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cupidity Purchased

Sorry to bother you, but I have a question before I purchase.

What I want to do is have free shipping for over $100, but only on a shipping class of “lighter” items.

So if a customer adds items from the shipping class “light” to their cart that come to a total of over $100, then their order ships free. However, if they then add an item from the shipping class “heavy,” then they are charged the shipping charge just for the heavy item.

So if a customer orders 5 t-shirts for a total of over $100, but then adds a heavy bag that has a shipping cost of $10, I want the total shipping cost to just be the $10 for the bag. Is this possible with your plugin? Is there a different way I should set this up? Thank you for your time!


Yes you can set this up using this plugin in combination with the WAS Advanced Pricing extension (free of charge with the base plugin,, link: )

With that you can setup shipping cost based on the shipping classes, and also setup the cost based on the subtotal of those shipping classes (or don’t setup cost > being free).

Hope that answered your Q :-)

Cheers, Jeroen

Hello, I want to confirm if I can use this plugin to set shipping condition based on state for my country Nigeria before I purchase.

I await your response. Thanks.


It is possible to setup state based shipping with the plugin. This does require the states to be installed, which I believe isn’t the case by default for Nigeria.

I do believe I have a code snippet lying around somewhere that is adding the Nigerian states, happy to look it up if you decide to purchase the plugin :-) (just shoot me a message through the support tab).

Cheers, Jeroen

Thank you for being so willing to help. I have purchased the plugin.

Luckily, I came across a free plugin by a fellow citizen (WooCommerce Nigeria States) that adds Nigeria states to woocommerce. Every thing works fine. Thanks.

Even better to use a existing / supported plugin for it :-)

Have a great day! Jeroen

Does this plugin allow us the ability to check the cart for a product and check its quantity and if its above 50 give free shipping? Can we set it for a category of products?


Using the ‘Stock’ condition it is possible to check all the products in the cart to have the set value as a minimum stock amount. So it won’t be possible to set it up only for certain products / categories, but the entire cart should have the minimum qty stock.

Hope that answers your Q :-)

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that I can set different shipping prices for based on weight/quantity of products. Would I be able to do that with your plugin? I can email you a spreadsheet showing the shipping costs/logic required if that would help? Thank you!

Hi Kathryn,

Yes, it is possible to setup different conditions based on the weight/quantity in the cart.

Feel free to reach out to me through the support tab if you have any further Qs!

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi. I checked the plugin and it’s amazing.

Just a question. Is it possible to apply different shipping methods for each product in cart?


For example, the customer may have several products in the cart.

- Product 1, $20 => shipping method A applied

- Product 2, $130 => shipping method B applied

- Product 3, $150 => shipping method B applied

- Product 4, $80 => shipping method C applied

In my requirements I have rules like:

- Shipping method A: if product cost is < $100, flat rate in $10

- Shipping method B: if product cost is >= $100, free shipping

- Shipping method C: if product is shipping class “fragile”, flat rate in $150

That is, I need to apply a shipping method to each product in the cart and not a single method to all products.

It’s possible? Thanks for your time.


Hi Guille,

For something like this you’d want to split the cart into multiple packages, and then apply the shipping rates accordingly. This plugin can’t split the cart, but it can create the shipping method for when the cart is split.

I do have another plugin that allows you to split the cart here:

Hope that answers your Q :-)

Cheers, Jeroen

Thanks Jeroen. I think that plugin is what I need. Thanks for your answers.



lisajaffe Purchased

Hi, Thanks for the plugin! Question:

I have two product categories. Category 1 = Free Shipping Category 2 = Paid Shipping

How do I set it so if a customer has products from both categories it will still allow shipping?


Hi Lisa,

You can use the WAS Advanced Pricing extension to setup shipping cost per category. That way you can ensure only products in the first category are charged and not on the second category.


Please reach out through the support tab for the extension :-)

Cheers, Jeroen


cygnus17 Purchased

I just wanted to say thank you Jeroen for your fabulous customer support on this plugin.

We purchased the WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin a little while ago but needed just a little more flexibility to charge shipping for each product that was added to the Woocommerce shopping cart, even if they were multiples of the same product.

You provided the WAS – Advanced Pricing Extension to work with WooCommerce Advanced Shipping and it was PERFECT. By far the best shipping solution we have found for Woocommerce shipping scenarios.

Thanks again Jeroen, you rock!

Glad I could help and that you’re happy with it :-)


symo10 Purchased

Hi, sorry if this has already been answered I am new to all this and have just done my own website but shipping is very confusing then I came across your plugin so I have some items that are free post, some that will be flat rate and some that will be a weight cost can your plugin do that and what happens if the buy from all classes. Thank you


Yes, it is possible to setup different cost based on the items or for example the shipping class using the WAS Advanced Pricing extension.

If you use that it will be summed up together when multiple items are in the cart, it is also possible to only show one of the costs using the conditions.


Hope that answers your Q :-)

Cheers, Jeroen


kcmojoe Purchased

I can’t get your plug-in top work. All it shows is “Shipping” in the cart with no price. Trying to set it up as follows:

Product Category A = $7 Product Category B = $15.00 Product Category A & B (bought together) = $15.00 Product Category C = $XX.XX

Please help


Could you reach out to me through the support tab? I try to keep all support in one place as much as possible.

With that, can you include screenshots of your setup?

Thank you, Jeroen Sormani


kcmojoe Purchased

Message sent

Hi, May i know can i create a shipping fees based on weight. For example, A product weight is 0.4kg so the shipping fees is $5 if the customer purchase 2 quantity or other product which the wieght is 0.5kg so total is 0.9kg, so everyproduct weight which is over 0.5kg will charge another $4. Which mean when customer go checkout they will see the total of shipping fees $9

Hi Alex,

Yes it is possible to setup these kind of shipping cost. For the additional cost per 0.5kg it is recommended to also use the WAS Advanced Pricing extension (free of charge with the base plugin) Liink:

Hope that answers your Q :-)

Cheers, Jeroen

Need to buy another plugin to support it?

Hi Alex,

No, as mentioned it is free of charge with the base (Advanced Shipping) plugin. So you’d only need to purchase this plugin and then you can request the additional WAS Advanced Pricing extension free of additional charge.

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen, I sent a message through the support form on Sunday night and have not yet received a reply. Could you let me know that you have received the message. Regards, Gordon.

Hi Gordon,

I’ve just replied to your email of earlier today. Also received the message from March 27th from you and replied to that the same day, screenshot of that and reply added to todays email ;-) (presumably landed in your spam folder)

Please let me know here if you didn’t get the email I just send either, if you did, please reply in the email convo :-)

Thank you, Jeroen