Discussion on FOX - WooCommerce Currency Switcher Professional - Multi Currency [WOOCS]

Discussion on FOX - WooCommerce Currency Switcher Professional - Multi Currency [WOOCS]

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Hi, I have an ecommerce where I have to put prices in USD and the website must show the prices un ARS. But also I need to show different prices based in user roles.

I have read that your plugin offers USER ROLES PRICES. Is this right?

Thanks, Francisco

Hi there: I recently installed the free version of FOX but I only want to use 2 currencies but after deleting 1 of the 2 then trying to add the 2nd currency, an error appeared saying “I must upgrade”. Note, I only need to use 2 currency — USD and another currency than the default EUR.

Can you help me to navigate this?


You don’t need to delete currencies. Just change the currency code and symbol –

Thanks for taking the time to respond. However, from the list of symbols, I do not see the symbols I need to use. I tried adding it in setting, but still the same issue. I really like this product, I want to buy It but would like to give run on my site to make sure it is compatible and work flawlessly.


Please watch this video –

To add custom symbol –

Hi Is it possible to display currency based on shipping country instead of geoip? For eg by base/default currency is inr and in checkout if I select USA as shipping country then my product price should convert to $

Is there a function so that an article is displayed in the selected currency and not in another?

A more graphic example

My store has a t-shirt in USD, but when I click on Euro it does not show in that currency because I do not have stock in that country.

But I have another t-shirt that when given in USD and Euro shows up because I do have stock there.

My store sells from two different regions.

I have stock in the USA and the United Kingdom (with their respective currency), some items are shared in both. but others are exclusive to each region.

Can I indicate with your plugin that this article is only displayed in the USA and not displayed in the UK version?

That is, we want to check that each item can independently have control of its stock and availability in each region. If it is not available, it does not need to be displayed.

I need an external plugin so that it does not show it according to the IP or the region


Unfortunately the plugin does not have such a feature

can you have more than 2 currencies in the free version?

Hello In the free version, only any two currencies are available

Hi there I have Vendors in different parts of the world. I need them to upload in their own currency. I cannot find a setting for this. It is really important. I’m using Dokan.


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature. All prices must be stored in the base currency.


Idea: while importing is going, should be for tool you make importing do recalculate price to basic currency of the shop using hook, where can be applied code: – this is just an idea and you need a developer who can make things

Hi, quick question: Assuming we DO NOT convert the item price automatically via api, but set the price for another currency (eg, USD) MANUALLY for each product, how will this reflect / convert in Woocommerce’s built-in sales Analytics / charts?

Thank you!


Do you mean the “Fixed prices” functionality?

Hello, Yes, sorry, I mean the Fixed Prices functionality. If I hardcode an item in a different currency than the base-store currency, how will this reflect in Analytics?

Thank you :)


In the analytics, this will be converted into the base currency at the rate at the time of purchase

Hello, i am testing your plugin on WCFM marketplace plugin. The issue is that orders made in different currencies don’t convert at least in the basic currency at the backend of WCFM marketplace (vendors, admin and customers views). Is it possible to make a custom development to solve the point? I need a solution which will allow multicurrency conversion at the backend of WCFM. I’ve created an account from your site but i don’t know why it is not possible to login. Thank you for your feedback.


Try please this adaptation:

Also read: – if doesn work here is described how to create ticket for LABS

Hello, i’ve tried it on a staging site, but it doen’t work. Ok i am going to create a ticket. Thanks


Ok! Support worker will answer you

Pre-buying question:

We are using “Cloudflare Cache Everything” rule for our website. Is this plugin will work with that without any issues?

Thanks for the reply. I will try the free version for testing purposes.

I tried the free version but it’s not working properly with Cloudflare Cache Everything rule. But anyway, thank you for your guidance.

Welcome …

Is it possible to set a fixed price for a particular country with this plugin?

Hello, we provide tour, boat rental and transfer services on our site. We use the Chauffeur Taxi Booking System for WordPress plugin. We show our prices in Euros on the entire site. At the last payment stage, we are required to collect TL. Everything works fine with the free version of your plugin, but the Chauffeur Taxi Booking System for WordPress plugin does not convert to TL. If we buy this plugin, will this problem be solved?

