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I want to create multiple KB’s that have different hierarchies and possibly styles/themes. I.e. not relying on a main top-level page, rather each has its home page. Can your plugin do that?

One more thing, can the plugin be translated and support RTL?

Thanks :)

Hello, translation and RTL are supported. As for multiple KBs, we plan a feature that’d allow to use top-level topics more like separate KBs or Products. Most likely it will be added in the next version.

Thanks there. I already purchased the plugin, very nice one indeed. Looking forward for that feature to release

Ok, great)

Hey! Is it possible to show the sticky sidebar next to the content on smaller screens like 1024px width? At the moment the sidebar changes the position to the bottom at this width.


Hello, there’s a setting for sidebar: http://prntscr.com/jul3ro


Can I make user comments / feedbacks visible on same page one below another ? If yes, can I reply to user comments / feedback on same page and make it visible for all ?

In short, I want KB Articles to appear like blog posts with several user comments / author responses, etc.. Is it possible ?


Also, can you please consider “Restore Defaults” feature section wise ? There are myriads of options (which is very good) so there should be facility to reset only a particular section of the Settings.


Please ignore my query regarding Comments. I found it under Settings and I am able to see the comments now. Thanks.

Ok, good, thanks for letting me know!


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Is it possible to have statistics on which logged in user viewed the particular article in the KB? We’re having issues where people aren’t reading important content in the KB so it would be useful to be able to track if a logged in user read the article or not (and how much time he spent on the certain article).

Hello, there’s no such statistics in plugin (we don’t track users), but I think you can use Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager for that with some setup.

Hey! When I’m in the home editor and want to edit a topics section I can’t click the “show articles count” button. Nothing happens, not even a toggle effect.

Hello, this sounds like some script has a bug and it’s breaking others. Maybe you can provide some admin user to investigate this? Thanks.


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Hi there! Using Advanced Custom Fields, I’ve added two extra fields to the content of an article. By changing some things in single.php I managed to show these fields at the frontend. However, the content of the fields seems no to be indexed by the search function of MinervaKB, is that right? Is there a way to achieve this? Or is there another way to add a few (required) ‘custom fields’ to the article, which will be searchable?

Hello, indeed, currently there’s no support for search on meta fields. I’ll see if we can add some way to support this in the future versions. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi, is it possible to “disable” (not only chnge) the url-slug “kbtopic”? Example: The topic is “blogging” and the url is domain.de/kbtopic/blogging/, now. I do want to delete the part “kbtopic”, the url should be: domain.de/blogging/

Hi, thanks for your SUPERFAST answer! 2. No, I mean the listview of the topic-page. Now, I have icons, but it would be wonderful to use images, too. I attached a screenshot (before/after) here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4sov3it1hpp9kh/before_after.png?dl=0

Hello, I see, so it’s on topic page. Interesting idea, I’ll see if we can add something like this as an option. Also, you can probably use template action ‘minerva_loop_entry_inside_before’ to add image in this position. Some css needs to be added too, but I think it’s possible to accomplish this without editing plugin files.

That sounds perfect! A template action would work, too. Do have a hint, what to add whre? The css-styling I can do.

Hi there,

I just wanted to know if MinervaKB can be integrated into a theme like other plugins. To me it looks like a theme already.

I do have a intranet theme already and need to add a single wiki page. Is this possible with your plugin?

Thank you in advance,


Hello, yes, it should work well with all themes coded according to WP best practices. Sometimes some CSS customization is required, though.