WooCommerce First Purchase Discount

WooCommerce First Purchase Discount

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WooCommerce First Purchase Discount is a WooCommerce addon which allows you to offer discount to the customers who are making their first purchase on your store.

The plugin checks for combination of multiple fields such as address, zip code, name, phone number and email id to know if the user has already made a purchase in past.

The discount is automatically added as the user fills in the billing form on the checkout page.


  • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
  • Categories: Just add those categories for which you want the customer atleast in their cart for getting discount at the time of checkout
  • Discount Value: This will be the discount amount
  • Discount Type: There are two types of discount. i. Flat Discount ii. Percent Discount
  • Minimum Purchase: This will be the minimum amount of purchase needs to get this offer. If you want any value then enter 0
  • Include Shipping: This will be the shipping price to be included
  • Apply Before Tax: This will be the discount amount to be add before adding tax
  • Discount Name: This will be the discount name that will be shown to the customer at the time of checkout.
  • Enable popup: Just make it checked if you want to show the popup
  • Popup cookie length(days): This will be the cookie length. Once user closes the popup, popup will not be shown to him for those set days
  • Exit intent: Display popup based on exit intent
  • Close popup on overlay click: Close the popup when people click outside the popup?
  • Popup Background Image: This will be the background image for the popup
  • Popup Background Color: This will be the Popup Background Color
  • Popup close button Color: This will be the Popup close button Color
  • Popup Overlay Color: This will be the Popup Overlay Color
  • Popup header text color: This will be the Popup header text color
  • Popup overlay opacity: This will be the Popup overlay opacity
  • Popup Height (px): This will be the Popup Height
  • Popup Width (px): This will be the Popup Width
  • Popup Content Top Position (px): Enter the amount of pixel from which the content will be shown from the top
  • Popup Content Left Position (px): Enter the amount of pixel from which the content will be shown from left
  • Popup Animation effect: Thses are the animation effects for the popup
  • Close hinge effect: This is an unique effect. Which will be shown at the time of close popup. To make it enable just check the checkbox
  • Display popup after(seconds): This will be the seconds after which the Popup will be shown
  • Popup header text: This will be the popup header text
  • Popup Text: Just enter the text in wysiwg editor, which you want to show in the popup

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10th Nov '20 (Version 1.5)
  - Checked with latest wordpress and woocommerce
18th Sep (Version 1.4)
 - fixed issue for discount total calculation with WooCommerce 3.4
14th May 18 (Version 1.3)
 - fixed issue for apply discount before tax
 - code optimisation
11th August 17 (Version 1.2)
 - woocommerce session issue with discount has been fixed
- woocommerce update sanitize option has been made
27 September 16 (Version 1.1)
  - Fixed conflict with WooCommerce shipping zones.
  - Updated plugin to work with latest version of WorPress and WooCommerce.
7 November 15 (Version 1.0)
 - Fixed issue with checkout notice.
 - Removed 2nd line of address checking for discount calculation.
30 October 15 (Version 1.0)
 - Initial Release