In summary, Tour Theme is installed on the site, Jetengine plugins are used for bot rental, with them, we show Euros in woocommerce and receive TL payment. The “Chauffeur Taxi Booking System for WordPress” plugin displays Euros with the same logic, but does not translate into TL. If it is 100 Euro, 100 TL is withdrawn on the payment page.

If we can solve this problem, we would like to buy it.


I was not able to saving all the countries currency to my website, some ISO is not saving to specific country. by increasing max_input_vars in my php.ini file solved my issue!

Hello Great! Thank you for your cooperation!

Pre-sales question: I’m using the free version and I want to upgrade, however I spent time customizing settings and I don’t want to lose settings. What’s the best way to upgrade?


Uninstall please free version of the plugin before installing premium version. All options are in the data base of the site – so all will be ok with them there …

Is this compatible with woocommerce product bundle plugin?

So bundled product will have different pricing based on country?


If you mean fixed prices – this only works with the standard product type

Issue with: woocs_raw_woocommerce_price

SHOP has Denmark as default country with DKK as default currency.

This is the config of WooCommerce tax setup.

Plugin: WooCommerce Shipping & Tax (Author: WooCommerce) To handle different tax rates.

  • Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax.
  • Display prices in the shop (Including Tax)
  • Display prices during cart and checkout (Including Tax)
  • Display tax totals (As single Total)

The price rounding issue.

Normal price: 385,00 DKK (incl 25% vat)

  • DK = Checkout > Billing Information > Country/Region > Denmark.
  • DE = Checkout > Billing Information > Country/Region > Germany.
  • DK: raw_woocommerce_price (Function Price: 385) incl 25% vat -> DISPLAYED PRICE: 385,00
  • DK: woocs_raw_woocommerce_price (Function Price: 385.00) incl 25% vat -> DISPLAYED PRICE: 385,00
  • 385.00 DKK – 25% VAT = 308.00 DKK
  • 308.00 DKK + 19% VAT = 366.52 DKK
  • DE: raw_woocommerce_price (Function Price: 366.52) incl 19% vat -> DISPLAYED PRICE: 366,52
  • DE: woocs_raw_woocommerce_price (Function Price: 385.00) incl 19% vat -> DISPLAYED PRICE: 366,52

So the last line is the issue, as I can’t round the price.

is it safe to use “raw_woocommerce_price” with you plugin, as I can see “woocs_raw_woocommerce_price” do not handle the tax the same way?


Please write me here –

tax calculation happens after this hook. So if you use this hook to rounding , the tax will be calculated after rounding.

Hi, im just testing the free version, before I buy. Im trying to add “woocs_clean_select”. do_shortcode(‘[woocs css_class=”woocs_clean_select”); but I still get styling, in seams the right html is loaded, but overwritten by js to make a fancy dropdown. I just want a normal dropdown without any styling or javascript.

Ohh… I found the reason, due to a translation plugin, the class woocs_clean_select was changed… :)

Is it possible to force GeoIp? it seems the currency is not switching automatically to other currencies even when the website is visited from other countries.

Hi, I’m using a payment plan plugin which is not compatible with currency switcher, because the other plugin is using the original price as a base to calculate.

However, to solve the issue, I thought about to create for each currancy I’m aiming for a individual product with their currency as the base. If that would be possible the other plugin could probably work with your currency switcher.



prices for products must be stored in the base currency

Please read this –

Hello, I tested the free version and noticed that even with the changes suggested in the documentation to make the Plugin work correctly with the “Woocommerce Product Addons” it still does not show the price in the currency within the “Product Page”.

Can you review? If I buy the pro plugin and it still doesn’t work, can you help me to implement it? I need the plugin to work correctly with Product Addons and if possible with Product Booking.

Thanks so much and congratulations to the excelent plugin!

i recently purchased FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce it works for few days the it stopped working and now its not visible on my website please take a look on my website and please do share your telegram or what’s app because your website is not working


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