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Hi Shamalli, i have 3 questions for you. 1 – The URL can do this: location+category+place. Example: \estate\city\category\nameofplace and i click until \estate\city\category\ list all place int this category and only in this location?

2- Like a URL, the breadcrumbs i can do to the same settings?

3 – I’m very worried about the performance of DEMO and a few clients comments about this as well…sometimes is not the server and the problem maybe is in the code?! Have any link with customer in production to see? or another demo or trial to test?



1. and 2. No, only one taxonomy, categories or locations.

3. demo works perfect from our side. You can find lots of live examples through the links in comments.


When people submit a location within the directory which is a paid option, they are not receiving the invoice to their email. Why is this? It doesn’t make the process very streamlined, unfortunately.

Hello, we will add this notification in the next version, thanks.

Test listings that I created and did not pay for so they have a status of unpaid can not be removed. So when I add a new test listing it displays along with the original test listing. I can see customers deciding against a higher paid listing at the last moment and wanting to downgrade the listing but in this case they wont be able to for the cost will only increase.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

I believe it works as expected, but you write mutually exclusive sentences:

“I have 2 invoice lines”


“I do not see any invoices/order”


” I deleted the listing”


“how to remove these listings”

If you can not explain it correctly, then yes, I’ll have to look, you can send private message through contact form in my profile.

Just sent you a message, please let me know if it was received or if I need to try again.

I’ve not gotten any feedback on this issue. Did you receive the information that I sent?


I am trying to create dependancy fields, is this possible. My example below:

I have created a Content Field called “Business Type”. This is a dropdown that has some options such as Sole Trader and Limited Company. If the user chooses Sole Trader I would like another content field to be shown to allow them to enter their Sole Trader Number. If Limited Company was selected, another content field should appear requesting their Company Number aswell as their legal company name.

How do you achieve this sort of dependancy so certain content fields are shown depending on what they chose from the dropdown?

Hello, content fields can not depend on each other, they can be dependent from selected categories only.

Hi, I am having a problem with the Google Maps on the directory, I have created browser and server api keys with google console, added them to advanced settings in web2directory, added and verified the domain using meta tag but when I go to my directory listings i am getting a popup with the following,

“Web 2.0 Directory plugin: the current URL loading the Google Maps has not been added to the list of allowed referrers. Please check the “Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web sites)” field in Google API console. Follow instructions

Try one of the following URLs:*,*,*"

Hello … I cant seem to get a thumbnail image to appear next to the listing entry on the listing page… e.g.

The option for “set this image as logo” as your demo I dont see when I’m adding images for a listing. Can you help?


I am very close to launching our new site but I have one issue left. I need to make the your ads plugin have different email options. When a user makes an ad, I need it to have three options for the user to select from (radio buttons or a drop down) 1. Do Not Show My Email Address 2. Do Not Show My Email But Allow Users To Contact Me VIA contact Form 3. Show and Use my Email Address.

How Can I make those options show up when a user is creating an ad?

Is there a way to have a certain category appear at the top of the categories list when registering? They are alphabetical currently.