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cfu3i29 Purchased

Looks good! Can you add more than one KB on a site or is it restricted to one only?

Hello, thank you!. Not sure I understand, do you mean more than one Home Page KB layout per site, or multiple totally different KBs, with different topics and articles? Multiple Home Pages are planned in the next version. Multiple KBs is not something we plan currently, as it might be confusing for customers, but give us more detail, maybe it can be implemented in a more straightforward way.


cfu3i29 Purchased

Thanks for your reply, I actually meant both as we have different target groups which ideally would have their own KB. Example: Ideally when group A searches “their” KB they won’t get results from the KB of groups B and C. Or can this be resitricted in another way?

Restrictions in search are planned, we expect to add this feature after the new year holidays. Maybe two weeks from now.

Nice plugin ! GLWS :-)

The screenshots dont show all the settings, so i must ask:

1) Can i rename the words topics, articles, kb ?
2) There is a one custom post type (kb), right ?
3) Could i use and show the featured image of an “article” ?

Hello! 1) If you are asking about slugs, yes, if about titles in dashboard – can be added in next release. 2) Yes, 1 custom post type and taxonomies. 3) Not currently, can also be added in next release.

thanks for your answers … good to hear … when would you make this update with these improvements ? After christmas, early 2017 ?

The 50% discount is valid til 31st dezember 2016, right ? ;-)

Right. Release should be next week.

By the way, feel free to leave feature requests here, we’ll do our best to deliver them in the future releases.

hello man nice work

i want to help you

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good luck man

Hello, thanks for the advice, that makes sense, we will check.

good sales =)



interayo Purchased


To start off with very nice plugin. This message is to you, and to those thinking about buying it.

It is very hard to come across a plugin like this that has a live search feature (themes have it, plugins usually do not). I think this is really cool, and seeing this plugin has standalone search result pages I think it is compatible with most themes.

It is very customizable in terms of slugs, colors, translations, even the icons.

You biggest competitior is KnowledgeBase by PressApps, which i have used frequently in the past. I prefer yours because: 1. you have a shortcode of the search banner that can be added to any page. 2. your search allows you to create full width section across the top of the page. 3. This plugin uses standalone pages which do not confilct with other theme templates. 4. It is simple in its use, and highly customizable.

What I was missing was a translation for the breadcrumbs ‘KB Home’. But changed this manually in: wp-content/plugins/minervakb/lib/helpers/template-helper.php on line 19: ‘name’ => __( ‘This you can change’, ‘minerva-kb’ ),

Also, i wanted to search to show up on all the pages; topics and questions. By default this was not possible by by adding a little innocent line of code to the pages: wp-content/plugins/minervakb/lib/templates/category.php and wp-content/plugins/minervakb/lib/templates/single.php

I simply added: <header class=”kb-header kb-fullwidthrow”> <?php MKB_TemplateHelper::render_search(); ?> </header>

Right before the line:

I continued by giving the following css to .kb-fullwidthrow { margin-right: -150px; margin-left: -150px; }

Maybe you could implement these options in future updates. What I did not manage to do was find a way on how to use HTML in your field: Search tip (under the input) I would like to put an a href here to a contact page “if you cant find your answer, contact us here” kindof thing.

Thanks so much for your plugin. I run a lot of sites and will be buying and using this plugin more!

Regards, robert

Hi, Robert.

Thank you for purchasing and even more for giving a such a detailed comment! First of all, we have an update almost ready. It is actually live on demo, but we haven’t sent it to Envato yet, because we found some small bugs while building a demo, that we wanted to fix first.

The update will allow you to create many Home pages with page builder (though only one can be made root page, this is important for breadcrumbs). Also we added 6 more themes for search (so in total you can create 7 different looks for the search field – see demos 2-7).

The builder in plugin settings page will work as it works now, but you will be able to use page builder as well, which allows to add more than one topics section with different layouts, for example + we added dynamic topics, like recent, most liked and most viewed.

We hope it will finally be ready in a couple of hours and we’ll push it to CodeCanyon, but if you will want it before the Envato review is completed, let us know, we could email it to you.

Now, about the points you mentioned. 1. KB Home text – sure, we will add setting for that.

2. Search field on all pages. First, this feature is planned, I think we will add this very soon. Besides I think adding wordpress actions will help to avoid needing to modify templates for things like that, we will be adding actions soon as well. Third, if you do need to modify templates, you can override (most of) them in theme: for example to override the single.php, just copy it to your-theme/minerva-kb/single.php and edit there – that way your edits won’t be overwritten by plugin update. This feature was not tested extensively, but it should work since version 1.0.

