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Just out of curiosity, why is there no City field in the directory? I see two address lines, State and ZIP, but not location for City.

Enter country, state and needed cities on Directory Listings -> Directory locations page and you’ll see them.

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Sorry I can’t reply for some reason on the other thread.

Yes I have front end submission enabled and payments.

Once they select the package and submit their listing, they don’t get directed to payment options. It just gives a message for them to pay the invoice?!?

In your documentation it says “After successful submission new listing will be created and in case of payment listing user will be redirected to invoice page to select payment gateway. “

The only way I can find to pay the invoice is if I set the user to author and above and go to the dashboard.


I have an error when sharing a listing on Facebook – the title of the listing is not displayed – is displayed only the text “Director” instead of title. I have send you FTP & web site access.

Thank You!

Hi! I don’t know what happenend, but I just discovered that when using the Web 2.0 Directory search form on my website, it acts as if I did a main search with my website search tool…A results page shows random results from every page on my website. Plus, in my webdirectory-listing pages (there are two different), the links over the listings titles and the pictures don’t link to single listings…they just refresh the page where I am when I click on them. Any idea where to begin? Thank you.


What happens when the cluster is not showing up on a map and just numbers shows up instead?

Can that be fixed or what might be causing the error?

Thank you for your help, Peter

ebf01b54-8ce9-4fe8-8b2a-995046939d5f – 23 Jan 2018 REGULAR LICENSE Wondering if I can use QRcodes in the script?

Regards .. Paul MacKenzie

Hi, have 2 questions: 1. how to I remove the map from the single listing page:

2. on the main listing page, the map doesnt work well and sticks to the screen as you scroll and keeps following you over the footer?



Is there a way to reorder the listing tabs? e.g. currently we have: MAP | Comment | Contact

I would like to have Contact first then Map.

Also is there a way I can rename ‘contact’ and rename it to ‘enquire about this product”.