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BabiWeb Purchased

Hello, On the page where is placed “Web 2.0 Directory”, when the page loads there is regularly a popup that displays “Timeout expired”. Where does it come from and how do you fix it? Thank you in advance. Regards,

Hello, I am not sure it comes from our plugin.

If it appears from time to time, I would recommend to ask about it your hosting support.


BabiWeb Purchased

it comes from the plugin, so I disabled them all and it’s only with web 2.0 directory that it does that

I meant, that this could be caused by stopping of process page rendering due to limit of time to execute this process on your server. The plugin can not control such things.

There are lots of suggestions through the web on how to fix this, for example this one

But if you are not able to figure this out on your server – you could ask support of your hosting.


stuartfmc Purchased

Hi There,

I’ve got my directory search setup and working great. I have 3 pages each searching a different directory.

What I want to add is, under the directory search results, a related results section. Started implementing this here:

So if you look at the page above. You can select the category Consultants and then the 2nd dropdown you pick ‘Analytics’. You would get your search results. But in the related results section it would show results from the other categories available in the second dropdown. For example ‘General’ or ‘Generalist HR’.

What would be the best way to implement this, I’ve seen there’s the shortcodes:

related_tags=”1” related_categories=”1” Is there a related price shortcode? Is there a related date shortcode?

And these related results have to be relevant to the main directory searched on the page. Related results for consultants, Related results for suppliers, Related results for jobs.

Thanks, Stuart


stuartfmc Purchased

Also can this related results section show up after the 1st search has been made?


related_tags=”1” related_categories=”1” – are only for specific pages, like single lsiting page and tags/categories pages. There must be something to be related with something. This is not for search results. Search form may have own filters, like content fields you need price and date fields.


stuartfmc Purchased

Right, I want to make it so there is never 0 results. Always at least 1 result is shown. Is there are way to show relatable results that say don’t match all of the search criteria. Or is it possible to change the search to an OR search rather than an AND search. So only 1 of the criteria has to be met but the most accurate results shown at the top?


httdev Purchased

Hi Shamalli,

Is it possible to add a city when in the process of creating a new listing instead of going in to “Directory locations” and adding a city there?

Hello, unfortunately no, there is not such functionality in the plugin.


httdev Purchased

Do you anticipate this being a feature in the future? Because that would really streamline the process :)

Yes, probably in far far future

I would like to know how is it possible to use the plugins two ways, 1 for submitting businesses and the other to post For Sale. I want users to see only for sale categories when using the classified section and to see only Business Services. I also want to know if there is any possibility to have a unique banner on each category for better monetization.

My website has other sections, there will be only one login for my main website and this ? I want when clicked submit listing, the user does not need to register again if he is already registered in my main platform running with a wordpress theme.

Is there any shortcode to show latest Added taken from a category ? I need to use this plugin for classifieds and directory and not both seen together when submiting etc. thanks

I already answered both questions to you.

Hi, I have recenty updated the directory plugin using Filezilla, I hadn’t updated it in a while, it has made me renew my API keys, which aren’t working and the maps aren’t showing, the sub categories and categories dropdown doesn’t work properly and the hovers over the logos don’t work, please help, as i have clients about to renew subscription

Hello, sorry, but this is not 24/7 support. But we always reply ASAP. Actually there were not any settings mess. Some settings were deprecated, some new were introduced, like categories nesting level on search and hover effect settings. As I see you restored old version, I think this would be really better for us.

Sorry, not sure about “i can also only upload one file to the file uploads tab on the listing”. Is it a problem or a feature?

I quite like the new look and feel of the updated version, so was hopeing that there would be an obvious reason the maps aren’t showing, my new api keys work with the older version, so not sure it is that.

What I mean about file uploads, beside the Maps, Videos and Contact tabs, I have added a new tab for uploading PDF product catalogues to, but can only seem to upload one pdf, it would be good if I could upload more.

Is there anyway to change the order of the featured listings, to a custom order, as 2 of my featured clienst are sponsors and i want them above the other, also the featured listings widget for the sidebar orders the listings by date they were publisged, and it would be good to be able to change the order.

It seems you are talking about file upload content field. Yes, it allows one file per field. So you can create the same file upload content fields.

There is not any way to change the order. But you can set up listings level with sticky option, so listings of this level always will be on top.


It would be nice to add an option / addon (paid) with which you can compare listings .

Hello, some sort of this functionality is on “My bookmarks” page. At the frontend on single listings pages it shows “Add/Remove Bookmark” button. When user clicks to add in bookmarks – the system saves current listing in his cookie, user may click “My bookmarks” and display all his saved listings.


webdesig Purchased

On this page how can i have the social share buttons line up on one line rather then half next to the title and half before it. Thank you.

I’d recommend to update the plugin to the latest version v2.0.11


IanSterne Purchased

Video Embedding is causing a security error.

Error parsing header X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block; report= insecure reporting URL for secure page at character position 22. The default protections will be applied.


IanSterne Purchased

I updated the plugin from 2.0.10 to 2.0.11 (note the fix for this youtube error was not in your release notes) and the problem still exists.

Frankly the request to pay for support to receive further support for what is essentially a bug report is absolutely insulting.

Sorry, if I forced you to be insulted, but this is 100% not a bug of our plugin.


IanSterne Purchased

You are correct, it is not your bug (it is in Google Chrome) sorry for flying off the handle, but lately I have a few support update requests for items that are not support issues.


IanSterne Purchased

Isotope Error.

isotope not initialized. Cannot call methods, i.e. $().isotope(“layout”)



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I like your Plugin, but I need help :)

I wanna set up more Filters like on:

But I dont know how : I tried with this:

Select list, Radio buttons and Checkboxes – filter in such format: field_SLUG=”comma separated selection items IDs”. Select list, Radio buttons support only single ID.

filed_CategoryName=”ID from ITEM” but it dont show up.

can you help me please?

Regards Andy

Hello, these filters are content fields. Create new content fields at Directory Admin -> Content fields and enable “Search by this field?” setting for these new fields.

Hi, I have my website which is Multilingual. I have WPML installed.

In English all works fine, but in the Portuguese URL it doesn’t work. It says “Sorry, no listings were found.” In both pages I have the shortcode [webdirectory] What’s wrong?


Hello, probably you do not have listings in this language.


coyners25 Purchased

Hi, Is there an easy method to add an “I agree to T&C’s” to main search box ?

Hello, no, there is not any easy method.

Your support has expired. We would recommend you to renew it for getting further assistance from our team.


ORgetUS Purchased


I need support because of a problem with geolocation in Chrome

Basically the geolocation only works one time after clicking Allow. After reloading the page geolocation doesn’t work anymore and shows the default address instead.

I have to clear the ‘Allow’ saved setting for the browser to ask permission again for the geolocation to work.

The geolocation works correctly in both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge even after reloading the page. So the problem is confined to the Google Chrome browser.

Plugin version is 2.0.11

Please check the link below to see the problem

Hi, I am updating the plugin through ftp file manager and have followed all the steps. The files upload ok, but aren’t replacing the existing files.I tried just activating the new files on their own and some settings aren’t carried over (i.e. search function in the search listings area). All listings and information is ok. Please advise how to fix. Thanks.

All good… it appears the jump in versions meant some features were deprecated and the appearance changed. Seems to be working ok. Deleted old files and running with the new ones.

Is there a way to resize the images category and directory pages listings.