MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

Knowledge Base plugin for WordPress with built-in Analytics

Add documentation and track its performance instantly!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in comments or via contact form in Envato profile. We try our best to respond right away (or within 1 hour) during working time (we’re at GMT+2, EET) or within 1 day otherwise.

Read more details about restrict content feature in this blog post


  • Ajax intuitive Live Search with multiple themes
  • Analytics dashboard, with views, likes and dislikes weekly / monthly graph
  • Search analytics – see what users searched for and which results they received
  • Articles feedback
  • Content restriction. Restrict access to articles based on user role. Show login form and teaser to users who are not registered.
  • 732 Google Fonts with flexible load options
  • Articles text color and typography
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Search on articles and topics pages
  • Search for articles using tags
  • Custom order of topics (drag n drop)
  • Custom order of articles (drag n drop)
  • Home page box or list layout, with 2, 3 or 4 columns
  • Dynamic Table of Contents in articles
  • Custom post type slugs
  • Breadcrumbs on topics and articles pages
  • Nested categories support
  • Multiple sidebars for each page type
  • Optionally can display page content on knowledge base page
  • Icons for topics or articles (600+ icons)
  • Show or hide article views, likes and dislikes buttons and count with custom icons
  • Estimated reading time for articles
  • Enable or disable comments
  • Use our templates or switch to your theme default templates
  • Override plugin templates from theme
  • Topic and articles widgets
  • Topics, articles and search shortcodes
  • Tip, Info and Warning content shortcodes for use in our articles, with custom colors and icons
  • Responsive design
  • Documentation
  • Optimized for speed
  • Translation ready


* More control over search results
* Shortcode builder
* Code highlight shortcodes
* More widgets
* ...


Version 1.3.9 – Apr 20, 2017

* Main feature: Added one-click import + imported content management panel
* Added option to not load Font Awesome (in case theme loads it already)
* Added more template actions: now you can wrap any template in your containers
* Fixed CSS for search input margin in some themes
* Fixed compatibility issue with WP Mobile Detect plugin
* Added custom link option for breadcrumbs home page
* Added notification for sidebar with no widgets
* Added configuration for comments box: after content, inside or outside of container
* Fixed CSS for images not appearing in some themes when using em size
* Most viewed and most liked topics now fallback to recent if there are no topics to display

Version 1.3.8 – Mar 29, 2017

* Major feature: Full WordPress Multisite Support
* Fixed nested categories display when parent has no articles
* Fixed KB home display when used as site front page
* Fixed bugs when trying to view article not added to any topics
* Added message when using non-existing topic ID in topic shortcode
* Fixed bug with topics shortcode using topics from home page
* Fixed defaults in topic shortcode, now works correctly without limit set
* Demo data fixed for new post type defaults
* ScrollSpy removed on mobile
* Fixed compatibility with older WordPress versions: 4.4, 4.0, 3.8

Version 1.3.7 – Mar 14, 2017

* Added sticky sidebar functionality for articles
* Added table of contents widget + option to disable table of contents in article body
* Added ScrollSpy functionality for table of contents (in widget only)
* Added setting for article, topic and tag URLs. Now you can change post type and taxonomies names and slugs separately, keeping the existing content
* Added option to control nested topics articles display
* Added support for paged articles (using nextpage tag)
* Fixed notice on article pages in some systems
* Header in settings page is now sticky, for easier save button access on long sections
* Added error notifications on failed save/restore actions
* Improved theme compatibility when using plugin templates
* Added option to remove tags archive and tag links from articles
* Added setting for number of articles per page for topics, tags and search results page
* Added preview link to home page selector to quickly open KB home page
* Compatibility checked with WordPress 4.7.3
* Scroll offset option changed to use positive values instead of negatives by default
* Fixed shortcodes in page builder page content section
* Fixed bug with feedback form not appearing without rating message enabled
* Fixed bug with article appearing twice if matched by content and by tag
* Fixed bug with live search finding draft articles
* Improved performance a little

Version 1.3.6 – Feb 23, 2017

* Dedicated search results page added
* Desktop/mobile/tablet device detection added
* Custom css option added
* Added possibility to disable live search by platform. For example, you can keep live search on desktop and tablet, but disable it on mobile and use dedicated search results page instead
* Container and sidebar width settings added
* Added content hooks for tag and archive page templates
* Generic text strings moved to localization tab
* Pagination layout and styles added. Now you can choose between plugin and theme pagination
* Added theme compatibility settings (include/exclude header and footer)
* Fixed bug with notice about is_tax called incorrectly
* Fixed width issues for themes that use flexbox display mode and/or content-box CSS model
* Major code cleanup and refactor
* Public hooks API rewritten
* Search results now returned by relevance
* Login form width fixed on mobile
* Added table of contents scroll offset option
* Twenty Seventeen theme CSS fixes
* Eduma theme compatibility fixed

