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geeve Purchased

Hey guys,

Is there anyway to customize the topics page?

i’m able to customize the Search and Articles pages but i can’t find where to customize the kbtopics page…

Also, how do you insert the sidebar widgets for Most Liked and Top Viewed?



Hello, Jack. You can customize basic settings for topics in MinervaKB Settings – Topics. As for the widgets, you need to enable the sidebar in layout settings, then you will be able to add widgets in Appearance – Widgets. There are separate sidebars for each page type (topics, articles, etc.). Let me know if you have more questions.


geeve Purchased

I had a look at the MinervaKB Settings but it doesn’t give you the theme page customization’s. I’m using the Avada theme and when i edit the Topics, it doesn’t give me the theme page options at the bottom. When i edit the articles it gives me the option.

For the widgets, i have the sidebar enabled but in the widgets list i only see KB Articles, KB Topics, KB Table of Contents. I don’t see a widget for Most Liked or Top Viewed…

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Not sure I fully understood the first question, but yes, theme template is basically your theme single/archive template, we cannot control it, it is controlled by theme. The default way is using plugin template, but because some themes have really complex layouts, which we cannot reproduce via plugin settings, we added theme template as a compatibility feature. It just renders KB content in place where your theme templates outputs content, using filters. If you can describe in more details what you’re trying to achieve, I’ll try to help. As for widgets, most liked and top viewed are options in Articles widget, please check: http://prntscr.com/fppsvm

Hi, does it support rtl?

Hello, currently not, but we plan it.

Thanks, can you do it fast even for extra cost?

Hello, I cannot speed-up the development cycle for extra cost, but we’ll try to include it in the next version, 1.4.3 or later.

Hi, Please can you help me, have a problem with switch language

This is the english link for topics list: https://support.liveteachers.com/guides/ This is the same link but in Italian language: https://support.liveteachers.com/it/guide/

The language switch between these 2 links is successful.

But (From Italian language) when I select 1 topics in them … /kbtopic/... occur redirect to the main language (English)


FROM: https://support.liveteachers.com/it/guide/ (En Italian language)

> You Select Topic: “GUIDE PER L’INSEGNANTE”

Occur redirect to: https://support.liveteachers.com/kbtopic/guide-per-linsegnante/ (En English language)

(My website have the multilanguage plugin Polylang).

Thank you so much Claudio


Thanks you for your fast assistance. I think that the problem is the Minerva KB plugin don’t work with the plugin Polylang (https://it.wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/).

Because when creating Topics and Articles are missing language selectors


Thanks you for your fast assistance. I think that the problem is the Minerva KB plugin don’t work with the plugin Polylang (https://it.wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/).

Because when creating Topics and Articles are missing language selectors

It could be, we never tested it with this plugin. I think it depends on what kind of items the plugin translates. If it can translate only standard posts, not custom post types, then it won’t be able to translate our plugin content.

Hi, I’ve bought this plugin recently and is start building a kb from it, but I just found that if I choose to use my own theme’s single page template for the articles, the table of content links will stop working. (ie, doesn’t scroll to the title, but it works if I chose to use the plugin’s default page) I’d like to know if it’s a script I need to enqueue to make it work ? thanks

Hello, you can use the contact form under my profile.

Thanks! just email the url to you.

Thanks, checking it.

Hi dear,

I have bug on Sidebar category Faq See link: https://support.liveteachers.com/faq/faq-inglese/

For incompatibility with the polylang plugin (language switcher plugin)

Please Can you help me with solve? Regards

Hello, I checked the page and this is not our plugin page. Are you sure the link is correct? We’ll try to help, but we do not plan to add support for Polylang plugin. We plan to test and make it fully WPML compatible in the next version or two, though.

Hi, Thank you so much for your fast response.

This is the FAQ plugin including in MANUAL template: https://support.liveteachers.com/faq/faq-inglese/

This is FAQ in your demo: http://demo.wpsmartapps.com/themes/manual/faq/wordpress-themes/

As you can see, the plugin polylang WPML create bug in category FAQ sidebar.

I would be happy if you could help me solve this.

If it’s not possible, thanks anyway

Hello, I think you are asking in the wrong forum, I’m not developer of this FAQ plugin. This comments section is for the MinervaKB Knowledge Base plugin support questions. You need to contact FAQ plugin developers I think.

