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Hi, I have purchased the plugin now, but it doesn´t works very well. The Recording stops in the most cases after a few seconds or after the second site. Also the Recording of Long-Lasting visits (i.e. over 10 Minutes) always stops after a few seconds.

And is there any possibility to Show the visits and the history of each visits in form of a text-list?

Please contact us from the support page, sending us a temporary access to the backend, we will debug it .

Any update coming for this plugin? Does not work with 4.8.

This plugin works correctly on WP 4.8. Maybe there is a conflict somewhere . Please contact us from the support page sending us a temporary access to the backend, we will check it .

Hey, me again. how much would it be cost, to implement my wishes? :—] Maybe you can put here alle wishes from all users from the comments, and add a price per Feature? (really sorry for my engl. i hope you understand it)

Sorry, I’m not sure to well understand. I note all ideas and suggestions, then add it to my plugins when I receive a lot of similar ideas of a same plugin. I’m a single author with 21 plugins to manage, so I can’t add all asked options by each customer to all plugins, I have to rationalize.
If these asked additional features are imperative in your case, it is possible to ask a freelancer to develop them, or also uninstall and request a refund of the plugin, no problem .

Yes, i understand, and i love your plugin and your work! But i hoped that you prefer some Ideas to implement in this plugin, when some people here would say: If you put it in the next 1-2 Month we would additional pay XYZ. But i can understand, that you get more moeny with other plugins. But as you see, i love this plugin!!! :) I wanted only to help / show another view.

Thank you :)

Hello support, I’m looking to possibly pick up two more licenses for this plugin to use on separate sites. One of the sites is a multisite but the primary domain-name never changes. e.g. (site1.mysite.com site2.mysite.com site3.mysite.com)

My main question is: Can this be ‘Network’ activated or (insert process here) so we can track users from the main site and then over to a subsite? e.g. from mysite.com to training.mysite.com to store.mysite.com etc… Is this possible???


No sorry, it can be activated on each website of the multisite installation, but it will work separately for each site.

Hello, is it possible to add an I.P. anonymization option in your very interesting plugin, in order to comply with some countries laws, and.with some webmasters (like me) that want to give anonymity to their users? Thank you.

I am afraid that plugin does not have this feature currently. We note the suggestion, thank you .

Your reply is much appreciated. I will stay in touch and check your plugin features from time to time. As soon as this feature is added, I will buy it!

Thanks for your interest and We appreciate it.

Does this plugin record action script? Such as expanding an accordion or playing a video? Adding a product to a cart? Does it record and playback such events?

No, it can’t record the actions fully powered by javascript . You will see the cursor click the “add to cart” button then the cart page called if there is, but not the ajax action itself.

Can this plugin run at the same time as your LIVE chat plugin? And will the LIVE chat be recorded?

It can run at the same time as WP Visual Chat, but the content of the chat will not be recorded (this plugin doesn’t record keyboard events currently) .

purrrefect!! thank you

When a shopper is doing a checkout, any way to avoid capturing the input of personal information?

No, sorry, the plugin doesn’t record the keyboards events currently.

Ok perfect – so I would not see the end user fill in forms – correct?