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Woocommerce Mailchimp Discount

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Woocommerce Mailchimp Discount helps you to easily make your MailChimp list healthy by providing a one time discount when someone subscribes to your mailchimp list. This plugin automatically adds a MailChimp subscription popup to your website which can be used to capture the Emails and when the user successfully subscribed to your list then he gets a coupon code.

Whenever a new user signups for your newsletter the plugin automatically generates a coupon code based on the admin settings and email it to the registered email id.

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Its proven that this plugin helps you grow your newsletter signup by 25 – 50%.

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  • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
  • Easily setup discount for newsletter signups.
  • Double optin to have only valid users receive the coupon.
  • Ability to restrict the coupon to the registered email id only.
  • Automatically generates unique coupons for each signup.
  • Ability to set a coupon prefix so that you can easily recognise the coupon generated through the plugin.
  • Ability to define a custom length for the coupons that gets generated through the plugin.
  • Uses native woocommerce coupon system to generate the coupons.
  • Uses woocommerce native template to send email for the coupon code if using woocommerce 2.3.x.
  • Exit intent to display the popup.
  • Customizable shortcode support, which allows you to put add the form on any page/post or widget.
  • Ability to add multiple forms on same page and use shortcode alng with the popup feature.
  • Admin option to change the cookie length for popup display.
  • Admin option to disable popup and have the signups only as widgets.
  • Easily customize the look and feel of the popup to match your site’s design.
  • Allows you to show form fields as per your needs.
  • Creates a different unique coupon each time a user sign up for newsletter.
  • Easily select and setup coupon for specific products or categories.
  • Easy to exclude specific products and categories from the discount.
  • Ability to exclude discount on sales items.
  • Allows you to define a coupon validity in number of days from the date of registration.
  • Ability to change the email from name and address.
  • Ability to define a minimum and maximum purchase limit in order to be able to use the coupon.
  • Allows you to customize the coupon code email and subject from the admin panel.
  • Allows you to use enter predefined variables on the email body and email subject.
  • Allows you to display a popup for the mailchimp signup form.

Shortcode Settings

You can use
shortcode to use the mailchimp discout form on your page/post/widget etc.
Please find the list of variables you can use with shortcode.
Variable Description
width Define a width for the signup form.
Possible values: 100px, 100%, 500px etc.
[wc_mailchimp_discount width="400px"]
align Set the alignment for the signup form.
Possible values: left,right and center.
[wc_mailchimp_discount align="center"]
layout Define the layout for the form.
Possible values are horizontal and vertical. The default value is vertical.
[wc_mailchimp_discount layout="horizontal"]
btn_width Set width for the subscribe button.
Possible values: 100px, 429px, 100%, 69% etc.
[wc_mailchimp_discount btn_width="300px"]
btn_align Set the alignment for the subscribe button.
Possible values: left,right and center.
[wc_mailchimp_discount btn_align="right"]
top_text Define a text that would appear on top of the form.
[wc_mailchimp_discount top_text="Subscribe to our newsletter and win discount"]
top_text_color Set a text color for the top text.
[wc_mailchimp_discount top_text_color="#ffcc00"]

You can combine any of the shortcode variables and create different type of forms. Check some examples below:
[wc_mailchimp_discount width="400px" align="center" btn_width="100%" texttop_text_top="Signup for newsletter" top_text_color="#333333"]

