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ybyalik Purchased


Having a few issues I hope you can help with:

1. I changed settings to use the theme page template. Now it looks good on my site but the problem is, it doesn’t use the sidebar widgets from your plugin. If I change to plugin page template, the widgets work like I want them too but the design gets messed up

2. For the breadcrumbs, how come when you click on topics or article, it doesn’t include the previous path in the breadcrumb? It always goes back to homepage.

E.g. http://www.biznoz.com/guide/it-uses-a-dictionary-of-over-200/ (The topic breadcrumb should be included here)


1. This is expected for articles and topics. You can also disable breadcrumbs: http://prntscr.com/ezm0fo

2. The main page didn’t have breadcrumbs, not sure what you mean.

3. If you mean box/list view option for nested topics, they’re only used to display child topics (if any). If there’re no child topics, only a list of articles is displayed.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need more help.


ybyalik Purchased

Thanks. The whole “theme archive template” is pretty confusing, since I’m not completely sure how it works exactly. Anyway, when I had it selected, it would look like this: http://www.biznoz.com/guides/e-commerce/

Which I think looks great…but it won’t work that way once I switch back to the plugin

I checked the link, and it looks like a plugin template is used, not sure I understand how it looked before.


jlisszrii Purchased

Is there a list of CSS classes that are used? I have gotten a background image behind the search form, but am running into trouble changing the colors of the margins around the search bar. Similar to Demo6 having an orange margin around the search.

Thank you!

Hello, there are many, it’s better to check in Chrome via developer tools. For the border you mentioned you can use (for 3d theme)

.kb-search__input-wrap.mkb-search-theme__3d { border-color: #000; }

CSS class. Just use Custom CSS option in General, or any theme style, if it’s loaded after plugin CSS. Actually there is a setting for this color, but if you need some specific extra styling, you can use CSS.


pboboc Purchased

Greetings! Everything is working well so far! I am happy with the plugin. :)

A few questions: 1. Can a topic link directly to one specific article or to an external link?

2. How can we set up the order that topics appear on the landing page?

3. How can we determine the order of articles within a topic?

I look forward to hearing the answers. If there is documentation somewhere, just let me know.

Thank you!


pboboc Purchased

Actually, I see that I can email you through Code Canyon. I will send you a login.

Thank you!

Hello, thank you, received your message with login, will check.

Hello again, found the issue. Articles order stopped working for archives, only on home pages. I fixed it directly on your site, also the fix will be included in 1.4.0. Thanks a lot for reporting!


T0R Purchased

Hello, I’m interested in having different user groups have access to the knowledge base. Basically I would like the knowledge base to have different areas, each areas accessible to different user groups. One group needs one set of knowledgebase articles, and a different group needs different set of articles.

I guess what makes this complicated is that each area should not be seen by the other group. I know I’m getting picky here and probably pushing the plugin beyond what it’s capable but thought I would ask if there’s any way to have it function this way.

Ideally I would be able to control this by user roles. User role A logs in and they are presented with articles related to their role. User role B logs in and they are presented with their own set of articles. This would have to work with the search feature as well, so if someone searched for an article they wouldn’t find articles in the other group.

Hello, currently it is possible to restrict articles and topics by user role, but the restricted entries are still visible in topics lists and search, you just cannot see the content. I think it is possible to add option in the future to remove these entries from queries, but it can affect performance, so I’ll need extra time to investigate this. By the way, are using standard set of WP user roles, or some custom roles?


nromero8 Purchased

When I view all knowledge base articles on the back end, is there a way to add a column to view by topic? We have almost 100 articles and it’s hard to know when ones have been assigned a topic without clicking in to each article.

Hello, this is planned, either a column or topic filter, or both. Currently you can view articles within a topic from the topics section, if you click the count link: http://prntscr.com/f1pip1 But this is not perfect, so we plan to add some indication in articles list also.


mvrcheck Purchased

Hello, What is the SEARCH BAR SHORTCODES to add to a theme page or widget?

Hello. Currently we’re working on next release, which will include shortcode builder. It is almost ready, but needs some polishing, styling and testing. It also allows changing the already added shortcodes – you just need to select shortcode and hit the builder button. We expect to release it within a week.

For now, you can check the manual for search shortcode here: https://www.minerva-kb.com/kb/shortcode-search/

Hello! I hope all’s well. Sorry for my delay.

Thanks for your response. I’m checking my theme’s options to see if I can remove that extra box without effecting my blogs postings.

Will you please share more information on the moving the ‘minerva_single_title_after’ code to a different position?


Hi, I tried to implement the faq but I was not really able to handle it. Therefore I created a simple helpdesk myself. Would you mind to refund? I don’t need the plugin. Many thanks!