Discussion on Touch N Swipe Gallery jQuery Plugin

Discussion on Touch N Swipe Gallery jQuery Plugin

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Someone asked 8 years back whether video is supported – is that possible now? We are looking at implementing something like but one of the thumbs needs to be a video.

Hi there,

Just replied to your email. Thanks :)

Hello, a question before the purchase: I have a gallery with images of different proportions 1×1, 3×2, 16×9, 3×1, etc.

Is it possible for the gallery to load the images adjusting them inside the div (width and height) so that the images are not cut and the user can zoom?

Thank you

Hi there,

By default, the image should adjust automatically based on the div container of the image. You can check out this example ->

Try changing the div orientation(landscape, portrait), content (landscape or portrait content) and scaleMode (widthOnly, heightOnly, proportionalInside, proportionalOutside, none, smart)

Thanks, additionally can I add an audio so that it plays automatically along with the photos? can I activate an auto play for the audio and the slider? Thanks again.

It may work but I cannot guarantee because playing audio is outside the scope of the plugin

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Hi! I’m planning to use this plugin also for “galleries” with one image only, is there a way to stop dragging beyond the image limits? I need the pinch and zoom, but I don’t like to drag beyond the limits of the image because it is only one image. Thanks! PD: I wish there was a place were all options are documented, I found only examples the source code does not have all available options in a single place.

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. Please send me a message here -> so I can send the code. Thanks!

Hello Ron,

Just two pre-purchase questions:

Q1: I am planning on using your plugin on a “freemium” based website, where some of the content might be restricted to certain types of users. Does this mean that I need the extended license or a regular one would be fine?

Q2: Is there a way I can check the full docs/API docs? Just to check with more details what development resources the plugin provides?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Replied in your email. Thanks!

Pre-purchase question 1: Is it possible to overlay text over each image? I’m planning on making a restaurant menu.

Pre-purchase question 2: Is it possible to show images and categories dinamically from a database using PHP?

Hi there,

1. Yes. You can use the caption feature to create an overlay text.

2. Yes. It is basically just HTML so you can use PHP to generate it. You can also use the API to add or remove galleries dynamically.

Hi there. Have requested urgent help to have a callback onchange. Many thanks.

Hi there,

Just replied to your email. Thanks!

Hello there ! Pre sale question : Is it going to work for my project : I am creating a huge grid of divs inside a fullscreen div. Everything in absolute and placed by jquery. this grid is like a map with one image per tile. Full size is going to be huge so lazy load on wide view would be great and loading better quality on zoom. Is it easy to integrate in this dynamic content project ?

In theory it should work, because the script will zoom and pan it as just a div. Zooming and panning a div element is basically the feature of the plugin.

It will be up to you to load the tiles efficiently. The API will just let you know when it is zoomed or panned, give the zoom value and position. You can use these to load the tiles you want.

Hi, i love your Plugin.

It is possible to change the image src if is zoomed? So on zoom event should the image be bigger and no zoom the image should be smaller. And how can i use a preload function in background?


Hi there,

Yes it is possible. It will be like how you would code it in jQuery or plain Javascript. Although that method might be slow because of multiple request when zooming in and out. You can try placing images on top of each other and then just toggle the visibility based on the zoom factor.

If you need further assistance, please contact me here -> Thanks!

Hi RonFeliciano, Is there is a way to show photos smaller than container in there real size and not up scaled to fit the container. E.g. if photo is smaller than container, show it without changing the size, if it is bigger, that fit to container. Thank you.

Hi there,

In 2.0, you can set the scale option to “none” so it will not do any scaling based on the container. If the content is bigger than the container, you will have the option to pan the content.

Oh, thank you. that problem was making me to think to purchase this plugin or not. Thanks again.

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).pinchzoomer is not a function

Hi there, Please send a message here -> so I can assist you better. Thanks!

hello, i am editing a few of the css files… attempting to change the background color on the fullscreen_popup. none of my changes are showing. i’ve added the background-color to many of the fields and nothing will show. font changes are showing, but not background color… can u tell me the exact field to change? thank you

figured it out

Glad to hear. If you need further support you can send a message here -> Thanks!

Hi Ron, how can I get the index of the changed image?

Hi there, You can use .index(). For more info see section 5 of the docs for details. If you need further help, please send a message here -> Thanks!

thank you very much Ron, this resolved my problem, I have another question, is it possible to “frame” images with a margin inside the container so that when i swipe two images of the same size there is always a “gutter” between them?

Currently, it has no option for that. You may need to edit the original code.

Hi, How to get image index when index changed

Hi there, replied in your email

I notice there is some delay when you swipe from one page to another. Is it possible to remove this delay and make the images appear one after another without any delay ? Also, pls check the message I have sent through contact form !

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Replied in your email

Hi Ron, I’ve used touch n’ swipe for almost 2 years and it’s been great! However, the latest ios update seems to be causing issues in safari and doesn’t allow user to zoom and clearly view the image. When trying to zoom in on an image, it’s blurry and does not retain the correct resolution. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi there,

Sent the reply in your email.

There is no in zip download

Hi there, that is no longer needed in 1.1 You should be able to generate the gallery without it

if you mean manually removing the $(TouchNSwipe.init); function from main javascript file and calling it manually when needed, than its ok. but if you mean something else i would love to learn it, if you please to point. BTW you may want to update the doc html files…

You can check out the add_remove_example.html in the main files to give you an idea how to create the gallery dynamically. You can also contact me here -> if you need assistance. As for the docs, I’m currently working on version 2.0 so I will just update it in one go when it is ready. Thanks!

Hi Ron, My question is exactly the same! How can i set data-elem=”slider” after the image load and finally call the tns init function? Thanks in advance!

Hi there, Replied in your email

Hi Ron, gotta say this is working just as I needed but to integrate this in my project I have to check DeveloperAPI capabilities before buying. Is there a API reference of this? I need to check if the necessary callback functions implemented

Hi there,

Sorry just checked my account now. Anyway, I replied in your email. Thanks!

Hey, couple questions: [1] what is the latest version of this plugin? I have 1.1 (1/31/2014) and 1.2 beta (11/04/2014). [2] are you still supporting this plugin? [3] what is the difference between this and PinchZoomer that I see you’re working on? Thanks!

Hi there,

Contact me here -> for the latest beta. PinchZoomer adds zooming capability for one image only. So if you have one image in TouchNSwipe, they are more or less the same.


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