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Version: 3.8(14th Nov 20)
 - bug fixed optin option
 - bug fixed for coupon options
Version 3.7(2nd April 20)
 - Issue fixed Coupons exceeding the limit
 - Added aria-labeled by to the subscribe form
Version 3.6(20th Feb 20)
 - Added new admin dashboard design 
 - Add product variations in the coupon
 - Fixed mail issue when the user has been subscribed
 - Fixed popup overlay opacity issue
 - Added error notice when api key has not been setup
Version 3.5(10th September 19)
 - Fixed MailChimp merge tags with languages
 - Fixed issue with WPML shortcode content
Version 3.4(6th September 19)
 - Added functionality for Mailchimp API validation
 - Get Mailchimp audience id automatically
 - Add webhook automatically
 - Add option to show popup on selected pages
 - Added filter hook for extra fields
 - Added functionality where admin can set whether to use existing coupons or create coupons dynamically
 - Fixed test email feature
 - Fixed shortcode css issue
 - Added bunch of new animations for the popup
 - Fixed coupon roles issue
Version 3.3(17th Dec 18)
 - Fixed issue for selected category in the coupons
Version 3.2(10th Nov 18)
 - Added option for php mail when wp_mail and woocommerce mailer doesn't work
 - Added ajax option to get products and exclude products option
Version 3.1(11th Oct 18)
 - Added option for send coupons to user roles
Version 3.0(9th Oct 18)
 - Added options frameowork for the plugin settings
 - added hooks for custom fields
Version 2.8(6th Sep 18)
- Issue fixed for email from name and email from
- Made sanitise user inputs
- Fixed Coupon validation with WooCommerce 3.4 
Version 2.7(4th Sep 18)
- Fixed Coupon validation with WooCommerce 3.4 
Version 2.6(10th Aug 18)
- Fixed issue for email id compare when restrict email option is enabled
Version 2.5(14th May 18)
 - Made functionality to add message for invalid email id from plugin settings
Version 2.4(8th May 18)
 - Made functionality for timer to set redirect to another page after successfull redirect
 - Optimized code 
Version 2.3(30th April 18)
 - Made functionality for redirect to another page after successfull redirect
 - Fixed compatibility issue for latest version of wordpress and woocommerce
 - fixed issue for sending confirmation email from mailchimp even user is already register
 - Optimized code for faster loading
Version 2.2(9th Dec 17)
 - Fixed compatibility issue for categories with WooCommerce 3.2.5 and WordPress 4.9
 - added functionality where admin can show/hide checkbox like terms and condition in the frontend
 - added functionality for admin to set checkbox text label for the checkbox
 - added functionality for admin to set error message for checkbox validation
 - added functionalty where admin can set color for checkbox label text
Version 2.1(12th April 17)
- Fixed compatibility issue with WooCommerce 3.0.0
- Mailchimp source signup merge fields added
- Added feature for mailchimp signup success text color, background color
- Added feature for mailchimp signup error text color, background color
- Added feature for enable/disable popup on mobile device
Version 2.0.2(15th March 17)
- Mailchimp API 3.0 implemented
- Language merge vars added from code
- Show coupon code on response in single optin 
Version 2.0.1(12 JULY 16)
-  Fixed compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.6.x.
- Fixed shipping issue for this plugin
Version 2.0 (22 JUNE 16)
  - Fixed compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.6.x.
  - Fixed translation issues.
  - Fixed issues with email body formatting.
  - Added option to translate admin option texts using WPML.
Version 1.9 (9 MARCH 16)
  - Fixed issue with source merge tag.
  - Added check for existing emails on mailchimp from other sources.
  - Added admin option to enable popup only on homepage.
  - Added admin option to specify an email as a test email.
Version 1.8.1 (28 JAN 16)
  - Fixed incompatibility issue with woocommerce 2.5.x 
Version 1.8 (22 DEC 15) 
    - Added ability to trigger the popup using any button or link.
    - Added ability to turn off discount feature and use it as a simple mailchimp subscription.
Version 1.7 (15 OCT 15) 
    - Updated popup from custombox to magnific popup.
    - Updated popup animation list.
    - Added option for hinge close effect.
    - Added option to specify color for the close button.
    - Added option to close popup on overlay click.
    - Added option to automatically close popup on successful subscription.
    - Added option to only allow the logged in user to apply the coupon code if the coupon is restricted to only subscribed user.
    - Bug Fix: Exit Intent issue.
    - Bug Fix: Popup html output on latest version of WooCommerce.
Version 1.6 (21 SEPT 15) 
    - Added ability to restrict email.
    - Added ability to change coupon expiry date format from admin.
    - Bug Fix: Minimum discount.
    - Bug Fix: Double optin multiple coupons.
Version 1.5 (26 AUG 15) 
    - Added support for double optin.
    - Added option to set a coupon prefix for the coupon codes generated through the plugin.
    - Added option to set the coupon length.
Version 1.4 (05 MAY 15)
    - Added source merge tag to segment list based on merge tag.
    - Added support for lower version of php
Version 1.3 (29 MAR 15)
    - Added WooCommerce 2.3.x support.
    - Added support for WooCommerce mailer to send emails if using WooCommerce 2.3.x.
    - Added exit intent option for the popup display.
Version 1.2 (15 FEB 15)
    - Fixed issues with internet explorer.
    - Added layout support to the shortcode.
Version 1.1 (09 FEB 15)
    - Added shortcode support.
    - Added admin option to define cookie length.
    - Added admin option to disable the popup.
Version 1.0 (01 FEB 15)
    - Initial public release.

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