Support for RocketWeb | Configurable Android WebView App Template

Support for RocketWeb | Configurable Android WebView App Template

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Are you provide setup support?

Yes, we provide any type of customization support related to mobile app development. Where we will set up everything and published the app on the Google play store. Also after published you will get the latest source code. If you want us to configure then you need to pay for the service please contact us via email.

What do you need to provide?

  • Google play account access
  • Website URL
  • App logo
  • App name, color theme, and details
  • Your firebase key/access (if any)
  • OneSignal key/access (If any)
  • AdMob key/access (if any)


  • If you need an app logo, splash screen image, or any type of image design that’s also we provide based on your requirement we will charge.
  • If you need to modify your website this support also we provide based on your requirement we will charge.
For payment or more details please contact via email:

How to fixed the RocketWeb android issue or a bug?

We Warm Welcome you from the InfixSoft team. As per the Envato CodeCanyon policy, the support is not included with the license you buy. But in the case of our customer fetches any problem we will help free of cost. So cooperate from your side is very important. We always try to provide support with our best effort. Please notice that due to different time zone and government holidays sometimes you can get a late response. But we never ignore client requests. If you send us an email then definitely you get a reply.

License details:”

Based on customer feedback we regularly update products and new features. So first follow the documents step by step and complete the setup. You can get ideas from YouTube videos but it’s not up to date always. After that in case of any issue search on the Knowledgebase website. Follow the website link below you will found most of the solutions there.

Knowledgebase website:
YouTube tutorial:

How to contact the support team?

Fist of all most of the issue you fetch is very common and can easily be solved. So, first of all, search for your problem here.

Android issue:

iOS issue:

In case you don’t found the issue or not fixed then please send an email at to contact us with the below information:
  • Your CodeCanyon purchase code
  • Full page screenshot.
  • Your Android Studio version.
  • After which change you fetch the problem.
  • Details of your issue.
  • Guide me where did I found.
  • Share test user ID and password (If need to access your website).
  • file (which you download from code config page).

Tips: Please follow the video tutorial step by step. Do not make any changes on your own and don’t test a random website. I hope you don’t fetch any problems. And if you stack doesn’t try the random solution.

keep in touch for future opportunities

Best Regards, InfixSoft Team

I was testing your demo app but some of the function is not working on my website.

WebView needs to be configured based on different website implementation. Using one app not possible to describe all the websites. The demo app we are providing for showing how your app will look like, how many themes or styles you can use. So after buying the following to document configure your website will automatically solve.

In case not solved:

Can I use it for more than one site?

According to codecanyon license, you can only develop 1 app with 1 application. That’s mean you can’t published multiple apps with a single license. In case you try to publish both apps will be down. But you can put multiple websites in a single app. RokcetWeb has a slide menu option you can add multiple website URLs there.

Please read the license details: For support please read:

How do I test my website?

Download our app from Google play store (RocketWeb): And put your website URL on Edit text filed.

Got an uploaded today what’s in the latest update? Why don’t you update the change log?

In a standard development library, ide and coding stander are regularly update with it we need to update the RokcetWeb as well. Based on development guidelines we regularly maintained it.

Who manages version code? This is our version code formate. Major [Patch] When you download from codecanyon you will see the version mentioned on the folder name and documentation page.

[Major]So when Major code change is mean we completely update with new source code. [Minor] We add new features or redesign some of the pages. [Patch] Features are the same only we resolved the bug and library update.

So when you update your source? Must update script for [Major] version change. If any new feature you required that published on [Minor] update then you can update it. If you already published the app then [Patch] is not for you. Only if you fetch any bug then update the script.

Why don’t you update the changelog? If the codebase is the same and only affects the new user then we do not change the version code. And for the existing users no need to update this.

So when you received the email of a new update then check the codecanyon product page and if the changelog is is the effect on your product then only update the script.

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