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Hi, I have a question before I purchase…I want to send animated ecards the format of my ecard may be .mp4. Will your plugin work for me??...

No, it won’t. It only works with image files (.jpg, .png and .gif).

Do you have statistic to follow how many each ecard has been sent ?

Replied via email.

Pre-sale: Can you add option to store information of the sender? I would pay additional for this feature. Thanks

You can get the email address and create a user on your WordPress site:


I think, in most cases, this is enough.

sorry, not understanding the license>what do you mean 1 end product?

If you are talking about the Envato license, it is about using the plugin on one site only. If you want to use it on several websites, you need either to purchase the extended license, or multiple licenses, whichever is best for you.

thanks got your reply so Extended can install plugin on multi-sites because the description does not make that clear-just that you can charge for products

Yes, you can install it on multiple sites using the extended license.

We purchased this plugin, but are not able to break the eCards into categories, as featured on the demo. There is also no documentation on how to achieve this. Please advise.

What do you mean doesn’t work? This is how WordPress works. You create categories, you create posts and assign them to categories and inside each post you add eCards. This is how the demo works.

I am paying for support. Please email me.

I have replied to your email.


keng007 Purchased

I just bought this plugin I do not understand how to use it. I would like use this demo, however?


keng007 Purchased

I need to write coding, right? [I’m not a programmer]

Hi, you need to read the documentation.

I have submitted a bug ticket and a followup ticket over the past 2 weeks with no response

You should have received a vacation response. We had holidays here but we are back now and we’ll pick up all open tickets.


I have few questions.

1.When creating an ecard post I upload an image from add media button and after publishing the image appears twice.

2.When I delete the image post stiil shows it.

3.When I send an ecard without image sending and receiving works just fine. But when I add an image it says sent succesfuly but there is no receiving. I have checked the logs of postman plugin; it says “unable to read the image and no target email written”

What am I doing wrong?



1. You have not read the documentation. You don’t need to insert the image. If you insert it, it will appear twice. The plugin automatically detects any images attached to your post/page.

2. Yes, because you delete the image from the post content, you need to delete it permanently.

3. Not sure. Can I see your page? I am using Postman, as well, and it works properly.

thank you for your kind answer. how do I attache an image…from the bottom of page where it says upload/remove?

No, go to your post/page, click Add Media, upload an image and you’re done. The image is now attached. You can close the Add Media window without inserting the image.

Can the layout be changed on how the e-card displays on the page? Would rather it look more like dayspring ecard setup like this https://www.dayspring.com/ecards/ecard/view/ecard/1908/category/209/—large pic on left and the share buttons to the right, rather than picture on top and scroll down page to see the form.

It can be done, but using custom CSS and maybe a bit of JavaScript. But not inside the plugin, as it would depend on the theme.

Contact us via email, if this is your only request and we’ll see what we can do.

Emails have horrible reach. Can you integrate any sharing script? For example Add This, Share This. So user is sent the card through sharing and not on email?

I’m sure you can implement it by adding the script to your posts/pages. This is an email plugin, and adding Add This or Share This would be outside the scope of the plugin.

Can I set a default message to go out with each card and not custom message from user? I would pay for this feature

Yes, you can.The feature is already in there.

So once you create a custom message with ecard that is created on a post page that in addition to being sent via email, van also be shared via social media with a share this plugin?

It’s not possible, because the message is sent via email only. It’s not saved anywhere. This is also a privacy thing, as some messages can be quite personal and we didn’t introduce a message saving feature.

Hi! i want to know if i can place the text on top of the image and preview it ? as well i want to know if i could a flv file or gif only ? Regards

The plugin only allows for image files – JPG or PNG – and animated GIFs. You can’t place text on top of the image.

Does this plugin support PayPal Pro?

Sorry for the delay. What is PayPal Pro? The plugin supports the regular PayPal.

Is there any way to automatically redirect back to the card that was purchased oppose to having to click around?

No, this is a PayPal limitation.


smartnet Purchased

Hi. We have added the plugin and everything seems to be working well, except when we send a scheduled eCard. eCards that aren’t scheduled send completely fine. When one is scheduled it is not received by the recipient and /or the sender that is cc’d. You can send a test card from here (http://smartnetnyc.com/clients/cardmeal/please-do-not-lose-hope/) to see what I am saying.


Hi. Can you see the plugin in your WordPress admin? Do you have a date?

Please submit a request here:

Thank you!