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Hey there,

I was having trouble getting my map to filter with the list and filter add on and now it seems that the filter bar is missing all together.

It was there yesterday but I can’t see it now. Can you help me figure it out please?

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I’ve been using your plugin for quite a while now (since v. 2.7) and it has always worked fine. I upgraded to v.3.2.1 and everything went smooth – Thanks for the detailed instructions.

But, I have been getting a white page whenever I publish or edit a new post or page. I deactivated all plugins and switched them back on one by one and it turns out that it is your plugin creating some sort of conflict. I tried disabling the various things you mention in your Troubleshooting & Configs section, but it did not change anything. I still get a white page if I publish or edit a page or post.

Any idea what the cause of this could be?

Before buy the plugin 2 presales questions. I already tried another plugin and I’m not satisfied with it. 1. Can I link the Markers to internal pages/post as well as external URLs? 2. Can I create different maps with different markers or with prefiltered categories?

Thanks in advance Alex Germany


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Hi, How can I get visitor’s geolocation (if supported) as variables (lat,lng)?

It seems a nice plugin but to use it in my project I need to know if is possible to hide some Google Maps categories. I mean, I don’t want to show in my map for example “Dentists”. Can I hide this category and show the others categories?

Even if I have to do it with CSS is good solution for me.


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I have installed the map plugin and the Google Maps loads correctly on my POST screen when I am selecting a location for each post. However, when I view the map it doesn’t load – it just shows grey colour.

You can see it at

Any ideas on why it isn’t loading? I do have the Google Maps API input.

Kind regards, Joel

Hello, I have posted this question below 15 days ago, but never get an answer. Could you please provide me support. Thanks.

I have a kml file with marker and line. In the file, I have define color for marker and line. It is displaying correctly in Google Earth. If I load the file in Progress Map, it does not take into account the color that I defined. How to do that ? Do you have a KML example with line and marker color ?

Hello, I have posted this question below 15 days ago, but never get an answer. Could you please provide me support. Thanks.

I am using the application WordPress on iOS to publish post. I have the possibility to geolocalize my post. It used the custom fileds : geo_longitude, geo_longitude. So when I publish a new post, I must manually click on “Regenerate markers” in your plugin to make the posts display on the map. How can I do this automatically each time I publish a post from this iOS WordPress applcation ? Thanks

It seems the author is no longer able to support this plugin. The last technical answer was a very long time ago. Support renewals should not be offered by Envato.


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Hello, I’m interested to your excellent plugin, I have a question as I haven’t found any custom post type admin screenshot.

I need a plugin that adds a metabox to my custom post type admin page (estates) where I can insert the property’s geolocation to show it on a the main frontend map together with the other properties (i see this is something the plugin already does) and show it on each property description page (1 marker per map). Is the metabox feature something that this plugin does? Thanks Marco Lisei

Hi, I’m getting a little irritated by now. I paid extra money for support and I do not get an answer to my question. Can you please take a look at my problem? It’s been 2 months since I asked for support and I asked again 18 days ago.


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To the Author of this plugin – I can tell you’re probably overwhelmed with support requests. If you had a support forum, many of the questions being asked could be answered by other users. In addition, making better documentation would avoid many questions. I would like to help you on this account, as this is seriously one of the best plugins I’ve used, and I just tested over a dozen – none of them even come close to the functionality you’re offering. Let’s talk!


Thanks for contacting me. I’m very interested by your offer. Let’s go private, please contact me on my email

Thank you

I’ve fixed my pagination issue – it occured because the progress map list filter was set as the home page – as soon as I moved it to a sub-page it worked great!


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Hi there,

I love this plugin. However, I am having a small issue that it is loading quite slowly. It really slows down the whole website.

Is there something I can do to improve this?

Also, I’d love to add some fields to the pop-up in the map itself. Is that something you could customize (this would be obviously a paid customization!)

Cheers, Dev


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Hi , I have installed this plugin for wordpress with Lens theme. I have issues with the settings regarding custom post type. I have selected “Progress map->Plugin Settings -> Post Types -> Gallery (lens_gallery) and have saved the same. While creating a map ie “progress map ->Add new map -> (Custom) Post Type ->” , can not see Gallery(lens_gallery) post type which was set in the Progress map Plugin setting. I want to set up a map for the existing gallery. Please let me know the settings which I am missing. Thanks, Radhika

Hello, We are a design studio and we like what we see with Progress Map. We require custom styling of all elements, including the way the map looks. Is there a way we could send out our skin design for Progress Map and have you customize it for us? If so, how much might that cost? We actually have two projects requiring two different styles that we’d like to use Progress Map on. Thank you! Jason