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Hi, We are having problem about displaying topics on the home page, so they are not showing? And Site and Pluging sidebar collapse and that causing a bad view? What can we do about that issue?

Hello, can you send me some link to your site? You can use contact form under my profile if you don’t want to post it in comment. Thanks.


You can check our site with this link. We cannot remove page sidebar in topic and article. And also when I create a page some problems like footer and header not showing etc. are occured.

Hello, I checked the link, but there are no topics now, only empty home page with search. You should be able to remove sidebar in MinervaKB settings in Topics and Articles tabs, in case you are using plugin templates. If you are using theme templates, you should be able to remove sidebar in theme settings.

Hello! I hope all’s well.

I’ve been having issues with the articles not staying in their custom order. I read here – https://codecanyon.net/comments/16324931 – that a fix was being applied to version 1.4.0. I can see that a update was issued yesterday, but I didn’t get any notification (email or through the admin panel) of the update. How can I update the plugin without losing any of my current work?


Hello, what I usually do when updating the demo is I deactivate the plugin, delete it, upload it as zip and activate it again. Usually takes 20 seconds or so. In theory if someone visits some KB page at the moment he’ll see some blank WP page, which is not cool, but it’s better, than uploading plugin files via ftp – it is longer, and your site breaks while you do it. As for the data, it is stored in database, so you won’t lose you settings after updating plugin files. Backup is always a good idea, though, when you’re doing it in production.

Thanks! I’ll give that a try.

Ok, good)

Code: 9b6a670d-f22d-4b95-b46f-e49ddc8b63b5

Hi! First: great product! :)

Is there a How-to or are there instructions to get exactily the look of https://www.minerva-kb.com/demo-3/ ?

Help is really appreciated!

Regards Günther Klebinger

Hello, the best way is to use the One-click demo import, added in 1.3.9, it is the last tab in settings. It will create pages very similar to demo.

Hi – I just spent days building a site using MinervaKB and then out of nowhere everything gets deleted. Every setting, every page and even the all the stats in the dashboard. I was literally just working on refining the home page when this happened. I have a site backup but it’s still going to mean hours of work lost and I’m worried that I’ll lose it again. Do you have any idea how this happened? Thanks.

Also, is there any chance all my posts still exist somewhere? Even though there’s no longer anything in Knowledge Base? That’s around 50 posts deleted out of nowhere.

Fixed it – I must have accidentally hit Restore Defaults – which is what I assumed I did. But I didn’t think that would also delete posts. It’s because I changed the default “Article post type name”. Once I changed that back, all the posts returned. If you could PLEASE do something about that Restore Defaults button in an upcoming update, that would be amazing. There’s no reason it should be right next to the save button. It should be in the side bar under Demo Import or something like that. Thanks.

Hello, I’m sorry about this situation.

No, restore defaults does not remove any content, it only resets the options. Of course if you changed the post type setting at some point that could hide the posts, but they are not deleted. Actually, even Uninstall button, added in 1.4.0, does not remove content created by users. The whole custom post type setting is a bit confusing, I think, plus it has this side-effect of hiding the existing articles when changed. I need to highlight the option that changes the URL only instead. Also, Reset defaults needs some confirmation popup, I think, maybe even a dedicated tab.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will add these improvements to 1.4.1 list.


Where do I change the settings for what displays in the browser tabs for topics? Right now we are seeing “Topic Name Archives” for example Chart Archives. We would prefer to display something different like Charts.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Hello, the current version on CodeCanyon is 1.4.0, so just download the zip and you will have the latest version.


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I downloaded it again from my account but the documentation said version 1.2. so I am not sure what I downloaded today is current. How can I tell?

Ah, sorry, yes the docs version is old, but the plugin is new, you can see actual version in the dashboard and on plugin page.


I purchased this plugin last month and totally love it. I wanted to change the permalink for the KB posts from “Plain” to “Post name”. However, when I make the change to “Post name” I am not able to see the topics page and subsequently the kb post. Please let me know how I can do this change.

Thanks in advance. CK

Also, it is possible that nginx is used in front of your server for caching, then I think you need to update the caches. It is a good idea to contact your server admin.

Thank you. I contacted my server admin and the issue is now fixed. Couple of ways in which this can be done. http://bit.ly/2rzL1mi and http://bit.ly/2qckn2U

Great! Also, thanks for sharing the guide.

Can this product support multiple knowledge bases. Example: We have different departments, Marketing, HR, IT. Can each have there own page?

Hello, you can create multiple home pages, each with it’s own topics. Also, the topics can have nested topics, so you can create top level topics like HR or IT and nest others inside those.


Just purchased MKB.

My issue is this: 1. I do a fresh install of Wordpress 4.7.5 2. I install MKB. 3. I try to activate the plugin and get the following error:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION, expecting ‘)’ in /home/fginter/public_html/helpfully.info/wp-content/plugins/minervakb/lib/abstract/shortcode.php on line 100

Can you help? Thanks. -francisginter

Hello, this is probably because your server uses php version 5.2 or older, which is really old (released in 2006). Currently the minimum version we support is 5.3, but that also is quite old. I would recommend to upgrade to at least php 5.x.

Thanks. That worked.


I have a question to you feature to restrict access. My wish is, that the topics and articles hide, when the user not login. When the user login, then are displayed the article.

Is this possible? I have only founded the restrict access, but all users see the topic and article.

Your tool is great!

Thank! Olli

Hello, I understand you request, currently you can hide article content for not logged in users, but the topics are still visible. I will add these improvements to roadmap, thanks.

