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Hi! This plugin is now officially supported by RingCaptcha. Any inquiries from now on will be answered within 12 to 24 hours. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.

You can also reach us by visiting our site: https://ringcaptcha.com/

Hi and thank you for this plugin . Where can I change this user message :PIN: 3300 Brought to you by ‘iDoneThis’ : https://get.ringcaptcha.com/idonethis

Hi there! You can customize the SMS from the RingCaptcha Dashboard > My Apps > Customize

If you want to have live chat support, you can reach us through Intercom on our site: https://ringcaptcha.com/

Hello do you plan to add a shortcode to display the widget in a page or post ? Also do plan to have an option to redirect to an URL of our choice after verification? Thank you :)

Thank you for the suggestion! We have a landing page which has a widget so that users can test it out. You can check it here: https://get.ringcaptcha.com/rwr-4/

If you want to redirect to an URL after a user verifies, you can do so by doing a bit of a Javascript which has a ‘verified’ callback event which redirects to a URL.

You can refer to the documentation here: http://my.ringcaptcha.com/docs/web#advanced

Please reach us out through our Intercom here https://ringcaptcha.com/ if you need further support regarding this.