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I have an issue that I thought I could live with. Its becoming way too annoying and should be resolved. When I blacklist my IP address so that I don’t have to look at my visits, that breaks the plugin.

When I have my IP blacklisted I’m unable to view visits. When I click on View the visit it locks up. It freezes. The only thing I’m able to do it hit the back button.

Please fix this. Thx

Yes, you reported me this bug by email. I sent an update to fix it, it should be online tomorrow.

For the future: it would be cool to jump to the last 2 or 3 points. (example, one user is clicken 1 hour 100 times on the Website, and i m interest in only the last 3 sitejumps). would be really helpful. Thanks

Yes, I noted the request and will probably implement it if I have several same requests. Thank you .

Hi, next feature request: option: delete all under or above a time. like: delete all visits under 5 minutes. Or/and, you have dont save visits with 0:00, maybe here add, dont save under 0:30 or whatever (autodelete) :>. Only ideas. you do a great job !!

Idea, noted, thank you :)

where do the videos get stored after they are recorded?

There is no video files (it would be extremely heavy for the server !). Informations of visits are stored in database and can be played as visits by the plugin.

Do users have to be logged in for the plugin to track them?

You can freely choose to track only logged users or all vistors, from the settings panel.

Thank you. I like what I see so far!

Thanks !


Does your plugin have: 1) resolution screen for each visitor? 2) traffic source? 3) accelerate video like 2x, 3x, 4x times? 4) flowchart of visitors? 5) goal campaign?

No, you can find the features list on the main page.

Hi Developr,

Love this plugin and got below suggestions:

1. Add option “Don’t record visits from Administrator role”, as my ISP provides dynamic IP.

2. For visit in mobile, the record cannot show the “drag up and down” action, and hence we cannot see which part the visitors are looking/waiting for a long time.

3. It seems that cannot record action cart page and checkout page. Is it correct?


Nice, may I know is there any planned date for the next update? Seems no update for a long time. Is it compatible with WC 2.6? Thanks.

Yes, it works with WC 2.6 .
No, there is no scheduled date for the next update. Probably in the coming weeks : I’m currently finishing a new plugin then I will prepare new updates for all my Wordpress plugins.
If needed, another possibility is to hire a freelancer to quickly customize your version exactly as you want. You can find good and available developers here : http://studio.envato.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search%5Bquery%5D=wp+plugin+customization .

Done, the update is online, adding the 2 wanted features .

Hi developer,

Got the below PHP error recently, please advice. Thanks.

WordPress database error Table ‘xxx_wp951.wp_vstr_settings’ doesn’t exist for query ALTER TABLE wp_vstr_settings ADD noBots BOOL NOT NULL; made by activate_plugin, include_once(’/plugins/WP_VisitorsTracker/VisitorsTracker.php’), VisitorsTracker, vstr_checkDBUpdates

The database doesn’t seem correctly created. Please try to fully uninstall/reinstall the plugin from the plugins panel.
If it doesn’t work, please contact me from the support page, sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it .


Does the plugin use too much resource such as database, CPU and memory etc.?

Best Regards

No, the plugin only use a few ascii characters in the database for each action. Ajax calls are also optimized and very small. You shouldn’t see any speed difference once the plugin activated.

Hi. There are two problems. 1. Analytics Do not match to the plug 2. plug recorder only the admin and not casual visitors. These problems are known? How can i solve it?

1-2. You can choose to record only logged users or all users from the settings panel, changing the “Targeted customers” option .
3. You can use it on multisite, activating the plugin on each website admins (not form the super admin backend) . One license is required per website : https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard .
If you need help of have a conflict, feel free to contact me from the support page, I will help you .

Is this multisite compatible?

I replied on your previous message.

Hi loopus,

Great plugin and I got a suggestion below:

Please consider to add “First page URL” and “Last page URL” to the list view by 2 row or tooltip. It could help us to know the info for plenty of record. Thanks.

Thanks for the good idea, I just sent an update adding this feature.

