Ballio - HTML5 logic game, construct 2/3, mobile, AdSense, responsive

Ballio - HTML5 logic game, construct 2/3, mobile, AdSense, responsive



  • Updated main song
  • Changed main layout
  • Now at the last level the “Next button” deleted
  • Please, if you are make some levels > 30 – open “MainEvents” and change variable MAX_LEVEL


This is a fun and at the same time challenging game of logical thinking. You need to drop all the balls from the playing field and leave only one

Prove that you can pass this game, because it is very difficult!

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These are the most frequently asked me questions. Answers are not only for this game, but also to all my games. I hope this helps you. If not, you can always write me an email through my account profile
  • Can I embed a game in HTML5 frames?
  • Yes. Construct 2 allows you to export the game to HTML5 format. After that you can do with it whatever you want. If you need to embed the game into HTM5 frames, then it is not a problem
  • This game will work on Android (IOS)?
  • Some of my games work only in HTML5 format. They require the use of the mouse cursor that is not possible on a mobile device. Learn whether to run the game on a mobile device is very simple. There are two ways: I indicate in the description of “gamename + mobile”. If this is not present, then the game does not work on a mobile device. Method 2:.. You’re trying to play a game with their mobile device in the browser. If the game works then it will be work as an application too
  • You have written in the description that can be added game levels. But I do not know how to do it …
  • This is not a problem. In these games, there is always the documentation append new levels. Sometimes it is accompanied by video tutorials
  • How do you compile the game? You are using this Android studio, eclipse, intel sdk, cocoon?
  • If the game is adapted to the mobile device, then it can be compiled through the Cordova and then into the Android Studio


Platforms | The game works on all popular browsers
Changes | Very easy customization, reskin
What included | Constuct 2(.capx), images, sounds
Using | Easy to use
Graphics | Nice, handmade, responsive
Iframe | You can embed the game on the frames HTML5
Buttons | The ability to change the location of the on-screen buttons and their size
Game width | 720х1280(responsive)
Social sharings | Yes
Control | Touch, mouse
Links | You can replace all links
AdSense template | Yes
AdMob | Possible!


Images | yes
Construct 2 | Yes
HTML5 exported | Yes
Documentation | Yes
Logo | 16-550px
Documentation | Yes
AdSense documentation | Yes
Plug-ins documentation | Yes
How to add new levels video tutorial | Yes

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