Discussion on RocketWeb | Configurable Android WebView App Template

Discussion on RocketWeb | Configurable Android WebView App Template

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1 – can you add delay system or smart system for ads ,because using open app ad with banner ad makes a problems with google play and admob like show banner after x seconds after show open app ad

2 – add native ad in exit dialog

1. You can add delay with it has ad additional delay to avoid app rejection, 2. Customisation required for this, after buying contract via email.

Is ad delay already present inside this source code? Like a banner ad? I mean, can I control it?

hi i want to buy this webview’ so can u add or help me to….hide element by id in this app? e.t.c example=webView.loadUrl(“javascript:(function() { document.getElementsByClassName(‘btn’)[0].style.display=’none’;})()”) please reply me if is possible i like this app 100% thanks

I already replied to your email please check.

This email is to alert you that one of your applications is not currently in compliance with our AdMob program policies and as a result, ad serving has been restricted to your application.

Some of our client including me already update the app successfully on google play store. It’s might be the app configuration issue. Contact via email with your issue we will try to help you. For support please share your purchase code and follow this:

thank you for add open app ad, i want to ask you about ads system , is there a way to control ads show times or number of clicks ? for example showing open app ad in splash screen then after some seconds, showing banner ad, but the if the both showing in the same time, play console will refuse the app because of deceptive ads / many ads

what your opinion about this to avoid ad limit or avoid app ban in play console ? thanks

RocketWeb has smart delay system to avoid rejection. For more please buy the licence first after that contract via email with your purchase key.

For support please share your purchase code and follow this:

If I buy it, will you help me to modify the ads system such as delay ads to avoid ADMOB or console play problems? Will this cost more ?

Yes I will help you and cost will depends on your requirements.

vanski91 Purchased

Hi there. I have purchased your plugin and want to convert my blog site as app through your plugin. Could you please, is it possible to check my website and confirm, can we convert similar web to app and then place it on PlayStore?

Also, we want to use another license for Tutor LMS system (for eLearning web). Could you please check also this case? Is there any limit for transformation web to app?

P.s. Thanks a lot ❤️

Your website is responsive, it’s ready to go. But don’t understand your second point “any limit for transformation web to the app”. Please clear this point.

vanski91 Purchased

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I mean about – can any WordPress responsive site to convert as app? As I see, it is possible. Thanks a lot.

Yes you can convert any WordPress responsive site.

I always love RocketWeb but am really pissed about this. This update is worse, before working on an update I first run it on my phone through Android Studio but this update when I open the app on my phone before showing the website it shows an annoying web ad from nowhere immediately after showing the app open ads, like those ads from those annoying websites on the web, I later used my own links but it’s same, first I thought it was my website but on checking on my browser, I realize it wasn’t. Then I installed the app on Bluestacks thinking maybe it was my phone but the same thing.

Someone else should test this update and tell me am wrong.

Google Playstore has rejected my first update for disruptive ads, what’s all this? Should I regret updating or what? Screenshot-2023-01-21-222244

It’s fine no issue, best of luck with your app. Thank you

Just to let you know, Google PlayStore just accepted my app now. Now published, thanks your code’s the best.

Thank you and best of luck for your app.


orizupay Purchased

1: URL doesn’t open internal link.

2: The app keep closing with errors, pls fix

Hello i want to know about Notifications from webiste for example i have a dating website and i want use your script to convert to app do message notifications will show up when app closed to notify users do your service provide this ?

Yes my app will notify the user but in your website end required a modification. You have to send notificiaon with user unique ID. And from the app you have to collect that unique ID to store on your website database. So for this you have to implement a service. For more contract via email:

Deeplink stop working from Android version 12. I have checked your demo app available on playstore also not working with DEEPLINK.

can you please send me update about DeepLink

We already received your email, after checking we will reply to you.

I would be grateful to you if you hurry to add open app ads , and when you plan to add it ?

Another thing about Unity Ads, I heard that they have problems with Google Play Console, is that correct?

Are there other mediation networks except Admob?

Open add will added soon, if you require any other mediation networks then have to modify the product.

1- thank you , i just need to know if there are alternatives ad networks that i can use when i get admob limit

2 -Does this modify just need Ad Networks SDK To be added?

1. You can you all off this network that supported by Admob mediation: 2. Yes if you want any other network then have to add new SDK.

Why doesn’t mediation work with Admob and

Is it possible to get versionCode from webview by javascript Check versionCode and old version update to play stoe or appstore

Android OS by default automatically update the apps, But if you want then customisation required if you want to implement it. Contract via email for more:

hi , and good work ,

1- are you want to add open app ad ?

2 -and what about app data safety , is there a doc for it ?

3- I hope that you are informed and follow the new Google Play laws and updates, unfortunately there are a lot of templates that cause developer accounts to be closed

1. Yes we have the plan to add open ads in the future.

2. Deta safety is related to the play store and your business model. So you have to follow google guidelines.

3. Non of our customers fetch this issue, and we always keep up to date with google guidelines.

Any Update coming Up ?

Yes we are working on it you will received email when we update.

Why in demo app music can’t play in background

By default webview play in background is not allowed by Google. Have to implement custom player for this. For more contact via email:

Why demo app always rotate

You can turn off the rotate, after buying contract via email:

Im stuck at “Set swipe to refresh”. Refresh doesn’t refresh my website. The only way is to clear cache. HELP!

“App Name” has stopped.

Close app.

why I’m i getting this error?


DevGby Purchased

Hello, is it compatible with Tablet? Can it be opened easily from tablet?


DevGby Purchased

And can I use it for 1 domain and redirect to subdomains?

Yes it’s support Tablet and the codecanyon policy is 1 app is only for 2 websites so you can use multiple domain/subdomain in a single app.


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