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Pre-sale: I’m interesting your FAQ new feature, I have tried your “Test drive”, in the back-end, I see you have published the FAQ article, but I can’t the all FAQ on your front-end?

Hello, the faq on test drive is inserted via shortcode on home page content, there is a shortcode builder.


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I installed the plugin and I am so happy with it so far. I just have little issue hope you can help me and I found someone asks you about the same issue in the comment but your reply to him didn’t help me.

I am building multilingual site and the breadcrumb on the second language keeping linking to the kb homepage of the default language.

I saw your comment saying to got to knowledge base -> topics -> topic -> dropdown for custom home page

I can’t find this dropdown for custom home page and it is driving me crazy.

one more thing is the icon for the topics in the translated page is default icon not the custom icons I choose in the english version.

hope you can assist me please

Kind regards

Indeed, this is strange, you should see that select. Maybe you can provide some user for me to check?


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ok, can you contact me privately? the information will be public

You can use contact form on my profile.


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How can I stop Minerva KB tags being added as categories for posts? This makes it very difficult to have a blog as well as Minerva…

Hello, we don’t add any connections between our tags and topics and standard blog post categories/tags, ours are separate taxonomies. Can you please provide more details?


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Another question: I use Page Builder and wanted to stylize articles. Once I use different sections ScrollSpy doesn´t work anymore. Is there a workaround?

I see. I think I need to see it on page to investigate this issue.


pquantum Purchased

See http://welcome.vwebfile-test.gwdg.de/kb/visum/ and http://welcome.vwebfile-test.gwdg.de/kb/aufenthaltstitel/ for comparison (page pwd is “welcomesued”).

Also (as mentioned in an earlier request) I still have the issue that the ScrollSpy body is grey and the CSS provided by you earlier to turn it white doesn´t work.

Hello, thanks for the links.

I’ve checked the background style, and it actually should work. To be sure you can raise it’s priority by one, for example:

.mkb-widget .mkb-anchors-list {
    background: inherit;

but I think the issue is related to caching plugin, you probably need to purge caches after adding this css: http://prntscr.com/ihfb96 .

As for headings issue, from markup it looks like you are inserting mkb-anchor shortcodes inside headings. You can use dynamic table of contents and simply insert h1-h6 headings instead, anchors are not supposed to be used inside other headings. Just make sure you have this switch on: http://prntscr.com/ihf8sp (nevermind the menu differences, it’s from v1.5.0, but setting exists in older versions). Please let me know if this has fixed the issue.


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Is it possible to put and customize the live search box on revslider?

Hard to say anything without seeing it on page, but we don’t guarantee compatibility with rev slider, even if it works now, it may stop working in next slider release.


Grandisen Purchased

Yes, i guess i will just use this plugin search. Is it possible to make minerva KB looks like tokopedia.com/bantuan ?

I am good with css, as long as the plugin elements can be customized by css. I will purchase

Hello, I cannot say for sure, because I don’t know exact requirements, but it looks quite similar. You can create a testdrive and play around with custom CSS, I think.


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I’m trying to restrict access based on user roles, but I only see the default WP user roles in the list. My site has a couple of other user roles, and those are the ones I want to use.

Hello, we’re currently rewriting content restriction, it will support custom user roles and should work faster. We plan to release it in 1-2 weeks.


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I purchased and uploaded this plugin, clicked on import demo data and it killed my site https://imgur.com/a/tkgzh

This is my website zebo.io and here is where i am setting up your plugin zebo.io/docs I am going to cpanel and delete your plugin from file manager but unless you have a solution i want a refund.This has NEVER happened to me in 10 years of using wordpress plugins


nkhanani Purchased

After some time I managed to get your plugin to work (crashed my site twice) though I am still facing many problems

1. Where can I edit the theme from. Its only showing me two options: plugin page template and theme page template. I want modern KB + FAQ https://imgur.com/a/MahNu What shows when we set it up is nothing like the demo that your plugin page shows https://zebo.io/docs

2. Why is the background color black? This is NOT coming from my theme and my wordpress site default background color is white. I even inserted this custom Css but to no avail .page-id-8319 .site-content-contain { background-color: #ffffff; }

3. When I change the article slug to docs it replaces your homepage with this https://imgur.com/a/QStKw The main page should be zebo.io/docs and each article should be zebo.io/docs/article-name like is the norm everywhere with everywhere kb. How do I do this in your plugin?

