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Hi Solodroid team please check e-mail

Hi, your email have already replied, please check. Thanks


abdoboy Purchased

i found problem with admin panel and host

Hi abdoboy, we think there is something wrong with your admin panel configuration, if you have configured it correctly, should, there is no problem with admin panel, if you need our support, you can contact us by email directly and provide us your cpanel hosting login detail so we can check your configuration first to solve the problem. Thanks

Im getting No Internet Connection error inside of app

Hi Zertex,

we don’t find any proof that you’re an official buyer of our app. should, if you have purchase our app, there is PURCHASED sign on right side of your username like this.

we will not provide support to you if you are not an official buyer of our app, please purchase our app officially and provide us your item purchase code first.


İ will purchase in 3 or 4 days but first ı need to test your app template and ım gettin an error.

Hi, our demo version is working properly, make sure your internet connection is enabled when try the demo version. Thanks

When u update this app u not update 1 year please add new features and native ads or app purchase

hi i have emailed you, app is not working in 8.0

Hi aneeshpaacet,

we have test the app on android 8.0 (Oreo), it’s can working fine, you can check it below :

it’s not enough with you just saying this app is not running on android 8.0, if you say it not working, you can send the information for more detail about your devices information, vendor name, os version, place where you find the error, it can be a screenshots or video capture, so, for more, you can send your detail information to our email here : developer.solodroid@gmail.com



achahoud Purchased

Hi,I bought this app, I changed the background color of the “recent images” and “favorite” from white to black but can’t find from where to change the white background color of the “category” page and “about”, I hope to hear from you ASAP, Thanks in advance

Hi achahoud,

thanks for purchase our app, if you want to change the background color of category and about pages, you need to play around in the fragment_category.xml and fragment_about.xml files. if you need our support, you can contact us by email that we’ve provided directly.



achahoud Purchased

Hi thanks I will fix it now, I have one more problem I just sent you an email on this email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and thanks in advance

Hi achahoud, you email have already replied, for more detail, please check it. Thanks


issu Purchased

Any Chances of getting an update for this template ?? Also, Can I use sports wallpapers from image search inside the app , will that affect me in any google policies

Hi, if there new update version released, you will get notification by email automatically, you can use any kind of wallpapers, but, for the case of violating google policies or not, it is beyond our responsibility. Thanks

I want to buy this app but I want to ask can I make more than one app by using this code source?

And I want to ask. Can I get source code in android studio?

Hi andreisgol, just change the application package will be a different app, yes, this app built using android studio, of course you will get android studio project source code. Thanks