WooSquare Pro

WooSquare Pro

WooSquare – Connect WooCommerce to Square

WooSquare purpose is to migrate & synchronize data (Products inventory- Products Category) between Square system point of sale & Woo commerce plug-in. Square is free point of sale software that facilitate the process of selling products.

Need for that to simplify the process of selling data and integration between woo commerce and customers who use square point of sale at their transactions without need to adjust the inventory at both sides Synchronize products categories-products-products variations-discounts –quantity –price between square & woo commerce.

Synchronize Any updates at products details.Synchronize Customers create orders ,orders details at square must be synchronized at woo commerce with products quantity deduction

There will be options if the system contain same products SKUs ,available options:

- Woo commerce product Override square product – Square product Override Woo commerce product

Click here to downloads our free version of WooSquare Pro.

User can used Square live/Sandbox Payment Gateway from WooCommerce Checkout.

Your checkout page must be SSL certificate activated for Square payments.

Square card payment acceptance with the Square Register app is currently available in the US, Canada and Australia.

How it works:

  1. User pay with square at WooCommerce Checkout.
  2. User pay in Square.
  3. Square will connect to your server.
  4. Square update woocommerce inventory.
  5. Transactions reflected on woocommerce orders.
  6. Easy, instant, self managed refunds between WooCommerce & square.
  7. Woocommerce inventory get updated

Demo video : WooSquare Credit card Square Payment live/sandbox from Woocommerce Checkout

Demo video : WooSquare synchronize wooocommerce to Square Store / Square Store to Woocomerce Simple products

Demo video : WooSquare synchronize wooocommerce to Square Store / Square Store to Woocomerce variable products


  1. WooCommerce 2.6.0+
  2. An SSL Certificate.
  3. Square account.
  4. WordPress 4.4+
  5. PHP version 5.5+
  6. Square account.

WooSquare . needs that you just have SKUs assigned to any or all product, as well as every product variation (if applicable).

Setup and Configuration

WooSquare Sync and Square Payment Settings

  1. Go to: Woo-Square > Woo-Square.
  2. Log into your Square account or register.
  3. Click here to register your app from Square.
  4. Copy Application ID and Personal Access Token from square and paste it to Live/Sandbox Application ID and Live/Sandbox Access Token textbox .
  5. Now click Authorize to connect with your Square Account.

WooSquare Square Sync Setting

  1. Select Your Store Location.
  2. Chose Auto Synchronize on or off.
  3. Chose Merging Option.
  4. Chose Would you like to synchronize your product on every product edit or update.
  5. Chose Would you like to synchronize your product on every product edit or update.
  6. Now click Save Changes to complete your Square Sync Setting.

WooSquare Payment Settings

  1. Go to: Woo-Square > Square Payment.
  2. Enable Square.
  3. Click on Save Changes.


Version : 2.2
Date :  01/02/2017
Feature - Support added of square payment gateway for Australia as well.
Version : 2.1
Date :  23/01/2017
Fix - hyphen was appearing variations title . Now title of variations will appear as save in square.
Version : 2.0
Date :  09/01/2017

Now you can pay with Square at WooCommerce checkout.
Added support for live and sandbox Square payment API.
Added settings tab for Square payment gateway in backend.
Added support for live and sandbox Square payment API.
Add Pop-up to select Categories and products to synchronize and select which will be added, updated or deleted.
New logs page to display the logs (successful/failed) transferred products/categories which displays category/product name, synchronization type (manual/automatic), synchronization direction (woo -> square or square -> woo), action (add, update or delete) with a hint message in case of failed transfers.
On setting section plugin new setting "Would you like to synchronize your product on every product edit or update " 
Version : 1.1
Date :  19/12/2016

Fix - Avoid duplicated imported products' images.
Fix - US accounts which have multiple locations.
Fix - Square-> WooCommerce adding image upload to variable products featured images.
Fix - When Syncing Woo to Square and Square to Woo , Products are getting duplicated.
Fix - Some Warning errors appearing on saving product.
Fix - Error report if Sku missing Woocommerce to Square and Square to woocommerce in simpley product and variable product on run time.
Version : 1.0.4
Date :  07/03/2016

Fix - Add ability to manage Square account with different locations based on the new updates of Square API.
Version : 1.0.3
Date :  29/02/2016

Fix - Add validation for callback page if it is called via test tool of square.
Fix - use wordpress media to upload images instead of file_get_content function
Version : 1.0.2
Date :  21/02/2016

Fix - increase the maximum execution time of the sync process request to avoid timeout error.
Feature - Add button to manualy terminate the current running sync process.
Version : 1.0.1
Date :  03/02/2016

Fix - modify the variable name on square class.
Feature - Add validation before Auto/Manual Sync process to ensure there is no other Sync process running in the same time to avoid duplicate records.