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Hi, Shamalli, do you know if your plugin is compatible with Ultimate Member membership plugin at:

I have had compatibility issues with other products which is why I am shopping for a substitute that will have no problem with Ultimate Member.



untitledtm Purchased

On this site and this page we have the listings shortcode using order_by=”rand” however if you view the page it shows that there are 48 listings yet when you click on “Show more listings” it only shows 28? I have noticed that if you then sort by any of the options it will display the full 48


saudkazia Purchased

how do i relate (by unique string or any other method) directory listings to category. I have a column with category listings and a column with directory. dependent on the category i am in or the listing selected the column/sidebar should limit to only related. it works when its on same column but not on two separate columns. so basically the left column should show categories. when i click on it it should drill into the sub categories on the left column the directory listings should appear and the left column and right column should relate to each other. im sure its possible as it is possible if everything is in the same column. for the time being i can circumvent by making a copy of each element on left and right column and hide the parts i don’t need. but this is not the right way to do it.


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When, we enable the feature, on Directory Settings, to show the author’s name, it will show inside the listing page as ” by [author] ” ,
I would like to show this “by [author]” on search results page, inside each listing, please help me do so.
Thank you again, in advance :)

not sure whether its an error on my part due to css or settings or something else but the slider is overlapping content. you can see here

I’m a dingus and I created all of the listings for my website already. Now I need to get people registered as users for the site, and have each user able to edit only their own listing. Is there a way to do that???