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PreSale Question We have a website currently in Lebanon, We want to sell using PayPal which doesn’t accept Lebanon currency.

What we want to achieve is this: 1- user checks the prices in Lebanon Lira as default. 2- in checkout, the user can change the currency that he wants to pay with. 3- If he chose USD or Euro, Paypal payment option will be active and he will be able to pay with USD or Euro using PayPal gateway

is it possible with your plugin?

If no, what is the steps to achieve this with your plugin ?


You can hide payment systems depending on the current currency.

Read this please –


farena73 Purchased

Hi Pablo, I installed your puglin. Work in the cart but when I finish the return of the order in euros. What am I doing wrong? Thank you Frank

Hello Frank

Please write me on support –

Paste your message + exact link to the issue

Am not getting the right values.Please help


I answered you on email

HI, I have installed the plugin and it works great so far with two currencies, CAD and USD as default. More will be added once I get things going to suit my needs.

I am in Canada, but my default currency is USD. It has to be this way and I can explain the reasons if need be. When a purchase is made in CAD it shows in the order details the amount paid in CAD and the equivalent in USD. That is great. But what I actually need is if a person purchases in the default currency USD that in the order details it shows what that amount would have been in CAD, We have a reasonably high volume store and doing all these conversions manually for accounting is a nightmare. If this is possible that is great. Also if possible I would also like to add more currencies but still have it show the amount it would have been in CAD and not the default currency.

Am I making sense or do you need more clarity on what I am asking?


Hello Gary

Unfortunately, the plugin does not have this feature. You need code customization

Hello Gary

Its possible but as custom work, for details you can ask here:

Can you add the Turkish Central Bank as an aggregator? They have an xml feed here:


Thank you for info

I passed it to the developers


rafalbig Purchased

Hello realmag777,

I installed newest plugin (Version on my TEST site ( and I noticed that the widget title is too big. Is it possible to make it smaller?

In my LIVE site ( I’m using older version of the plugin (Version 2.1.4) and widget’s title is smaller (and is located on the left side of the dropdown). Is it possible to achive the same in my TEST site?

Thank you in advance for your reply. Cheers, Rafal


rafalbig Purchased

I figured it out. I managed to do this with the use of CSS:

.WOOCS_SELECTOR > div > h2 {display: inline; font-size: 10px;} .WOOCS_SELECTOR > div > form {display: inline;}

Thanks, Rafal

Hello Rafal

Thank you for cooperation!

Языковые файлы с готовым переводом не имеет, надо полагать.


hello, I’m currently using the free version of the plugin, considering to buy the full version, but I have some major problem: the plugin displays the price on shop and product page WITHOUT the tax (23% of VAT). When you go to shopping cart or proceed to checkout, the plugin works nice and gives the correct price. The only way to have the prices with the TAX included is to select “is multiple allowed” to “no”, but then the final price on checkout isn’t displayed in the right currency:( Could you please tell me if this can be fixed? I can provide you more detail if needed!


What version of the plugin are you using.

read this please –

Hi, thanks for reply. I’m using Currency Switcher I tried disabling everything, going back to original WP themes, same result:( If you could please take a look and try to find a working solution – it would be awesome


Please write me on support( use contact form ) –

Paste your message

Hello, I have installed the plugin in the free version, since I only need to use two types of currency. However, I have not managed to make it work the right way. I request you can guide me to be able to make the appropriate configuration so that when entering a product or the purchase page, you can choose the currency you will use for the payment.

Thank you


Please check option –

watch video please –

Hello, I have configured the plugin so that in my country the products with Colombian weight are paid, and that in the other countries the payment is with dollars.

However, I have two questions.

1: How can I set up so that I pay in other countries that are not the main one, that is to say in dollars, only by paypal.

2: How can I make a product that I need to sell in my country and be paid in dollars, accept the payment through payu, but without eliminating the configuration of point 1


Unfortunately I did not understand your questions. Please clarify the questions

please read this – OR try this option –

After testing this plug in there is a massive bug in this script. If one person changes the price, (and you have cache enabled like most people do) then the price changes for everyone also and doesn’t stay local to your own cookie preference. how can this be fixed? We use WP rocket cache plug in. How can this be fixed?

And yes we have tuend on “I am using cache plugin on my site”


try this option –

I had the website It was an online store with WooCommerce currency was GBP and the prices were also in GBP.

I wanted to scale up so I launched a new duplicate website for UK only on Since the prices were already in GBP, there was no issue on the new website at

But now we had to change the currency on the old website from GBP to USD. So I just changed it but the prices remained in the GBP.

So for example, the price of a product was £237.60. I just changed £237.60 to $237.60 but it should have been $305.45.

I tried to bulk edit the prices and increase/decrease the pricing based on the currency conversion rate but it’s not updating the prices for variable products and about half of the products are variable so I can not do that.

What do I do?


So for example, the price of a product was £237.60. I just changed £237.60 to $237.60 – yes this plugin does not affect the price in the database

So try this bulk editor –

Hi, please I am having error messages when trying to install this plugin. I have already send a message to support and I am still waiting to hear back from you.

Hello, check your spam please, support answered you 3 hours ago