WP Visitors Tracker

WP Visitors Tracker


There are many great tools to get accurate statistics of your visits.
But have you ever dreamed of stand behind your users to track their progress on your website or online store ? Be able to understand their logic and follow the route taken through the pages ?

This plugin records the main actions of your visitors and allows you to really visualize their visits.
It captures and saves the main actions of visitors, to replay the visit from the admin interface.
Visit automatically plays through the pages of the site. You can pause or navigate through the steps.
The screen resolution (mobile, monitor ...) of visitors is recorded and reproduced on the screen. You can also see countries and cities of your visitors.

It was created to give you new ways to understand the path taken by your customers, to be able to optimize your site accordingly.


  • Replay the visits of your users.
  • Identifies connected users.
  • You can navigate through the steps of a visit
  • Reproduces the screen resolution of the visitor
  • Option to delete automatically the old visits
  • Visits information : date, duration, user, country, IP and browser
  • Reactive support !


  • Upload and activate the plugin
  • Click on the “Visitor Tracker” menu link to view the visits list
  • Click on “View the visit” to replay a visit


   - start and last page of each visit are now displayed in the list using a tooltip
   - minor improvements

   - new option allowing to not track users having admin role 
   - new option allowing to not track tactile devices  
   - scroll events are now recorded on tactile devices
   - minor improvements

2016-04-25 :
  - issue during visits when admin blacklists his own ip fixed 

2016-02-16 : 
  - New option to remove 00:00 duration visits 
  - Minor code improvements 

2015-08-06 :
  - bugs correction & minor improvements 

2015-03-13 :
  - Visits can now be filtered by IP

2014-07-01 :
  - Conflict with pages menu fixed

2014-06-27 :
  - Visits can now be removed by batch
  - Admin can now filter the visits recording by IP 

2014-06-27 :
  - Visits can now be removed by batch
  - Admin can now filter the visits recording by IP

2014-06-26 :
  - Actions capture improved : more light, fast and smart.
     All elements are now captured, when the cursor of the user stops on.
  - Click emulation improved : now works with anchors, tabs, lightbox, sliders  ...
  - More informations about visits : country, IP, browser

2014-06-25 :
  - Automatic scrolling bug fixed
  - Visits can now be filtered by users or role


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