May I know if it’s added to latest version? I found a information icon near “View the visit” button, but no tooltip and any info shown. Please advise.

Yes, the information icon should show the first and last page in a tooltip on over. Can you contact me from the support page, sending me a temporary access to the backend ? I will debug it .

Dear Ioopus,

I like the concept of your Plugin very much. Unfortunately it doen´t work on my site. After installing the plugin and setting it up I haven´t checked it for about 2 days.

Today when I try to open the ‘Visitors Tracker’ Menu on backend, I receive a 500 Internal Server Error after waiting for about 3 Minutes for it to open.

Do you have an idea what might be causing this? If you don´t, I would kindly ask you to refund me.


Please contact me from the support page, sending me a temporary access to the backend, I will debug it .

Last Update 30 August 16 <—changelog? : ) would be great to know. i saw another comment, do you implement the thing, that i can jump to the end of the visitor visit ?

The last update adds a tooltip showing the first and last page of each visit on the visits list, and some minor code improvements .

I was planning to build this same type of app for my project but as you have done such a good job here I will buy yours. My question is, do you store all the data in new database tables dedicated to your app? I am hoping you do so that all this data saved is not mixed in my WP data DB tables. Another question….I see you use the WP user system to attach a logged in user. I dont allow user account but I do store a user ID on users first visit using cookies and local storage so that I can somewhat track a users page visits for that session and on return visits. So my question, would it be difficult for me to modify your app to use my user ID from a cookie? If it is, would you consider building in some sort of JS API to allow users of your plugin to map a JS variable in there JS code to “set” the user value that your app uses to identify a visit with a known user? If I need to explain better/more clear just let me know and I will make it more clear. Thanks and good work!

1. All visits and actions are stored in the WP database, in specific tables (vstr_visits and vstr_steps). Only a few ascii data are used for each action, it isn’t heavy at all. You can easily recover the data from these tables using php if needed.
2. There is no such option, but you will probably don’t need it. The screenshots aren’t updated, but the IP (and also geolocation) are now stored and displayed in the visits list. You can filter visits by IP in 1 click to easily recover all visits of a same user.
Otherwise, if you know PHP, you can customize it to use the mentioned cookie (you’ll need to check and edit the function new_visit() of the file includes/VsTr-core.php to do that).

Being able to rearrange the columns would be awesome. this would help a ton during deletion

Thank you for the idea, I note it.


1) I got this issue when watching video recored, black top of page and lost part of admin menu https://pl.vc/1jl64y

2) Can you please update allow download video or speed up watching. Only few video, but i have forcus look what they are clicking. And even sometime they keep read a long time without click or moveing, hieght speed or download (we will watch on video player height speed support) will be ton of help. Can you update?

No, it isn’t possible, sorry. As mentioned previously, there is no video file created, the visit can’t be exported as a file, it must be executed on the website itself.

Sorry for my bad. Thank you for explain. Waiting for another solution release.

You are welcome.

Hi, pre purchase question. Do you know if WP Visitors Tracker is compatible with the plugin WP Deferred JavaScripts ?

Thanks in advance, Robert

Yes, it works with the mentioned plugin .

Still little bug: if i filter by e. g. IP and than i click on the “checkbox all” checkbox, than “move to Trash” -> apply -> everthing is deleted, not only my Filter.

I can’t reproduce the mentioned issue on my side. It correctly deletes only the displayed (filtered) visits .
Maybe there is a conflict somewhere. Please contact me from the support page, I will check it .

i use Chrome. If you tried with chrome too, so it is for sure a bug on my site. Sorry the trouble

Yes, I also use Chrome. It can be a conflict with another plugin or a js script. Feel free to send me a temporary access from the support tab, I will check it .

I’m interested in this plug-in. Therefore I’d like to do problems.

1/ Is there a compatibility with PHP7.1?

2/ Is the code safe?

1. Yes
2. Yes
Feel free to contact me from the support page if you need help.