Hi, my friend has shown me this plugin. Maybe I’ll buy it too. I have found something that is uncommon in search engine functionality. When you do not enter anything or enter a blank space and you do the search, this shows you a results page with all existing articles, because all these articles contain blank space.

So in this file: \wp-content\plugins\minervakb\lib\templates\search.php (line: 19)

you should change this: if (have_posts()):

to something like this: if (trim( get_search_query()) && have_posts()):

So if there is nothing or there are blank space, it will show the page no-content.php,


Okay, thanks)

In fact this is not a theme or plugin issue, this is a general WordPress issue that affects all WordPress sites. But it’s ugly to see hehehe. There are a few solutions to fix it.

Yes, we need to add some workaround)

Hi, i don’t know why but it seems the ajax search is broken… it always shows the same articles even if it doesn’t contain the search keyword.

That said, the result page for searched keyword show excerpt.. that’s great, but since i use visualcomposer it shows line of code….



Hello, this is strange. Could be some conflict with other plugin. What is the version you are using? Also, maybe you can provide a user for me to check? Thank you.

sent you an private email. Lmk if it worked.

Yes, thank you, we’re investigating this issue. I think it is related to multisite somehow. I will let you know.


iowa600 Purchased


I’m very experienced with Wordpress but not having success with the upload.

My process: 1. Go to envato, download the license + download file (seems a bit odd that I can’t download just the wordpress .zip) 2. Go to manually upload inside my WP install in the “Add New” sectin 3. Install fails


thanks Garrett

Hi, have you checked the contents of zip? My best guess is there is a zip inside other zip, and you need to use the inner one. Hope this helps.

Hi there, could you send me the corporate demo so i can copy the theme? Or if you can tell me how to get it too look like that?

Hello, you can use one click demo import, in MinervaKB settings.

Hi, I’m not being able to change the layout of my home page. I want to change the topics displayed. I change them in the Settings Tab etc, but after clicking save the result nothing changes. I’m using one of your demo layouts, any idea? Thanks beforehand!

Hello, can you provide some test user for me to check? Thanks.

Hi, I’m not being able to change the layout of my home page. I want to change the topics displayed. I change them in the Settings Tab etc, but after clicking save the result nothing changes. I’m using one of your demo layouts, any idea? Thanks beforehand!

Replied above.


Trendsin Purchased


Where’s the FAQ demo to check the features of FAQ


Hi, It is possible to show in the home page articles instead of Topic but with the same Look & Feel? For example, in this demo: https://www.minerva-kb.com/modern-kb-faq-example/ I want to click on “Getting Started” and be redirected to the article “Installing knowledge base” without seeing the Topic Page. Thank you beforehand, I like your plugin so much!

Perfect, thank you very much. And what about customize the Topic page? How can I change the template or menus shown there as in every wordpress page?

I want to add some page content to the top, and also removing the header and the menu. Kind regards,

Hello, not sure what you mean, you want to remove header from topics page? Can you provide more details please? Thank you.

Once taken to a topics page, can the FAQ be a dropdown or does it have to be a separate article page? That is, the question/answer section be like this: https://bouqs.com/customer/en/portal/topics/945209-promotions-vouchers/articles

We recently added FAQ module, so now you can use articles for long texts and FAQ for small Q&A type. Please, check: https://www.minerva-kb.com/modern-kb-faq-example/


mlakhani Purchased

I added a bullet list and a number list to an article. When the article is viewed, the bullets or numbers do not show. Is Wordpress formatting not supported? Please explain. Thanks.

Sure, just use contact form on my profile.


mlakhani Purchased

Sent you a message this morning. Thanks.

Hello, replied to your message.

Pre-sales question: Is there a way to be notified (or to notify existing users) when existing KB article gets updates and when a new one is created.

Hello, currently there’s no such option in our plugin. But since articles are just custom post types, I think any plugin that can do this (notify users on post updates) can work with them too.


pboboc Purchased

Greetings! I hope you are happy and well. We are still enjoying Minerva KP on our site. ;)

Quick question. Would it be possible to have the full table of contents appear in a sidebar as on this page https://help.realtimeboard.com/support/solutions/articles/1000033145-how-to-use-the-whiteboard-toolkit?

If so would we modify the table of contents shortcode?

Any advice you would give will be appreciated.

Hello, this is a good suggestion and we actually plan this in future, very useful. If you need it right now, I think you could create some custom widget and retrieve the term list, similar to how you would build a category list. Topics are simply custom taxonomies, so I think this is possible.

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