Soccer King - Construct 3, HTML5, Multiplayer, Rating System, Mobile

Soccer King - Construct 3, HTML5, Multiplayer, Rating System, Mobile

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1. Open game in current browser
2. Open game in another browser
Clear storage for reset progress


This Construct 3 template so big game where you need hit and make goal. Simple gameplay and hard logic. Game project consist of three parts:
  1. Self game. You can change here what you want. Any image and sound.
  2. Multiplayer module. This is so big part. We using scirra signaling server and this is peer-to-peer connection. Note: I not garant that this is will works in all devices. You can test it easy – open one player in one browser, second in another. This is need, because player ID saving in local storage. If you wont play with self – better use different browsers. Also, please note that sometimes routers can just block connections, so better if you will play dirrectly.
  3. Server part. Here is we collect and saving players data. Columns in database is: id, nickname, rating, hits, targetHits, wins, games, playerID and authKEY. Nothing personal. Player just register in automode in the game. Then he can play with another players. Also you can transfer player progress. For this just copy player ID and put it into another device.
In theory you can modificate server and multiplayer for your needs. You know where you can get support.

Main feature of this game is Rating system. If you won – you get more points. You loose? You miss 50 points. You can change numbers easy.

Also have a disconnect system. If one player leave – you can start another game.

One of features – smiles. You can use smiles for emotions. Another player can anser you same.

You can easy download Construct 3 game (c3p) after the purchase.

Statistics. In this game player save him statistics at the server. So you can`t loose your progress. You can see:

  • Games played
  • Wins
  • Winrate %
  • Hits total
  • Target hits
  • Accuracy %
  • Rating self
Added skill system for second player. While you waitingw that play make move you can use skill and prevent the player. This is so funny when ball is moving and target just move, haha.


Trailer music
Game menu music
Game play music


Game can be with bugs. This is normal, because I can`t check all. So if you found something – please, let me know. This is not a problem. Thanks

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Platforms [ The game works on all popular browsers ]
Changes [ Very easy customization, reskin ]
What included [ Constuct 3(.c3p), images, sounds, logos, tutorial, server ]
Using [ Easy to use ]
Graphics [ Nice, handmade, cartoon ]
Iframe [ You can embed the game on the frames HTML5 ]
Buttons [ The ability to change the location of the on-screen buttons and their size ]
Game width [ 720×1280 ]
Social sharings [ NO ]
Control [ Touch, mouse, mobile ]
Links [ You can replace all links ]
AdSense template [ No ]
Can be exported to mobile [ Yes! In few clicks | tutorial is ]
Free Construct 3 version [ No ]
Support [ Yes ]


Images [ yes ✔]
Construct 3 (c3p) [ Yes ✔]
HTML5 exported [ Yes ✔]
Documentation [ Yes ✔]
Export to Android video [ Yes ✔]
Logo [ 16-550px ]
Server help [ Yes ✔]
Plug-ins documentation [ Yes ✔]





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