3. As for fullwidth section, this is a bit tricky to handle all cases, since it’s more a theme territory, and if theme adds margins to content we cannot change that directly :) Adding the negative margins works, but you need to check it in device emulator at least, or on real mobile devices, since your desktop margins will be off for devices (if theme is responsive). But I think we will find some solution, at least we could add settings for negative margins :) Actually, since theme compatibility is quite a big issue and since Support and KBs are very often hosted on subdomains, we are seriously considering making our own dedicated theme for this plugin, I wonder if it could be useful for your use cases?

4. Search tip – yes, many fields currently do not allow html for security reasons (to prevent XSS attacks). We can change the escape method for tip setting to another one, that will allow HTML.

If you have any more features you need, let us know. Thanks again for the advices and for your kind words!


lampista Purchased

Great work :D i have some questions before buy the plugin. 1: it,s posible to change de page slug “knowledge-base” “topic” “kb” 2: Plugin come with own sitemap system or i can use YoastSEO for it. 3: /knowledge-base/ (your demo page) can i change and use diferente icons for topics. 4: Can i translate it in Spanish ? Thanks

Please note, that demo is built with v1.2, which is still inqueued for review. If you purchase, mail me, I can send latest version earlier.


lampista Purchased


Thanks for buying! let us know if you have any questions.


lampista Purchased

Hi, i just buy, can you send me the latest version.


Thank you, please, send me a private message or give your email, I cannot PM you for some reason.


Nice plugin. I have some questions before buying:

- My website manages two languages (we are not using WPML). Is it possible to have two collections of articles (one for each language), so I can use a shortcode with the specific collection as a parameter to show only the articles in that language? for example [shortcode “Language1”]. Then the shortcode for the search bar will need also to restrict results of that specific collection, by means of a new param in the related search bar shortcode (so only the related language is taken into account in the search). Please is this approach possible with your plugin? If not, could you suggest a different way for websites with more than one language?

- Do you plan in your roadmap to include the use of the ScrollSpy feature (http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_scrollspy.asp) for the table of contents? For example using the table of contents as a sticky widget in the sidebar and having the ScrollSpy, in which the user can see where he is in the table of contents while he is scrolling. This is a nice feature for long articles with many sections.

Many thanks.

Hello. Currently you can choose which topics to display on each kb home page, but only one page can be made a root page. Search restrictions are planned, probably in January. Other users are asking for multiple kb support, so it is top priority for us, just need to decide on best way to implement this. As for scrollspy, this makes sense, we plan to add it.

Excellent, many thanks for your fast reply. The option of having multiple kb is very welcome.

You are welcome, you can come by and check for updates. We will probably slow down a bit for the holidays, but in January we plan to add many features. Stay tuned.

Just a quick note for people who purchased our plugin recently: we have version 1.2.1 in review queue now, which fixes some bugs, improves compatibility with themes and adds features. Since holidays are coming we expect the review process may take longer than usual, so if you need it earlier – just contact me via the contact form and we will send you the latest version.

Here is a full list of changes in 1.2.1:
  1. taxonomy templates were not overridden if taxonomy.php existed in theme
  2. icons on the left stack were shifted in some themes
  3. custom topic colors and icons did not show up
  4. list tags custom styles in theme conflicted with plugin styles
  5. page builder had lower render priority than global home page
  6. added security check for page builder save process
  7. plugin compatibility checked and fixed: SEO by Yoast
  8. theme compatibility checked and fixed: Newspaper 7
  9. theme compatibility checked: Avada theme
  10. added option to configure number of articles on home page and in page builder

Also, please note our dev. team is going for 2 days vacation, until Monday, so we will not be able to quickly add features or fix issues during this period. But I will do my best to respond to emails quickly anyway.


lampista Purchased

Working perfectly on my site after 1.2.1 update! Thanks good work and great support XD

Great to hear that! We have version 1.3 almost ready, with new features and improvements, stay tuned! Or email me directly if you need latest version earlier.


cfu3i29 Purchased

Do you already have a list of the changes for 1.3?

Hello, currently the list is as follows:

Configuration settings added for all visible text so you can easily localize Knowledge base without WPML or other plugins

Option to remove like / dislike icon

Fixed bug with duplicate slashes before quotes

Added option to control topic display in search results

Added option to show/hide “Show all” link

Search shortcode now supports all the options you have in page builder

Added public API for search and topics with all the options available

Article and topic templates are rendered via actions, so it is possible now, for example, to put your content before rating or after reading estimate

Added option to disable search autofocus

Also, feature to add search on articles and topics is in progress and should be ready tomorrow. If you need 1.3RC2, please contact me via the author contact form.


cfu3i29 Purchased

Sounds great, thanks! I can wait for RC2.

Good, it is mostly done, we just need to polish it and test everything.


lampista Purchased

Can you post the change log of last update please.

Hi, there! Sure, you can check the changelog here: https://www.minerva-kb.com/version-1-3-1-released/


lampista Purchased


You’re welcome)