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Were there any issues with database queries in version 1.14.5? All of a sudden we’re getting queries that are hanging and causing major issues with our host.

I see that 1.14.6 is out. Wondering if there was anything in there.


There are not any known issues with database queries, if we would know any – it had already been operatively resolved.


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I am trying to add a few additional custom fields in the “custom fields” settings. They save ok – but they don’t appear on the front end form for a user to complete.

I guess its something simple I am doing wrong, but can’t work it out.

Thanks in Advance for any help.


Hello, this is possible only when you configure these fields to be assigned with some certain categories – look at settings of these fields. Or probably you have set up some specific content fields in listings levels settings – look at listings levels settings.


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Thank you, I have figured it out. I do have an another question. Can I use the one plugin on the same site to create two different directories? Is this possible

Yes it is, create new directories at Directory Admin -> Listings directories and place generated shortcodes on different pages.

Hi. After upgrade all listing levels became “FREE”. Checked the listing levels in settings and Woocommerce, everything looks good. So wondering where the problem is coming from. Please check screenshot here.



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I am using web 2.0 directory and woocommerce memberships . For woocommerce memberships I am trying to use a ‘redirect’ for the listings to go to the login page or registration page so that the listings become private but the summary/excerpt with the list of the listings are still viewable but only when you click on the listing to view the details would it redirect if not logged in. woocommerce membership redirect works with all other types (post, pages, etc…) but not with directory listings. Could there be some code conflict or what do you suggest? If not with woocommerce, are there other possibilities to be able to protect the content through a redirect versus just hidden content?

Thank you again for the great support! I appreciate it!

No, I mean exactly extended license.

Still not sure about this question: Does this memberships plugin allow to restrict access for one single WordPress page? Keywords are: one single WordPress page. I mean when user clicks on a link to that single page – it will redirect him to another page, like login page.


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Ok, added the extended license. Yes it allows restriction for one single WP page and WP post. It just does not do so for custom post type ‘directory listing’ posts. So for example, this is what shows up using the same settings for page (—redirects, post ( , and directory listing (—just hides content and doesn not redirect. Any thoughts on how I should investigate to solve?

Sorry, but I do not see you have added any new licenses.

Hi purchase code is 7872824e-c333-44c5-90cd-6baafe820074 got a really strange problem; with your plugin activated, users with Author and Contributor roles cannot see any items in the Media Library, but when I disable the plugin they can. Editors and Administrators can always see the items in the Media Library regardless of whether the plugin is on or off. Any ideas on where I might look to check this? Thanks!

You can easily disable it. Remove this line from w2dc/classes/media_manager.php file:

add_filter(‘pre_get_posts’, array($this, ‘prevent_users_see_other_media’));

Ah thanks. Just a thought, you might want to make this an option in the admin somewhere so that it can be disabled. I had a lot of upset users to deal with once I enabled the plugin and for a while I told them all they were crazy, that they have always had full access to the media library and they still do, but when I logged in as an author I realized they were right ;-(

Yes, it would be better to have such setting.


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Hello I’m searching for a simple way to create a page with a dashboard for managers of my website, bur if possible without going to the admin page…

Searched in documentation but found nothing…

Is there a simple way to do that?

Thanks in advance for help Luc


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page where they can manage for example pending approvals from all users! A real admin page but without going in the wordpress admin pannel…

No, there isn’t such functionality. All listings can be managed only at admin dashboard. But you can manage users permissions to restrict access to some admin pages.

Ok thanks for help… Maybe it’s an idea for future releases?

I have just moved over to woocommerce for payment, but it doesn’t look to work with WC subscription plugin…. can you explain what will happen when the clients listing expires then? I thought it would work with subscription… it is disapointing that it doesnt.

Yes, it does not work with WC subscriptions plugin. Listings will just expire.

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Good Morning,

How to integrate bank boletus in web 2.0 directory plugin?

Hello, sorry, first time hear about it.

Hi, I have two questions regarding the Listing Index page: Is it possible to remove the blank line separating these fields so that they are just listed one after the other (on separate lines)?

- There is currently a blank line between each Content Field

- The sort options currently are Date & Title. Can this be changed to Content Fields e.g., Length & Number of Crew?

Any help would be much appreciated.



1. by default there aren’t any lines between content fields. Probably it is made by CSS of your theme, so you have to manage it by custom CSS rules.

2. some content fields have such option “Order by field”, look at needed content field settings.


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Please help. Getting this error:.. “Strict Standards: Declaration of search_map_form::display() should be compatible with search_form::display($columns = 2, $advanced_open = false) in /home/southtown1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/web-20-directory/classes/search_map_form.php on line 20”

Update the plugin, please.

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I have searched all over to figure out how to insert this into a page. I can see that there are sections in the widget area, but my theme is not allowing me to add widgets to the page I’m building. Where is the shortcode to insert this into a page?

What exactly do you want to insert into a page?

All shortcodes are listed here

Hi Shamalli

I have sent you a mail via your profile page. I have multiple clients using your platform and have a question that relates to more than one of them. I have sent it from my account so that it comes to me, rather than directly to my clients (details in email)... would appreciate your prompt reply. Best wishes.

Hello, sorry, but we do not work in such way.

First of all ask your client with active support to contact us with this question (privately or publicly here) and we will answer it here.

I am using your Web 2.0 Directory plugin and it works really nice. However, for those custom fields with “file upload” type, they are linked to local server path instead of the path on media library. It cause problem since we are using a S3 plugin that every media uploaded will store on S3 bucket. Currently we have to download the file back to local server manually. It will be nice that if you can change the file path to the one on media library.

Probably that plugin requires some configuration or something else, but directory plugin uses native wordpress functions to create attachments with the “file upload” field type exactly in media library.


I would like to change the Google Maps style of the map I’m displaying when using the schortcode: [webdirectory-map] with the map_style attribute. Can you tell me the values to assign to map_style =? To get a style like Subtle Grayscale?

Thank you

Hello, simply use it Subtle Grayscale, like
[webdirectory-map map_style="Subtle Grayscale"]
and other styles from the list on Maps & Addresses settings tab.

Thank you, I had just wrongly typographed …

Hello, I would like to change the Google Maps style of the map I’m displaying when using the schortcode: [webdirectory-map] with the map_style attribute. Can you tell me the values to assign to map_style =? To get a style like Subtle Grayscale? Thank you

How can I change State to County on the search dropdown?

Hi, I’m getting this error when I click in the list categories links:

Not Found

The requested URL /categoria-negocios/restaurante/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Hi, Is there some translation files already available in the plugin (Spanish, French…)? Thanks.