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Amazing work, it’s awesome! :)

Looks very promising. Unfortunately a lot of people cannot foresee the power of key point animation.

Good luck with the sales!

Thanks for your purchase and support! I appreciate it :)

this looks very good. what is the UI like for creating slides?

can you make a screen cast of what it is like to use or make content?

Hi there,

It does not have some sort of WYSIWYG editor. You just add additional attributes to elements to define slides and animation. You can check the “How to Animate” example in the live preview.

amazing sliders! GLWS

Brilliant job! Thank you!

Hi, awesome slider,do you have any plans on creating a WP version of it? I’ve noticed that a few WP Themes are now incorporating your slider, is it hard to integrate?

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, I have no concrete plans yet for a WP version since I’m still working on version 2 of my other plugins. As for WP integration, as long as you can add the required JS and CSS it should work.


I just spent too much time looking for a responsive html5 xml template banner solution. Perhaps I’m missing obvious. All the flash xml templates of yesterday are not matched by a csv or xml html5 animated banner method. Your timeline scipt seemed to be the closest I could find. GWP, GSAP, greenstock, etc. failed to exploit the xml approach.

I need a way to may tens of thousands of banners of various shapes using standard templates fed from xml. I can’t find a solution except foryour timeline script. Very strange, or I need to do do a better job searching. Anyway, Is your timeline script responsive? Touchswipe? etc. I admire your visioIt


Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been away. Anyway, you might be talking about ?

This might be the closest example I can think of using XML Timeline Animation Banner that may work in your case ->

Although not XML I recommend using -> You can use the same principle of animating using % rather than px so you just need to create it once and deploy it in different banner sizes. In addition to that you can take advantage of Adaptive image loading, CSS3, Text, 3D, bezier and physics animation.


Thanks. wow. I’m light on this motion area. But, I can’t find away to run preset banners via a feed using a variety of pngs thereby creating motion. Your stuff looks real good. Very smart.

Check this out. ( It’s linked direct from It’s kinda like your stuff. .

Will the motion slider handle png links?

Can a link appear as an overlay, slide in, dropdown, or something. This being created within the {{div class=”slide” data-elem=”slide” data-options=”thumbUrl:assets/pthumb2.png”}} ?

Ideally, I think, your motion-slider-jquery-plugin would come with a slidein menu prebuilt ie, a freestanding full webpage. That seems tobe missing whereever I look at jquery solutions.

Do you think I could iframe this into a wordpress post? I would bulk upload the reference to this.

Also, not sure, if I had the first post image as banner plugin, this would showup in a wordpress category,tag, or other gallery.



Hi J,

Sorry for the late reply.

- This -> looks more interactive than a simple banner/slider with animations. So Motion Slider might not be the best solution for this case without adding any code.

- Natively you can add links/thumbs that will reference to a certain slide and animation time. So when it is clicked it skips to that slide and animation time. Here is an example -> Click the text on the left and it will go to a certain time in the animation.

- The built-in “menu” are the thumbnails and a custom menu can be made using external thumbnails/links. It might work as a simple webpage.

- Not sure about the iframe. I haven’t tried it.

- Not sure I understand the last question.

The plugin is truly brilliant and Ron has been super helpful providing quick answers to all our questions. Using this plugin the animation in our WordPress site look great. Great work!

First of all very cool slider.

I have only one question. I have slide where I want that the image use scale effect and than I want to have 4 splitText which are shown one by one. How could I achive that?

So only 1 image which is indpendent and is always shown and than 4 splitText which are shown one by one.


Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. Please send a message here -> so it will be easier to exchange files. Thanks!

Also why the height isn’t reducing when resizing browser? It’s always the same as defined in css for .slider, .slide, .slidesHolder.

Awesome Work. GLWS


Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?

Hi there, It will not be automatic but you should be able to arrange the slides when you create the HTML for the slider.