Reviews for wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

Reviews for wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

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for Customer Support

Caveat emptor. Support for this great, but extraordinarily buggy software will cost you $257 every 6 months.

In practice you cannot use the software without the support package as it is randomly incompatible with too many plugins, including any that use Bootstrap. All it takes is one plugin to change and... you'll need to talk to support.

$$$$ They know this. $$$$

Author response

Hi there.

We're sorry to see you're having issues with the plugin. As explained in the response to your comment, the prices on this marketplace have been increased since we've opted out from exclusivity, and we launched our own online store.

From there, you would be able to purchase the plugin per lower lifetime prices (with lifetime support included), or previous prices for annual subscription.

Our support agents would gladly help you out if you were to open a pre-purchase ticket on our official support platform. Those tickets do not require authentication, and even though your support expired, they would assist you with the issues you're having with the plugin - if it's not working correctly, of course we would provide support for it, regardless if your support expired or not.

In hope that you'll reach out to our support, and have your issues resolved, kind regards!

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for Feature Availability

This product does what it says. Very much looking forward to continued enhancements!

for Feature Availability

Excellent WP plugin. Great way to store and display data in beautiful, custom tables with edibility. Use real SQL queries.

My only complaint is the updating. It's cumbersome and seems like and inexperienced type could lose and delete data too easily. Data that can't be recovered - so be careful.

I feel like there should be a way to do the frequent updates thru the standard WP back end and then the occasional major update you have to do via FTP.

for Bugs

Has a lot of features but also bugs. My main issue is it NEVER updates. It doesn't even show that it needs updating. I look in my plugins and it show this plugin doesn't need an update even though it is version 2.5 and apparently the latest version is 3.1.

This plugin also fails a lot. I can't update my php version on my site because this plugin breaks. Likely because I have plugin version 2.5. Ugh.

If you get this plugin be warned... you have to babysit it. There is always something going wrong Ugh.

for Code Quality

I bought WP-DATA-TABLES. After some time the Update-Function doesn't work. By trying updating with my original Purchase-Code I only get the message "The Purchasecode is invalid or has expired."
This is absolutely not customer friendly!!!!!!

for Flexibility

Not user friendly to update, very confusing to work with envato products. Too expensive for this very poor useability

for Bugs

Full of bug, i just waste one day of work because this plugin destroy wpdatatables database, excel view don't work, i'm not even talking about css % & Px custom configuration, it's UNUSABLE !!!

for Bugs

Too many fatal errors and I hate trying to find my downloads per site on the page. Ugly

for Code Quality

Functional and tested application, clean code, easy implementation. Congratulations on your work!