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ituser Purchased

Pre-sale question: We would like to use PDF files to create KB articles (posts). Can you index PDF files so your search box will find all KB articles containing the search term?

Hello, we cannot currently index or read PDF files, all articles are in custom post type entries, similar to normal posts.


Maccas822 Purchased



Maccas822 Purchased

bough this few problems

search feature is slow. when typing it takes too long for live search to show results, when you press enter also the non live search is too long.

after searching and pressing enter, the search results page does not show the search bar to search again even though enabled in the setting.

search feature shows article feeback, this should be hidden from results.

good plugin needs alot of improvements though, its not fully baked.

You can use the contact form on my profile.


Maccas822 Purchased

I sent you a private message, with login details so you can test the search feature.

Hello, you didn’t include username.

Could you make it compatible with other site or standalone site? I wanna use this for WoWonder (social networking engine).

Hello, I don’t think this can be done easily, as this plugin relies heavily on WordPress. But we’re working on theme version of it, so it will be easy to setup on subdomain of your main site. At launch it will have most of the plugin functionality, later on we’ll add all the features.

Hi there!

I just uploaded your plugin and activated it, but now some weird error pops up in my Wordpress backend:

Warning: Missing argument 2 for MinervaKB_CPT::article_list_topic_filter() in /home/public/sites/www.con-vergence.com/wp-content/plugins/minervakb/lib/cpt.php on line 748

Warning: Missing argument 2 for MinervaKB_CPT::article_list_tag_filter() in /home/public/sites/www.con-vergence.com/wp-content/plugins/minervakb/lib/cpt.php on line 801

How can i fix this?

Hello, have you uploaded plugin via FTP? Also, what php version you have?

I think I know the cause of this, you probably have WordPress version older than 4.6, which didn’t have the second parameter. I’ll remove it in the next release, since we’re not using it anyway. If you don’t plan to update WordPress, you can ignore this warning for now, it will be removed in the next plugin release. But updating WordPress is a good idea anyway, for security reasons.

As a feature request, I think it would be useful to have an option where if an article is tagged as a related article, it should also tag that original article as its related article. That way we wouldn’t have to go back to the original and add it as related when there’s a new article.

Good idea, thanks for the suggestion!

c7cb6da5-56a8-4b20-b6f8-6333a885c91c – 21 Nov 2017 Could you send me the sample data? I didn’t find it in the file downloaded

solved …

There is a demo import at the end of plugin options, glad you solved it!

Hi I have tried the sample data and most of the features are perfect. There is one question about the settings.

step1 I choose the homepage layout as “KB Corperate style example” step 2 I want to change the settings in “Homepage:topics” and “Homepage:search” , but most of them can’t apply to KB corperate style eaample. step3 I switch the homepage layout as “KB”, then they works fine.

Could you help me with it. I’d like to build a page styled like KB Corperate style example

solved again. :( BTW what page builder do you use? wpbakery.com?

Hello, there are currently a couple of ways to build home page: one is via home settings in plugin settings (the ones you have tried), second is via the shortcodes builder (little blue icon in WordPress visual editor) and third is our own section builder, which was originally used for demo home pages. Oh, and you can use VC builder, we’ve added mappings for it as well. We currently recommend shortcodes, as the most flexible option. What do you mean when you ask which page builder we use? You mean for our sites? In that case, we currently don’t have a preferred builder that works for us, we use our own page templates.


luboingeli Purchased

Hello there, I have bought you plugin yesterday and instaled in on fresh tagdiv.com newspaper theme and it is not working at all, everything is broken. It seems it is not working with this theme at all. And it is most popular theme for magazine :(

Hello, do you have a link where we can check this?