4. Main article is unreadable because background is black and NOT COMING from my theme. There is a widget on the left though I do not use widgets in my theme and I have disable widgets in the kb settings https://zebo.io/kb/collecting-payments-credit-card

nkhanani Purchased

Just hoping to get this working. If yes I’ll definitely update my review to reflect the now positive experience. Otherwise, if we still can’t get these issues resolved I will take up the refund offer. Thanks

Hello, I’m checking the issues right now. The black color is some dynamic style from theme. It does not come from .css, it’s inserted directly in html in head section, please check. http://prntscr.com/ig0dj1 http://prntscr.com/ig0j51 It sets color for #footer-outer, #copyright and body, we don’t have such elements in plugin. I assume on other pages there are other containers which have white bg, so this setting is not visible. To make this white, you can add this style:

body.mkb-home-page {
    background-color: #fff!important;

You can add this in plugin settings custom CSS section. As for url structure, we’ll add switch to disable article archive in the nearest release, so it does not conflict with page url (WordPress gives higher priority for archives, over pages). For now it can be disabled in code: http://prntscr.com/ig0gnz has_archive needs to be set to false in lib/cpt.php, I can do this for you if you can provide user with access right to edit plugin code. The home page – I think it was not imported due to the crash, I can provide shortcodes structure for you, just contact me via email (you can use contact form on my profile), because these comments break formatting often. Shortcodes are currently the most flexible way to build home page.


Grandisen Purchased

Hello, i purchased this plugin i already leave a review that this plugin is great and the best so far.

For the rating review is it possible to count unique ip, to prevent abuse

Hello, thanks for the review! We really appreciate it. What do you mean by ip count, block some actions by ip?


Grandisen Purchased

I see that visitor can vote yes/no everytime they reload their browser cache

Yes, I see. Indeed, we can add some sort of (optional) check to prevent multiple votes, but perhaps we’ll use cookies or browser storage for this, instead of storing IPs. This will prevent multiple votes over some period of time and we won’t have to fill the DB with extra data, which we don’t really need for anything else. Of course some users might clear cookies and vote again, but I don’t think anyone would really make any serious effort to add votes to the knowledge base. Besides we want to add voting reset per article, so it will be easy to reset them back.


Grandisen Purchased

How to prevent subtopics from showing at the homepage layout?

Hello, currently when no topics are selected on home page, all topics are displayed. You can select specific topics to prevent this behavior. We plan to add option to display only top-level topics in the future version.


Grandisen Purchased

Thanks, will wait for the future update so we can only display parents topics. I also make a lot of changes in the /lib/templates if i update the plugin will my changes lost?

Hello, yes, they will be overwritten, so you need to copy your templates before updating and probably compare the new files with your old using some diff/compare tool (many IDEs have them).


Sprado Purchased


where can I submit features request? I wish if the plugin have wiki section similar to having FAQ, where I can assign terms and its definitions, and to have alphabet filter like glossary, so if the user select letter “G” it will display the terms start with letter “G” and to be able to categorize the terms too.

All in all I love the plugin and I think this feature will make the plugin complete.

best regards

Hello, do you have any detailed example of this? Maybe some existing site or service? Not sure I understand correctly. Thank you.


dhhsi Purchased

Hi, is it possible to arrange 2nd or 3rd level categories by a certain order? Right now they are arranged by alphabet and I can’t see where I can change that.

Hello, currently I think there’s no such option. We’ve added new articles reorder page in the new version (currently in testing), maybe we’ll need to add something similar for topics in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ok, thank you

Sure, you’re welcome!


aristoshop Purchased

Hi, my OneDrive is connected to my WordPress blog and i can currently publish files directly from OneDrive to wp blog as a post, is there a way i can publish OneDrive files as articles and topics?

Hello, I think if the plugin or service you use for integration with OneDrive supports custom post types, then this should be possible, just map your OneDrive files to kb posts (default post type value is kb).

Hi there I’ve created lots of FAQs under different categories. I then placed all FAQs for one category on a page and tried to search for items in that set of FAQs. They don’t seem to be coming up in my search. Can you please help? I need the search to find individual FAQ items. Thanks.

Hello, are you using KB search with FAQ items? If yes, that won’t work, FAQ items have their own filter. If you are referring to articles, then I need to check this page.

Hi – I was trying to use search to return individual FAQs, but I see that won’t work. I’ve sent you another question about adding anchors to FAQs which might be a partial workaround for us. Thanks!

Ok, I see, answered to that one.

Hello, we have 2 more questions. 1. Is it possible to move breadcrumbs above the article title?

2. When you are in the search bar typing your key word and you want to correct something with backspace. the system often registers this backspace as a browser function and puts you back one page in your browser. Is it possible to fix this in one of your updates?

Thank you!

Hello, which browser are you using? Can’t reproduce this in Chrome. Thank you.

Hi, First of all, it is an amazing plugin!!!. Congratulations. Is there any way to disable KB Articles page?. I don’t want to list all articles in a single page besides I don’t get to see where I can configure that page.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, thanks a lot! Yes, this feature was broken in recent release for some reason, please contact me via contact form, I’ll send you patched version. Or you can wait for a couple of days for v1.5.0 where this is fixed, and there are lots of other updates.

Ok, thanks. I will wait for the new release.