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Hi! This plugin is now officially supported by RingCaptcha. Any inquiries from now on will be answered within 12 to 24 hours. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions.

You can also reach us by visiting our site: https://ringcaptcha.com/

Hi and thank you for this plugin . Where can I change this user message :PIN: 3300 Brought to you by ‘iDoneThis’ : https://get.ringcaptcha.com/idonethis

Hi there! You can customize the SMS from the RingCaptcha Dashboard > My Apps > Customize

If you want to have live chat support, you can reach us through Intercom on our site: https://ringcaptcha.com/

Hello do you plan to add a shortcode to display the widget in a page or post ? Also do plan to have an option to redirect to an URL of our choice after verification? Thank you :)

Thank you for the suggestion! We have a landing page which has a widget so that users can test it out. You can check it here: https://get.ringcaptcha.com/rwr-4/

If you want to redirect to an URL after a user verifies, you can do so by doing a bit of a Javascript which has a ‘verified’ callback event which redirects to a URL.

You can refer to the documentation here: http://my.ringcaptcha.com/docs/web#advanced

Please reach us out through our Intercom here https://ringcaptcha.com/ if you need further support regarding this.

Hi, Planning to purchase the plugin. Few questions:

1. At the checkout page, I want the phone verification to get activated only when the payment mode is Cash on Delivery, will that be possible?

2. If a number is verified once, and the customer checks out again, will it be possible to disable the verification of the same number 2nd time?

3. Can I use custom SMS gateway with this plugin? If not, where can I see the SMS rates?

Thanks for your reply. Is the update with feature #2 coming out anytime soon?

Also, is it possible to remove the ringcaptcha branding on the checkout page?

We are definitely working it out regarding this new feature and is coming out soon!

Yes it’s possible to remove the RingCaptcha branding on the checkout page. You can reach us out if you want to do that through our site’s Intercom.

Thank you.

pre-sale question by the way adding phone verification for Cash on Delivery would pretty sweet but it is not a deal breaker for me . What I need to know before I buy and use service to eliminate woocommerce coupon abuse .can you trigger the phone verification requirement if customer wanted to use one of our woocommerce coupons. and verify that that phone number was unique as well. is that possible ??

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out!

The phone verification is available regardless of the mode of payment. We are planning to release an update soon which lets users choose which method of payment to display the phone verification (say for example Cash on Delivery only).

The phone verification currently does not remember any phone numbers verified before and will always verify phone numbers on checkout. For the coupon inquiry, it will verify as long as it’s on checkout and has a phone field.

You can reach out through our Intercom here: http://ringcaptcha.com/

yes checkout has a phone field but I wanted to accept guest checkout as long as s customer is not using a coupon and if they desire to get the discount then we do the extra step and verify there phone to make sure the same customer doesn’t apply same coupon again and again. is that possible ??

Regarding the coupon integration, we believe the functionality that you’re pertaining to is related to Woocommerce itself and may require a bit of tinkering on that side, not with the the phone verification plugin.

Our dev team will investigate how our plugin integrates with the coupon functionality and keep you updated once we find anything.

Hi, Presale questions please.

1- Does a verified customer have to verify his number for each purchase. ?

2- What the cost of the sms verification to Algeria ? vs call verification?

3- Are call verification only in English ? does it support French ?

4- Is there a setting to disable call verification ? so the only way is by sms ?


Hi there!

1. Yes, phone verification should be done each checkout. 2. We provide 500 free SMS per month regardless of the country. For volume more than 500 per month, please reach out for the pricing. 3. It does support other language. 4. Yes, there is a way to toggle this option.


I would like to ask about adding the mobile verification on the registration?

Hi there!

Unfortunately our plugin does not cater to this requirement, it only adds phone verification on checkout page regardless if a user is logged in or not.

i install it but cant see in the wp dashboard can any help

Hi there! Are you still having this issue? You can reach out to us on our Intercom – the chat pop-up on our website and we’d definitely help you out on this one.

Hi, I have a startup account in ringcaptcha.com and I purchased and activated RingCaptcha 2.3 plugin in my woocommerce store. It works and after I enter OTP code it says “Thanks! Your phone has been verified!” but when I click confirm order it says “Billing Phone is a required field (please verify your phone number)” !! and nothing happens.


SOLVED! after I contacted the support in RingCaptcha website, Thank you!

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us on the Intercom of our website. Glad to have it fixed for you. Thanks for leaving us a positive comment as well!

The user is able to bypass the OTP verification while checkout. Even the phone number is a required field its still bypassing when your plugin is active.

I has tested by deactivating your plugin, then the user is not able to bypass phone number in checkout process.

Please help me with this...!

Hi there! This has already been fixed on the latest version and you can download the latest plugin. If we can help you with anything else please let us know. Thank you!

I have the free version and have the following issues : [country : India]

1) When a new number tries to get verified for the first time, no OTP is sent to the mobile. Only after waiting for 60 secs and trying again, the OTP is sent.

2) The number entered for OTP is not stored in WooCommerce orders. The phone number in WooCommerce order shows blank. A huge issue.

3) Is it possible to remove the ring captha branding in the plugin and sms notification, in the paid version?

4) Sometimes, the “Billing Phone is a required field” popup shows up, even after verifying.

I would like you to address these issues before I buy the plugin.

Hi there! Here are the answers to your questions:

1) We usually don’t have deliverability issues with our API but we can certainly check from our logs as to what’s going on. Please provide us the RingCaptcha app key through our Intercom (the chat pop-up on our site).

2) This usually occurs when the hosting provider could not do an HTTP request with our API, hence leaving the number field empty. We can give you another copy of the plugin with the fix.

3) Yes, it is possible.

4) Same as answer #2

Please reach out on our Intercom and we can settle those problems for you. We have an awesome customer support. :)


Jhon-Sn Purchased

supports numbers for Ecuador?


Jhon-Sn Purchased

Also the notes added to the order are sent?

For SMS notifications, you can customize your desired SMS according to your needs.


Jhon-Sn Purchased

I mean if I add a note in the order for the client, the note is also sent as notification

How much will I pay for beyond this plugin?

RingCaptcha provides 500 free SMS per month, so if your estimated volume of transactions are less than this, then there are no further payments required.

If you would like to know more, please reach out through the Intercom (the chat pop-up) on our site – https://ringcaptcha.com

Thank you.

Will the RingCaptcha Logo appear on my site?

Is it possible to translate words into RingCaptcha in the Woocommerce checkout area?

Yes, the RingCaptcha phone widget can be translated to other locales as well.


Jhon-Sn Purchased

I still do not receive administrator notifications or customer orders, how do I activate notifications?

I’m calling on the stand all day and no one answers me …

Hey Andre, we just replied on your inquiry on Intercom regarding translating the widget and removing ‘RingCaptcha’ logo. Please check it out. :)


this is a pre sale question.

1) I wonder if I can set up the phone’s veerification only on the first purchase?

2)What if you have the option to remove the RingCaptcha logo?


Hi there!

1. No, the plugin adds phone verification on checkout regardless if it’s a guest user, logged in user, or user who has already verified before.

2. Sure! We can remove the RingCaptcha logo for you.