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Color64 Purchased

We’re using woocommerce payment gateway based fees. Is there a way to also switch the currency for this plugin? Now it just converts 1 to 1 (so 1 euro is 1 dollar)

Write request on support please with exact link of your site and that plugin which you mean (woocommerce payment gateway based fees)


Color64 Purchased

The article reverts back to this comments page to request a working solution, so i would like to request a solution :)

We’re using this plugin

Yes,thank you, just fixed the link to, please write there request with link to and share somewhere as it not free …


kite-lab Purchased

that’s not a support question, it’s about your documentation: would you please elaborate a bit more precisely the settings for your plugin when using caching: geo ip or not, any cache plugin or specific ones? etc.

on our side, nothing changes when we follow your instructions in your docs. in other words, using wp fastest cache, setting custom price format, we are not able to cache any page with prices, it just doesn’t work.

there are no javascript errors in any page of our site, and when excluding the critical pages from caching, anything works fine, of course, but too slowly.

i suspect i’m not the only one with this, thank you very much.

on our side, nothing changes when we follow your instructions in your docs – there is not any specific in it and I can write the same info here, in WOOCS settings activate ‘I am using cache plugin on my site’ and clear all cache, if you using latest woocommerce update WOOCS to the latest 2.1.9, if no luck renew support and write request here:

What about documentation text drop me screen please where you not undertood what exactly should be done …


ZaikaOla Purchased

This plugin causes WHOLE my shop go on “Sale” after installation of WC 3.0 Have confirmed that it is this plugin by switching it on and off a few times.

I have purchased this plugin 2 years ago and don’t have support anymore, but please help to resolve this problem!


Update the plugin to he latest 2.1.9 and if no luck write on the support please:

Hi, this plugin is great! Looks good on the site too. I can’t add any extra currencies though, what might I be doing wrong. Thanks


Thank you! I think here can be one of some next reasons:

Thanks so much ! Just sent :)

Hi There

I have an issue, would like to ask you about!

i’m using the Plugin in my store and have 5 currency’s enabled.

and Is multiple allowed is also set to yes! base currency is EURO

now the issue i’m facing is ..when a customer place a order in Hong Kong $ works fine.

but then i saw the sale reports under wc reports ….blaa blaa …big blunder it display everything in EURO and sales records says EURO 4000 plus ….but HK $ is 10 for one EURO. showing all wrong figures.

Please advice what should be done!


Yes, woo repots doesn work with WOOCS as there is no hooks there to manipulate with it, try this please:

can i place the currency convertor in the header of my site?


Sure, use shortcode [woocs] for it:

Can you show and allow to use specific currency AFTER the customer selected the payment method. I know how you can “hide payment gateway on checkout” I read that article, but I do not know you can go from different angle. First let customer pick the payment method, then change the currency accordingly.

show something like this to the customer at checkout. 1. Stripe (pay in USD) 2. Direct payment (pay in JPY)

then customer select and currency switched accordingly?


I think it is possible and there is some ways I can see on the fly:
  • the simpliest – by java script, switch currency by ajax if to click on the payment button
  • by hooks on the server side when payment data is sending – but its need investigation of the code

You can order custom work here – if it will be no possible you paying nothing

great! thank you, I will consider all option and will come back if this is the best choice for us and our client. Thank you again.

Welcome ;)


karan35 Purchased

Does the GeoIP option work with this plugin as a panel is shown on your youtube video but if a person opens the website in US, based on his GeoIP will the currency change automatically of does he need to change the same manually as shown on your video ?


Yes the currency will change automatically if its country is in the list of GeoIP rules ( )


karan35 Purchased

how do i figure out which countries are listed in GeoIP rules ? Can you help ?


webziner Purchased

Plugin seems to only work with VPN IP not from visiting from actual country, It only shows in base price.

For example I’ve ZAR as base country, UK £ & EUROPEAN COUNTRIES € as additional country/currencies. A product priced: 2500 ZAR 20 UK 25 EU

When i visit with VPN as UK IP, it shows price £ 20 but when actual UK users visited the site it shows price in ZAR 2500.

Please sort this issue. Waiting for your soonest response.


Read this please:

When i visit with VPN as UK IP – non-static IP, so each time script think that its new user and applies rules, BUT if you already visited the site and changed currency there geoip rules not actual and user see selected currency. Imagine if each next page of the site will show prices according currency geo ip rules instead of selected currency – so geoip rules for first unique visit only

hi, we have nginx full page cache for our site, how do we exclude currency plugin cookies, sessions etc from the cache? As it seems your plugin uses md5(session_id()) – so it is the new created session ID in md5 hash and is dynamic, so how can we exclude from cache our side?


Hello The plugin stores data about the current currency in transient( not uses session ) –

Hi, I have a question related to invoicing, our tax law requires getting something called as “certificate of residence” of companies we buying something from. I have contacted Evanto and they told me Author should provide such document to the buyer (not Evanto), can you please send such document to me ?


Unfortunately not, the more I have not such certificate and never had, all info is provided in invoice.

certificate of residence – maybe is nessesary if seller on the Poland territory, as you bought it online such doc has no sence


I’m using a woocommerce in brazil, but the products are all imported from the USA. So this plugin will help me a lot! (I’m using demo version)

My problem is this: I’m using a plugin to calculate shipping and it uses the Brazilian currency, and this plugin is understanding that the shipping is also in dollar and is doing the conversion.

That is, a shipping that would cost R$100, is costing R$330. It’s converting R$ to R$ as if it were US$ ($1 = R$3.30)

Hello, I want customers to pay in Euros as my base.

But I want to have pound sterling as a base when calculating shipping cost from pounds to euros.

Is there a way I can the plugin do that?


Sure, set GBP as basic currency, in tab Advanced ‘Is multiple allowed’ to Yes, and use this script to force EUR on chekout always

Also you can use in tab Advanced ‘Checkout by GeoIP rules’ to let your customers in Europe pay in EUR, but firts way is quicker

PRE SALES: I have your free plugin working correctly so far, however I want to change the variable prices $xxx – $xxx to From $xx using the script from (which works for base currency, but not for currenct as fixed orice)

Could you please provide the filter to use for the code as I will be going live shortly and will need to purchase the switcher to increase the amount of currencies my customers.

thanks in advance


Not sure that undertood you, but if you want to modify any code to make prices convertable you can use:

Hi, I would like to purchase your plugin. I do have a question before purchase.

I need to have an option once user clicked on USD currency the product be different than the CAD currency.

For example if I have 100 products in CAD after user clicked on USD it might be 70 products.

Because we have some product we can not sell it in US because of copyright. So we want once user clicked on US some product do not appear.

This can be like a category “don’t show in US” and all products under this category doesn’t show in US version.

Can you do this customization and how long will take and how much?


Its a little not relative to the plugin as it catalog functinality by geo ip data or by currency. I think its possible, write to support here please: – the same text with mark ‘custom work’ to discuss details – if we will not resolve it – no money