Motion Slider jQuery Plugin

Motion Slider jQuery Plugin

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Motion Slider

Motion Slider is a responsive jQuery slider plugin for mobile and desktop that enables multi-transition and browser prefix free CSS animation to your HTML DOM elements


1. Easy CSS Animation with Multiple Transitions

Animate CSS properties like border, background, opacity or even display or visibility. You can also set presets for animations that are used multiple times and set as many transitions as you want for each DOM element.

2. Create Cool 2D and 3D Transforms

This plugin allows you to animate 2D properties like rotation, scaleX, scaleY, x, and y. Also, you can animate 3D properties like rotationX, rotationY, rotationZ, z, perspective and transformPerspective.

3. Works with CSS3 Animation

This works well with CSS3 animations like text-shadow, box-shadow, border-radius and clip.

4. No Browser Prefix Needed

Whether 2D, 3D or CSS3 animations, you need not worry about adding tons of browser prefixes in order for it to work on multiple browsers.

5. Use Text, ScrambleText, Bezier and Physics2D Plugins

Create encrypted text effect with ScrambleText plugin, let an element follow a curved path with Bezier plugin or create physics-based effects with Physics2D plugin.

6. Break Apart an Image into Tiles or Text into Lines, Words or Characters

The plugin makes it easy to break apart and animate images or text without writing any Javascript code or creating complicated nested divs.

7. Modular and Customizable

Create simple to complex sliders without the bulk. Simply add and customize the plugins you need.

8. Fully responsive

Adjusts to any screen size so you will have an optimal viewing experience whether you are using desktop or mobile devices.

9. Cross-browser, IOS and Android Compatible

This slider works on major browsers including IE9 and has no problem with Android and iOS.

10. Smart Autoplay

This plugin detects if the slider is not visible on screen and automatically pauses it. This saves a lot of resources especially for mobile devices.

11. Developer API

Javascript/jQuery developers can take advantage of the developer API to do further customization.

12. Smart Loading Using Adaptive Images

Prevent unnecessary load time, resources and lag by delivering the correct image size to any screen size.

13. Advanced Controls

Take control of the slider animation with video like controls such as play, pause, seek or even jump quickly to a slide using thumbnails.

14. Multiple Sliders in One Page

Sometimes one is not enough. This plugin allows you to have multiple slider instances in one page.

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Note: It is impossible to check this plugin on every device so please check the examples in the live preview using the device you wish to support. Thanks!


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