Version 1.3.5 – Feb 14, 2017

* Added content restriction functionality
* Added possibility to restrict articles globally, by article or by topic
* Added customizable login form for restricted articles
* Fixed compatibility with Impreza theme
* Fixed bug with search results under the breadcrumbs
* Client-side SCSS moved to separate files

Version 1.3.4 – Feb 7, 2017

* Font selector added with 732 Google Fonts
* Article text typography and color options
* Widgets typography and color options
* Headings typography and colors options
* Advanced breadcrumbs style settings added - background color, paddings, bg image, pattern, gradient, etc
* Added body classes for home pages, archives and article pages for custom styling
* Article, topic and home page padding settings
* Fixed bug with topics shortcode ignoring passed IDs
* Fixed bug with icon select not highlighting new icon
* Improved responsive styles for mobile and tablet
* Search results now also include matches by tag
* Inline CSS minified

Version 1.3.3 – Feb 2, 2017

* Added feedback tab in dashboard, with possibility to remove feedback
* Added hierarchical dynamic table of contents, built from H1-H6 heading tags in content. You can use either dynamic TOC or TOC built with shortcodes. Table of contents settings moved to separate tab.
* New feature: Search keywords tracking and analytics
* Search delay setting added
* Added sortable columns to articles list in admin  - views, likes, dislikes, feedback
* Fixed: missing related content shortcode preview image added
* Technical: admin SCSS files organised and cleaned-up
* Admin pages styles minor fixes
* Added dummy data xml for quick initial setup

Version 1.3.2 – Jan 24, 2017

* Dramatically improved performance (up to 20x reduced loading time on some pages). Big thank you goes to @kimekim for noticing this issue.
* New feature: ability to reorder articles inside topic using drag n drop
* New feature: ability to add and display related articles
* New feature: ability to display related content links in article
* Fixed: articles and topics giving 404 on fresh installs due to WP cached rewrite rules
* Fixed: article archive intercepting custom post type archives in some cases
* Extended support down to php 5.3

Version 1.3.1 – Jan 18, 2017

* New feature: added articles feedback functionality
* New feature: Google Analytics integration. Now you can track successful and failed searches, likes, dislikes and feedback directly to your Google Analytics account, using custom GA events. All event fields are configurable and have hassle-free, working out of the box defaults.
* Added possibility to display tags in articles
* Also, search now can be limited to selection of topics
* Every topic now can be attributed to specific KB home page, allowing to separate KB into multiple logical sections (requested feature)
* Added configuration to display messages on like / dislike action
* Some minor dashboard UI improvements

Version 1.3. – Jan 9, 2017

* Added search in articles
* Added search in topics
* Added possibility to use images instead of icons for topics
* Configuration settings added for all visible text so you can easily localize Knowledge base without WPML or other plugins
* Option to remove like / dislike icon
* Added separate defaults for search shortcode
* Fixed: bug with duplicate slashes before quotes
* Added option to show/hide topic in search results
* Added option to show/hide “Show all” link
* Search shortcode now supports all the options you have in page builder
* Added public API for search and topics with all the options available, insert anywhere in theme
* Article and topic templates are rendered via actions, so it is possible now, for example, to put your content before rating or after reading estimate
* Added option to disable search autofocus
* Added featured images support to articles
* Many other small settings and improvements

Version 1.2.1 – Jan 5, 2017

* Fixed: taxonomy templates were not overridden if taxonomy.php existed in theme
* Fixed: icons on the left stack were shifted in some themes
* Fixed: custom topic colors and icons did not show up
* Fixed: list tags custom styles in theme conflicted with plugin styles
* Fixed: page builder had lower render priority than global home page
* Added security check for page builder save process
* Plugin compatibility checked and fixed: SEO by Yoast
* Theme compatibility checked and fixed: Newspaper 7
* Theme compatibility checked: Avada theme
* Added option to configure number of articles on home page and in page builder

Version 1.2 – Dec 27, 2016

* New feature: Added many search themes
* New feature: Added many search style options: background color, image, gradient, pattern and many more.
* New feature: Added Drag n Drop home page builder
* New feature: Dynamic topics - Recent, Most liked, Most viewed
* Requested feature: Added setting for breadcrumbs root page text
* Requested feature: Tip field now allows HTML
* Added container settings for home pages
* Added title settings for home pages

Version 1.1 – Dec 19, 2016

* New feature: Dynamic table of contents in articles
* New feature: Custom topics order on Home page (use drag n drop)
* New feature: Optional FancyBox popup for articles images
* New feature: Add custom HTML at the bottom of articles. Can be used for additional support contacts
More color settings added
Home page container configuration added
Improved compatibility with themes

Version 1.0 – Dec 13, 2016

Initial release