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there’s seems to be a bug recently that the discount coupons provided don’t work when trying to make a payment. You can insert the coupon and it works but when you want to process to payment it says the coupon code is not yours and it will delete the discount.

website: coupon to try with: 19EE2978F9B0

let me know how to fix this. thanks!

Okay then please create a ticket for this issue. You can create ticket in this url

Please send your site url with login details in that ticket so that it would be helpful to solve the issue in a faster way.

it says I can’t create an account. can I send you an email with the details?

Yes, that will work.

Hi. I have a problem. The plugin came working fine, but I updated Woocommerce 3.x and also updated its plugin (I use the 2.1). Now it does not create the coupon and it does not send the mail, but it yes register the mail to the mailchimp lists.


Please create a ticket for the issue what you have.

Ok.. I created a ticket

Hi – I’ve purchased your plugin and it is working well. I’d like the popup form to appear each time a user visits my site, but when they sign up I’d like to hide the popup so they don’t see it again. Is this possible ?


Actually, it saves a cookie when the user closes the popup. And based on it doesn’t display the popup again.

What you want can be achieved with minor tweaking on the plugin.


Can i check please, can this only do one form at a time please? or is there a way to do multiple different forms, that look different? Thanks

This can only do one popup form and one shortcode form but you can keep the shortcode in multiple places and the form would be displayed multiple times.

You can use CSS to style each shortcode forms differently.


cgelici Purchased

The email box and submit button in the popup are slightly misaligned. The button is a few pixels higher than the text box. How can this be fixed ?

Please share your site URL and we will check

Hi i just bought the plugin, but i get a error trying to install it:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/18/d670646966/htdocs/app676684467/wp-content/plugins/envato-market/inc/api.php on line 320

any advice? thnx!


As you can see the error is coming from envato market plugin what you have installed. Please uninstall that plugin and check again.

Ok, i did so but it still dont works.. it says: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

It works know. Know i need to translate the content with wpml, beacuase my site is running in three langauges.. is it possible?

hi, i want to erase the loader image as loading smybol.. i already erase it on the plugin content but it still shows up when inserting the email adress.. any advice?

ok i works.. is it also possible to have the dark overlay erased while loading? and.. is it possible to set up the hight of the subscriibe field? i just found the width in the shortcodes….

Yes, it’s possible to tweak the look and feel of the plugin but you need to modify the CSS codes for it as there is no default option to modify that.

wich one is to modify? magnific-popup or select2.css? what is the name of the hight and where is the code for the opacity while loading?


davbel Purchased

Hi, I have a couple of questions… 1) Would it be possible to send a reminder email a day before the coupon expires? 2) Would it also be possible to clear out all the expired coupons maybe a week afterwards? I’ve got 50+ pages of coupons :-)


Sorry but that option is not available with this version of the plugin.

the contact form in widget area appears differently on sites that are not woocommerce.. i want to have them the same appereance.. any advice?

also the popup on the homepage is not the same as in the shop page.. the input field is smaller and has an outline wich i dont want. how can i center the content on mobile devives?


I think the theme what are you using is overriding the css of the form and fields. So you need to check that and make some changes in the css file.

Let me know if still you have any issues.


JoelEade Purchased

Hi there! Just a note to say I tried using the [wcms] shortcode, as mentioned in the “Disable Popup” instructions inside Elementor but it didn’t work. The shortcode mentioned in the “Help” at the top of the page, [wc_mailchimp_discount], does work with Elementor.

I’m not sure if the issue is with your plugin or Elementor’s but thought I’d let you know.


The shortcode [wcms] is not for our plugin. What you did is correct and there isn’t any issues.

hi could i use shortcode integrate with woocommerce new user register form?


Sorry I am not getting you properly what exactly you are looking for.

hi i wish customers can register by [woocommerce_my_account] signup form and get the coupon by this plugin,could it be possible ? or i should buy Discussion on Woocommerce Signup Discount


Yes regarding discount on register you have to use our WooCommerce Signup Discount plugin. That option is not available with WooCommerce Mailchimp Discount plugin.

hi, the coupon email is not sending.. it just works subscribing with the test email.. ( any advice?


Can you create a ticket for the issue what you have now?


quick pre-sales question: Can the form be in a widget or shortcode, or is the plugin creating only popups?



Yes the form has shortcode which can be used easily in any pages, posts, widgets, templates.

Hi Author,

Very interesting about your plug-in, have some pre sales question.

Can the plugin send the random code to subscriber? or just only can send the 1 code to subscriber?

Thanks Dsteam


The plugin will send random coupon code to subscriber.