WP A.I Assistant

WP A.I Assistant





This unique Wordpress plugin adds a virtual smart assistant on your website,and allows you to easily program his A.I from a powerful visual system.

An assistant can be created to intelligently sell products, advise and inform your customers, guide them on the website etc …
It can show elements of the website, redirect to specific pages, send the discussion to admin by email, send all the interactions to a specific php page (useful to fill a form with the user’s answers) .

Discussion is composed in steps. Each step can contain text (displayed in the bubble), actions and interactions (text fields, number fields, select dropdown, buttons …) .
A smart import/export system allows you to easily backup, transfer and recover your data .


  • Unique, smart and powerful A.I system
  • Simple and powerful conditional system
  • Change look of the assistant from backend (ton of possibilities !)
  • Easily replace the graphics of avatars by yours from backend directly from backend (1 image for avatar, 1 for talking mouth)
  • Possible actions for each steps :
    • Redirect to a page
    • Execute Javascript code
    • Show an element
    • Send an email of the dialog
    • Send past interactions as post variables to a page
  • Possible interactions for each steps :
    • Text fields
    • Number fields
    • Selects dropdown
    • Buttons
  • Assistant can be positioned to the bottom right or left corner of the screen
  • WPML ready : translate all your A.I custom content from WPML
  • Import/Export all your data
  • Do preview before enable your assistant on the website
  • Compatible with WP Creative Banners Builder
  • Reactive support !



Find an avatar here : , then apply it to your assistant directly from settings .

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If you want the assistant could disappear and open WP Visual Chat on a specific step, add a new “Execute JS” action to the desired step, and paste this in the “JS code” field:

sessionStorage.hideChat = true;
jQuery("#vcht_chatframe #chatHeader").trigger("click");

To hide the chat and show the assistant :

sessionStorage.hideChat = false;


        - PHP7 support 

        - possible bug deleting links fixed
        - minor improvements    

2016-03-17 : 
        - new avatars 
        - new option to hide assistant on mobile devices 
        - mobile support improved 
        - bugs fixed and minor code improvements
        - backend UI improved

2016-02-21 :
    - "select" feature bug on firefox fixed 
        - possible bug when saving a link fixed
        - php (> 5.4) warning removed 
        - frontend css improved 

2016-01-03 :
    - Bug on line breaks corrected 

2016-01-01 :
    - A bug that sometimes duplicates the actions on backend has been corrected
    - Compatibility with WP Creative Banners Builder

2015-12-17 :
    - Email sending improved
    - Bug with pupils using custom avatar fixed
    - Documentation 

2015-03-25 :
    - visual linking system improved
    - js execution bug fixed
    - visual selection of dom elements improved

2015-02-09 :
    - New action : execute js code
    - Mouth positioning improved

2015-01-29 :
    - Bug with special characters on php version inferior to 5.4 fixed

2015-01-21 :
    - Url redirection improved
    - Introduction text can now be disabled from settings
    - Custom avatar upload from settings improved

2015-01-20 :
    - New condition "current page" 
    - Admin can now directly replace avatars picture from settings panel
    - Preview feature to test the assistant in one click


If you need help, contact me from my envato profile

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