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Hi seems to be quite awhile has passed since questions about disabling on mobile due to Google crack down, can you please post code to disable on mobile?


We are almost ready with an update which has this functionality and you will receive this update next week.

Installed correctly and emails being added to list but no emails going through to subscribers. Help?


Please send us the site url and login details at so that we can check the exact issue.

I purchased the woocommerce pop up code, is there a way to make that into a widget?


Thanks for the purchase of the plugin. You can show the form from a text widget. Just use the short code [wc_mailchimp_discount]. For more information please check the documentation.

Is it possible to specify which page the pop-up appears on – not just the home page?

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to show it as a ‘pop-up’ on another page thou?

If you want to show the popup from any other pages then just add a button or any text and assign class for that as wcmd-trigger .Once it has been clicked then the popup will be shown.

Ah ok, so there is no way to have it show automatically on other pages as it does on the home page?

There is one piece that seems to be missing? You are working with the standard Coupons and Smart Coupons – but when used with URL Coupons (by WooCommerce) you’re plugin is not updating the “Unique URL” field.

Having this filled out and then the ability to put the URL into the email your plugin send would be extremely helpful and turn your plugin form a basic plugin into a marketing machine.

What do I need to do to get this to work?

URL Coupons


Thanks for the suggestion. The plugin what you have told is URL Coupons which is another a plugin. But our plugin does not depends upon any other plugin. If you want that to be done on your site then just ask for us a quote on and one of our developer will make that work done.

mailchimp discount not sending email after sign up.


Just checked your site. When I tried with my mailchimp API and list id then everything is working as it should. So there must be some issues with your mailchimp account settings, API key or list id. Please check them properly.

Hi there,

Is there a way to include “Unsubscribe” link to the emails going out?



Sorry to say but there is no option for that.

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Hello! The popup don’t work on mobile devices, and conflicts with my payment plugin. Are there any options I can fix this? Thanks?


Can you please share your website url and let us know the payment gateway you are using so that we can check for the conflict.

Hi, we have an issue on our testing environment: We added a subscription form in the bottom of the page:

I see that users are registered in the Mailchimp mailing-list (and a coupon is generated), but emails are not being sent (not from the popup and not from the form in the bottom)!!

This has worked before from this environment, something has changed but I can’t figure out what =/ nothing in debug.log either.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks


Are you sure from your server the emails are working fine? Are you using double optin feature? If you have enabled double optin then the webhook is properly used?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I checked and verified: we are not configured to use double-optin and I can send emails from the server.

Emails are still not getting through with the plugin =/

Is there a debugging version? Or another way we can test it?

Please feel free to test it on:

Good day


Please send us the login details for this site at so that we can fix it for you


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I have been getting the plug in up and ready and now when it’s ready to use the email is not going to the subscriber but I’m get an email to say that there is a new subscriber. Can you help?

Thanks Allison


Sorry for the issue. Can you send us your site url with login details at so that we can check the issue and let you know what exactly the issue is.

Hello, is the plugin ready for WC3 ?


Currently we are testing the plugin with WC3. Once its finished we will make an update for the plugin.


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Send an email


Can you tell us more about your query?


pnmchr Purchased

When I use the shortcode, my succes message is green on green. It seems like colors are taken from the theme. Plugin is working, but managing colors etc. seems to be almost impossible.

Support is not fantastic. I bought this plugin, send them an email to support. I was asked to raise a support case. I thought I just did???

Hello pnmchr,

You can ask for support here

It’s just for comments regarding the plugin. Also your support license seems to be expired. Can you please renew and create a ticket. we will definitely get your issues resolved in 24 hours.


pnmchr Purchased

I will find another plugin. I have used your support once as I found a bug in your plugin. Probably this is another bug/missing setting in your plugin and I don’t want to pay 16$ to inform you about bugs or lack of setting options. I’ll find another plugin that can do the job.


The support shouldn’t cost you $16. Anyways, I just checked your site and it seems like the theme is overwriting the css of the plugin that’s why you are having this issue. Just add the following css to your site and it would be fine.

span.wcmd-validation.success{ background: #fff; }


When will this plugin be compatable with the latest wordpress version?

Hello abfchgirlx,

It works perfectly fine with the latest version of WooCommerce/WordPress.



alphabar Purchased

Hello friendly dev team,

I installed the plugin. Everything works except three things: 1) the translation of the strings – How do I have to name the new .po and .mo files in order for them to work (website is de_DE / Germany)

2) the discount doesnt get created. I’m on Woo 2.6.14 with WP 4.7.3. Theme Flatsome. I use the following plugins which might affect the creation of the discount: “WooCommerce Review for Discount” by WooCommerce

3) the email which is configured here: wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=mailchimp_discount (Email Body, Email Subject) ... Doesnt get sent to the new subscriber.

Thank you for your help! Andreas


Really sorry for those issues what you have. Please create a ticket for the issue what you have and don’t forget to mention the site url with login details. It helps us to resolve the issue quickly.

Hello. Is it possible to use this plugin with an existing mailchimp list? Generate a coupon code for each subscriber that is already on the list? Thanks


The plugin sends discount voucher to the user when they make subscribe to your mailchimp newsletter through this plugin.

Regarding what you want to send voucher to each user which are already subscribe to the list is not possible with the plugin.

Hi, my requirement is to have the po

1) Is the voucher code sent to subscriber unique or same across all new subscriber? 2) once the person subscribe their email, can the person be automatically be part of the website customer with role ‘subscriber’? 3) To add validation logic to the voucher code (Valid for first time purchase + Purchase needs to be more than RM100 only). can this be done?


2. Regarding the mailchimp user sync plugin we can’t tell you about that. Because that one has not been developed by us so we can’t say how that would work.

3. We are not getting the point exactly what you want to tell.

My question for (3) is To add validation logic to the voucher code (Valid for first time purchase + Purchase needs to be more than RM100 only). can this be done? You had mentioned it is possible. However, when i check in woocomerce, there is no function for me to configure the validation for first time purchase. I can set the minimum amount but how can i set to make sure the voucher is used for first time buyer only?


You can go to woo commerce -> coupon and edit any voucher if you have otherwise you can click on add coupon. You can see there is option called usage restriction and inside that there is option as maximum spend and minimum spend. You can go through them and check.

Regarding use for first time there is option called usage restriction. So our plugin uses those feature what woocommerce has by default feature. We are not adding any extra option for the coupon.

Hope those are the answers for your questions. Let me know if still you have any query.


Popup doesn’t show up, because of an error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘open’ of undefined

No any other JS error on the site. htpasswd user / pass : body / body

Fixed. Was a conflict with another script.