Thank you! That´s great. I have found a workaround. I create a new site and insert a shortcuts. The site is online for a defined role achievable. So I can manage the knowledge over sites and role.

Thank you!

Ok, good)

Hi – I’m using the dynamic sidebar to navigate through the articles. What I’d like to be able to do is give a link to our customers that will enable them to go directly to a specific part of an article. An anchor link basically. Is there a way to do that without needing to go through each article and manually add them?

Hi, good idea, thanks.

So there’s currently no way to link to the section titles in the articles?

Hello, no, it requires some extra development on our side.


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Can we operate 2 different knowledge base within 1 wordpress site with MinervaKB Knowledge Base.

Lets say know knowledge base 1 is about category 1 and knowledge base 2 is about category 2.


Hello, sorry, I missed your comment somehow. You can either use our page builder (it is available on any WP page), or use shortcode builder. Both options allow the same features, as page created via options. Please, check this article for using the shortcode builder: https://www.minerva-kb.com/kb/shortcode-builder/ and


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Hello mate,

the only seems to be, the url or the base url set in the setting page of the plugin will remain the same. so even if you’ll have 2 homepage with different topics, the base url may produce the conflict at some point.


Hello, the articles will share the same base url part, yes, but you can set custom home page for each topic on topic settings page. In this case the breadcrumbs for topics (and articles) belonging to different home pages will have correct home links. As for sharing the kb url base, this is controlled by wordpress, and even if you set the exact same titles for articles, it will still make the urls are unique, by adding -1 -2 at the end, so there should be no clashes. To be honest, it never was designed to support any sort of multiple kb on one site, but I think these options are enough to allow some basic separation. We have a task for investigating this in roadmap, maybe we’ll be able to add more serious support for multiple KB sections, but we really don’t want to overcomplicate the existing options panel because of that, so it needs a good investigation and planning.


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Little suggestion: I’m in the process of moving different pages/posts to Minerva-KB. I did move a bunch already but I find it difficult to make sur e nothing is lost without any category. It would be nice to be able to display the tags and the categories in the KB Articles list so I can make sure everything is correctly categorized/tagged.

On another note, I’m also trying to force the “Recent” and “Most viewed” dynamic topics to appear on the main page but when I do, the other categories disapear and I have to select them manually. This is unfortunate because I like the automatic management of the topics and want to keep it. Is it possible to do something for that ?

Thank you !

Hello, as for the first one, we have a task for this, people asked for it already. Hopefully will be included In the next version. As for second one, I think that’s a good idea, the only problem is you won’t be able to change the order of these dynamic topics, but that’s probably not a big issue. Will add this to our roadmap too. Thank you!


Thank you for this wonderful plugin!

How do I exclude the posts within the knowledge base from having ads I injected into single posts.

So if I have code in my functions.php file that adds content to post like this:

if ( is_single() ) {

What do I add to that to exclude my code only for articles created for this plugin? I want to exclude articles by the category or topic, not by single article id (as that would be inefficient to upkeep with tons of articles).

Thank you

Hi there! Thanks for the kind words. As for your question, just use is_singular function https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/is_singular/ It takes one parameter – post type. By default Minerva uses ‘kb’ for post type, so unless you changed it in settings, following should be true only for article single pages.

is_singular( 'kb' );

Let me know if this helps.

Perfect! Thank you

Sure, no problem)


We have been having an issue with the background color of the page not being able to be changed.

Here is what that looks like:


how can we fix this?

Hello again. Here’s the CSS to fix the home page for your theme:

.mkb-content-main--page {
    background: #fff;
.kb-search__input-wrap .kb-search__input:focus {
    background: #fff;
input.kb-search__input {
    padding: 0 2em!important;
.kb-search__input-wrap.mkb-search-theme__clean.kb-search__input-wrap--icons-left .kb-search__input {
    padding-left: 3.2em!important;
.mkb-root .fa {
    width: auto;
    vertical-align: baseline;

Let me know if you need more help.

Thank you. Yes that fixed the home page but it did not fix the articles after the home pages.

For example: http://zenfusion.com/kbtopic/ad-strategy/ http://zenfusion.com/kbtopic/adcelerator-services/ http://zenfusion.com/kbtopic/ads/

Is it possible to get some additional code to fix this?

Hello, sure. You can use

.mkb-root { background: #fff; }

for the whole container.

1. In Settings > Localization I see options for “Pagination levels” so I can translate previous and next link text. Where do I enable those links to appear below each KB article?

2. If I need to build different KBs for different services or products. Do you recommend me to create different topics? Can I restrict search bar to show results of the selected topic only?

3. When user write and sends feedback, where can I read the user feedback comments?


Hello! 1. These settings are used for topic page pagination. Currently there is no option for prev – next links for articles, but they are planned. 2. Yes, I recommend to use top level topics for each product. You can restrict each search to a set of topics.

3. Feedback messages are available on article edit screens and in analytics. Please, check this video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=O9W5uhFDtz4


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I have a bit of a styling problem… When I use the article template, there’s no container on the article so the text is black on a grey background. My theme uses a white container for the pages/posts but the plugin ignore this.

I tried selecting my theme as the template but when I do the breadcrumbs disapear (the other features like reading time, likes… are still showing)

Any idea how I could resolve this issue ?

Hello, yes, the container does not have its own background color now. We need a setting for this, I think. Currently you can fix this by custom CSS, like this:

.mkb-root { background: #fff; }

Let me know if this helps.

Hi, I’m trying to use your sticky ToC but when I do that, if I scroll just a bit, it make the sidebar disappear !

For testing purpose I have try some sticky sidebar plugin for articles and it works…