyou for your response, can you also help me out with the column colours? Actually i want to give different colours to some random columns, is it possible to do this?

Well, it is possible, there is a setting for column color:

But if you want the colors to be totally random, you would need to write a little custom JS script.


matu11281 Purchased

al querer actualizar de la version 1.6.0 a la 1.7.0 me da el siguiente error

datatables.responsive.min.js?ver=4.7.1:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘oApi’ of undefined at datatables.responsive.min.js?ver=4.7.1:1

y no me deja guardar cambios

Hi there,

Sorry, we are not multilingual yet, if we understand right you have a problem after update. Did you follow the update instructions (especially the part on deactivate/activate in the end?)

In terms of updating the plug-in when there is a new release:

If I remove the old-plug in to install the new update, will all my table data disappear and need to be re-entered?

Hi there,

You can see the upgrade procedure here:

Not to lose the tables you would need to avoid pressing “delete” in the WP plugins panel. Just overwrite it via FTP. Or wait for a week or so until we push the version through auto-updates :)


Hi guys, any way to contact you directly? (It’s not a support request :P) I am trying to get in touch for some time…

Kind regards, Kuba

Hi there,

Please send us a mail to alexander (at)

Thank you!

Just did, thanks :)

Hello, I wanted to know if with this plugin when entering a value in column 1, I automatically filtered a value in column 2.

Example: first column: Value “HP CARTRIDGE”

Second column: value type “240”

I need to know if it automatically filters

Where you could see an example, then buy the plugin

Thank you