Touch N Swipe Image Gallery

Touch N Swipe Image Gallery

TouchNSwipe a responsive, flexible and easy to setup image gallery for mobile and desktop that supports touch gestures such as pinch zoom, drag and swipe.


1. Touch enabled

When users see images in mobile devices, they expect to pinch zoom or swipe the images. This provides the familiar touch gestures in images galleries.

2. Fully responsive

This gallery adjusts to any screen size so you will have an optimal viewing experience whether you are using desktop or mobile devices.

3. Cross-browser, IOS and Android compatible

Using IOS, Android, laptops, desktops or even an old browser such as IE7 should be no problem with this gallery.

4. Advanced controls

Aside from touch and mouse gestures, this gallery also provides controls for previous, next, zoom in, zoom out, caption and even give quick access to images by using physics enabled scrolling thumbnails

5. Fully customizable

This allows you to create simple to complex galleries with the look and feel you want. Build on starter templates and add options as you go on. This also gives complete documentation to help you set the options you need.

6. Multiple galleries in one page

Sometimes one gallery is not enough. This allows you to have multiple galleries in one page with their own images, options and controls.

Required JS
Mousewheel jQuery plugin
Custom Modernizr (touch and transform detection only)

Version History

1.1 – Jan 31 2014


- scrolling problems in Chrome
– mousescroll to move page when zooming is disabled.
– zooming in Android 2.3.x devices


- control to galleries and links using API (for developers).
– event handlers API (for developers).
– API documentation (for developers).
– support for Windows 8 PCs that uses mouse and touch


- TouchNSwipe.init can now be called multiple times (for developers)
– default of preloaderUrl is now assets/preloader.gif.


- It is no longer needed. It is combined with TouchNSwipe.
– “resetScrollDuration” option. No longer needed.

1.1 – Jan 31 2014

Initial release

Note: Images are not included in your purchase. Also, please test the examples in the live preview with the device you want to support just to be sure it works. Thanks!