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Sormano, I also have some pre-purchase questions since we need specific functionality that I hope your plugin provides. Here goes:

1) Does the plugin separate products in the cart to show the shipping charges per item? We have some items that have free shipping while some don’t. The desire is that the ones that are ‘free’ are stated as ‘free shipping’ in the cart while the others show the shipping total.

2) Two of our products have a flat rate for shipping. Does the plugin allow for the shipping to be based on the quantity of those items? EX: If they order 1 it’s $30, if they order 2 it’s $60, etc. ? Right now it’s configured by ‘shipping class’ and doesn’t multiply the cost based on quantity.

That’s it for now. Thanks for your prompt response!


1) No, if you setup cost per item/product it will be added together. However you could accomplish this by splitting the cart into separate packages. This can’t be done using this plugin, but I do have another one that would allow you to do that:

With this you can setup a free shipping package and a paid shipping package.

2) Yes you can setup quantity based shipping cost on those items :-)

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen, I have a question about the conditional logic, I would like to offer customers who have purchased memberships a discounted shipping rate. I currently use Sumo Memberships to manage my memberships, is it possible to condition the plug in to use whether or not customers have purchased a membership to determine shipping rate?

Thank you! Anne

Hi Anne,

I haven’t used that membership plugin myself so I can’t exactly say how it works; but many types of that plugins use user roles to set someone up with a membership.

If thats also the case with Sumo Memberships it would be possible to setup the shipping rates using the ‘User Role’ condition.

Alternatively it is also possible to create a custom condition if needed (