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Nice plugin. Full of features and with some basic CSS you can style it as you please.


- how to close the popup with a simple “No thanks” at the bottom of the popup?

Feature request:

- Add a tick to agree to “terms and conditions”

Hi There,

We will send you details about the close X button. Regarding the test email, Did you test your email before adding your details on the admin settings ?

Thanks guys, that would be great! The email that was entered was the wp adminstrator one (now the woocommerce store).


Can you create a temporary account for us and send those details at so that we can check and let you know what exactly the issue is.

Hi Guys,

Currently getting this fault after I’ve set the plugin up,

FNAME must be provided?

Any ideas how to fix this?

Regards Erik

Running WP 4.4.4 WooCommerce 2.5.5 Uncode Theme V1.2

The error means that on mailchimp you have changed settings on forms so that the first name is compulsory.

Hello, I have Zoho mail and your plugin 2.0 version. My issue concern the welcome and coupon e-mail which are not sent. I tried with my zoho mail and a gmail too. I can give credentials if needed. Very good plugin btw. Laurent

Hello, have you already receive my e-mail by contact form?


Can you tell me from which email id you had sent the email?


Oh i’ve just email you at


I had this problem when i was still on support and never received an answer. Could you still perhaps help me?

When I active your plugin my woocommerce cart widget stops working rightaway. It’s quite urgent that i would get this working.



Sorry for the issue. But what we can see is your support period has been expired. Can you make a renewal for the support service , so that we can help you.

I don’t feel too confident about since last time I asked you guys I never got any help and now i’m gonna have to pay again :/

Can you share your website url so that we can have a look on it? You can send the url on

I have installed the plugin and it looks awesome but when I go to use the discount code that I was emailed the code doesn’t work.

Can you help me with this please. is the website


Can you send us your site url and login details at so that we can what exactly the issue is.

Hi, Is there a frequency setting for the popup and how often a popup will display for a single user? For example, is there a setting that allows for the popup to show always or for a number of times, say 3 in a day, before it doesn’t show for the rest of that day.

And is there a setting that allows for the popup not to show once the visitor has signed up.

Do you use cookies to track if a visitor signs up or is it session based?

Also to configure it with MailChimp do you use the webhook and will the discount code be sent through the key?

Many thanks,

Hello There,

Yes, you can use the plugin shortcode on any other popup too. Regarding the popup cookie length, you can’t enter points currently. If you really need it then you need to have some modifications on the plugin to achieve what you need.

Hi, So by using your shortcode plugin, I can put the shortcode into any other popup plugin and the discount code will generate, be sent to/by MailChimp via the webhook and sent to the new subscriber in an email after they have signed up?

Does yours work with

What are the specific steps to configure?

Many thanks,


We have not tested the plugin with the reference popup plugin what you have shared. But it should work with any popup plugin. You have to just put the short code on any pages, post, popup and it should work.

We have a total documentation for configure the plugin which can be found with the plugin. Still if you stuck with any problem we are here to help you.


polakowt Purchased


I used the following shortcode: [wc_mailchimp_discount width=”400px” align=”center” btn_width=”100%”]

Have it ‘checked’ under settings to disable to popup, however, when you put in the info and click submit, it doesn’t transmit an email with the coupon code or any message of success. Please assist. Thanks!


You site has many js errors which can be seen from the console tab of chrome browser. That’s why it is not doing any submitted values to the form. Just fix those errors and it would work.


I tried your demo out on your site. I recieved the double optin email, but then did not receive anything else so i can evaluate what is going on.

Is this how it should work? Please let me know as the description of the plugin sounds like something i need.



Might be there some server issue when you made our demo testing that’s why you did not got the coupon code in the email.

Have you made setup the plugin in your site? Do you have any issue there?

Does the plugin work with leadpages as i use a pop feature provided by them that I would like to keep? Thanks


In the discount field, i have selected a dollar amount to be deducted as a discount. But what if i have multiple currencies activated on my site? Does this figure represent each currency? Eg, my store is in Australian dollars, so a by entering the figure 50, does this also mean 50 pounds or 50 Euros etc?



Sorry I am not getting about the leading pages. Can you describe the question?

Regarding multiple currency I think it would use the default currency what you have used in your site.

Hi Magni Genie

I love this plugin. Great work!

I have set it up on my home page perfectly but now I want to make a page with this embedded into it. Can you do this?

I want this so I can give people a link to get the discount when signing up to the mailing list vie Facebook.


If you want to show the form in a page then just create a page from admin dashboard and use the shortcode what we have. You can use the shortcode in any page, post, template and text widgets.

Regarding mailing list via Facebook I am not getting what you want to tell. this plugin does not work with Facebook.

Hi! thanks for your plugins!!! we have a rep sale question: is not clear the difference between this and this one: can you help us? thank you very much


Hello Angelo,

Basically, both the plugin does the same work but both plugins are based on 2 different newsletter providers.


Thanks for your interest in our plugin. The first link what you have shared if the woocommerce mailchimp discount. This plugin need your mailchimp API key and list id in the admin settings. So once you have made setup then it would show a form. Where user can put their mail id and they would get a discount after subscribed to your mailchimp mailing list. You can also use double opt in feature for confirmation of the user to get subscribed to the mailing list.

