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Waiting for my refunds, Kindly refund my amount. Thanks

What the reason?

Hello. in free verion cant update flags: check link pls what need do ?

have one more problem: CHECKOUT → REVIEW ORDER when i go cart i have again in $, can u check in my web pl:

Hello, i just installed the free version. I had to use Currency storage “session” with the Multiple Allowed “Yes” option in order to make it keep the currencies in the checkout. It works fine now. My question is, is there an option to set a fixed price for the shipping cost like the products? For example for 5 dollars shipping i want to have 5 euros shipping as well, not 4.45 euros. Is this possible? Thank you!

Hello James

There is not such functionality but idea is good and I will think about how to implement such feature, thank you …

Hi man,

Sorry to bother you again. I bought the full version but i have a problem. When i use individual fixed prices rules for my variable products, the fixed price is shown as the old price and the currency rate is shown as the discount price. For example: 20$ (fixed price with strikethrough text) – 22.25 (currency rate). I have left the discount price field empty because i dont want any discounts. Is that a problem?


Write on support please with exact link on that product and with wp-admin access too … + do not forget describe what is wrong there


Im using Bitcoin as a second currency. For bitcoin its important to show current price.

How can i show current bitcoin price based on default currency?

Or how do i show both currencies at the same time on for example the checkout page?



Use BTC in the plugin settings and set 4 decimals after comma, that is all =)

Hi I wanted to ask about compatability with Algolia WooCommerce Search. Algolia is a super fast search tool and they recently released a WooCommerce integration. The problem is that with your Currency Switcher, the displayed results from Algolia Search are always showing up wrong. If an item is £23 GBP, and the customer switches to USD, then the customer sees $23 USD instead of $29 USD.

You can download the plugin at and you can check out Algolia at

Let me know if I can help with anything. Thanks


In such case enable please in the WOOCS settings page -> tab Options -> “I am using cache plugin on my site” and reset cache on your site, if its cache from server reset it or wait some time

If you need more support please write here: with exact links and maybe wp-admin will be necessary

i am reading your article here:

I want to know – how do you know where to find the name of the payment gateway? you have ‘paypal’ and ‘stripe’

I want to know what to put for this one:

amazon_payments_advanced – from docs or directly from the code

Main thing its find field in any plugin variable named as ‘payment_method’

i tried this code but it does not work, i can still see the payment method in the Cart. Can you help ?


Yes, send us please request here with wp-admin access and even ftp to avoid blocking site with wrong php code – all in one message, I see your second message about AffiliateWP is on dashboard too, just describe in one request 2 troubles

Hi, I want to use my own currency symbol (3 letters) instead of the default ones. Is it possible to add my own? I tried in the free version but could not find any option


Sure, you can use any not real currency you want, just write it by hands

Watch this video please:

i followed this guide: and i used the latest GitHub version of AffiliateWP (

it causes my site to crash. can you tell me how to fix it?


We can try, send us please request here with wp-admin access and even ftp to avoid blocking site with wrong php code

Also write there text of trouble from here to understand that is you and what is wrong …

Thanks for the great plugin! Tried the free version and going to buy the premium one here. What is the best way to upgrade to the premium version? Just upload and override the files? Will it erase the settings I already have in place?


Thank you for purchasing!

Yes, just remove free version and install premium version – all WOOCS data is in DB so its safe

Also read this please:


colourst Purchased


I already submitted this issue before but seems is not fix yet and I am asking again and hoping for a fix.

The issue is I did a manual order via woocommerce backend and our based currency is CNY but the issue is when I make an order and set the order currency to different currency like AUD then save the order and the system is automatically sent the email notification but the current on there is display the based currency CNY instead of AUD.

This only happen on doing the manual order via woocommerce backend but on the front end it’s working fine.


Order currency settings screenshot:

When I set the Order status to processing and system is automatically sent the email notification.

Order email notification result:

Thank you


Try next ordering please: create new order and press save button -> select currency for order in WOOCS metabox and press save button -> and only now you can start to add products into order

+ be sure that you have the latest version of WOOCS, and of course support is always on its place ;)

Welcome …


colourst Purchased


Great, I updated to version 2.1.8 and solve the issue but I will test if our currency rate is not change when I update the plugin.

Thank you for the tips.

Great, thank you for cooperation!

Hi there -

I was pretty sure I posted a comment yesterday, looks like I didn’t? If I’m missing it, apologies in advance for double-posting.

