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ajaabi Purchased

Before I purchased this plugin from you I asked questions about relevance to my project, I got green light, so bought it. But so far, I’ve not been able to make any headway. 1, the offer of $20 for envato setup, what does it include? I may want to use the service if it would give me what I need. (2) I need the attached matrix for levels and fields, any guide on this?

I would not want to ask for a refund. First, what does the upgrade in listing levels do? How does it work? Cos I tried but couldn’t see its effect. I want to explore other solutions, maybe get a developer for custom coding or drop the option entirely. Just get me through the work of listing levels upgrade?

And the map, search, etc thing, thanks

Or the map can’t be disabled too? Not available in the plugin

Hello, I have two problems: 1 / The separator (comma or dot) does not appear in the price list on the price table (eg £ 4.99) and options when the user has to choose the price levels and listing options. 2 / The closing cross of the “info-box” window of the ad is not centered in front of the listing title on the Google map … Thank you in advance for your answers.


1. on Payments settings tab of directory settings page which options selected in “Decimal separator” setting?

2. probably some style of your theme breaks it. Can’t say exactly while do not see it alive.

No Google maps on category or listings. Adding a listing is fine.

All keys setup as per your documentation. Console error is

Uncaught ReferenceError: google is not defined at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ((index):144) at i (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at Function.ready (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2)

So you can try following:

update to the latest version and insert this line in wp-config.php file at the bottom

define('W2DC_NOT_DEQUEUE_MAPS_API', true);

perfect thank you.


boolokam Purchased

I have serious problems while viewing from mobile. Nothing is clickable on that from your plugin window.

I have put your widget in front page, . It is working

Use [webdirectory-levels-table] shortcodes on that page with levels=”” parameters.

And create another page with simple [webdirectory-submit] shortcode without params.

boolokam Purchased

[webdirectory-levels-table] shortcodes on that page with levels=”” parameters ?

can you show an example pls ?

[webdirectory-levels-table levels=”1,2,3”]


wirwir2 Purchased

Hello, directory works so far. A question about how a user can edit his entry later frontend.

Hello, enable frontend addon and create a page with [webdirectory-dashboard] shortcode as mentioned in documentation

wirwir2 Purchased

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We have custom fields that are checkboxes and have made them available as a search criteria. By default it appears that checboxes are over 3 columns in the search block. As we have long descriptions it is making the columns messy and confusing. Is there a way of making it 1 or 2 instead of 3?

The only way is to build custom home page with following shortcodes:

webdirectory-search columns=”1” [webdirectory custom_home=1]

But categories, locations, keywords search fields will be in one row as well.

Hello, I have your directory on my homepage that has a slider on top, everytiime someone clicks on categories or a listing, the slider is at the top. Is there anything I can do to just have the directory show without the slider?

Hello, categories pages always will be with slider, but for separate single listings page create a page with [webdirectory-listing] shortcode.


boolokam Purchased

I have to Listing Levels, Free Plan & Premium Plan with 2$ monthly charge.

I have put both plans with an expiry of 1 month. if premium plan expires he will charge 2$ again for next month. What will happen to free plan customer ?

Listings of free plan will become suspended and inactive.


boolokam Purchased

Is there any option for that free plan customer to upgrade or renew ?

Yes, users can renew and upgrade listings at their frontend dashboard. Upgrade settings at Directory Admin -> Listings Upgrade page.


boolokam Purchased

I have switched off the admin bar before. But i changed my mind and switched it on from settings. But admin bar is missing now. I need admin to show

Its not visible even after web 2.0 disabled. But the problem came only after your plugin settings change.

Are you sure that it came exactly after our plugin settings were changed? and not after your manipulations with users roles?

I only changed one user from contributor to author to check whether the problem is with contributor role. After clearing cache i found that users with contributor also can post the ads. So i think something is stored while i switched off the admin bar.

Hi, is it possible for the contact form in each listing to send email direct to the listing owner email address? Because at this time all forms send emails to my email address. Thank you

Hello, contact us from your purchase account, please.


expio Purchased

Hello, we are having trouble using the search effectively. Site is You can visit yourself. When trying to use the search box, it’s not working. Not taking us to the appropriate pages.

Also, if there was a way to narrow down results in the drop down to only categories that actually have results, and not show those with (0), that would be what we need.

Purchase code: 36742115-681b-4cc3-9309-f86d7de7e202

Hello, this will not take you to any page. You’ve built custom home page and this search form was connected with the map on the page.

Switch off custom home page parameter for the map shortcode. Or disable AJAX loading on General settings tab.

Are there any setup and install videos available. The documentation seems a little confusing Do you need to set up the pages beforehand and add the shortcodes or does the program create the pages for you. Looks really nice in the demo btw

Installation is quite easy. Install the plugin and create new page with the shortcode. That is all.


Claire3d Purchased

Hi Shamalli,

I’ve enabled social sharing buttons (your ones) on the site. They aren’t picking up images or titles properly. They don’t grab any images for Pinterest at all.

Also – the visual design of the icons is dated – not entirely flat, drop shadows etc. Are there any plans to update these?

Also – do you intend to make the OG output more flexible for example, similar to how you can for facebook when using YOAST?

I’d also like more control about placement and it would be beneficial to have the option to add text for example: “Share this listing” for both CTA purposes and so as not to confuse people wanting to connect on social media with the listing owner.

At this stage in reference to the design of the buttons, I will just alter the button designs by adding new designs to the resources section within the plugin.

Cheers, Claire

Hello, looks like there are og: metatags printed by another plugin or your theme on the page. Try to disable it.

If we want to use thesis DIY Theme. Is it can integrate with your plugin?

Sorry, unfortunately, we didn’t test the plugin with this theme.


I have an issue with your plugin which is causing the admin area to break and become inaccessible, the front of the site still works fine.

I have tested your plugin with the standard WP theme and it does the same thing. I have updated everything to the latest versions including WP and your plugin.

For some reason when this happens it’s not generating an error log so can’t see exactly what the issue it.

Any ideas on what this could be please as need to get this up and running again?

Jim Isles

Hello, there must php errors log file on the server. Try to ask your hoster where to find actual log file.

Your support has expired. Please, renew your support next time you will contact us in comments.


There is a log sorry was looking in the root folder it’s in wp-admin. I have this now how do you want me to send?

I have also renewed my support license.