WP Meeting Virtual Room

WP Meeting Virtual Room

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Screenshot WP Meeting Room

Screenshot WP Meeting Room

Screenshot WP Meeting Room


This unique Wordpress plugin adds a virtual room on your website, where you can work with other users in real time.
You can chat , share pictures, customize your avatar and show any element of the site in real time.
There is also a real calendar to organize your meetings, email notifications, allowed users management and history of the room.

What is it for ?

With your new virtual room, you can :

  • Do team meetings directly on your website
  • Share in realtime your holiday photos with friends or family
  • Receive your seo service provider to talk about the website
  • Invite a user to show in real time how the site works
  • Lock the door and plotting to take control of the earth
  • Or anything you can do with a great virtual room ...


  • A unique virtual room
  • Unique design and hilarious graphics
  • Real-time chat and actions
  • Up to 9 concurrent users
  • Useful collaborative tools
  • Share pictures using the TV
  • Show any element of the website, on any page
  • Moderators can kick users and close the door
  • Moderators can call any allowed user using the phone. Online users receive a visual notification. Offline users receive immediately an email .
  • A calendar to manage your meetings
  • Administrators can freely edit the texts of the room, directly from the backend
  • History of the past actions
  • Easily customize graphics
  • Reactive support !

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