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Prepurchase question : Hello, please let me know what is this blue line between 4 places ? Is it possible to draw this line as a itinerary ? Thank You, Patrick

When I click on the map marker that is listed below (using List & Filter plugin as well), after the infobox loads, the entire site scrolls away to the project listing below the map. Disabling my CSS throughout the site, stops the horizontal scroll, but not the vertical Can this be disabled and from where? Example Location: (Pin between Kansas & Missouri, Pin in Florida highlights it not doing this as its not below) Thanks!


Pimento89 Purchased

Hello, can i add more photos on page description of house? So after user click on “more”, a page open with deception of the good. i would like to know how can i add more photos in each pages desciption?


Moraviani Purchased

Hello, I made a polygon_object and would like to use it just on a one single map. Not on apply it on all. And I know that I could use polygon_objects=”” to switch it off, but I have growing number of products, so this is not a solution . thanks for help .

How do i make it so that there is no description under the pics. See the property called 2900 S crenshaw – “[vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” “

the code I used is as follows: [codespacing_progress_map list_ext=”yes” list_layout=”vertical” post_type=”portfolio_page” tax_query=”portfolio_category{office|IN}” tax_query_field=”slug”]

The MAP plugin

Does support my version of wordpress properly can you fix it my version is new.


I recently just purchased the plugin and installed it on my wordpress blog. I followed the instructions to insert points to the map and display it in a blog post. Unfortunately the map displays only the center point and never any points I set with coordinates. I tried a lot of stuff out but nothing worked and I do not have a clue how to check what I am missing here. All settings are set as in you documentation and I am using the recent wordpress version. Please help.

I am waiting for help since one week now. I have purchased 6 months of support with the plugin, please answer.

Could you please have a look into the css ‘conflict’ i have here: As you can see the columns are messed up in the content and footer for example. when i disable ‘Progress map’ plugin it all pops back in place. hope to hear from you!


We recently bought your plugin and we need some help setting it up.

The problem: The infobox doesn’t display the text from the post.

What we’ve done so far:

1) The php code is on the desired page 2) The posts are linked to the map 3) We can see the map and the location, but the text from the infobox is missing.

The condition from 3) applies to every type of infobox. What is baffling is that we have a post written in Cyrilic, and the infobox displays the information correctly. The Cyrilic post is exactly the same as the other posts written in english.

Below is the page with the map

Could you shows us where the problem is?



jack2009 Purchased

Hello, I have already bought this product. I have some questions, please help me to sovle it; 1. if I want to the customers on my website input the keywords (e.g. hobby shops), just like goole map,-95.7119322,4z/data=!3m1!4b1

would you please tell me how to do step by step.. Thank you.

I need your plugin today… but i need to know if is possible translate to only one language. thx

So, I bought this plugin thinking that the user would be able to enter their location for posts. I now see that the plugin does not show on user side.

1. I am wondering if there is an easy shortcode that would allow this 2. If there is no shortcode, can I pay someone to have this feature on my website asap