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I like woobot, but it wont show up on my woocommerce categories,it only shows on products, cany ou help, please?

ALso, I cant get the facebook messenger icon to sit with the bot icon

That can happen if you select to show woowbot only on specific pages in the general settings. Could you please open a support ticket from and include a full page screenshot of your settings page so we can check? Also, include the site link there.


Still waiting for support.

Where should I write the ticket? is our official support channel. Please open a ticket there.


Ok, thank you.


Sorry for my bad english.

Is posible use DialogFlow integration in spanish?


Yes. Spanish is supported.


Hi Jamil, what is the current version? Mine today is 11.8.6 . The plugin is being shown even on mobile (I disabled it). Also I would like to disable the mp3 to load… but its loading too… Thanks!

Would you please open a support ticket from and include the site link so we can check?


Why don’t you put WoowBot Pro Max Ultimate here with all the addons?

We will do that soon.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, nice plugin!

Does it generate events on Google Analytics for ROI report?

I got stuck on demo after clicking on the shopping cart chat button…

It does not generate any events on google analytics. But it is a good idea. We will add soon. Thanks for the feedback.

The demo did not have the latest version. Now fixed after uploading latest package into demo site. Thanks again for pointing it out. To test, please clear browser cache and cookies first or check in browser Private mode.

I just tested on two cell phones. When the bot gives a link it gets stuck, which is ok, as long the right msg shows up, however, “bot is typing” is what we get. There is also no way to close the chat window on a smaller mobile (not that much though).

I also did not see whats the difference when facebook messenger addon is enabled on the site. Free version also does not receive any data given by the user.

Please share a screenshot at so we can better understand the issue you are seeing.


Hello, I am not able to get support on your website. I am registered with but Worddefence banned myself. How can I access the supoort plattaform?

I would like to buy the chat plugin to join with ChatBot for WooCommerce. Actualy I have ChatBot for WooCommerce – Retargeting, Exit Intent, Abandoned Cart, Facebook Live Chat – WoowBot

But I need a chat to provide support my users and for example, conect ChatBot for WooCommerce but if someone wants talk with me I would like answer.

Thank you. Ray

Hi Ray,

For support, please open a ticket from

If you are still unable to login, we will reset the password and post there.



IanTsai Purchased

Hi this chatbot support Chinese language?

Yes, you can change all the languages from the plugin’s settings.

Also, check the languages supported by DialogFlow:


I work in the field of limousine Demand on the site is made by setting a date Will this program benefit me in attracting visitors and answering their questions, for example, that relate to the city, regions or transport prices?


It sure can help. If you email us the site link to, we can provide more specific suggestions.


Is the license for life? Do I need any additional complement or purchase some extra service?

what is the difference with this

Envato license allows 6 months of premium support and update through envato plugin.

Some addons are extra.

The WoowBot Pro Max version is slightly different than the envato version.

You can email us at for more details.


Congratulations, excellent work. However, I honestly don’t like the design. Could you please improve it, I’m eager to buy, but my clients are demanding with the aesthetics must be modern, for example, a modern design: builder-facebook-instagram-twitch-and-more / 24767490

Many thanks for your feedback! We are working on some new designs already. Will let you know once ready.


Hi, i just made a purchase and set up chatbot, however it gets “stucked” both on desktop and mobile, i have cleared cache manytimes, same result, the chat window on mobile is too big, i have adjusted the settings it dosent work either.

I have open a support ticket, kindly have a look. for now i have disabled the plugin.

If no solution kindly issue me a refund. Many thanks.

NOTE: this requires immediate attention as this is on live site.

Does it run with opencart, I mean if you can change a bit to match opencart websites?

I mean if you can change a bit to match opencart websites?

This is not clear. Opencart is a eCommerce platform – not a single website. To make the chatbot load on a website developed on opencart, we will need to integrate with the opencart platform – which will be quite time consuming and take significant effort.

If you are interested in sponsoring such a project, please contact us by email from our profile’s right side form.

Thank you!

Done, I PM you now

hi! You can integrate into the system for example, or the aftership plugin, so that customers can get up-to-date information about their parcel and its status in the chat bot, where the parcel is currently located by tracking number? The chat bot shows orders, but it only shows the current order, not the actual location. That would be convenient

Many thanks for the feedback. We will check them out.

hola un pregunta yo quiero comprarlo pero tengo una consulta

el pago es un pago único? o hay que estar renovando licencias y otra consulta, desde qué plataforma funciona el chatbot, desde wordpress o desde una independiente, solo quiero saberlo para poder hacer la compra

hello a question I want to buy it but I have a question

Is the payment a one-time payment? or you have to be renewing licenses and another query, from which platform the chatbot works, from wordpress or from an independent one, I just want to know to be able to make the purchase

Envato regular license is one time payment and includes 6 months of auto updates and 6 months of support.

WPBot is a WordPress plugin and must be installed on a WordPress for it to work. However, it also provides Embed code. So, after you install the bot on a default WordPress site, you can use the embed code on any other type of website – including a static html site. Except for the site search, all other features should work well.

Apologies, the embed option is not yet released with this version of the WoowBot. Please email us from our profile for information if you are interested.



kjcheon Purchased

Hi, I purchased it just ago. But I have an error “There has been a critical error on your website.” I think this is due to my woocommerce version 4.0. So I’m not able to use it right now and can not help but waiting for the next update of chatbot. When will be the date for WC version 4.0 compatibility?


We are investigating this. Can you please open a support ticket from so we can collaborate more closely in finding the issue?

Thank you


Artloper Purchased

I want to buy another license. I also have a problem with the first plugin because it does not display products and a popup window. Can I expect help in case the plugin doesn’t work? Can I refund if you fail to help me and the plugin doesn’t work?

Please open a support ticket from with details and site link, we will resolve the issue. No worries.


Artloper Purchased

not working properly … i have two licenses. I’m sending you support information


runelgna Purchased

Hi, bot sometimes give undefined error and crashes. Please check , how can i fix it? Is it a bug?


This usually happens if Dialogflow is enabled but not set up completely.

Please open a support ticket from and include the site link so we can check more.