Anyway, here’s the problem: Coupons get currency converted twice in secondary currency.

For example like this: The coupon is DKK2495 in base currency = €335 in secondary currency – but when applied it becomes €45, which is 335 converted by the 7.5 exchange rate once more.

How do we fix this problem? Is it a setting I’m missing?

Thank you in advance! :) Jesper W. MUN

Hello Jesper

get that you prioritize paying customers first! – you right by half, but all users got their answers too

If you can solve this for us, you would be getting a very happy paying user! – sure, I make help even for free as you can see here on dashboard and here

Coupons get currency converted twice in secondary currency. – I have an idea that it is conflict with another plugin which do recounting too and you can catch it reading this , if no luck I can suggest you little deal here – buy the plugin, write on support with wp-admin access and issue description and if no luck from our side I easily will do the refund, but I think its 3th party incompatibility …

Hi -

Thank you, you are indeed very helpful! :)

It does not look like we have a conflict with another plugin – I’ve tried switching everything off, but the coupon still gets recounted.

I also don’t have any custom functions running that could cause it.

Thank you for the suggested deal – I have one more question before I bring this option to my client: – is the full version of WOOCS capable of passing the purchase currency on to the order confirmation email?

:) JW

Hello Jesper

is the full version of WOOCS capable of passing the purchase currency on to the order confirmation email? – sure, if any customer pay with any currency he/she should get email invoice in that currency

I’ve tried switching everything off, but the coupon still gets recounted. – try wp theme too ;) If no luck just try schema I suggested in the previous my message …


medoezzat Purchased

plugin dosn’t work with wc_price function ? is there is alternative ?

More details please, what do you want to get?

PreSale Question: Is it possible instead of select html element to use ul li html elements to build switcher?


Not from the box, BUT you can use any such HTML element o your side if you want just only apply there smth like: ?currency=EUR instead of links

Read this please:


tkmr Purchased

Hi! A presale question here. I’ve been playing around with the free version and it’s bene great. But I can’t figure out how to set the currency switcher in my header, right beside the shopping cart.. if I purchase the support, will you be able to help? :) Thank you.


You can do it by shortcode [woocs] , just drop it somewhere in the current wp theme of your side, I think in the header.php

in my header, right beside the shopping cart – I cant promise it because sometimes troubles with wp themes file structure, any way you can ask support about it (installation is not included in support, but I can try), but I cant give you any warranty


tkmr Purchased

Hey! Yeah, I tried the shortcode but I think I made a mistake :( Anyway, no problem. I will buy the plugin and check with support. Thanks for the wonderful plugin!

Thank you!

Hello, i installed the free version, the widget works fine, but no converting is been done at the product prices when i switch the currencies. It seems that the plugin is not ‘connected’ with the products. Is there a step i am missing?? Also have in mind that i am using another plugin called TM Extra Product Options. Maybe it is incompatible? (although the developers told me that they support your plugin)


Can be conflict with current wp theme too, just try to switch to default theme

Read this please:

Hello ,

I am from India and creating a marketplace using WC vendors plugin with frontend product posting.

I am using your free plugin for testing. The issue is that the base currency of the store is USD but due to currency swichter in add product page (frontend) the curency symbol changes to Indian Rs/₹.

so if I am adding a product from front end and entering the cost of the product looking at the symbol (which is Rs/₹) as 10, what I mean is product price to be ₹10 or Rs 10. but at the product display page and checkout page its becomes Rs 680 or ₹680 which is actually 10 US$.

Now ,

1. is it possible to disable currency switcher for particular page? 2. is it possible to activate only during checkout process? 3. do you see any other solution to this problem?

Thanks Jay

Hello Jay

1) In index.php using $_SERVER array you can do it. Its not possible to use wp functions for defining pages in the moment of plugin initialization

2) Sure, just look idea in point #1

3) Its conflict and there is not exist universal solution, but you can disable WOOCS on the page of adding products

Thanks for your reply,

I think point 3 makes sense. however if you can guide me how to do it?


Hello Jay

however if you can guide me how to do it? – its need working with the code and I gave you algorithm -> In index.php using $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_URL’] you can get the link and if itspage where you want to hide it just write ‘return’. Its not possible to use wp functions for defining pages in the moment of plugin initialization

Example: if($_SERVER['SCRIPT_URL'] == 'vendors/new'){ return; }

Write it on the same top of index.php of WOOCS