The second link is woocommerce constant contact discount. Constant Contact is also an email marketing system. This plugin has the same feature just like mailchimp discount. The difference in between those two plugins are the first one uses mailchimp services and the second one uses constant contact services.

For more details you can check the documentation of those two plugins.

Hi, How can I configure my website’s current newsletter email subscriber widget to generate the discount code generated by your plugin?

The website’s widget is linked to the same MailChimp list as the pop up with the discount offer.

So by using the same list will the code automatically generate when a subscriber enters their details there and follow the same rules as the popup? This is in between the cookie lengths when no pop up shows.

Or is it something to do with the “Disable discount for mailchimp sign ups and use it for normal mailchimp signups” rule.

Thank you.


Thanks for the purchase of our plugin. The plugin needs your mailchimp api key and the list id for which you want the visitors to be subscribed. Once you have entered the api key and list id then you have to make the plugin enable. If you don’t want to give any discount and use it for normal newsletter. Then we have option for that. Just go through the settings what we have. For more information you can go through the plugin documentation. Still you are confused about how to configure the plugin then just send us your site login details at and we would be happy to help you.

How do I add the source tag?

“Add SOURCE merge tag for each signup to track the signups. You can then segment the list based on the source merge tag”

I have this ticked, but nothing happens? How can I set this up?

Thank you!


For this you have to add the signup source. Just go through this link and do those steps what it has mentioned

The translations are still not working for the name and email address fields. I’m using POEdit and changing the strings does not affect the forms.

Hi magnigenie, pre-sale question. Can the plugin integrate in the checkout process? Could I for example set a expire date for coupon codes? Otherwise you´ll have someday thousand´s of coupon codes in the database – lot´s of useless data trash. Best Regards

I wasn´t talking about the pop-up…I said: the shortcode demo!!!! . You didn´t answer my other question about the integration in the checkout process! Best Regards

Hello There,

Regarding the shortcode demo, there was some admin settings which was forcing the width of the form. Regarding checkout process integration, currently there isn’t any option on the plugin but it’s on our list and we will add this feature in the next update.


ok – thx for your quick response!


smargolin Purchased

Hello, I just purchased your plugin, MailChimp signup discount for my client’s site, Very useful plugin…when it works: the sign up box no longer appears on my homepage. First, I tried using it without the shortcode; that didn’t work. Then I added the shortcode, [wcmd], to my home page. It worked for a day, then stopped! I then disabled all my plugins (except MCD) to see if there was a conflict. Still didn’t work. Any other ideas? My client is getting nervous! Thanks. Steve Purchase code: 418094bc-5a7d-4841-8de4-b88355ec0a92 – 18 Feb 2017


Actually the plugin uses cookie. What it happens is when the popup appears and a user make a successful signup the plugin stores one value for cookie. So that user can’t see the popup for the set days. The number of days popup can’t be seen is called popup cookie length(in days) in the plugin settings.

So if you want to check whether the popup is working or not then just clear the cookie of your browser and it would work. Hope it makes you understand how this works. Let me know if you still get any issue or still you have any doubts.


smargolin Purchased

Hi thanks for the reply. I knew that the app used cookies, so I would remove them from all my browsers’ cache before loading the home page. It still is not working!

Can you share your website url and if possible can you send us your site login details at So that we can check what actually the issue is.

He magnigenie, I bought your Plugin today. 2 Questions:

1.) Pop-Up and Shortcode use at the same time is possible? Because I tried check

“Disable popup: Disable popup and instead you can use [wcmd] shortcode”

once and after uncheck the Pop-Up didn´t work again (I emptied all caches in browser and caching plugin). After checking exit/intent Pop-Up started working again.

2.) I checked “coupon should not apply to items on sale” but this means at the moment that customers can´t combine sales items and normal items in the cart. The coupon won´t work if there are sales items in the cart. What ist the problem of using the coupon only for the normal items in cart and not consider the sale items!? I´m a customer too and something like that would make me really pissed. After choosing only normal items and applying coupon I tried to continue shopping and added sales items additionally to the cart…then the coupon was expired! This is customer behaving like it could be and this will cause at lot´s of trouble for me. I don´t want to use “Minimum Purchase”. Please make it possible to combine sales items and normal items in the cart! Coupon Code should work only for normal items! Best Regards

Hi, regarding the Pop-Up it´s basicly the same problems like “smargolin” has. Your plugin does not like changes!!! It´s always a fight to get changes to work…even if you empty browser chaches and the chaching plugin.

Regarding the coupon problem: l´ll check this…but makes no sense! There´s a need to make it posssible to combine sales products and normal products in the cart and the coupon should only work for the normal products if I check “coupon should not apply to items on sale”! I´ve send you data to check my testing site!

Best Regards

You are right – normal coupons created by woocommerce show the same problem. I don´t understand why – this means losing money :-(.

Another problem I realized is…after apply the coupon using a minimum purchase of 35 euro and then decide to take out a product of the cart which means I undercut the minimum purchase I can´t add another product to the cart because I´m getting the note “coupon already used and now invalid”! Is this although a wocommerce specific issue or does it come from the plugin? The customer is than not able to use the coupon anymore which means trouble.

Best Regards


All the coupon related thing comes from the WooCommerce. We have not added anything different.


axnptcs Purchased

Google is penalizing mobile sites with too large of a popup form starting Jan 2017. Does this plugin penalize my mobile site?